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Opening of the Universal Testament of Christ


This is the Present Will of God:

“Let’s unify all the churches into one”.

Cristo Raúl de Yavé y Sión





Spirit of Wisdom and Intelligence,

of Understanding and Strength,

 of Counsel and the Fear of God.



The entire Creation proclaims the Justice of God and at His feet, for eternity of eternities, places its soul and being in adoration of Love to its Creator. How not to burn in infinite destructive anger against the one who came to snatch Your children from You! What death is not deserved by the one who approaches like a serpent to the house of Your children with the intention of injecting them with lethal poison! What father will not flare up in anger and raise his arm and let his axe fall on the head of his enemy! The judges, friends of criminals, corrupt, say that there is forgiveness for premeditated crime and regeneration for the one who makes of his being a temple of Death!

Thus they promote crime all over the face of the Earth, because Vengeance rises to do the justice that those wicked judges refused to do. And they want to accuse God of having been cruel for having arisen in Eternal Wrath and having sworn by his head that that Serpent would be crushed without redemption or mercy.

Man rises to proclaim the Justice of God and to bless His Judgment against the one who not only wanted to rob him of his five children but also of the son of his womb, his Only Begotten and Firstborn: Jesus. What Father would God have been if instead of raising his Voice to Eternity and to the Infinite, turning his head and making use of his Almighty Power, he had healed the sick man of Death and forgiven the Crime of that brother in whom Hell has found its kingdom?

Because the fire rose up to open in Creation a door through which his Enemy and the Enemy of his children, sentenced to Eternal Banishment, Infinity and Eternity for guardians of his Damnation, Man raises his Voice and before the whole Creation blesses God, his Father.

His Vengeance against the enemy of Man, his Justice for him who, not having known Evil, was horned by the Beast into which Death transformed the prince of his Hell, is our glory.

As Cain would not listen to the God of his father, Satan would not listen to the word of Wisdom, who warned him of the nature of the path by which he had thrown himself against the Will of God.

Hell and Death crashed against the Rock of the Spirit of YAHWEH.

Even seeing his little son sick with Death, from the fire of his Wrath he maintained his Justice against those who thought they had brought God to his knees.

The madness of the Enemy of God’s Creation was infinite and eternal; only by banishing Death and its Hell from his Creation could his children live without fear of Eternal Life. And though with pierced heart the Judge arose amidst the fire of the wrath of that Divine Father to save his House forever from the attack of Death, his True Enemy.

What future would God have given his sons if instead of enforcing the Law he would have simply closed his eyes and using his infinite Power pretend that it was all a game between gods? Healing Man and forgiving Satan’s Crime? What future would await all God’s children if their Father would just accept the Transgression of his Law as a game? Crime and War between his children as a game?

I bless God and adore His Spirit because He chose the Wisdom of Love, and even when He saw coming the spear that would enter His chest and pierce His heart, He did not hesitate to raise His Voice to Eternity, swearing by His Glory that the Traitor, head and body, would be crushed under the Arm of the Avenger: the son of Man.

It was either this or let his Creation be dragged into the Abyss of destruction.

Is Justice the Pillar and Pillar of the State and its Civilization?

Must Justice acquit the criminal and accuse the innocent on account of those who govern that State?

Is not the effect of this Abomination the destruction of that State and its Civilization?

Did not God know this effect, did not Man know it after thousands of years of seeing States and Civilizations fall by reason of this very cause?

No State, no civilization can subsist in Time when the motors of its existence give themselves up to the Mockery of the Law, making Justice the whore of Power. YAHWEH God, Father of Man, knew it. To turn his head and act as if nothing had happened, because HE has the Power to heal wounds and raise the dead, something so simple and natural for the Creator of the Cosmos, would mean to all the children of God the beginning of their universal apocalypse. Ergo, Wisdom, mother of Justice, by which God became Judge of the whole Creation, asked for the Word:

There is Redemption for Man and Salvation for our World; and there is Condemnation of Eternal Banishment from Creation for Death, Hell and its prince. That bull will not horne again!

How not to rise up to raise the Voice and before Heaven and Earth proclaim the Justice of that Divine Father who from the fire of his Soul, betrayed by one of his children, at his feet the corpse of his little son, Man, Adam, sat on the Throne of Judge to impart Justice according to the Wisdom that lives in God: His House, His Temple, His Castle, in whose blessed Chamber they begot a Son, Light of Light, True God of True God, our Father who is in Heaven, by whose New Name we know Him, HE, JESUS CHRIST.

