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What is Death? Why does a man kill another man? What satisfaction, what joy, what passion does a human being find in the Death of another human being? Is his being glorified, does that being in whom Death rides feel more or less divine the more human beings he destroys to the health of the glory of his name? What shame, what disaster, what misery, the appellation "Great" is unequivocally associated with the number of dead counted in the book of the wars of the nations! "Jesus Christ was not Great", nor Magno, simply Jesus Christ.

In any case, we already know what Death is; Death is the Means by which what came from the dust is returned to the dust.

Death is not an End, it is a Means, the Means by which some beings reach an End drawn by them and willing to reach it over the life of other beings, without caring at all about the life of those beings. These are evil beings, human in their origin, who have rejected Humanity, this Fact of being Man, they have transformed themselves into Beasts, Unclean because the Earth was not created to harbor such Nature in their children, they are a new race of demons, born of human females, but unclean race because the world is their enemy, and either they submit it to their demonic law or they destroy the world.

To the health of their passion for Power and Riches this race of demons born of human females has watered the Earth with blood. Evil beasts have never understood that their body, they, are the Horse on which Death rides. They are nothing, they are nobody, dust of Hell that the Wind of Death moves over the nations looking for the proper End that is natural to Death: the Return of all life to dust.

He who believed himself to make Death a Means to attain his own end, is but the Means that Death employs to attain the End that is natural to him from Eternity: to reduce to cosmic Dust that which from cosmic Dust came to Life.

To put an end to Death one must put an end to the Horse on whose back Death rides. Without the Horse Death cannot ride and reach its Natural End. For this reason God wrote that "by Sin Death entered the World", thus giving us to understand that if the First Man had not sinned, the Door of the History of our Universe would have remained closed against Death, the Earth would never have been watered with the blood of men. For being true that God formed Man to "cultivate the earth" of the Mind of the Peoples, He did not do so thinking of the blood that comes from Crime: but of the Water of His Creative Wisdom. And because Man chose the blood of Death to the Water of Wisdom, this choice being his Sin, War was made.

The Lesson of Wisdom is good. For God knowing by what Door War enters the Worlds, by making known to us the Nature of his Personality, plants us before a Spirit that cannot endure Cohabitation with War, and rises up against it to the point of doing away with the World in which War dwells if that World does not proceed to banish that Evil from its being. This, on the one hand, teaches us that by the Nature of his Creator Spirit, God opens to his Creation the Door of eternal Life in the Reason of the Law, whose soul has in this Cohabitation of the Creator with his Creation this Life.

Two Uncreated forces, both with origin in Eternity, which during that Past Eternity shared the Infinite, confront each other Today on Earth. God seeks Cohabitation with his Creation in the Kingdom of his Son, open to the Worlds that presently compose his Nations and to the Worlds that will be created during the Future Eternity. Death seeks the Cohabitation that was Natural to it with the Uncreated Cosmos throughout its Past Eternity, when Death and Life were the two sides of the same coin, and God enjoyed that Natural State of Eternity without wondering why the Worlds appeared and disappeared from the Cosmos throughout the length and breadth of its Infinite Space.

Having told the History of the Increation in the Divine History of Jesus Christ, what interests us here is to know what measures God took to found this Cohabitation of the Creator and His Creation on the terms of Eternal Life in His Image and Likeness. The Bible, torn from the hands of the People of Abraham and placed in the hands of the fullness of the nations by the Work and Grace of Jesus Christ, unfortunately torn from those hands not voluntarily but by forcing the Crime against Jesus Christ and the Christian; The Bible teaches us that God, seeing that Sin, that is to say, the Transgression of the Natural Laws on which Creation erects its Building, became the Key to the Door that God closed to Death, preventing it from accessing His Creation, determined that for the Fear of his Spirit, which cannot bear the Cohabitation with Death, all his Creation voluntarily and freely bent its knees before his Crown, obeying his Law for the Love of Life in the image and likeness of his Own Life, Eternal Life. This point leads us to investigate the Nature of Sin in relation to the Natural Law of the Universe.

Sin is everything that rebels against the Natural Law on whose bases and pillars the Human Being has been created. Man having been created on the bases and pillars of the Monogamous Heterosexual Family, it is understood that the destruction of this Building drags the Society built on this Natural Model to its Fall and Ruin. The History of the Empires is a faithful proof of this law.

Sin is to attempt against the life of another human being inasmuch as, whether individual : homicide; or of masses : war, born all human beings of the same Creative Strain, Homicide and War is a self-destruction that growing in Time extends to the whole body, sickens it of death and leads it to the natural end to which death rides. This from one place.

On the other : In Uncreated conditions, once War and Homicide, free to ride on the passions that the Desire for Power and Wealth, malignant, pandemic virus, generates in individuals, families, political parties, and global economic clubs, the End of this Race is the Return of all life to dust. In uncreated natural conditions!

But... Uncreation ceased to be, it is Eternity Past. In the Present Cosmos Life has in the Will and Creative Wisdom of Fios its Origin, and Life comes to Light and grows to enjoy eternal Existence in the image and likeness of our Creator. Point which brings us back to the Personality of this Creator God.

Consciousness, as we all know, is the declaration of Knowledge of Self to the most open depths and extensions of one's Person. "I AM THAT I AM" is not a statement based on the force that comes from iron and fire. From this Knowledge of Himself God writes: "By the power and grace of the Holy Spirit". A point that leads us to discover the nature of what God means by Holy. For if on what we MUST understand by Sin we have opened the door, affirming that Sin is everything that attempts against Life in the Image and Likeness of God; the opposite, which is Holiness, is defined by the Absolute and Universal Love for this Life that the Creator has inspired in His Creation, elevating the Uncreated Life to the Nature of His Own Eternal Existence.

It is for this Love that his Son ascended to the Cross, so that if on the one hand by his Resurrection he removed our Fear of Death, on the other hand he declares to us that the Love of God, his Father, for his Creation is Absolute and Universal and has in no way changed his Will to sustain his Creation in his Image and Likeness for Eternity to come.  Always understanding that the Personality of God is the House in which this Cohabitation between the Creator and his Creation takes place; Cohabitation in which God becomes Father of his Creation and his Creation recognizes itself as Son of God and participates in the Divine Rights of the one who has God as Father and his Only Begotten Son as Brother, who becomes firstborn so that this Right becomes a Wine Right.

Now, to want to live eternally in Cohabitation with the Personality: Immutable, Incorruptible and Unchangeable of the one who says of himself "I AM THAT I AM", and the one who is "HE IS HOLY", is a choice of each one. In fact the Origin of the Tragedy of the Human Race has its root in the choice of a part of those children of God, created before our World, existing before the Creation of our Heavens and our Earth: regarding the cohabitation with God on the terms of the Holy Spirit of the Creator of all things, and of all the Living. The choice of Satan, Head of the Serpent, speaking on behalf of this rebellious body of God's children was "rather Hell than to live in Paradise", which translates thus: Rather Death than to live in a Kingdom where Peace is sustained by the Almighty Power and Omnipotence of God in Person.

This as to divine things, now as to human things.

Against the Belief and Knowledge of the existence of God there is an iron fist that has been striking the great Towers of P ever since War and Fratricide became the forces upon which to ride to Empire. We live a chess game in constant search of checkmate to all immature intelligences. Contradiction is as old as the first homicide. Evil tongues say that Prostitution is the oldest job in the world. This is a lie. Homicide is the oldest employment in the world. By employment is meant a means of earning a living. Some aspire to a house and others to a palace; the latter must hire Death to crown his desire. But as Death is the one who rides, the employer becomes an employee and Homicide his working weapon.

Let us return to the invincible Contradiction in the head of immature intelligences. True, God created mankind to live in peace and health, and we live in a world in perpetual war, sick with death; and yet the great contradiction that collapses all thought and crushes faith under the weight of its argument finds against it the same answer as always, which lives and dwells in that divine body we call the church, whose word for these 2000 years has been continually repeating, and which at first made its way by victoriously spreading its discourse: the Gospel.

The passing of the centuries, the weight of wars, the constant drama of the growth of incurable diseases, has brought this Contradiction back to the surface. The world is at war, it lives afflicted with a disease of death; and contrary to what one might believe, those who support the Contradiction instead of fighting against this disease, what they do is to add fuel to the fire, like those who in their dementia want to sustain their Argument on the Ashes of the Human Race.

If it is true that the History of the Present seems to give strength to the argument of those who respond to this contradiction by simply saying that God does not exist, that God is an invention of the human being, the answer that Jesus Christ put on the table, viz: war and disease exist because man, like that prodigal son who wanted to live life for himself, to experience existence for himself; in the same way, at a given moment in our Universal History, our first parents decided that they wanted to live for themselves, that they did not need God to create a civilization, that not only did they not need God, but that their own forces were enough to force anyone who opposed their conception of civilization. Against all those who opposed their visions of Civilization and their alliances to build a Tower to the Heavens, they would put Death on the table, whether brother or neighbor.

