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Now the Jews' Passover was near, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. And he found in the temple the sellers of oxen, sheep, and doves, and the money changers sitting there; and he made a scourge of cords, and cast them all out of the temple, with the sheep and oxen; and he poured out the money of the money changers, and overthrew the tables; and to them that sold doves he said, Take all these things hence, and make not my Father's house a house of hire. His disciples remembered that it is written, "The zeal of your house consumes me." The Jews answered and said unto him, What sign givest thou thus to do? Jesus answered and said, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up. The Jews answered, Forty-six years have been spent in building this temple, and wilt thou raise it up in three days? But he was speaking of the temple of his body. And when he rose from the dead, his disciples remembered that he had said this, and they believed the scripture and the word which Jesus had spoken.





No one begins his life at the end. The Beginning is the origin of all things. Without beginning there is no end. The first three Gospels follow this path; logic imprints its law.

Against those who want to see in the Mind of the Apostles a Reason deprived of a Greco-Roman philosophical structure, it will be necessary to tell them that long before Rome discovered the world of Athens, Jerusalem had already been impregnated with the glory of the stars of the Golden Age of Hellenistic Philosophy. This mark is clearly seen in the Atheism of the High Priests of the Jerusalem Temple at the origin of the contempt of Antiochus IV and his people against the religion of the Jews.

Just as the Christians did much later, penetrating into the world of the Greco-Roman philosophical structure to defend their Truth, the Jews did the same during the times before Christianity, as a means of renewing their biblical theology. Renewal that operated the opposite effect to that sought, as is well seen in the Atheism of Flavius Josephus, for whom the God of Moses was no more than a fetish, an amulet without any cosmological reality.

Atheism was not invented by Flavius Josephus, but was in force during the days of JESUS, and hence, being witnesses of his Almighty power, they could not believe in what they were living. Overwhelmed by what they saw and heard, they did not stop looking for a rational explanation to what had no natural explanation of any kind. The One who they had before them He was the Almighty Son of God at the sound of whose Word Matter, Space and Time stop and act according to his Voice. "LET THERE BE LIGHT," and LIGHT was made.

It is departing from this Invincible Truth that St. John opened his Gospel by the End. Unlike his Divine Brothers, John extends the Beginning to the Origin of Heaven and Earth, and knowing, because he had seen it with his eyes, that the one who said LET THERE BE LIGHT, was the same JESUS with whom he had walked from town to town for three years, John forgets the Son of Man to present us the Son of God.

The Disciples had lived anchored in the popular image about the Messiah, and until the last moment they had believed that the End of the Messiah would be to sit on the Throne of David. It was on that popular Image that the multitudes greeted the son of David and acclaimed as Blessed the one who came in the Name of the Lord. The facts do not lie, as much the multitudes that saw him enter Jerusalem mounted on a donkey, so his own Disciples lived the Idea that during that Jewish Holy Week the Master would declare himself Son of David before the Sacred Authorities of the Temple, these would recognize him as the Heir of the Throne of Solomon and the Kingdom of the Messiah would be proclaimed in defiance of the Empire of Rome.

Those who had lived his unlimited Power had no doubt about the Victory of JESUS over Caesar, of Jerusalem over Rome. During that Great Week of the 33rd Year of the Era that bears his Name, at last, the final answer of the son of David to the cry of "KING KING KING" that JESUS had delayed, at last, was going to be heard within the walls of the Temple, from where JESUS would come out invested with the Crown of David.

The multitudes, which that Holy Week filled the streets of the Holy City and surrounded its walls like an army under siege awaiting the Order of their King, greeted their Savior with their chests filled with a Joy that exulted HALLELUYAS. And even the stones through the mouths of the children were carried away by the popular cry: "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord" ... without knowing that the one who "came" was the LORD in person.

St. John writes his Gospel with full Knowledge of this Reality, the one who entered Jerusalem that Holy Week was the Lord in person, the Almighty Son of God who with his Word created the Heavens and the Earth. This is why he opens his Gospel by saying "AND THE WORD WAS MADE MAN", and from this Knowledge he immediately jumped to the End. For this End was what HE had in mind since He began His Preaching. And although many times He said to them, "I must die that I may rise again," the very idea that anyone could lay hands on the Almighty Son of God, at the sound of whose Voice the storms were stilled and the dead were raised from their graves, the very idea that anyone could lay hands on the Almighty Son of YAHWEH GOD, the very idea was ludicrous.