But if the world of Man was abandoned for a time to be pasture for the hoofs of the horses of Hell, in that Fire were begotten New Heavens and a New Earth, in which that son cast at the feet of Death the son of Man would rise from the Tomb to from his Resurrection rise to the Throne of the Son of God, around whom would sit as Omnipotent Ministers his brothers, the sons of YAHWEH GOD of the House of Abraham.

“Behold, I do a Wonderful Work, which if I told you you would not believe.”

Marvelous Work, because He chose for Man a son, on whose arm that Divine Father would unload the Anger that for Love of Wisdom He contained in His Heart, that Day of Sorrow and Mourning for a little son murdered without having committed either good or evil, as one who is torn from Life in his mother’s womb by an infernal evil enemy!

Wonderful Work because the Arm that was to contain in its muscles and nerves the weight of that Pain and Anger was not the arm of just any son of God, of this or any other creation, yes, it was! God called that Son born of the Almighty womb of the Creator, and placing in his Hand the Axe with which he was to cut off the head of the Serpent, proceeded to Vengeance against the Unclean Crime perpetrated against the Law, the State and Civilization by that “generation of rebellious sons” whose leader dreamed of sitting on the Throne of the Almighty King of kings and Lord of Lords! That same King of kings and Lord of lords of the Divine Empire was the Chosen One for the Day of YAHWEH: “Day of Vengeance and Wrath, Day of Justice and Redemption”.

Bless ye peoples your God and proclaim the Holiness of His Wisdom. The son of Man, from the fire of the Fall, called to crush the head of that generation of rebellious children, not of this our creation; the son of Man born to be the Arm of the Vengeance of YAHWEH GOD, THE FATHER, Yes! was that “God” who said “Let there be LIGHT”, and having Light, and Firmament, and stars that separate light and darkness, and all life that the Earth has given birth to, and being born of a VIRGIN became man to bring us Redemption, Salvation, and eternal life, Yes! at the price of showing us in his open chest, pierced by the lance of betrayal, the Heart of his God and Father on the day he found his little son Adam dead, and on his tomb he saw dancing his murderer, Satan, the Evil One, against whose head the son of Man came to unload the weight of the Pain of our Creator!

Wonderful Work, because God abolishes the Empire of the King of kings and Lord of lords who ruled his Creation, and founds the Universal Sempiternal Kingdom of JESUS CHRIST, in whose Crown GOD, his Father, makes shine all the Glory and the Power of the Son of the Creator of the New Heavens and the New Earth!

Wonderful Work because He gives Him a Bride, the Catholic Church, in whom God begets an Offspring born of His Spirit: “Spirit of Wisdom and Intelligence, of Strength and Understanding, of Counsel and Fear of YAHWEH”. Offspring for whom is predestined the Victory over all the enemies of the Kingdom of his Father, Offspring born to lead the fullness of the nations out of the Kingdom of Death and into the Kingdom of the Son of God, our Father who is in Heaven, JESUS CHRIST!

Wonderful Work because the world that lives in darkness running to its destruction, suddenly, when no one expects it, finds the light of Truth, opens its eyes to the Wisdom of God, who enkindles in his being the limitless intelligence natural to all his children, to convert all nations to the Everlasting Universal Crown of the Son of God, thus giving us back the End of which we were deprived by the Betrayal of those who received the Grace to participate in the Creation of Man!

We shall live it, our children shall enjoy it. For there is no Victory without battle, no joy without Victory, we speak the Truth.



God says in his Book that in the Beginning HE begot Man in the image and likeness of his Sons. And as his Son is Lord among all the creatures around him, so he created Man to rule over all the creatures of his world.

And God goes on to say in His Book that the glory of the Son of God was the object of the envy of another member of the House of the sons of God, who, being wicked, desired His Crown to rule over all souls looking to move them at his criminal whim on the chessboard of his infernal conception of Creation.

Having made the narrow and long Way, to which the Christian People were called to overcome in the future two millennia, Today our Past, God's Gaze ever set on the apocalyptic Final Battle for the Universal Salvation of the Fullness of the Nations of the Earth, and finding us all before the son of Satan, armed with a nuclear ass jawbone, swearing by his glory that either we kneel before him or we will all be destroyed, the House of Christ has only one word :

“VADE RETRO SATANÁS; Hell is the Abode of your father and there you will be banished if you do not lower your arm”.  

 Beyond Doubt and Confusion, established in the Divine Faith about the Victory of the King of Heaven, we must look to the Day after the Apocalypse that we are already living.

The End of a Period is the Beginning of a new one. One Age succeeds the Other, but the Age of Christ will continue to live for Eternity among Us.

Indeed, the Age of our World in Eternity has its Beginning in the Birth of Him who rescued us from the arms of Death and has led us by the hand to the Gate of the Paradise of God. In us there is no room for the Fear of Cowards: Whoever wants to die, let him die! Whoever does not have the courage to embrace Eternal Life as an Invincible Existential Fact, let him continue challenging God, the King, and his House to life or death.