This is the disease of Death that man suffers from. The legitimization of Homicide and War in subjective discourses that hide this Fact : the transformation of this man and his people into a Horse at the service of Death.

The logic of War is simple. You seek an End; you want me to be a Means at your service to reach that End. You place me between a rock and a hard place, on my knees or death. My answer is sacred. Life is Sacred. The Right to Life is Sacred. Which makes me dress in a State of Defense of my Life. Your reaction is obviously predictable. Death. You have to declare War. War is your way of killing me. MY response becomes stronger. I am no longer in an Act of Defense of my Life, I am now in a State of Defense against a War to the Death against my Existence. This Sacred State implies, the absolute Destruction of the one whose Logic is the perversion of the human being, the hatred of God's Creation and the malignant aversion of the spirit of Peace.

This is the play of forces that was put, let's say, in the mother cities of the civilizations of about 6000 years ago. And this play of forces of those who believed that they could create a world outside the laws of the Universe created by God, and implement in its place a universe of their own laws, and decided to take action by stepping on the blood of their own brothers; that play of forces, creator of an ocean of blood, is still active in our days.

The Defense of Life is Sacred. This is in essence and substance the argument that Jesus Christ put on the Cross. 

The World is at war and its disease is one of death. The Restoration of Universal Health and the Banishment of War from the body of Mankind lies in Cohabitation with the Spirit of the Creator and Obedience to the Laws of the Natural Universe created by HIM. This Divine Response lives in its sacred form in that body we call the Church.

Death makes sense to the beast that loves War, hates Man and God. To the one who loves Life, and Life in the image and likeness of the Life of the Son of God, War is an abomination, the rejection of the Natural Law that creates the Family is a declaration of War to the Future of Life on Earth.

Like Yesterday, when in the days of Jesus Christ, the peoples made War their modus vivendi and the law of Nature their enemy, Today, after revolutions and world wars, we find ourselves again before the same Dilemma : a few Powers have proposed in their Wealth, to preserve those Wealths, a Global End; and they are ready to achieve it no matter what means, each in their own way. In the North we have that the means is war; in the South it is the ruin and economic misery of nations as a means of bending their necks and bringing them to their knees; Brussels is the foot on the neck, and Berlin is the head.

They seek a new social system in which this Contradiction is overcome by slavish obedience to the Discourse of the State. This movement moving towards this Evil End, our Duty is to rise up in a Sacred State of Defense of our Spirit. War has been declared.  To jump into the battlefield is a Right in Defense of one's own Life and a Duty in Defense of the Life of one's neighbor. To stand by and watch as Cain drops the jawbone of an Ass on the head of his brother is a Denial of Humanity. 

The logical end to which this movement of individual forces leads us once in motion, and conjured in alliance to death to impose on the universe its own Global conception, Agenda 2030, of what should be the history of civilization, that is to say, the logical end due to this unnatural system enemy of God and his Creation, we, Man, is, whether they want it or not, the absolute destruction of Life on Earth. A fact foretold by God, not by a prophet but by one who has lived through the disappearance of Worlds in the Cosmos in infinite succession, and against whom he sent us his son to conquer for us a Future in which this End will not produce its Hecatomb; its Apocalypse will be the Beginning of its end.

Those who want to impose a global system of power and wealth sharing, living in an alliance of civilizations, have reached the end of their Time. The demise of this whole system in a state of war to impose their global tyranny has reached its peak. Every man who has even a small glimmer of intelligence can look these monsters in the face who have risen up to impose on us all a system of misery and ruin, where the only life we can conceive of is the life of a dog living and eating the leftovers of those who feast and live in perpetual orgy.

But these are only words, God's is the action.



Intelligence is the Force that gives you the Power to open your Knowledge to Space and Time, to analyze the Universe in which your Being exists, to form a perfect Image of the moving circumstances that surround you, and to set up a historical Conduct before the World. In short, you are the star of your Life. But this Power comes from a Divine Source, by the Creator of the Universe open to all his Creation: the Jesus Christ Spirit. The Thought of Jesus Christ is to Intelligence what the foundation is to a building, the source is to a river; if you take away one and the other is lacking, Intelligence collapses, Man collapses into the condition of beasts and as such behaves, exists and lives. This Immovable, Invincible and Incorruptible Truth is before our face by opening the Book of Modern History; from the moment Science declared War on the Faith of Jesus Christ the World, deprived of its Divine Source and Basis, began to fall to pieces until it ended in the abyss of World Wars.

After a respite, Science has rediscovered its Deep Hatred of the Jesus-Christian Spirit, has again opened the door to World War to Death, the thirty coins to be beyond good and evil and not to be brought the scientific community to Justice for its crimes against Humanity and the Earth, and Today it wipes its hands on the towels of the political Pilate of the UN Empire.

The Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth has only one historical statement, this:

"The Intellectual Inability of the Darkness that rules the UN to create a World Capable of sustaining the Existence of tens of billions of human beings: is absolute." Agenda 2030 transforms this incapacity into global genocidal rhetoric, behind which hides the Necessity, in accordance with the Intellectual Impotence of the Think Tanks that produce and promote it, of reducing the human mass on Planet Earth to Half of the world population existing today.

These Think Tanks, masters of the UN: they do NOT see nor do they want to see, nor do they understand nor do they want to understand another answer inasmuch as this other Answer implies the disappearance of the Quota of Absolute Privileges, traditionally ascribed to the emperors of other times; privileges of which they, after the collapse of czars, mandarins, viceroys and kings, have proclaimed themselves their direct heirs. This and no other is the basis and source of the Global Artificial Crisis that Life on Earth is living.

The Gender Ideology Movement has no other reason for being than the Massive Cutting down of the Procreation of the human being by means of the Voluntarily activated Sterilization, by Incepted Pathology in the Schools. If you believe that the UN and the Slave Governments that owe them the Power care about your sex, the sex of your children, the sex of your grandchildren or the sex of the parents that gave birth to you, you are an imbecile. What matters to the UN and its Masters is that the Cutting Down of Human Reproduction, once the Theory of Human Reproduction Control by pills and contraceptives has failed, takes place without the need for a Bloody Direct Intervention of the Ukraine type. Your enemy is the LGTBI activist, this activist is an enemy of Humanity and a slave at the service of those Think Tanks, Masters of the UN, for whom the natural growth of the human being is a direct danger against the Hegemony of their Wealth and the permanence of their families in the condition of the gods of antiquity. The LGTBI Movement is the great Lie of the beginning of the century and millennium; its raison d'être lies in the Fear of the UN and its Masters of losing Control over the Living Mass of the Human Gender.

The whole Global Policy of the UN and its Masters: G8, Bildeberg Club, G20, has in this Fear the Need to produce, promote and impose the Destruction of Natural Reproduction through the creation of slave governments submissive to their orders and willing to sell their nations for the 30 silver coins of Power beyond good and evil.

Two forces, consequently, meet, embrace and feed on each other's poisonous kisses:

From one site we have the absolute impotence to conceive an existence in social and economic Equality with all ordinary citizens, subject to the force of labor for their subsistence, on the part of the members of the slave governments.

And on the other side we have:

the Intellectual Impotence of those Global Think Tanks to conceive a Society and Civilization open to an unlimited growth of human beings without feeling this weight as a threat against their Existence.

The Need to maintain that Caste of Divine Privileges natural to ancient societies, in sum to the Intellectual Impotence of those Think Tanks to update the Life of Man to the Reality of the Universe, Creation of God, Father of Jesus Christ, these two are the master lines from which to interpret the Nature of the History we are living today; Day in which each Think Tanks wants to position itself to obtain in the day after 2030 the best possible position of Power, at the same time eliminating along the way the most powerful competitors of those who can come to them a more incarnate resistance against their aspirations to the throne among thrones that have been distributed before starting the Pandemic and the Ukrainian War. "Between demons there is no alliance, only treachery and deceit."

Then the question emerges from the depths of the Jesuchristian consciousness: Can we create a Society and Civilization that can accommodate an unlimited number of human beings? Do we have the Intelligence and Faith in our Spirit open enough to say to the mountain of interests created by those Think Tanks: "Get out of the way", and so be it?

But we know that we have been created in the Image and Likeness of the Son of God, and that this JESUS CHRIST being True God in the Image and Likeness of his Father, our Image and Likeness is in his Image and Likeness, and therefore there is no Power that can resist us nor Horizon that can shut us out. The only thing we must do is to actualize this Power of being children of God, by virtue of which, being of the Son all that is of the Father, we have the Door open to the Omniscience and Wisdom of God, Creator of the Cosmos. What is impossible for God? If we live in God, what is impossible for us, his children?