Among those crowds that acclaimed Him and filled that Jerusalem during that Holy Week were the countless number of people who lived in their flesh the Power of the Word made Man.

One word from Him was enough for that multitude to invade the Temple and force the High Priest to proclaim Him the Heir of the Crown and Throne of David, and neither Rome with all its Empire, nor all the empires gathered in the world could prevent His Coronation, they becoming His Army and follow Him to the Conquest of the World. A single Word from him was all they needed to hear....

But what they heard was not a Word but a Shout that like a Fire came out of his bowels and, in a moment for eternity, consumed that Image of a Son of David leading the army of all his Believers to the Conquest of the World.

The Scene was so awesome to witness, the Almighty Son of God in full Wrath, blinded all the sources of that hallucinatory hope that in their hearts had been awakened by the One before whose Voice Death itself was retreating.

Confused, thrown suddenly from light into darkness, that multitude felt the same frustration of that Adam who, dreaming of a Future in a perpetual paradisiacal state, overnight found himself before the gates of Hell, and for his Fault, his World was dragged into the abyss of the World Fratricidal War until the destruction of all life on Earth.

What had happened? What was going on? Was it a hallucination? They believed that the Messiah had come to reclaim what was His, the Crown and Throne of Adam, the World at His feet, and suddenly they find themselves in front of a Declaration of War of His against the Temple of Jerusalem.

Horror, darkness, despair, earth swallow us up, may the waters of the fountains be turned into wine, and in the intoxication we find the cemetery where to dig a grave for the illusion: "Jerusalem, the New Imperial Rome!"

Just as the crowds that cried Hallelujah, the Disciples lived that Fall in absolute Confusion. They all ran away. In an instant the dream had become a nightmare. JESUS was left alone before the World....

The rest is known. Cross, Death and Resurrection.

But this is not the Hour of Lamentations, it is the Hour to open the Door and enter and see what lived that Almighty LORD to whom a single Word would have sufficed to give universal History a Way according to His Will, and yet, He chose to do the Will of His Divine Father: To conquer Death before the entire House of God.

Who can break the walls of Death but he who is True God? And how can he break the walls of that Invincible Prison if not by allowing himself to be enclosed within its walls?

The Necessity of the Death of Christ was Divine. God had Need to open the Uncreated Truthfulness of his Son before the whole Creation, to put an End to the Doubt that once had made its way among the sons of God about the Divine Nature of the Firstborn, and in such a way to put an End to it that any Thought that opened that Doubt would be a Sentence of Death Penalty against its author or authors, whether they were sons or servants of God.

The only way to establish the Divinity of his Son was by doing what only God can do: Overcome Death, Rise from the dead. And not by the Power of His Father, but by His own Power.

"God was in Him, HE was You-God". Did the Son of God have any Doubt about His Own Divine Nature? Was He going to deny Himself for fear of Death?

The Answer of the Almighty Son of God who in the Beginning said: "Let there be LIGHT; and LIGHT was made"; we all know that answer. This is why, I insist, John opens his Gospel by the Divine Principle, and in Him with whom they walked together he presents to us the Almighty Lord before whose Word Matter, Space and Time are set in motion to do His Will with the same diligence that the whole Cosmos does before its FATHER in obedience to its Lord and Creator.

The Vision, therefore, that St. John offers us is that of one who has reached the consciousness of one who was walking next to that Almighty Lord, the Doubt about whose Divine Veracity leads to destruction to all who harbor it in their Chest, and hence, the Jews in that Doubt, mother of Denial, effect of the Fear of Death, the Gospel of St. John opens his Way announcing the Destruction of Jerusalem and its Kingdom.

We follow him to the Temple. The Almighty Lord, who before the House of God is going to discover his Divine Nature by conquering Death; this Lord, JESUS, the Word made flesh, "God with Us", walks as a Man, approaches Jerusalem, goes up to the Temple. All ears are attentive to His Word, all eyes follow Him with hearts in a fist, it is the Hour of openly declaring Himself the Messiah, the Son of David. Souls rejoice. If Pharaoh could not stop Moses, being as Moses was a servant of God, how could Caesar stop the very Son of the Lord of Moses! Did not David write about his son: "The Lord said to my Lord..."? He who was king and had only God for his lord, how could he speak of a lord between him and his God!