As the dust is cleared from the road when the wind descends and sweeps the lands, so shall the enemies of the King’s House be blotted out of the Book of Life; he who attacks the King's House attacks the House of God, His Father. How can anyone dream of standing before him who with his Almighty Arm destroyed a Cosmos, and raised up a New One in which the tree of Life of the Worlds bears fruits of eternal life!

Whoever does not lay down his arms will perish.

Thus, the Gospel says that as Jesus did not push Judas to betray him, although he knew that betrayal was in his heart, God also knew the possibility of Satan's betrayal, and to keep away the thought of action he put between Man and all his children a Law by which: whoever would intervene in the History of the Future of Man would pay with the Banishment of his Creation.

As Father, God believed that none of His children would dare to turn into wisdom the folly of declaring war on His Will, and forgetting all the past, they would begin a new Era, in which, indeed, Man being the most fragile creature in the universe would have the Glory of the One who with His Thought maintains in Unity all the creatures of His Kingdom. For if the Glory of each child of God has its own inheritance, that of Man was the Eternal Wisdom, that which proved unattainable to the Ancients and instead embraced the children of God of the House of Abraham, as it is written:

“We speak among the perfect a wisdom which the princes of this age have not known, predestined for us from the beginning of time...if they had known it they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory.”

No words that we can throw into the waves can describe to us the properties of this Inheritance better than those written by Solomon, son of Adam:

“In it is an intelligent spirit, holy, single and manifold, agile, penetrating, immaculate, clear, harmless, benevolent, sharp, free, beneficent. Lover of men, stable, secure, calm, all-powerful, omniscient, penetrating all intelligent, pure, subtle spirits. Because Wisdom is more agile than all that moves, it diffuses its purity and penetrates everything; because it is a breath of divine power and a pure emanation of the glory of the Omnipotent God, therefore there is nothing tainted in it. It is the radiance of eternal light, the spotless mirror of God's action, the image of his Goodness. And being one she can do all things, and remaining the same she renews all things, and through the ages she pours herself into holy souls, making friends of God and prophets; for God loves no one but him who dwells with Wisdom. It is more beautiful than the sun; it surpasses the whole host of stars, and compared to light it ranks first. For light is succeeded by night, but evil will not triumph over Wisdom”.

God forged the mind of his son Adam among lilies and lilies grown in the gardens of the Knowledge of the Science of Creation; but when it came to speaking of lying, deceit, false witness, treachery, envy, ambition, cruelty, violence, war, injustice, corruption, in short, of the Science of Good and Evil : the First Man was a child, he had the soul of a child, of that Child who at only twelve years of age burst into the Temple of Jerusalem and silenced all the wise men of Israel. 

Adam was pure love for God; he lived by the Word of his Divine Father, his Word was his food, his bread, his wine, his air, the Breath that engendered in him a son of God in the image and likeness of the sons of God. The very Idea of departing from the Wisdom, from the Way that for the Human Race His God had drawn in his Soul, was mentally and materially inconceivable to him; and it was so with the nature of the child that worships his father and feels most loved by his father.

That First Man knew the Science of Good and Evil as the child knows that electricity kills, but he never puts his fingers in the socket, nor need he put them in to know that an electric shock kills, his father has told him so, his father’s word is love of law, and he need not live the nature of experience to discover the value of the word of the father he adores. It is not in vain that God says of his son Adam: “He loved him so much that he sent his Son to the Cross to rescue him from Death”.

It is written, it is written: “All glory, all power, all wisdom, all dominion belongs to the Son of God, JESUS: You-God with us”.

Where then is the Fear of Satan’s son, why not face him and tell him “you are going to die?” It is God who deploys his Kingdom, the King at the head, to lead the Fullness of the Nations of the Earth to his Kingdom.

If limited in His Power the King has kept His House standing, who will be able to stand today when He rises?

This is Day of Glory and Future without limits; the Gate was opened, the horizon on the other side is Eternity.

Beautiful is the Dawn that rises above this Millennium, to whose horizon, falling into the abyss, the ghosts of the Past, the enemies of Truth, of God and of the King, cling; but he who will live, shall live forever; for that all nations were locked in the Violence of Good and Evil, before all God has opened a Door: the Crown of His Son, he who knocks at the Door kneels before the King, enters and lives days that never end, days that cross the horizon of eternity. For God does not want his Creation to be destroyed nor his creatures to be banished from his Creation, but that all may live and find their dwelling place in the Kingdom of his Son.