The answer is "NOTHING". In other words: "EVERYTHING is possible for us because of the Intelligence we have inherited from our Father in Heaven, JESUS CHRIST". So, let us get down to work. Let us detach ourselves from those political theories that seek to rob us of our freedom of thought and feelings and turn us into domestic slaves at the service of these new gods who, even knowing that the Curse of God weighs upon them, have chosen to follow the path of Satan, that son of God who, having perfect knowledge of the consequences of his actions, preferred Hell to Glory, Banishment to eternal Life in the Kingdom of God and His Son. All that surrounds us are shadows that dissipate as the dawn approaches, part of a nightmare that has trapped man in the night but that inescapably cannot blind the Sun. God has already brought this Night to an end. His spirit of limitless intelligence extends His Light upon His children on Earth. The King of the Heavens claims the Earth, it is his Property. Who has created Heavens and Earth will not know how to create for us a Civilization open to an infinite growth of human beings? Who says so, the JUDAS of the Academy of the Nobels, who gives Pilate the nuclear cross and retires to hide behind the forest of his crimes?

Sixty thousand atomic bombs of the Hiroshima-Nagasaki type have exploded that decent and honest Judas against the Biosphere, that is, the House of Man, and he comes to us with his filthy snake tongue to tell us that climate change has its cause in the aerosols of India. Cursed be that Academy for generations of generations. Those holy devils have created pandemic viruses in the name of germ warfare and used the nations as guinea pigs and lab rats. Future generations will tear down the foundations of that infamous and cursed Academy.

Science is an instrument at the service of Life for the adaptation of human technologies to Space and Time, seeking the Happiness of all men in the preservation of their Divine Nature; Nature open to the Creative Omniscience by the spirit of intelligence in the image and likeness of the Intelligence of the Son of God. Fifteen hundred Years ago we were Barbarians; today we are the intellectual head of the body of the Fullness of nations. To no one do we owe this but to the Son of God. This is why they have to banish the Son of God from our Life: to make us return to the Barbarian we were.

The Alliance of Civilizations, creator of Agenda 2030, has as its number one enemy the Christian, son of God, heir of the spirit of Intelligence in the image and likeness of Jesus Christ. Hence its Inclusive Language in which Fascist is the mildest of accusations against Christ Jesus, the True Light by which all the children of God live.

They are lost, but they do not know it. As Satan believed he could bring God to his knees, these, his disciples, truly believe they can bring their Son to his knees. If they do not take their hands off the plow that opens the way to Hell for the nations, their doom will be that of their infernal lord. There will be NO mercy for him who has none, there will be no mercy for him who has none. Would there be Justice if by reason of his limitless Power the Judge acquitted the House of Satan of his crimes against God and his Creation?

Man is mistaken who does not walk in Hope, but he is condemned who sees it fulfilled and in its fulfillment mounts his crimes in the belief of being absolved against Justice. God does not judge anyone: He who wanted Hell, will go to Hell; he who sought paradise, will have paradise. By works, words and thoughts each one is acquitted or condemned before the Divine Judge. Once this is assumed, the Judgment is of the Son of God, and what happens to man is to live the joy of those who walk forward without looking back. The wind carries away the dust to the darkness, blessed be God.

So if by your words, thoughts and deeds you are going to judge yourself, see that your intelligence has its source and its basis in the spirit of intelligence in the image and likeness of the Son of God, for it is He, JESUS CHRIST, who opening His mouth said: "Let us make man in our image and after our likeness". For whether you believe that by Confession your crimes are absolved, making the Confessor an ally of the Devil; or whether you believe that by your rational knowledge of the Name of God and His Son your works according to the spirit of JESUS CHRIST are not necessary to present you clean to your Judgment, your condemnation is just.

What are you waiting for, you who call yourselves "Christians" in the way the "barbarians" called themselves Men, for the Son of God to come down again in the body of man on Earth to create for you a New Paradise? Do you know how to memorize the verses by their numbers and are you incapable of reading what they contain? The Son of God will come to judge the living and the dead, to lead the living to Life, to cast the dead to Death, and to end the Time of Man on Earth. And on that Day the Earth will be free of her children. Blind men, you have never read what is written: "Where two of you are, there am I." If He never left, how will He return who never left! But you have blinded your eyes so as not to be accused of seeing and having to answer for your deeds, your crimes against your brothers, declaring war on them, massacring them without mercy in order to predetermine your wickedness in the response that your filthy fratricide would provoke. And in the satanic cover of your wickedness you accused God of having arranged your crime from eternity, thus invoking in your defense the same argument that Satan presented in his defense before the Tribunal of the children of God.

And because you invoked his argument, you declared yourselves apostles of the Evil One, princes of hell, servants of Death. Enemies of the Peace of the King and of his Kingdom, you brought your wickedness to the point of rejecting the Son of God as Universal Head of all churches and nations. Your Crime against the Glory of the Son of God, before whose Feet all the Powers of the House of YAHWEH GOD set their crowns, since you say that you are divine: What will be your condemnation? Do you not wish to know it? For know it from him who has the word of your Lord on his tongue:

Because ye have rejected the Son of God as the Head of your churches, and the King, JESUS CHRIST, as Lord of your nations, your part, not to bow the knees before the Will of God of Unification of all the churches into one and the same, and of the nations into one universal body at the Service of his Crown, shall be Satan's part; your Condemnation shall be Banishment to the Darkness that fills the Abyss for Eternity. Infinity will have the laves of Hell into which you will be cast with your Lord, the Devil, the Ancient Serpent, Satan. There will be gnashing of teeth.




Universal History from the beginning of Man is a continuum of movement from the condition of a rational animal to that of a son of God whose intelligence is a tree in the GARDEN of the Divine Creative Omniscience.

Not in vain all the States and religions of antiquity, and of the present, fixed their foundations on the cultivation of the intelligence of childhood, forming in them a subject, citizen, slave, in the image and likeness of those who cultivated their minds with the purpose and aim of basing their dictatorships, tyrannies, kingdoms and theocracies, on that model of citizen-slave-subject incapable of thinking for himself, moronic to see his own being and even less to raise his gaze to the Divine Model: CHRIST JESUS.

But this is what we are, a divine tree growing with Time in the Paradise of Creative Omniscience. Our Intelligence is a tree of knowledge in which the branches of the creative sciences are multiplying, strengthening, and according to the times it gives abundant and good fruit so that we all feed from all, and this food of all for all comes from the One who is the Lord and Owner of this Paradise of living intelligences.

And yet the Evil is in the uprising of these Cains of all times who kill their brothers, rebel against God and the Universe and pretend to be the Master of all the territory they can encompass with their swords, their armies, their unions, their nuclear weapons, without caring about the destruction of all who oppose their lordship and reign. This is the Model of man that Satan brought into the world when he separated the first son of God among men.

It is obvious that to impose this Satanic Man, destroyer of everything and maddened by his own evil, Cain was willing to kill his brother, and fratricide led to civil war in all the first, old cities of the world, pathological satanic behavior that spread throughout the lands and brought to history kingdoms, empires, theocracies, dictatorships, tyrannies, religious wars, world wars, and persists in our days through the policy of a block of genocidal murderers who intend to control the world production of this Garden of God on Earth transforming man into a rational domestic animal, born slave upon whose inhumanity certain to found a global empire, whose government would have the power to cause worldwide pandemics, international famines, cutting down nations as their own trees, and uprooting from the earth the peoples who do not submit to their empire, their supreme divinity residing in their power to balance the world population by whatever means they deem necessary according to the times.

Man according to Satan versus Man according to Jesus Christ, this is the nature of the Final Battle we are facing these days.

Now you can analyze the sequence that from the UN is being put in place, in obedience to that Global Power that hides behind its Building, and puts on women skirts so that the legs of the wolf are not seen, and draw the conclusions that you think best, for whatever you decide is wind that cannot make God turn back on the road to the Victory of his Son over the Fullness of the nations that have declared War on his Kingdom.

What you believe is not important, what you do is. And what you do will decide where you will end up, whether under the boots of the Almighty Son of God or enjoying his Victory against the forces that once crushed the Head of the Serpent, with his Tail, encouraged by Death, persisting in raising chaos to its maximum power in order to produce the Third World War.

For while it is true that those who have in man in the image and likeness of Satan their life believe that they will impose their Global Government against the nature of the Universe, taking advantage of this impasse, in their insanity they do not understand that once the Serpent is beheaded, that movement has a short time of existence, and once the life of that tail is gone, all that they believed to obtain through this Chaos will disappear, and with that chaos those forces.

It is not in vain that the UN and its puppet governments have made Childhood their magic target against which to throw the infernal dice of the necessary conversion of man into an animal without intelligence; if action is not taken on Childhood to block the growth of this revolutionary being that since the Birth of Christ has carried on its shoulders the giants of all epochs, a new generation of giants will break water. Ergo: this giant-growing Gardener must be attacked, brought down and buried.

“God is dead” cried the dead.

“God” lives says he who lives.


I am a tree. I did not create myself. It was NOT I who decided the nature of the fruit that my branches offer you. I have had My Creator, it was He who chose the ground in which He conceived my being, the seed grew, tilled the soil, mowed the weeds, watered my roots, protected my being as long as I was a sapling in His garden. When I grew up he cut down my branches, so that they would grow stronger. My branches began to bear fruit at a very tender age. It was good fruit, but I was too young a tree for my branches to bear harvest fruit, so my Creator, my Orchard Tree, let my branches grow, and grow strong and healthy. When the Gardener of the Tree of my Intelligence saw that some of my branches became diseased, he came, cut off the diseased shoot and restored to my being the perfect health that his Divine Work as a Gardener performs in the Garden of his Father's Omniscience, my branches regained strength, my trunk felt its Strength, my branches became more and more beautiful with time, and the time to bear fruit, much, good and plentiful: it has been fulfilled.