That Lord was the one who entered the Temple?

What man could have imagined that in the Resurrection the Truthfulness of God: Father and Son would be established before the whole Creation?

We men act as such and as men we worry about what we will wear, what we will eat, where we will sleep, what will become of our children? Abandoned in the Ignorance of the Perfect Knowledge of the Personality of the One who said I AM WHO I AM, delivered to Death by the Betrayal of a son of God, "not of this world", what man could without God penetrate into the Mind of that JESUS who, turning a deaf ear to HALLELUJA, looked at Eternity! and with his Father had taken the Decision to Re-found the Kingdom of God on an Invincible, Incorruptible and Indestructible Faith against whose Walls Death would crash forever and ever!

Neither the multitudes nor the ecclesiastical powers nor the Disciples themselves, Witnesses of His limitless Power, could believe what they would soon see.

The entire Cosmos was paralyzed. Neither the soldiers of Rome, nor the Temple guards, nothing and no one could move a single muscle. That same God from whose Mouth the Universe came to Light took off his human Vesture and transformed himself into a living god before whose presence the world turns to dust.

The nerves do not transmit the order to the muscles. The arms do not reach the swords; the hands do not belong to them. The fists do not close around the iron. It is the lightning and the storm, the cyclone and the hurricane, the volcano and the earthquake, the force that is unleashed emerges from a Heart that has suffered the fate of its Creation, Man, and suffers the Hell that the World will still have to suffer. From the anti-Christian Persecutions, to the World Wars via Inter-Christian Fratricidal War, the History of the next two millennia was before His eyes. If only they had believed in Him...! The Refusal to believe of those who saw Him with their eyes had become in HIM fire.

How many times He wanted to open their eyes!

Knowing that their eyes were blinded and their hearts dead, with all His Power He tried to open those graves, to make Truth penetrate their souls! If they had believed... And though JESUS knew that their FATHER had made Wisdom necessary... if they had believed... if only they had dared to believe...

On his knees, before the Will of his FATHER, the Refusal of the Temple of Jerusalem to BELIEVE burned in him like a fire that consumed his Heart. Tens and tens of thousands of innocent people would go up to His Cross whose only Crime would be to BELIEVE in what those who looked at Him did not want to BELIEVE: "that they had before them the Lord, the Son of God, Alive, in Person, GOD WITH US", there, before them, turned into a fire from which no one could escape and against which nothing could be done.

If at that moment He had said to the earth: "Swallow them up", the earth would have opened and swallowed them up.

The Pain was so great, the Vision of the Persecutions that His Church and His Faithful would have to live, because of the Denial of those who would immediately ask for His Death, was a suffering so deep and vast that His Heart, stabbed to the very depths, transformed into boundless Anger.

"What sign do you give to act in this way?" those very ones who a few days before had witnessed the Resurrection of Lazarus asked Him.

Dementated by the Fear of Death, they even dared to say: "Forty-six years have been used to build this temple, and you are going to raise it in three days?”

Their Madness was total. Their fear of Death was all-powerful. The Atheism of the Jewish Religion was Absolute. The Theology of the Temple of Jerusalem was a new form of paganism.

A single man faced all the Roman and priestly authorities and not a single muscle moved... until the fire ceased. Before that vision they should have been afraid of that Almighty Man, begotten in the Image of God, their Creator, whose Word alone was enough to seal the Destruction of the Temple and the kingdom of the Jews.

However, that Destruction on the Tomb of the Firstborn, which would be mourned as one mourns for the death of the Only Begotten, had already been written and signed.

Jewish religious paganism had turned the Law into a fetish; Jerusalem could not understand the Book of God, the intelligence of its Author was as far from the intelligence of the Temple as Heaven is from Earth. "Gold, gold, gold, gold" was all the Temple wanted; "money, money, money", was all the Jewish priests understood. Gold was their Religion. Money was their god.

Rome had in Iron its Temple and its god. As gold is purer than iron, Jerusalem believed itself holier than Rome, and both joined together to lay hands on the Son of God.