Why then do you men look at your bellies, lift up your eyes to the Heavens and give glory to the King whom God has given to all the peoples of his Creation. 

Let us remember then the Origin of Evil in our World.



The mind of the human being was forged in the spirit of the Word: in the image and likeness of that of his Creator, the Word of Man was a law unto himself. Image his word of that of his Creator, Father and God, the word of the First Man was law unto himself. Man did not speak in vain, his Word was true. Created in the Image and likeness of God, the word of Man was gold of law.

The use of the Word as a weapon of deception and destruction of the neighbor is an abomination in the sight of God.

That son of God, the firstborn of the sons of God, who was among us, the son of Man, is the Soul of living Divine Truth. The very Idea of putting in Doubt the Divine Thought from which his being is nourished is for him an unknown dimension. Just like the First Man.

That First Human Generation did not conceive the existence of a dimension in which the Divine Nature did not correspond to the Reality inscribed in his being. The Thought of the Creature is born and nourished from the Divine Source: “God is Father, God is Father’s Love”, this was the confession of the First Man and his Generation.

Can a child, beloved of his father, imagine a future in which that “divine father” overnight transforms into a monster devouring his beloved child?

And yet this is precisely what came to live in the first instance that son of God that we know as the father of Christ, the so-called Adam, father of the nation of Israel. Crowned over all the cities of the First Kingdom of Mesopotamia, in the twinkling of an eye the earth opened up beneath his feet and the hellfire of civil war devoured the foundations of his throne.

What had happened? What was going on?

Why had the movement of expansion to the four regions of the world, for which he had been begotten by God, suddenly plunged into Civil War? The Force he had been invited to use to expand his Kingdom to all the peoples of the Earth had turned against his own crown. What had happened?

We already know the DIVINE HISTORY OF JESUS CHRIST; from it we know the truth: all that was needed to deceive Adam was to pass himself off “as one who comes in the name of God”. This simple trap meant, for whoever used the Ignorance of his neighbor, in this case Adam, son of God, to declare war on God himself, to expose himself to the Banishment ad eternum of his Kingdom, but what was preferable - the conspirators said to themselves in the Betrayal of the Serpent - to live in a world where Truth, Justice and Peace govern the universe, or to die fighting for the transformation of the Universe into an Olympus governed by gods all beyond Justice?

This perverse and evil structure of thought resulted in the Fall of Adam.

But not to the destruction of Man. A demonic warrior, a murderer hardened in crime had risen against a child and had used his death as an axe to declare war on the father of that child.

The Bible says that pierced in his heart by the spear of treason, God put on war clothes and raising his Arm to Heaven swore before all his House, by his glory and name, that he would put an end to all his enemies, he would not leave head on neck:

Surely I lift up my hand to Heaven

and swear by my eternal life;

when I sharpen the thunderbolt of my sword

and take judgment into my hands,

I will repay my enemies with vengeance

and I will render vengeance to those who hate me,

I will make my arrows drunk with blood

and my sword shall be filled with flesh,

of the blood of the slain and the captives,

of the heads of the heads of the enemy chiefs.

The Bible also says that Adam’s murderers laughed at God’s threat. But what the Bible does not say is that the consequences of the Serpent's treachery opened God’s eyes and he discovered his true enemy, Death. A Death of which in His innocence He declared Himself His enemy the day He revolutionized Reality with His desire to create intelligent life in His image and likeness, about which you will already be aware after having read the Divine History.

Life and Death were part of the structure of Reality from the beginningless beginning of the Uncreation. Without destroying itself the Uncreation could not extirpate from its body an Ontological Force that was natural to it from the beginningless Beginning of Eternity. But this was the Revolution that God unleashed in the Infinite by conceiving a New Creation.

Unconscious of the cosmic consequences of its Revolution and, faced with the impossibility of making God renounce, Death sought a way to coexist in God’s Creation. First he tempted God with the fruit of the Science of Good and Evil, and when God rejected him he raised his Hell against the work of his hands. As he could not make him desist from his Desire he attacked straight at the Heart, seeking to drown him in the pit of bottomless Loneliness.

But the same this time as during the previous one, Wisdom went ahead of her plans, transforming the Evil sought into an unimagined Good: the Birth in the Being of the One True God of Her Son: True God of True God, Victory of Love to the Holiness of Wisdom, His Spouse.

This explosion of joy of the one who thought himself condemned to Loneliness for Eternity, joy, on which from the Birth of the Son the new foundations of the New Universe were established, served Death as a screen behind which to hide and wait for his moment.

Life offered God its fruit, Heaven, and God loved it. Death offered him his, Hell, but the Spirit of YAHWEH, who lives in God, refused. Crouching, lurking, she found her moment during the first Creation Week.