The Scripture says that the women weeping, because they believed that the body of the Master had been stolen, violated his tomb, disinterred the deceased so that his passage through the world was that of a barren cloud in the desert, desperate because their enemies had raised, they thought, their hatred beyond Death, and wished to carry their triumph to the point of seeing his name disappear from the face of History ...; God says the women wept at the foot of the field the wickedness of their blood brothers, the Jews. Then a gardener who was there, seeing them weeping, said to them: "What are you looking for, women, why are you weeping? And God goes on to say that at first the women did not recognize the gardener, but immediately they recognized Jesus.

God says that God created the first man in his own image and likeness and made him a gardener. That Gardener in whose image and likeness Adam was created is my Creator. But I would not know his Name if the Church had not revealed his Name to me: Jesus Christ.

Now let him who has understanding understand, and he who does not want to understand, let him not understand.

Now there was a man born blind, and when he saw the son of David passing by, he cried out, Son of David, have mercy on me. And the son of David took some earth and mixed it with his spittle, and put it on the two eyes of the man born blind, and he who was blind began to see as one who sees. The Son of David asked him : What do you see, man? And he who saw for the first time answered : I see trees walking.

Behold, I am a tree of the garden of the Divine Vegetable Garden, and what is the purpose of the creation and cultivation of this tree but to bear fruit, plentiful and good, to be distributed among the people, so that everyone who wants to eat may eat?

My question is: What are you? What gardener has cultivated your intelligence? Who has cultivated your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings? Do you really believe that you are something more than me? Who has told you that your intelligence is not a tree? Have you really believed that there is no way to determine what is Good and what is Evil?

I tell you.

Life is Sacred. If your thoughts, your words and your deeds move in this direction: abortion, crime, war... you are sick.

If as a man and as a nation your movement is against the Divine Right of Man, which begins in this Declaration: LIFE IS SACRED... If as a man and as a nation your movement is against the Divine Right of Man : THE DIGNITY OF MAN IS IN LIFE; and knowing that LIFE IS SACRED you rise up in war against your neighbor, your brother, and you proclaim the dictatorship of your will over the blood of your neighbor your brother, and you rise up in violence against your fellow citizen, your brother, national or foreigner, you are sick, your nation is sick: the Orchardist who has cultivated your being and the being of your nation is not Jesus Christ, it was Satan.

You, who proclaim the need to kill LIFE, destroy the seed while it is in the womb, claim Abortion as a legal right... you are sick, your nation is sick, and if the sickness is not cured you and your nation, like every tree that is sick with Death, will disappear from the Garden of God on Earth.

You, who proclaim war against your neighbor, your brother, you and your nation are sick, Evil is your sickness, you will perish without being mourned by anyone in the way a dead tree is pulled up by the roots, its trunk is cut down, its branches are cut off, they are thrown into the fire... ashes to ashes, dust to dust, whoever wants to die, let him die.

But he who wants to live, let him live by the Principle of the Dignity of the Sacred Life of Man, a Divine Right natural to all men as children of God, Citizens of the Kingdom of his Son.

He who proclaims himself a son of God and denies the Crown of his Son : he is not of God, he is of Satan.
Good is in the Sacredness of Man's Life, Evil in his destruction based on religions, ideologies, sciences, ambitions, passions and pride. All that we are we are because we are Trees of the Garden of God on Earth. His Son is the Gardener who cultivates the tree of our intelligence in his image and likeness.

Each one of us is a life-giving tree from which everyone who wants to eat feeds, we are all for everyone a tree whose fruit belongs to God and God offers our fruit to all, making each and every one a mirror in which the Divine Omniscience is reflected, creates in its universal conjunction a Perfect Image of the True Creative Wisdom of the Heavens and the Earth, shines with its Almighty Light in the midst of the Darkness, beats back the forces of Death, bringing forth in us the Day of the Glory of the Freedom of the Son of God, whose limitless Intelligence will raise before the Fullness of the nations the Way to the Kingdom of God on Earth.

I insist: Who has cultivated your intelligence, Jesus Christ or Satan, God or Death?



The meaning, essence and substance of the formation of Man in the image and likeness of God is the creation of this Being in whom the Wisdom of his Creator lives as a natural force, which liberates his Intelligence, elevates his existence to the Omniscience of God, in which his growth opens to infinity in eternity, communicates to him his spirit, and by this spirit his Soul, mind and heart, lives immunized against Evil, so that becoming impotent to think Evil, this Impotence is transfigured into the Supreme Power of Man, Power, which having in the Wisdom of God its Origin, Man, woman and man, not only becomes Almighty against the Desire to do Evil, neither as an End nor as a Means, but in him this Living Power spreads around him, communicates itself to his World, transforming this Power of the Creator in his Creation into the Impossibility of Evil to exist in his Civilization.

This Man, in his Fullness, has been seen alive on Earth; we all know his Name: JESUS CHRIST. Every being, man or woman, in whom the spirit of this son of God does not live, is not "Man"; his existence is that of a rational animal without spirit, and as such his journey in Time is ephemeral, just as every animal returns to dust without leaving any trace in the universe other than an impersonal memory: thus every human rational animal that rejects the spirit of Man in the image and likeness of JESUS CHRIST is clay drying in the sun, from dust he was created to be a son of God and to dust he returns of his own free will in response to his refusal to be a Citizen of the Kingdom of the Son of God.

This, and no other, was the Meaning of the Creation of Man before God said: "Let there be Light". Any man, of any church, from any philosophical, theological, scientific or ideological position, who denies this Creative Act is an enemy of God and of Man. Any intelligence that spills his thought in words that deny this Holiness of the Creator, and affirm that God has begotten two men: one born to live in Hell and the other to live in Paradise, this man, community, church or religion, has the spirit of Evil in his being and leads man and Civilization to ruin.

The Holiness of God lives in the Nature of the Creator, communicates to his Creation by his Wisdom, engenders in life a Creature, image and likeness of his Spirit: Immaculate against Evil in his Being, Immaculate against Evil in his World, whose Thought not only cannot conceive to do Evil: but cannot accept the existence of Evil around him; in this immaculate Immaculate Immaculateness the Incorruptibility of his Creature is the Glory of his Creator.

Created Man, male and female, by his condition of child of God inherits from his Creator the intimate Power of Procreation, by which God bequeaths his Power over his Creation to the Procreator, father and mother, by this Power, voluntarily accepted in its Fullness, the Procreator inherits the Patria Potestas, natural to the Creator, by reason of whose Power the Procreated, son and daughter, has in the Procreator his Patria.

The Procreator is the Fatherland of the Procreated; father and mother become a single thing, an Untransferable reality that has in God its Beginning and its End. The Alienation of this Untransferable Power of the Procreator to the State by a Government in transit is a Crime against God and Man; a Crime against Childhood and Civilization.

The Future of Civilization in Time and Space is Childhood; the Principle of Civilization having been Man in the Image and Likeness of God, the Future of the World is in the growth of this Man in the spirit of Intelligence, to whom Wisdom opens the Door of Creative Omniscience, guaranteeing the Existence of his Civilization in the Universe by the Incorruptibility of his spirit, Incorruptibility unto death, communicated to all by JESUS CHRIST, not by words but by Living Example.

Thus, the Transfer of Parental Authority and its Power, rights and duties, from the Procreator, father and mother, to the State by a Government, under ideological, religious or scientific premises, is a criminal political act against Childhood and the Future of Civilization.

When the State alienates itself from being the guarantor of the Rights and Duties of the Procreator and the Procreated, wipes its hands clean, abandoning its Power in the hands of a Government, that State becomes an accomplice of the Crime against Childhood and Civilization, and its persistence in this Crime makes it an enemy of Man and of God.

The abduction by the Government of the Patria Potestas: is a Crime against Civilization.

The abduction of the Patria Potestas of one part of the Procreator with respect to the other: it is a Crime against Childhood.

The Duty of the Procreator, father and mother, voluntarily contracted before the Society and the Church, that is to say, Civilization and God, is inalienable, so that the rupture of the cohabitation in the bosom of the Procreator, father and mother, does not alter that Duty, the Parental Power remains in its indivisible form of Shared Custody, Inalienability Guarantor of the Divine Right of the Childhood to its Procreator.

The abduction of one party by the other, killing in the rejected party the father or the mother, is a Crime against the Childhood; the Government that perpetuates it becomes a criminal Government.

The Sexual Education of the human being refers to this Power of the Procreator, in which the woman and the male are formed mentally and emotionally with the sacred social purpose of entering into the Act of Procreation of the Human Gender, both parties, woman and male, are fully aware of the Duty of the Procreator, father and mother, and the Right of the Procreated, son and daughter.