This is how St. John opens his Gospel. His Gospel introduces us to "God with us". The God with whom he walked to Golgotha, and about whose Person he concludes by saying:

The Son came into the World to conquer Death before the whole Creation. In order to rise from the dead, He had to climb the Cross. Upon his Resurrection the Truthfulness of God, Father and Son, would be sealed for Eternity. And he who does not believe in the Truthfulness of God, Father and Son, will not know Eternal Life. He who believes, lives forever. JESUS said it, and his Word is the Word, and the Word is God.



GOD WITH US (09/02/22)


Historical events do not lie.

No matter what manipulations they are subjected to, Historical Truth is the principle and foundation of a Science whose object is Life.

John develops his Divine History starting from the Beginning of the Universe.

"In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth;

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God,

And the Word became Man".

His Theology has eternal value. He who has seen, speaks. He who has heard, writes. And he signs his Testimony with blood. John was walking with God. How could he detach himself from this Truth that he had lived!

The History of the Jewish People would give the reason to JESUS. The Temple of which they boasted, was destroyed. The people who believed themselves to be the superior race of the planet, were massacred and banished from their homeland, like their mythical father Adam from his original paradise, and like him, were delivered to Death to be subjected to scorn and genocide during the two thousand years of exile to which they were condemned for their Refusal to accept the Truth: that the Prophet they delivered to Rome was the same God and Lord who in the Beginning "SAID, AND SO IT WAS DONE".

Historical Truth admits no buts. They believed that Rome was Eternal, under its wings the survival of the people of Abraham would be as guaranteed as it was under the imperial wings of Cyrus the Persian.

It was normal for them to believe so. The Jewish People was not the only one who lived how Rome was sunk to hell to rise again to heaven itself. Not once, but many times. Again and again, and again and again... Invasions, civil wars... What did not kill Rome made it stronger. No one had yet been born who could kill her, nor was there anyone in the vicinity who could give birth to that killer. The very idea of thinking of rising in a war of independence against Rome was madness. What was Jerusalem? Who were the Herods? Was there perhaps among them some Hannibal? What did the people want, to proclaim king this miracle worker, to take up arms against the Almighty Caesar and follow him to conquer Rome? And where were the weapons? Where were the generals? Were those Twelve Fishermen going to lead the Independence Insurrection against the most powerful army on Earth?

It was them or JESUS. Pontius Pilate had already given his ultimatum. Either they would hand him over, taking the blame for his death, or he would bring out his army and massacre the population. What did they want? Either with Caesar or against Caesar.

Survival is a duty to oneself. Of this there is no doubt. But survival at the cost of another's life is a criminal act. Of this there can be no doubt either.

"Thou shalt not kill" is Law, says God, but God is in Heaven, wherever that World is, and we men are on Earth, which is beneath our feet. Ever since Cain killed his brother Abel, kings have trampled on that Divine Law as they please. For them to be an Atheist is not a right, it is a duty. For them to step on the Law is an act of Power. Ergo: Whoever exercises Power must be a criminal by the very inertia of the nature of Power.

Power exercises Crime as a Necessity of Survival. Rome understood this law of necessity from its origin, and applied it throughout its History with an iron arm. Republic, Democracy... everything was a lie. Peace is based on the destruction of the enemy.

The Nature of Power is the State of Perpetual War. This Perpetuity turns War into a Divine Necessity, and hence the divinization of Caesar.

Octavian Augustus was a god. His successor, Tiberius, was god. And Claudius, and Caligula, and Nero. “A” leads to “Z”.

Any discussion of this dynamic is absurd. It is enough to study the History of Antiquity worldwide. From Egypt to Japan, from Scandinavia to the Americas, Power always sought its divinization. The royal lists of the dynasties of the ancient nations always led their members to divinity. Octavian Augustus did not invent anything. The difference, in any case, is established in that in his case it was the people who elevated him to the status of the gods, while in the case of the ancient dynasties the divinization of the throne came directly from its members. The reaction of the people to the two cases was equally different. While Caesar maintained his divinity for generations, in the case of the ancient kings the elevation to divinity always became an invincible reason for insurrection and the consequent fall of the dynasty.