Taking advantage of the Eras of Regency of his Empire by the House of Yahweh and Zion, Death counterattacked, conquered with the fruit of the Tree of the Science of Good and Evil: War, which a part of the children of God ate, and submerged the Empire of God under the waves of his Hell.

Twice the War was made.

As a result of the Two Wars of the Empire of the Son of God, and as a consequence of them, God opened his eyes to the existence of a Force that was acting in his Creation and was leading it to its destruction. Attributing the causes to the loneliness and isolation of his children during the Creative Periods, the Lord God YAHWEH revolutionized the structure of his World in the way you have read in the Divine History of Jesus. The first of these consisted in the transformation of Creation into a Spectacle open to all the Peoples of the Universe, and the second measure was to give his Firstborn Son the role of the Star of that Spectacle. Whence it is understood that it was written:

“Let us make man in our image and likeness”, that is, son of God, and not a god, as the Devil told Adam: “You will be equal to the gods”.

Then, having taken the pertinent decisions, the History of the Universe followed its course.

As I said in the Divine History of Jesus, among the measures that God adopted against the outbreak of a Third Universal War was - as a special climax - the creation of Man: Living Soul, carnal expression of His Thought, reflection of the Divine Reality, Mirror of His Goodness, which extending to all Creation would unite all the Peoples of the Universe in a single and unique Wisdom.

And so it was; so it was done.

But at the hour of reaching the goal, when God believed that with the Formation of Man the era of the great wars could be closed, the dreaded and fearsome Third Universal War broke out. His Heart pierced, but His Intelligence amazed by the madness of His rebellious children, madness for which He could no longer blame Himself, seeing His son Adam become the battle axe unearthed against His Kingdom, God opened His eyes and saw His Enemy face to face.

A New Cosmic Revolution was coming. Only God can banish from the body of Creation that which has always been part of the body of Creation. The Fall of Adam, the Betrayal of the Serpent, would be remembered by the future as bad moments are remembered, but if He wanted those bad moments not to return or become chronic, and that with time they would become complicated until dragging everyone to Hell, God had to banish Death from His Creation and reconfigure His Kingdom so that the Knowledge of the Science of Good and Evil would remain just that, in History.

More than Man and his salvation, then, God had to look at the Future of his Creation. If it is not guaranteed a future, what good is salvation for today and damnation for tomorrow?

It was the Building of His Kingdom that had to be re-founded on an Indestructible Rock. It was up to Him and only Him, because it was against Him that Death had raised its Hell.

The first part of His Book, the Old Testament, deals with the Announcement of this new Reconfiguration of His World. And as you can see from what you read, about the specific nature of the revolutionary measures which He swore by His Glory and Name to consummate. But to no one did God say a word, not even to his Firstborn.

In the Divine History of Jesus I commented that the transformation of the Empire into an everlasting and universal Kingdom was the first measure with which this Revolution of Life against Death was opened. The first measure but not the only one.

The second part of his Book, the New Testament, deals with the Battle between Life and Death, Heaven against Hell, and glorifies the Victory of the Holy Spirit against the spirit of the Evil One, of Christ over the Devil.

The Book of God says in its third part that when the Announced Day arrived, God ordered all his children to present themselves before his Throne and lay their crowns at his feet. From what is read it is seen that some did so and others refused, and that consequently the Rebels who did not do so were persecuted, dethroned and cast out of Heaven.

From the reading of the New Testament it also appears that while the Faithful princes persecuted the Rebels, God called his Firstborn, made known to him the Doctrine of the Kingdom of Heaven, and immediately sent him to our world, where he became incarnate in the Virgin Mary and was born under the reign of the Herods, in Bethlehem of Judah, during the days of the universal census decreed by Octavian Caesar Augustus.

Ignorant and unaware of the revolutionary measures that his Father had projected and were beginning to materialize as a result of his Incarnation, the Son of God discovered Christ during the episode that he himself starred in the Temple, “at the age of about twelve years”.

In Christ Jesus discovered the Thought of God, and what is more important, He discovered Wisdom, His Mother, who lives in His Father, the One True Uncreated God who knew the Infinite and Eternity; the Living Image of whose Holiness and Love for Him, Jesus, God wanted to become a Woman, His Mother, Mary of Nazareth.

It is understood from the reading of the New Testament that God discovered to His Son both the identity of the true Enemy of His Kingdom and the Nature of the Universal Revolution that He and no one else but Him could and should open: Christ Jesus, the King Messiah, the heir of all the promises written in the Old Testament, born of the spirit of Yahweh: “spirit of wisdom and intelligence, of understanding and might, of counsel and fear of God.”