The Power of the State consists in guaranteeing that this Duty and this Right of the Procreator and of the Procreated remain Inviolable, and Unreachable at the hands of any Government in transit, and which, seeking a status of power for life, wants to interfere in this Act of Universal procreation with the purpose of Transferring the Patria Potestas of the Procreator to its Government to raise a Dictatorial System, thus transforming the Society into a Prison and man into a domestic slave at its service. 

The Duty of the State is not only to guarantee the Act of Procreation in accordance with the Nature of Man, its Power has as its Principle to prevent Crime, of whatever nature, from being installed in the Government, lest dragged into connivance with that Government in a state of crime, the State becomes criminal by that coexistence, and the Government and the State becoming one body, both parties become installed in the criminal insanity of believing that no one can judge the State.

Every Dictatorship, in fact, is based on the assault of the Government on the State, so that by becoming one body with the State and resolving all the Power of the State in its defense, the Government is installed in the status of Life Power.

The Political History of nations also teaches us that because of the Corruption of a Government the State rises to become the Government, thus creating another type of Dictatorship. At the end of the day, which one is bloodier, because if in the first one, in which the Government assaults the State, blood runs through ruin and misery, in the second one blood runs through gunpowder and machetes.

A Civilization that wants to raise its existence in Time must maintain the Separation of State and Government in perfect harmony and equilibrium, a Power that corresponds exclusively to the universal whole of Society.

As the Human Family is the Origin of Society, Society is the Principle of Civilization, and Society being its Principle: Society has the Inalienable Duty as the Creative Power of State and Government to maintain this Separation of Functions, delegitimizing individuals without destroying its own Creation: State and Government.

But if both, Government and State, ally to alienate Society from its Historical Natural Power, Society is faced with two alternatives: Civil War or Submission to Dictatorship.

This is the dynamic we have experienced in our civilization since its beginning. The History of Christian Civilization is a path of revolutionary vocation from tyranny to democracy; no other civilization has made this canine, of whose efforts the rest of the nations have taken advantage.

Except in the field of tyranny and war, the revolutionary vocation of Islam, Hinduism and Communism is absolutely nil. All their progress refers exclusively to the perfection of the dictatorial system on which their political theories are founded. The answer to their crises of self-destruction throws upon the exterior their own corruption and civil malignity in the form of war: Religious, in the case of Islam; of Invasion for the liberation of nations oppressed by Nazism, in the present case of Neo-Stalinist Communism.

The State Created by our Civilization receives the Power Delegated by Society, from one place: for the Defense of the Homeland, inalienable Power to the Act of Procreation; and from the other: for the Defense of Peace, Internal and External.

This Vocation of Civilization can only be executed and maintained in Time by means of the Inviolable Separation of Government and State.

Any violation of this Principle opens the door to War, of which the War of Distraction that the Governments of the Alliance of Civilizations have opened in Ukraine, in order to impose their Agenda of creating a Global System of World Government based on the Dictatorship of Democracy and natural slavery to the state of survival of the masses... this war is one of all conceivable abominations, the foulest crime ever committed by mankind.



Can man judge another man? By judging another man, are we not judging God? For we know that God created Man. So following this Principle Judgment against man implies judgment against his Creator. So one wonders: Who will dare to judge God?

The question is legitimate inasmuch as we know that God has determined that there will be a Final Judgment. Or is the Creator not responsible for his Creation?

Then, has God determined a Final Judgment against Himself as Creator?

Obviously, if we apply to the spirit of the Divine Creator of Man the responsibility of the human creator who considers that even if he creates a monster his creator exonerates himself in advance from any crime that his creature may commit, and the crime not being committed by the creator but by his creature the creator of this creation is not responsible for the effects of his creation on other beings, and this even knowing that having created a monster those evil effects on the life of other beings must be the inalienable consequence of his creation; if we accept this evil theory as the essence of our wisdom and that of God Himself, in this case we would be facing a farce; that is to say, the so-called Final Judgment would be a farce inasmuch as God being the Creator of all beings, to judge them is to judge Him.

Has God lost His judgment, we must ask ourselves.

Because we know that there will be a Final Judgment. Which leads us to ask ourselves: Is God going to judge his Creation, and did he not judge it "good" when he created it?

Yes, He did. He Himself tells us: "And God saw that his creation was good". So, his Creation being good, who will dare to judge Man?

We observe that the same Creator who judges Cain for the crime against his brother Abel and spares his life, at the time of his judgment on Satan's crime against his brother Adam, the Sentence is Death, that is to say: Banishment of his victim to an Infinite distance for Eternity.

But let us go by parts.

From the fact that God judged "Good" the Work of the Creator, the Philosophical Principle of the Natural Goodness of Man follows and is understood: "Every Man is good by Nature". The denial of this Original Principle is a Condemnation of God. In the "Cain case" God affirms the Goodness of the Nature of his Creation, and because God understands that the Cause of Fratricide must be sought in a Cause External to his Creation, the Sentence on Cain for the Crime against his brother Abel could not be the same as the Sentence in the Satan Case for the crime of his brother Adam. In this case we see that the Sentence against Satan is Banishment to Infinity for the Eternity of God's Creation.

Why? Because God assumes that the Objective Cause that moves Satan to rise to death against his brother Adam does not have its Original Principle in Creation, but in a Cause External to God, External Cause with which the Murderer identifies himself. Otherwise God would judge Himself, and if where Yesterday said "Good" God would write "Evil" the responsibility of the Crime would not be of the Creature but of his Creator. But there is a Final Judgment because it is not the Creator who sits in the dock but a Creation whose Origin is External to its Creation.

Therefore, when some men say that God creates some for Hell and others for Paradise, these men condemn God, and make a farce of His Judgment. In fact, they annul the Judgment determined by God, they consider his Son as a farce, they take him out of the way, they despise him, they push him out of his way, and they spit in his face denying his Power to Judge a Creation from its Origin Judged by God by creating some for Heaven and others for Hell. At the same time, they exculpate Satan of responsibility because having been created from the Beginning to live the Sentence of Banishment to the Infinite for the Eternity of the Cosmos, Creation of God, it is to God, its Creator, that the crimes committed by Satan must be imputed. Born in this Exculpation, Luther, Calvin, Zwingli and Henry VIII wiped their hands in the Blood of Christ on all the crimes they were going to commit, and happily committed ad maiorem dei gloriam, in the Name of God, their Creator.

Notwithstanding this happiness of the Advocates of Satan, apostles of the Evil One and Sowers of the Tares of the Enemy of Christ, the legitimate difference in the final nature of the sentences against Satan and Cain refers to the identification of the Accused with his Crime.

In the case of Cain as in the case of his father Adam, God understands that the Rational Cause of the Crime is identified with the Good they intend to achieve through their Crime. Father and son argue that Force was necessary to extend the Civilization of the Kingdom of God to all men.

The father, Adam, deceived by a brother, son of God like himself, ignorant of the true origin of the Theology communicated to him by that brother of his, "not of our World", according to which Man has been created similar to God, and as similar to the gods: he has, "like the gods themselves" the Right to use Force to open the frontiers of his Kingdom to the confines of the Four Regions of the World. To open these frontiers he was born and for this reason he had been elevated to the status of the gods: to use the Force of a god against whoever resisted to bend his knees before his Throne. Evil Theology which the kings of all times and places made their own, and the Anglican Reformation assumed as its own Christian heritage, thus identifying the Crown of Westminster with the Throne of Satan on Earth.

Because there was Ignorance about the true nature of this Satanic Theology God's Judgment on Adam left the Door Open to Redemption. In the case of the Judgment against Satan God's Judgment was Final: Banishment to Infinite distance for the Eternity of his Creation.

What makes the Judgment of God Final is therefore the Nature of the Sentence, which manifests itself irrevocable. And this Irrevocability, in the Case of Satan, brings to light the Cause that manifests it. That is to say, if in Man, as a child of God, the Divine Judge finds Absolute Ignorance of the Evil nature of his Induced Behavior, in the Intellectual Author of the Fall of Man the Divine Judge finds full Knowledge of the effects of his Crime.

The Hatred of the Civilization of the Kingdom of God in the Intellectual Author of the Fall of Man is Absolute; the Evil Author is conscious to infinity of the effect upon his head of his Crime, and assumes full responsibility for the Sentence which God will sign against his person. Satan, son of God, declares himself in Total War without Quarter, to life or death, against the Kingdom of God. Satan's answer to the Law against War to the Civilization of the Kingdom of God, a Law prescribing Banishment of Life against the Transgressor, was "War to the Word, War to the Word of God, War to the Holy Spirit of the Creator, rather Banishment to Infinity for Eternity than to live in the Light of Truth, Justice and Peace of the Civilization of the Kingdom of God."

In the Cain Case we observe that the Law of Ignorance applies, according to which it was written: "I will the good, but I do the evil which I did not seek".