The Jewish people had survived legendary dynasties. Their relationship with the Law of Moses was their amulet, their totem, their divinity. Whether God exists or not was not important, what was transcendent was that as long as the Code of Moses remained in force, the survival of the Jewish people was assured.

It was not God, it was the Code of Moses the true idol of Jerusalem. For this reason, because the Galilean Prophet wanted to make that Code an Old Law, surpassed by a New Law based on Freedom, separating Law and Punishment, the Prophet had to die.

This Truth is a Fact. JESUS maintains the Validity of the Law, but leaves to the conscience of each one the Obedience. JESUS brings to the world a Temple in which the Aaronic atoning sacrifice is suspended, abolished, dissolved.

Adultery, for example, remains a crime before God, but the JESUS announces the end of the death penalty until then alive. And so on. In short, the JESUS announced the End of the Aaronic Temple.

Ergo, according to the Law, JESUS had to die.

But no matter what reasoning we use to try to understand the Refusal to admit what they had seen with their eyes, the Fact is that the Right of God to intervene in His Creation, and to direct His Universal History, is Natural to His Reality of Creator. As the Principle of all that exists, without whose Existence nothing of what exists would exist, by this Principle God does not have to give explanations to his Creation of what He does. Is there anything more absurd than a Creator asking permission to his Creation to act in it?

And in this case we find ourselves, and hence the Invincible and Indestructible Transcendence of the Gospel, of the Church and of Christianity, with a Necessity that surpasses Man and integrates in his Nature the whole Cosmos.

In the Fall of Adam the entire Creation was left in suspense. Although in his Ignorance, the Fact is that the father of the Jews allied himself with Satan, from one place: to elevate the sons of God to the status of true gods, all of them beyond good and evil, and therefore free to make War their favorite Sport, their beloved Pastime, their sacred Hobby; and from the other: to tempt the Son of God to win Him for that cause, a cause by God cursed and against which He had raised Penalty of Eternal Banishment from His Creation.

We are talking about a Final Battle of God as Creator to establish, for Eternity: the foundations of his Creation on Immovable Pillars. The Rock upon which those Pillars rest is His Personality, that Personality upon which the Creator of the Cosmos says: "I AM WHO I AM", a Personality which his sons tried to manipulate by confronting the Father against the Creator in God.

The Reality of this Final Battle was an Event unknown to all the nations of the world. The Silence of God about his Nature was so absolute and impenetrable that not even his own Beloved Son knew its gravity as he entered the Battle as the Champion of Mankind. It is being Man that his Beloved Son, as the Apostle will later say, was perfected by his Divine Father in the Intimate Knowledge of the Nature of the War to which he had been called.

The Jews were not the only ones who lived outside the Intimacy of God, all the peoples of the world lived their journey through the millennia outside the walls of that Silence. No matter the name of the people who had found themselves before JESUS, the reaction to His Presence outside the walls of that DIVINE SILENCE would have been identical. The Apostle insisted on this fact: "If the Jews had known whom they had before them, they would rather have cut off their arms than lay a hand on the Almighty Beloved Son of God, Lord of Moses".

It is very easy to judge the behavior of ancient peoples. To cast upon them a judgment by reason of the difference between our mentality and intelligence and theirs comes by inertia. It seems that by exercising this judgment we consecrate ourselves one more step in that universal millenarian search for our own divinization. It is not for nothing that the Protestant Anglicans declared themselves "the divine ones". This tendency to believe themselves to be gods has been a constant in Humanity since the Fall. The Temptation was that: Man declared himself "to be a god".

We see, then, that all the elements of the Past are reformulated in the events surrounding the Son of God on Earth.

The God who in the Beginning "says, and so it is done" becomes Man.

The Temptation of Satan to Adam, to proclaim himself a god, we have it in Caesar.

The Refusal to believe in JESUS as God the Son we have in the Temple.

Satan's Betrayal of God we have in Judas.

The Temptation and Victory sought by the Betrayer, to win the King of kings and Lord of lords of the Kingdom of God for his Cause, we see in the encounter between Satan and JESUS.

The Anger of YAHWEH GOD, Lord of Moses and Father of Adam, at Satan's Betrayal is seen in the Anger of his Son against the Temple.

The Silence of God on the True Nature of the Events set in motion by Satan's Betrayal and Adam's Fall we have in the Silence of JESUS before Pontius Pilate. Silence that will enslave his Disciples to his Law.