Being nevertheless subject by His Origin to the structure of the Old World, and because of all the princes of Heaven He was the King of kings, He too was bound to obey and submit to the decree of Abolition of the Empire which His Father dictated and was in the cause of the Battle in Heaven, of which He speaks in His Book, Revelation.

As did the Princes of Heaven so did the King of kings and Lord of lords was to lay down his Crown at the feet of God.

And so JESUS CHRIST did.

So that subject to the condition of individuals who at their peril and peril undertake a revolution with no other force than the love of Truth, JESUS also was seized by the reactionary powers of this world, and, consequently, delivered up to the judges of CHRIST to be numbered among the malefactors as the enemy of God and of Mankind.

But what no one knew, because no one could know, was that in returning to his World Jesus Christ did so as Almighty and Omniscient King in the image and likeness of his Father, and that Glorified in this way he brought to his House a New family, his own Family: A Bride, begotten to unite the whole Universe in the same Church; some Brothers, whose Power is that of God, which is in his Word; and some Sons, born to unite all his Kingdom in the same Intelligence.

This is the Mystery of the Holy Spirit. The Head is Christ Jesus, the Trunk is the Catholic Church, and the two Arms are: the one, his Brothers from Heaven, and the other the Brothers of Christ, from the House of Abraham. Here is the spirit of Intelligence:

“Ask and it shall be given to you.”

Do not hesitate, ask for Intelligence without measure in the image and likeness of our Creator. Ask and you shall receive Intelligence without measure.

Ask and you shall receive Intelligence without measure to reach all the secrets of the universe and of human nature.

This is the Day of the children of God of the offspring of Christ, the fruit of his Marriage with the Church. This is the Day about which St. Paul wrote:

“I consider that the sufferings of this present time are as nothing in comparison with the glory which is to be revealed in us; for the eager expectation of the creation is waiting for the revealing of the sons of God, for the creatures are subject to vanity, not by degree, but by reason of him who subjects them, in the hope that they also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption to share in the liberty of the glory of the sons of God.”

Indeed, in the King are the treasures of all the Sciences, present and future.

In Him are all the answers to all the Diseases and to all the problems concerning the Organization of the Fullness of Nations.

In Him are all the secrets of the Universe and of Nature.

He is the Son, and He places at the disposal of His Descendants the Omniscience of God, because as He very well said in person:

“All things of the Father are mine.”

Indeed, deprived of the Intelligence of men of the Spirit of Yahweh, their thoughts and actions drifted from the beginning of the Fall towards destruction, a drift that God pointed out saying:

“When you cultivate it it will give you thorns and thistles.”

A word which, men having been cast away from Wisdom, the generations interpreted carnally, as if God were of flesh and the Image and Likeness to which we were called referred to the life of goats and sheep. Method of carnal interpretation of the Word of Him who is the Omniscient Creator of the Universe that the European nations inherited from the Ancients, and as Cain found himself with the jawbone, which Satan served him to commit his fratricide, Luther, his fellow man, raised the hatchet against his Catholic brother believing that he served God.

The very idea of interpreting the Word of God without having the Spirit of YAHWEH, believing that God was speaking of “the soil” that our feet tread when He said: “When you cultivate it, it will give you thorns and thistles”, is inevitably following the steps of Cain, steps that Luther and Calvin followed and dragged the Christian nations to the preliminary Hatred prior to the Fratricidal War, which the Reformation consummated in the 30 Years’ War.

That Method of pride that despises what comes from the Spirit and clings exclusively to the flesh was the legacy of the Protestant Fratricidal Rebellion to the men of science, who cultivating that "soil" gave themselves to create weapons of global destruction, according to the Divine Word:

“When you cultivate it it will give you thorns and thistles.”

And they did it with the same scruple with which Cain killed his brother Abel, believing that he was doing good to the Future of Humanity.

In spite of everything and in spite of the events, the Word of God is God. Nothing and no one can prevent his Word from being fulfilled. We were not created to be sacrificed to the health of Death. The Honor and Glory of the Lord God YAHWEH lives in his Word. Mankind was sentenced to imprisonment in the darkness of Death, but not forever.

The Crime is subject to Sentence, for if the Crime were blessed by the Judge because of his kinship with the Offender: in time the Corruption of a Justice that administers the Law according to the relationship between the Defendant and the Judge would open the door to War. So, being Incorruptible, the Father in God could not come between the Judge in God and delinquent sons.

Man, son of God, having transgressed the Law was subject to the Sentence due to his Crime.