Thus, there can be no True Judgment if we continue to assume that Man being "Good" by Nature this Goodness remains in men. The question is: Does this Natural Goodness remain in men? For if it remains the Judgment of the son of Man would be a judgment against God, his Creator. Or what is the same, the Son of God would be judging his Father. Inconceivable act; conceivable exclusively from the Ignorance of those who do not know God, or from the Evil of those who, knowing God, hate Him "because He is who He is", as in the case of Satan.

Are we ignorant? do we not know God? Because in truth before the Birth of Christ Jesus the peoples did not know the God who had not been preached to them, and although they knew his Name by reference to the Hebrews and the Jews, neither these were concerned with "evangelizing" the other peoples nor did all the peoples consider them as neighbors. But once the world was evangelized by the Catholic Church, regardless of whether the servants of the Church were more or less saints or less or more sinners, this conduct of the servants could not and cannot take away or add anything to the Gospel of Christ, in which it is seen, by the Works and Words of the Son of God who is his God, his Father, and what is the nature of his Creator Spirit.

So that having believed in Jesus Christ, and known God by His Works and Words, alive in the Church, the Bride of Christ, though by the works of His servants men are far from the Door of the Temple where the Gospel of Eternal Life is preached, he who believes, by the Knowledge that comes from "the Fathers of the Church", knows that the Last Judgment refers to the Love or Hatred of the Civilization of the Kingdom of this Jesus Christ, whom YAVE GOD, his Father, has crowned for Eternity as King and Lord of his Creation, subjecting all the children of God and his peoples to his Law, which being He the Truth and the Life, this Law has its Nature in the Justice and Peace that is born of the Goodness of the Holy Spirit of the Creator of all things, in whose wisdom the Liberty and Happiness of all the Citizens of the Kingdom of his Son have their bowels.

Therefore, the Final Judgment of the son of Man is legitimate inasmuch as, having overcome Ignorance, and knowing the nature of the Law that governs the tree of the fullness of the nations of the Kingdom of God, the Transgression against this Law is identified with the nature of the Transgression of Satan, never with that of Adam. For if in Adam there was Ignorance about the Science of Good and Evil, once Christ Jesus was born and the Name of his God revealed to all nations through the churches, the Crime against God's Creation, Man, is a declaration of War against his Creator. And knowing, as we know, that the Sentence against whoever rises up in War against the Creator is Banishment from eternal Life, every man, by rising up in War against his brothers, his neighbors, makes himself responsible for his acts before God, whom he Hates, against whom he rises up in War, declares himself a son of Satan and like his father prefers War in Hell rather than Peace in the Kingdom of the Son of God.

Evidently there is a Hope of Universal Salvation of the Fullness of the nations of the human race, about which it is written that "Hope that is seen is not Hope", on the basis that once the Thought of Christ Jesus opened in its Fullness to the nations, these, subject to final election, correct their actions, and seeing where their histories lead them, religions and traditions to arise, and banishing from their minds and hearts a War they never sought and a Hatred they never conceived, but was inherited, bending their knees, declare themselves Citizens of the Kingdom of the Son of God, and worshipping God, their Father, abandon and free themselves from the historical forces that drag them to War, crime and hatred of one man against his fellow man, his brother.

Now, the Law lives in us. The Law of the King is of Defense of the Life of self and others. There is Final Judgment because Judgment begins in us; the Judgment against War and its perpetrators is ordered here, so that he who does not stand up in Defense of him who is subject to his destruction by him who has despised his formation in the image and likeness of Christ and has chosen the image and likeness of Satan for the reference of his being, and denies Peace the Arm given to the nations the Civilization of the King on Earth its Power, the one for being a child of Satan and the other for refusing to be a child of God in the image and likeness of Jesus Christ, both will be judged by him who has the Power to do so and the Wisdom to pass Judgment according to Truth.

In the world today, Hatred of the civilization of the Kingdom of God and of man in the image and likeness of Jesus Christ has spread through all nations. The Atheism of Science, the anti-Christianity of 21st Century Communist Socialism and Anti-Western Islam, these three forces, united in an Alliance of Civilizations, whose Agenda 2020-2030 has been adopted by the UN as the gospel of the 21st Century, have declared open War on Christianity on Earth, the Death of the Christian in Man by means of. In a generalized way, the pathology of this UN Agenda can be seen in the answer it gives to the ever-living problem of the relationship between man and woman, that is, of the family; an answer that, were it not for its malignant consequences, should make us laugh, an answer similar in everything to that of the doctor who prescribes cutting off the head of the person who comes to him with that pain. The Agenda wants to heal the question of the relationship between man and woman by destroying the Family as the Basic Institution of Civilization. Since the Family is the vehicle through which Christian behavior is transmitted, destroying this transmission belt destroys the number one enemy of that Tyrannical Global Order that the UN intends to implant on Earth, regardless of the price, blessing a Pandemic, manufacturing a War, spreading the Fear of Armageddon, all that is necessary to create a hell on Earth once this enemy is destroyed, image and likeness of that Roman Empire, so idolized by the British Empire, paradise of elites, in everything they resemble the heroes of the ancient world, beyond Good and Evil they, ruling herds of slaves, human domesticated animals living like dogs on the scraps that fall from the tables of their gods, fighting among themselves for survival, crushing each other to be near their masters, slaves grateful to be alive, bread and circuses, born to be sacrificed for the sake of the stability of their masters' welfare system, rational animals deprived of intelligence, their only right to hear and be silent, the perfect idiot, the born imbecile who calls progress to his ruin, resilience to his misery, leader to the wolf who sinks his fang in his neck and until he drinks his blood to the last drop does not loosen his bite.

But let us return to the legitimate nature of the Last Judgment.

From what is written it can be seen that God does not judge the Creator nor does He submit His Goodness to Judgment. God judges the Enemy of the Kingdom of his Son. This Son judges the Enemy of the Kingdom of God, his Father. Against War and for Peace, or against Peace and for War, this is the Judgment of God, a sentence that each one signs according to his free and voluntary choice.

In the case we are living in the present, that of the Kremlin, the war organ of the Russian Federation, whose head is Moscow, the choice of this organ has been made: War is its god, its modus vivendi, its paradise. The King's sentence against Moscow is banishment from life, against the Russian Federation is disappearance from the map of history. They have loved War and hated Peace, they have declared War on God by threatening His Creation with absolute destruction. They have despised the image and likeness to which Man was called and chosen the image and likeness of Satan. God's Judgment against that House is Just, Holy and Good.

It is written, and so be it done.



There is nothing deceitful in Wisdom when scientific reason itself understands that determining the trajectory of a moving body without knowing its origin and its displacement before its discovery is a game of chance without physical consistency, except that which may be given to it by the fanaticism of those who elevate Science to the category of Fiction, which is precisely the point at which we find ourselves today, the deeper the burial in this virtual reality after the great wars of the 20th century, because if it is true that Science has deployed its technological powers, it is no less evident that its tendency to the destruction of freedom and of the human being as Man in the image and likeness of God has progressed according to that same power.

Today people are more evil than yesterday.

And it is so because the techniques of manipulation and concealment of the crimes of those who govern and direct the events at the foot of the field have also grown in that reason.

But without adding to or taking away from Wisdom, but relying on it, there comes to the eyes of the intelligence the need to know the Present and its Nature in order to complete the universal vision of the Facts and Events that derive from Reality as it proceeds from the One who is the Creator of the Universe. The entrance of this Creator into the direction of Universal History places us before a secular dynamic to which we must adapt our movements.

It is true that when Man chose the Force of Death as the engine of the expansion of his Civilization, the trajectory undertaken by the nations since the fall of the golden age of the first Mesopotamian cities came to draw on the horizon of the millennia the drift that was announced: "Dust ye are, and unto dust shall ye return". In all His existence in eternity, God did not know a World that, harboring this Mortal Force, survived its absolute destruction. Once our world had fallen into that pit, God wrote the Epitaph as soon as the peoples began to massacre each other. And the absolute self-destruction of all life on Earth would have been the end of our world if the Birth of Christ had not happened. The Incarnation of the Son of God in our History came to erase that Epitaph and to give a New End to the Book of Life of Man.

Knowing our Present is fundamental to understand where we are going. But if we know perfectly where we come from, it is time to know where we are going, not according to the epitaph that Death came to bring to our World: but according to this New End that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ came to bring us.

The God of Life could not but raise us to Eternal Life, in whose direction the Victory of the Catholic Church over all her enemies set us in motion. Christianity has been from its beginnings under the fire of Death; The History of its persecutions and its battles against Death is written, so I will not waste time narrating the Memory of a Deed that places us all before the Horizon for which God sent His Son, so that by uniting Himself, in Spirit, to Man, the fruit of this Priestly Union would be a generation of children of God in His image and likeness, about which St. Paul already wrote that "the whole creation waits for the revelation of the glory of the liberty of the sons of God", that is, of us, heirs of the Invincibility of the One who declared Himself "Our Father who is in Heaven": even when we were in Hope in the womb of His Bride.

What we see, therefore, is a smoke screen that wants to prevent us from seeing Reality.