All was compiled in the Life of JESUS CHRIST, son of David, son of Adam. And no one in this world knew where He came from, nor where He was going. Neither Jews, nor Romans, nor Disciples. The Intimacy of the Divine Silence was Impenetrable. How could He tell those who did not understand things here Below the nature of things there Above! What was He to say to them: "I am God’s Son, His Only Begotten Son, and I must face Death in order that all Creation may see that God lives in the Son as He lives in the Father!"

God could not give His Word: "Behold, I make things New" a Cosmological Reality of eternal and infinite value without first establishing this Principle: "God lives in the Father and in the Son!"

It is not by the Power of the Father that the Son overcomes Death, but by the Power of his own Divine Nature. "I have the Power to give it and the Power to take it" is a Statement that admits of no criticism or discussion. With it JESUS makes it clear that God lives in Him as He lives in His Father. If the Father had raised Him from the dead, as Lazarus was raised by JESUS, where would the Divine Nature of His Son be? We would return to the same thing: to Doubt, and from Doubt to Denial there is only one step.

It is therefore the Son in Person who allows Himself to be Crucified (hence the Necessity of the Death of Christ) and who conquers Death by the Power of God who lives in Him. And hence finally the Holy Spirit, gathering all His Servants in the Council of Nicaea, proclaimed with full mouth and open heart the Divinity of the Son, a revelation that the Wife of Christ would gather in the Doctrine of the Dogma of the Holy Trinity.

Evidently the Silence of Father and Son, on the Nature of the Final Battle for the Death declared "against the Creation according to YAHWEH GOD", would remain until the times determined in His Wisdom for the benefit of the Salvation of the Fullness of the Nations of the Human Genus were fulfilled. What is incumbent upon all of us is to establish ourselves in the Perfect Knowledge of the Son of God.

Evidently Two thousand Years later, with the succession of wars, genocides, schisms, Death forcing the deployment of all its forces to the present day to consummate its Work, Satan by means of, has made the Neopagan Atheism of the days before Christ, under new forms, with more Power and Knowledge of Evil, conceive the suicidal illusion of a World without JESUS.

The Final Battle is Today for the Human Race; Yesterday it was for the House of God. But unlike Yesterday, Today that same JESUS who bent his knees before his Father Lord and laid his Crown at his feet, stands Today with the glory of him who is God the Only Begotten Son and is for and WITH US.

For as Death has deployed his prince and his armies to achieve the apogee of his entity, the Destruction of all life on Earth, so God has deployed his Prince and his armies to banish Satan from Earth and deliver Mankind from Death.

If Yesterday God consummated his Victory, and Today he will consummate his own, to see Tomorrow and to deploy our intelligence on his Nature is what we all have to do.

The dead, even living, do not count. Their words about World War and Global Dictatorship are echoes among cemetery tombs. The ghosts of the Past talk among themselves without wanting to see the truth, that they are dead. Tomorrow is ours, because "God is with Us". 



THE INTIMACY OF GOD ( 10/02/2022)


St. John does not sign like Mark. Like Mark, St. John wrote the Second Gospel following the spirit of the Law: "By the testimony of two, the accused will be condemned or acquitted". As Mark, St. John limited himself to bear witness to what St. Matthew had written. It is not strange that St. Peter took under his mighty mantle the young Mark, that is, the one to whom JESUS said: "Son, behold your mother". Declaration by which the Mother was placed under his Filial Custodian, his Mission: not to be separated from HER under any circumstances until the day of his Ascension into the World to which He was returning.

The Promise of YAHWEH GOD was firm: "Thou shalt NOT allow my Flesh to know Corruption". MARY was the "flesh" from which "the Word became flesh".

St. John's youth we see reflected in the Last Supper. It would even seem extravagant that JESUS would choose the youngest of all his Disciples to be his Mother's Sacred Cherub. But it was the youngest of the Apostles who alone was found at the foot of the Cross. The WORD of the Son was God. And St. Peter, though he takes his Mother-in-law's Sister and her "son" under his mighty mantle, does not dare to revoke his Word. Or even to think of revoking the Word of his Master: "Mother, behold your son".