Created to grow in the Creative Intelligence, the Divine Omniscience, the Water from which the Tree of Sciences feeds, by the committed Crime the roots of the Modern Scientific Thought were deprived of that Water, coming “that soil” to produce the thorns and thistles of the one who centers all his glory in transforming the jawbone of an ass into the Definitive Weapon thanks to which the Seed of the Devil would realize the soil of Cain : to receive from the Devil the government of all the kingdoms and nations of the world.

Every Crime is subject to a time of imprisonment when it has not been sentenced to banishment from Life. We see that Man, created to be a son of God, was not exposed to this Final Penalty, but to a time of imprisonment, a truth that we see in the Hope of Universal Redemption.

For if there had not been Ignorance in Man, there would not have been Redemption, that is to say, a time of imprisonment, at the end of which Man would be freed and his intelligence, free from the Sentence, would return to bear fruit for eternal Life.

Once the Redemption was fulfilled, we knew that the time of imprisonment would be consummated, and the human being would see the door of Omniscience opened to his intelligence.

Glorified the Redeemer, and seated on the Throne of the Universal King, the Everlasting Prince seated at the Right Hand of the Lord God YAHWEH, his Father, the announced Freedom came with a Date, which would be fulfilled: Two Thousand years, at the end of which the Spirit of Yahweh: “Spirit of Wisdom and Intelligence, of Understanding and Fortitude, of Counsel and Fear of God,” would spread over the whole Earth.

But who will receive if he does not ask?

But he who asks does so with the Confidence that comes from the Faith in the Invincible Existence of the Son of God, because no one receives unless that Faith is first engendered in him which transcends eternity and makes us all children of God in the bosom of his Bride and Mother: The Catholic Church.

Hence the Holy Spirit spoke of a Generation of children of God, born of Christ, their Father, begotten to enjoy the Glory of the Freedom of those who being children of the Lord Jesus and his Bride are by Right of birth legitimate and true children of God.

Having consummated the Expectation which during these Two Thousand years has kept the whole Creation with its heart in its fist, but confident in the Truthfulness of the Word of God, we enter the Age of the children of God of the House of the King and Lord, God the Son Jesus Christ, who begets in His People children for Wisdom, by whose hand the nations will abandon a world founded on the pillars of World Fratricidal War and lead the nations to a Universal Civilization established upon the Rock of Truth, Justice and Peace, from which flow the waters of Fraternity, Liberty and Equality.

Thus, all the present sciences being at the service of the destruction of all life on Earth, having fulfilled in their body the written Curse, have been an Introduction to the Science of Creation, which Today will bear its fruit in the Spirit of Yahweh to an unlimited Growth of Technologies at the service of Peace and Health of Mankind.

Freedom achieved, Man once back in the arms of his Creator as a Citizen of the Kingdom of his Son, God continues his Creation to lead it to the End from the Principle sought : Man is the Human Genus, we are all one People, a single Living Nation, Man lives in each of us, individual cells of a Universal Body whose Head is the King, JESUS CHRIST, from whom this Tree receives the Water of Eternal Life.

God does not lie, He has fed and kept us during the days of Prison to wait for us at the exit, on the Day of Freedom, with the Garment of His Spirit:

Spirit of Wisdom and Intelligence,

of Understanding and Fortitude,

 of Counsel and Fear of God.




Nothing and no one can stop the course of History written by God. Although sentenced the nations to live in their flesh the Science of Good and Evil, the time of imprisonment, not being the Sentence of Death Penalty, that is to say, of Banishment from Life, once the time of rupture between the Creator and his Creature is over, Freedom would come with the Natural Glory, Freedom would come with the Natural Glory of the One who came to set History on the Way to Us, His Descendants, in order to which He signed a Testament, sealed with His Blood, leaving in Inheritance to His Spouse His Soul, which is His Body, and to His children, born of Her, His Spirit of Intelligence.

Indeed, God has willed, having refounded His Creation in the Crown of His Son, and our World having been formed, though against His Will, in the Arts of War; God has willed that our World should enter into His Creation as a Body of Nations formed in His Spirit, for whom War is an Abomination, Peace the Light that fills with its Beauty all the peoples of His Kingdom, for Love of the King placing at His feet all His armies, who know no Law but His, and recognize no Voice but that of His Crown. In this way, the Salvation of the entire Creation is established for Eternity. For His Kingdom in Man will live on Earth as it does in Heaven, for Eternity the unalloyed enemy of the Science of Good and Evil, the all-powerful Pillar in Defense of Sempiternal Universal Peace.

This is the New Creation that God arranged, the Inheritance of the children of the children of God about whom He wrote: “Your Offspring will seize the gates of their enemies.”