After the Fear of Death by Virus, now they want to underpin this Fear with the possibility of a Nuclear War, which they try to relate to the Apocalypse of John. This Armageddon of a man who, because of his actions, should be in front of a Military Tribunal for Treason to the Budapest Treaty; this Armageddonist already gave proof of his moral character and the baseness of his spirit when he turned his back to the cry for help of a people on the verge of genocide when he was on the coasts of Syria.

This dark idea of Armageddonism comes from the refusal of the nations and churches that emerged from the Protestant Rebellion of the XVI and XVII centuries, to accept that the Struggle revealed in the Apocalypse is centered on the Victory of the Catholic Church over the Pagan World. The Text is clear, but when the darkness of Death lives in the thought the reading is infernal and derives in massacre between brothers, witness the 30 Years War.

The Harlot spoken of in the Text is the Roman Empire; those apostles of Death, taking advantage of the fact that only those who could read knew how to write and among a hundred thousand: ten could write and none could read, sowed the Evil Tares of the Civil War, dragging the European nations to the field of Cain. And since it is always hard, and even for the evil one unthinkable to recognize the error and his part in the Work of the Devil, his heirs have maintained the Fiction of being the Harlot of the Apocalyptic Text the Catholic Church, the very Bride, Consecrated by the Blood, of Jesus Christ. And hence Armageddonism is ensconced in the abyss of its past crimes.

The Truth is that, according to the Text, at the end of the Two Thousand Fulfilled Years of the Church, the History of the Fullness of the Christian nations would enter into a Universal Revolution, on which it is written: "the whole Creation awaits the birth of the Glory of the Liberty of the children of God", thus announcing the Apostle, as a wise man and prophet, that for this glory to be given, that generation should be born. Once born and formed in the Image and Likeness of God, the End towards which Universal History began its journey through the Millennia is fulfilled: "Let us make man in our image and likeness", a reason that came to distort a son of God, "not of this Creation", Image and Likeness that came to distort a son of God, "not of this Creation", Image and Likeness that was born in the image and likeness of God. The Image and Likeness that God elevated to that of His Firstborn Son, Jesus Christ, Yesterday in Power, and Today in Intelligence.

There is therefore no reason or place for Fear of that Armageddon that an Old Man without intelligence and without spirit proclaims with full mouth in the service of those who pull his strings, and aim at enslaving all nations, through Fear, to a new model of Homo Sapiens "without the Man-child of God in Being"; once this Man in Being of the Human Genus is destroyed, the rational beast will remain.

The lesson of History is obvious, there will be no Armageddon; there will be no victory of those forces that from the darkness of Power have conspired to put an end to the Christian Spirit, Origin and Backbone of Democracy.

We must look at the Future from a Present of Failure of those Forces that have made Fear their Banner to establish a Global Tyrannical Order, and plan the Future from the Present of the Victory of this Generation of God's children, which has been awaited for 2,000 years, and which is already advancing towards the Vanguard of World Politics.

God does not lie, and although Death raises Beasts and Monsters to cut him off and make his Creation fail, the Invincibility of the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth is something more than an intellectual manifestation product of an artificial insertion of the Idea and the Desire of Immortality in Life. Those who shall die, shall die; whoever will not live under the Law of Truth, Justice and Peace according to the spirit of the Son of God, shall not live.

It is from this Future Victory made Present that we must rid ourselves of the Fear of Death, of all the ghosts of the Past and begin to build a Civilization according to the principle of "new wine in new wineskins", leaving the old wineskins to rot in the dark and to be found exclusively in the pages of the History books.

This is the nature of the events unfolding in the Present: All the external forces that for centuries have tried to eradicate, and prevent Man in the image and likeness of God, according to the spirit of intelligence, from seeing the Light, have united with the internal forces that since Christian Civilization have that same anti-civilizing objective; they have sold their souls for a handful of coins in the belief that indeed Man is alone in the Universe.

Fear is the Enemy that God helped us to overcome by sending in Flesh and blood His Son to the Resurrection. Fear is the weapon with which the Armageddonists and the enemies of Man in the image and likeness of the children of God hope to build their Tyrannical World Order.

There will be no Armageddon; the Biblical Armageddon was fulfilled with the Final Fall of the Roman Empire on May 29, 1453. Those who frighten the nations with a nuclear war are the same ones who want to destroy the Work of God in Man. Let us not forget that Man already existed before His Son said: Let us make man in our image and likeness, that is to say, a son of God. And it will be from this Basis of the Divine Rights of the children of God to Truth, Justice and Peace that from the darkness of that failed New World Order of the XXth, passing through the failure of this Tyrannical Global Order of the XXIst, the fullness of the nations will move to the Citizenship of the Kingdom of the Son of God.

Any discussion of this Movement is a waste of time.



Christ Raoul, son of Christ Jesus by the spirit of Yahweh, know that every man and every living being has before him two models of Being; one, in the image and likeness of Satan, someone who wants the Power for that world of privileges that places him beyond justice;  who wants to reset the universe in his image and likeness, daring even to give laws to the Universe, as if the universe were to kneel before his will, and makes laws to place himself beyond good and evil; someone who seeks the legitimization of this satanic being in him without caring about the lives of nations, peoples, and even his own brothers, parents and children. This is the spirit of Satan who has been breeding Cainite monsters in his own image and likeness since his house made the final choice to declare perpetual war against the spirit of Yahweh God, who became incarnate in his Son so that all the children of God, of Heaven and Earth might see by his Works and Words the gulf that exists between Satan and Jesus Christ, in whose Image and Likeness every Living being has been formed, both of our Universe and of those that God created before creating ours.

The Image of this Universal Son being alive in the everlasting Gospel of the Catholic Church, his consecrated Bride, the duty of every child of God, of the House of Christ, formed in the image and likeness of this Son, calls us to action against the advance of the children of the House of Satan; these have already made up their minds and have declared perpetual war against Truth, Justice and Peace.

Peace is the mother of Civilization, the sap that feeds the tree of life of men, the blood that gives all beings health and strength; Peace is the beloved daughter of Creative Wisdom, the pen with which God writes the Origin and History of the Universes; its cradle is the Spirit of YAVE God, who pours in the Cosmos his Intelligence making of the gigantic galaxies mountain ranges, from which with his Power HE makes emerge from their summits rivers of stars that running through the spaces meet in an ocean of gravitational energy, entrails of all life in the Cosmos.

Peace lives in the Being of YAHWEH GOD, Father and Origin of all things that exist, with the naturalness that in man lives heart and mind.

Christians of the Earth, no matter what confession your fathers and kings forced you to accept, know that those who came affirming that in YAHWEH GOD, Father of JESUS CHRIST, there is Good and Evil, and creates some for Hell and others for Paradise, did not come from my Father, Christ Jesus, but from Satan.

All of you who believe that God has made Crime the Gate of Paradise, your saints and prophets did not come from God but from Death, and his son Satan sustains them.

You who believe that God has created an evil ladder of infernal reincarnations, your saints came from the children of God from the house of Satan, Death suckled them, dressed them in gold and crowns to enslave you with criminal chains to a prison of castes governed by madmen who believed themselves gods and remain in their madness. 

You who believed those who came to you saying: "God is dead", this very statement is of such a gigantic irrationality that it gives for good the condemnatory sentence of those wise men on your intelligences: they are nothing but beasts.

And as beasts they treat you, as beasts they drag you to the slaughterhouse of WAR, and as beasts they have been ruling you for the last centuries.

It is time to stand up, break free from all chains, break down all walls and declare yourselves Man in the image and likeness of JESUS CHRIST.

There is no greater King than JESUS CHRIST and no greater LORD of all that is on Earth than the Son of God. And in this Truth and from this Intelligence we must transform the world of relations between Man and the Universe, between nations and peoples.

Peace is the Duty of all men, without distinction between races and nations. If a War is declared, the whole world begins to burn.

All the armies of all nations have only one Duty and Reason for existence:

1: To defend World Peace, to prevent from the root any attempt of War;

2: To immunize Man as Being against the Flame of War.

War entered our World when a Man believed that Civilization should be extended by the Force of Arms through the Life of men and of his own brothers. This was the Original Sin.

I repeat, I, a child of God, of the House of Christ, in the name of my Father say to you: WAR IS AN ABOMINATION; the Sentence of GOD against the one who makes it is DEATH.

All that exists on Earth belongs to Him who is its rightful Lord, JESUS CHRIST; all the resources that Nature offers have been created for the happiness and growth of all peoples. The appropriation of these natural resources by States and Clans of Power is an insult to their legitimate Lord and a declaration of war to our intelligence.

We are living how these powers are appropriating natural resources to legitimize their dictatorial neo-systems. The fundamental energies for the natural sustenance of Civilization have fallen into the hands of International Power Clans that have declared themselves Privileged Professional Thieves, defended by the Governments that they themselves elect and place at their service, and together they have put themselves beyond Justice.

 The answer, to this assault against Civilization, whose course advances towards Civil War, which they hope to control through the imposition of Governments Legislating by Decrees, making a mockery of Democracy, until concluding the transformation of Democracy into a lever to Dictatorship; our answer has but one word: NATIONALIZATION OF ALL ENERGIES EMERGING FROM THE EARTH ITSELF. 