It is for the rest, as I said in the DIVINE HISTORY, that St. John passes through the Acts of the Apostles as an invisible shadow, his existence a mystery. The only proof of his life is the Gospel of his Youth, signed as Mark, in order that the Law might be fulfilled, "on the testimony of two you will base your judgment". Then came St. Luke. And finally God seals the Testament of her Son with the Gospel of the Maturity of St. John.

The MOTHER had already ascended to Heaven. The Author of the Fourth Gospel is the Supreme Spiritual Authority of his time. The Holy Spirit lives in Him. He is the last of the Twelve Almighty Ministers God has given to the Crown of His Son, in whose Hands God rests the Government of His Kingdom during the Days of Creation. Satan believed that by killing Christ his victory over God would be sealed. Cursed fool, he went One, and God begot Twelve Men in the Image and Likeness of that Christ against whom he rose up.

And so the Scripture was fulfilled: "Let us make man in our image and after our likeness".

The writer of the Fourth Gospel is no longer a Young Man whose only mission in this World is to defend and protect the MOTHER. Great events had taken place from the year 33 to the year 90. St. John had seen St. Peter, the Shepherd of shepherds, at the head of his flocks, all immaculate lambs, walking to the Slaughterhouse of the Neronian Persecution. Also, in those years the Temple of Jerusalem had been burned. Who could have said in that year 30 that that JESUS who sought John in the Jordan, to fulfill the Scripture, would be the Arm of YAHWEH GOD on Earth, against whose nations had risen in Judgment, Israel among them!

St. John had no Doubt of any kind about what he had experienced, and his Gospel focuses on this Intimacy of Man with God, which his prophets enjoyed, the Baptist the last among them. Not for nothing does he begin his Gospel by visiting the Baptist in his Memory.

"Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world" John hears him say, and, without the slightest understanding of what those words meant, with Andrew, Peter's brother, he ran to find his brother James. "James, James, we have found the Messiah, it is JESUS, the son of MARY."

How was he or his brother to understand what those words meant, "Behold the Lamb of God."

Like all the other sons of Abraham of their time, John and Andrew, they were looking for the Messiah, son of David, the almighty hero mounted on a war horse, the mantle covered with the red of the blood of his enemies. "To me those of YAHWEH, the cry of the Hammer of God, Judas Maccabeus, would again resound between the Jordan and the Mediterranean, and spreading over all lands would cover the four regions of the world.

The Baptist is silent. He is in the Intimacy of God. Only he and the Lamb of God know where JESUS comes from, and where he is going. The Baptist knows firsthand the Incarnation of the Son of God. As I said in the DIVINE HISTORY, his mother, Elizabeth, after the murder of her husband, Zechariah, a crime committed "in the gazilophah at the gate of the Temple", flees to the mountains of Judea, is received by the Essene communities, raises her son aware of the words received by her husband from the Angel: "He will prepare the way to the Lord". Elizabeth raises her son in the knowledge that he is the son of MARY, the Son of God made man.

Elizabeth dies. Her son leaves the mountains of Judea and opens his Mission at the Jordan. His God leads him. The time of the LAMB OF GOD draws near.

The time of the Lamb of God has come. He sees the Son of MARY, of whom his mother spoke so much, for the first time. Both know what the End of the Lamb of God is. Both know what is the image of the Messiah who flies through the kingdom of Israel. Both are silent. REDEMPTION is a Sacred Necessity. In the Sacrifice of his LAMB will YAHWEH GOD establish the Ignorance of the World about the true nature of Satan's Treachery, and the Innocence of God in the development of the Treachery of the sons of God who rose up against His Kingdom.

At the CROSS would be sealed the Innocence of God in the FALL, an argument opened by Satan against DIVINE OMNISCIENCE by asserting, in defense of his Rebellion and Homicide, that it was impossible, given Divine Prescience and Omniscience, that both the Betrayal and the Fall had not been predetermined by God from the Beginning of the Creation of Man.

It was on the Cross and from the Cross that the Firstborn and Only Begotten Son of God in person stood up as the Advocate of Man and of God, affirming from his Cross both the one and the other, the Ignorance of Man about the true nature of the Rebellion of the sons of God, led by Satan, as the participation, actively or passively, of YAHWEH GOD in the Betrayal of his Will.