Forged in the fires of War the Fullness of the nations of the Human Kind kneels in Worship to its King, to serve its Crown as a Universal Unified Army that recognizes no borders but those of its Lord and King, and is born with Universal Jurisdiction to defend the Peace and Justice of its Crown from one corner to the other of the Paradise of God. This is the Work of God the Omniscient Father, Creator of the Universe, who has willed that the People who have suffered in their flesh the infinite Evil of the Law of War, ascend to His Kingdom to rise as an Invincible Column against whose Body, having its Foundation in Divine Rock, inheriting its Strength, the waves of Death crash.

In the Son of God, therefore, we have the open Door to the Omniscience of Him who with His Creative Intelligence has assembled a New Cosmos, has created a Universe for Himself in which creation, free from Death, has been raised to Eternal Life natural to its Creator. All the evils that afflict Humanity come from the Evil Pride that makes men believe that their Reason is Almighty, and in their pathological sickness they refuse to raise their heads to the Son of God to ask Him for unlimited Intelligence in His image and likeness. Dementiated by their evil belief in the all-power of scientific reason they plunge the world into the abyss of its self-destruction while promising it the salvation which they annihilate with the fruit of their thoughts, words and deeds. Certainly the Sentence had to be fulfilled, “it will produce for you thorns and thistles”, the effect of whose harvest would be self-destruction, for “dust it was and to dust you shall return”.

But God did not want His Word to be defeated by the treachery of a madman, and He arranged that the Door of His Omniscience should be opened before the Final Fall of Man into the Abyss of his fate. Created to grow in his Omniscience, Man returns to his Divine House to enjoy the limitless Intelligence natural to all the children of God. For when the Son of God said: “Let us make man in our image and after our likeness” he declared in God the participation of all in the Spirit of YAHWEH, Father of all, whose son he was, and by whom all inherit his Spirit.

Joy in the glory of the freedom of the children of God, because the Thought of the Son of God is the Thought of all the children of God, of Heaven as of Earth. The Principle of all is God.  The Origin of each may be this universe or the other, but the Principle of all lives in the Spirit of the Creator, in whom living Wisdom applies to his Being the words of Solomon:

“In HIM is a spirit intelligent, holy, single and manifold, agile, penetrating, immaculate, clear, harmless, benevolent, keen, free, beneficent. Lover of men, stable, sure, secure, calm, all-powerful, omniscient, penetrating all intelligent, pure, subtle spirits. Because HIS Wisdom is more agile than all that moves, it diffuses its purity and penetrates all; for it is a breath of divine power and a pure emanation of the glory of the Omnipotent God, therefore there is nothing tainted in HIM. It is the radiance of eternal light, the spotless mirror of God's action, the image of His Goodness. And being one he can do all things, and remaining the same he renews all things, and through the ages he pours himself into holy souls, making friends of God and prophets; for God loves no one but him who dwells with HIM. It is more beautiful than the sun; it surpasses the whole host of stars, and compared to light it ranks first. For light is succeeded by night, but evil shall not triumph over GOD.”

Also say what the Holy Spirit: Whosoever lacks knowledge, understanding, intelligence, let him ask of God, but let him ask without DOUBT, that it shall be given him, “for he that asketh receiveth.” The Word of God is God, so ask without distrust, with the Faith of one who knows that the Glory of God is in His Word and by His Glory and Love for Man He will give what he asks for to whoever seeks Him, opening the Door to His Omniscience, in which resides the Answer to all the Diseases and Evils of our World.

What the Son did by his Power, Man will do by the Science that comes from his Glory. The size and depth of what we know is a thin membrane over the ocean of the sciences upon whose body God has created the Cosmos and forms the Tree of the Universes that make up His Creation. The Modern Scientific Imagination is that of a rational creature of limited intelligence subject to the illusion of a thought open to the infinite knowledge of the Origin and Structure of the Cosmos; and as it develops this illusion it plunges all life on Earth into the precipice of its extinction, fulfilling in Science what the Holy Spirit wrote: “I desire to do good, but it is evil that I obtain.” 

The Desire to do Good and to bear the Fruit of Good, for the good of all, is fulfilled only by living in the Spirit of YAHWEH: “Spirit of Wisdom and Intelligence, of Understanding and Fortitude, Counsel and Fear of God.” Because being Eternal Absolute Truth that God is Love, and Father's Love, to forget that in God lives an infinite and eternal Love for Truth, Justice and Peace is, simply, to self-sentence oneself on pain of Banishment from Life. God did not condemn Satan, he simply limited himself to sign the sentence that that generation of rebellious children signed against their own heads. God is Love, but to His Spirit is due the Fear of those who see in Him, not only a Father, but also that Uncreated Being, the ONLY GOD that the Uncreation knew, whose Personality has been formed by Wisdom in the fires of Eternity, and loving who He is, says of Himself : “I AM WHO I AM.”



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