Judgment against Satan that St. John remembers, signs, corroborates and establishes in the Mind of all Beings, of this World as of the other Worlds of the Kingdom of GOD, writing: "The Word is God". Ergo: Transgressed the Law, the Death Penalty against the Transgressor is Irrevocable.

Writing such St. John blesses God, who judges the Transgressor, and raises before our eyes the Eternal and Almighty Validity of the Law: "Whoever wages war against his brother or his neighbor is the Enemy of God and his Penalty is the Destruction of himself and his People".

It is obvious to repeat what I said in AGAINST THE ANTICHRIST, that having been taken up the Argument of Satan by Calvin during the XVI Century, and consecrated the Devil's Defense against YAHWEH GOD on the Anglican and Protestant throne, the Law hangs over the heads of the rebellious nations against the Universal Christian Unity broken in the XVI Century, creators of the European Fratricidal War of the 30 Years in the XVII Century.

But God having established the Deliverance of the Devil in the Year Thousand of our Era by reason of a Superior Necessity, which as I have said, is to discover to His House, in which we understand ourselves, that the apparent Hardness of the Eternal Banishing Judgment of His Creation against Satan corresponds to the evil cruelty of the one who sowed the Seed of the Division of the churches, God has willed to open the Door of Mercy to the Obedience to his Universal Unifying Will, so that by the Obedience or rebellion to do his Will each church will judge itself.

Since the Spirit of JESUS is the spirit of prophecy, and JESUS himself is the Word, his Announcement about the Sowing of the Evil One and the consequent division of the churches was an impossible effect to avoid, in which God the Father, wanting to humiliate all "the divine" reminds us that the Fall did not take place because Adam was the father of the Jews, because regardless of who had been chosen by God to be king of the Earth, once the Betrayal in progress none of the fathers of the other nations could have resisted the Power of Satan's Cunning. That incidentally the Jews were the judges of Christ this reality does not detract from the fact that any of the people who would have been in that position would have written that same story.

The Fall was not a DIVINE NECESSITY, an argument that Calvinist Protestantism, in its various forms, rejected by seating its kings on the throne of the Antichrist. Saying that the conception of Divine Prescience of Omniscience contradicts the Freedom of Satan, Calvin and his divines defended Satan against God, while exculpating Adam on account of his invincible slavery to that Predetermination from Eternity, Calvinism made Redemption a farce, and the Necessity of Christ's Death a graceless theater. Denying the Innocence of God, Calvin dragged the peoples to consecrate on the throne of their nations the Antichrist.

Now, we know that the NECESSITY of the Death of Christ can only be counter-argued by the Devil's disciples. St. John is firm, he opens his Gospel by casting our gaze back to the Beginning, when God created the Heavens and the Earth; then he opens the Door of the World to his Incarnation; then he breaks the thread of the Epic to present to you the Lamb of God, that Lamb whom God himself presents to atone upon his blood for the sins of all in the Ignorance of Adam and his World, and affirming this Ignorance St. John establishes the Innocence of God in the rebellion and treachery of those sons about whom Moses wrote:


Hear, ye heavens, and I will speak;

hear, O earth, the words of my mouth;

Let my teaching come down like rain,

Let my word distill as dew;

like drizzle on the grass, like serenity on the turf;

I will proclaim the name of the Lord: give glory to our God.

He is the Rock, his works are perfect, his ways are just,

he is a faithful God, without wickedness; he is just and righteous.

You degenerate children, you have behaved wickedly toward him,

you wicked and perverted generation,

Is this the way you repay the Lord, you foolish and senseless people?

Is he not your father and your creator, who made you and formed you?


The question leaps from the heart to the hand: Who, outside of that Baptist and the Lamb of God, participated in the Divine Intimacy in whose Wisdom the NECESSITY of the Death of JESUS was established?

John and Andrew run to find their brothers James and Peter: "We have found the Messiah". The Baptist keeps Silence. JESUS does not open his mouth until the end, when the actors of his Death were already running to meet Judas and Pontius Pilate. And even when he told his Apostles that he must die, they all stood up, to dare even to want to remove the idea from his head: "But, man of God, what are you saying, you are the Messiah, the son of David, the king of Israel".

Yes: of Israel, of the World, and of the entire Universe. And at that moment the whole Universe was at stake.