The Natural Resources are not owned by any human being, neither individual, nor national, nor tribal; these Resources belong to Humanity as a universal whole.  Humanity as a whole administers these Resources in the Name of the One who is their Legitimate Divine Lord and Owner for the Happiness and Growth of the Fullness of the nations, in Space and Time.

Any discussion of this Response is a direct attack on Humanity and its Future. It is a Day of Action, not of bastard discussions behind which these Clans of Power hide their neo-totalitarian interests.

The pressure on our Civilization is increasingly powerful because they seek to accelerate against nature the transformation of Democracy into a totalitarian neo-system.

What the Sun gives, and the intelligence that comes from God transforms into fundamental energy for the growth of Civilization, must remain free and be freely available to all homes and peoples. Any discussion on this subject is winding up the international dialectics of those neo-totalitarian Clans that have turned the Pandemic and the War in Ukraine into chemical-social accelerators in their favor.

Once freed from these chains we will be able to elevate our technologies to make the Sun and the Interaction with the gravitational and electromagnetic field of the Earth the Universal Energy Source of the 21st Century. The need to get all the Physicists of the World to focus on this Revolution is vital to the Future of Civilization. While we have an infinite source of energy above our heads, the Physicists, maddened by money and slaves of the States, have entered into the chimera of creating a nano-sun.

Man, as a Creative Intelligence in the image and likeness of the Divine, we are a Resource for other men; to waste this Resource in chimeras and in the service of the Creation of weapons of Destruction (the very contradiction affirms its madness) is a denial of Humanity in Science, a crime against Civilization in which the Scientific Community has been installed since the Protestant Reformation dethroned the Son of God as King of the Fullness of the European Christian nations.

Thus we have arrived at the discovery of the lethal difference between Communism and Capitalism.

Communism is that system which appropriates all resources, natural and human, for the benefit of a State which in turn falls into the hands of Clans of Power whose subsistence requires Internal Dictatorship and existence in a State of Perpetual War, directing those resources to the Creation of Weapons of Destruction as an External Deterrent Wall.

Capitalism is that system in which man is a resource for himself as an individual, and is organized in groups of individuals who agglutinate all the natural resources for their own benefit, making the State thus created an instrument at the service of these individuals, which, like Communism, must create a system of Defense in Perpetual War against the evils created by the expropriation of the non-national natural resources through the enterprises created by these individuals.

The Kingdom of God is that system in which Man, formed in the image and likeness of Jesus Christ, puts his whole being at the service of all. It is what we see in the Son of God by his passage on Earth, and his Brothers in the Spirit set in motion with Christianity.

To decide for a system or another is a matter of each one. But God's decision is made. All systems that do not evolve and refuse to integrate themselves into His Kingdom will disappear during the course of this Century.

Indeed: Peace is neither bought nor sold: It is Defended.

Civilization neither prostitutes itself nor surrenders: It Rises and Conquers.

Do you not know that God is with Us? Did you really believe that He was dead? It is Time for the whole World to awaken to the Truth and see the Light of His Face.




How much is the life of Man worth? Hundreds of millions of years to build this Universe, centuries without number to raise this Tree of constellations whose stars are lost in the beauty of the infinite, days and nights beyond imagination tilling the Earth, eons and geological ages to sow the seed of the Tree of Life, prune its branches, take care of its fruits. Yes, hundreds of millions of stars surround my universe, two hundred towers, each with an army of stars born not to die, raise their invincible shields defending the life of Man, my life.

Is there anything more precious than Life? Who are these madmen who consider colored stones superior to all things that exist, for which they kill and murder each other as if they were beasts out of a hell of madmen?

In what cave of thieves of souls and murderers of bodies have these beasts, butchers of cities and nations, manufactured that jawbone of an ass made of atoms from Hell of which they feel so proud as to challenge my God to kneel before their thrones or suffer the consequences?

But who are these human-demons born out of the darkness of the sciences to conjure against Man?

Ignorant, aspiring to your eternal ruin, “Behold Man made in the image and likeness of the Son of God”. Did you believe that God was going to fail in his Work? Did you not read it?: “The Word of God is God”.

Who told you that his Word is the word of man, a word that seals a Treaty and when it turns around, the one who opened his mouth turns --an unclean man made in the image and likeness of Satan-- against the innocent who believed in that word?

We already know, the word of the USA, Russia, the UK, China and France is a wind of war; who will be the next suicide who will sign a new Budapest treaty, or simply seal a treaty with those who in their words have poison, in their arms carry destruction and in their souls lives a traitor to the signed word?

Families and murderous clans of nations and peoples who aspire to make the Government of the World an Olympus of gods, each and every one of you beyond good and evil: What does your riches and your Satanic Bombs capable of destroying all life on Earth say to my God to the health of your glory? Your word is worth in His eyes what a worm in the fire. Your souls are pits of misery in which the serpents of your ambitions heap poisons for the misfortunes of all nations. Fools, the value of the life of Man in the image and likeness of God, in what coin will you appraise it? What price will you pay to my Creator for an eye of his Creature, how much for the soul of a son of God? Do you think there is on all the Earth enough gold to buy a piece of my Soul?

Barbarians of the North and East, renegades of Man from ancient times, made my God their enemy, found in the Beast their Identity, their glory and their strength. What do you want with Man? For Man in his image and likeness the Creator of the Cosmos opened his Heart, he sent his Son, the Son of his womb in Person. Barbarians of the East and North, against Man in the image and likeness of his God gave birth to Death Genocidal Beasts, for millennia you persecuted his birth in the hope of burying him before he raised his Voice to Heaven, and cried out: "My FATHER and my GOD JESUS CHRIST, behold your Son".

Tell me, you wise and powerful clay gods who cry out to your god and father Satan, with what will you buy the Judgment of my God when he raises his Word from the grave to seal your Sentence?

Your insanity has no limits. Your wisdom is madness. Your Science is inbred Evil. Your atheism is suicide. Your gods, saints, sages and prophets are all a lie, ghosts of the Past wandering through the centuries frightening geniuses without intelligence, in the ears of their worshippers whispering a single word: WAR.

Around the Hellfire that devours Ukraine have gathered again the slaughterers who delivered Syria to genocide and its land to devastation. The Old Man of the red lines who Yesterday painted on the horizon, with wolf lipstick, the mark where the bombs should fall, closed his ears to the Duty of Relief and turned his back on a defenseless people, Today, while delivering the Ukrainian people to ruin and their land to devastation, writes in the clouds of war smoke his coward's cry without shame, honor or dignity, a single word : ARMAGEDON.

His Masters, the gods of war, open the Market of Sale of Weapons of Destruction.

The Dragon spits fire from his mouth to save him from the Fire that was going to rain down from Heaven.

The Butcher of Chechnya and Damascus, Evil Can in the service of his master, the son of Satan, in whom the Fire of Hell lives, has been called from his kennel.

Who will save you from devastation, daughter of Peace? Ukraine, your sentence has been written: "Let her be crucified, it is better that one nation dies than that the whole world perish".

Truly I have learned the lesson: Satan's Evil is incorrigible, his crime is unforgivable. He rose up against Man, he rose up against his Creator, he hated Peace as the Source of Life, Civilization and Happiness; he chose War as the root of his Power, Glory and Strength. The Curse of God upon his House is the curse of Man:

Cursed for Eternity who makes War and raises his Arm against his brother.

My God have no mercy on the Beast who despises Life and declares himself for Death.

Let the Serpent and the Dragon be cast into the Abyss whose throat opened to the Infinite.

Whoever does not love Peace and rise up to defend Life see upon his head this sentence.

And you, Handmaid of Christ, does not the spirit of your Lord live in you, and do you no longer know how to read, or does age blind your eyes? The son of your Lord reads to you what is written: "The Spirit of JESUS is the spirit of prophecy".

Is not this the Spirit that lives in the Body of Christ? How then do you not raise your voice against the War to say to the one who is going to die: You are going to die? Do you not know that your God, YAWEH, whom you worship, has put a sword over your head? Remember: "If you do not say to him who is about to die, 'You will die,' his blood will be on your head; but if you say to him who is about to die, 'You will die,' and he does not repent, his blood will be on his head".

So, the dice are cast, let each one choose his place in this Final Battle.



When does eternity begin and where does it end? An idle question in these times of fratricidal war in Northern Europe, religious genocides in the Middle East, anti-Christian persecutions in Africa and Asia, dictatorial massacres in Latin America... an idle question it may seem, but it is not. We have been in a world civil war for an eternity.  The victors of all centuries have called their wars in many ways. The truth, and there is no other, is that the fratricide of Cain against Abel extended through all lands and times, and has reached us so that we can put an end to it or cease to exist on the face of the universe. Evidently there is an insane current that prefers to take the world ahead if the world chooses to take them ahead. Nothing new under the sun in this field. The merciless killer facing his death has no choice but to die by killing. It has always been so. A murderer of Vladimir Putin's kind, one more in a long series of nation-killers, if any honor remains in his insanity, always chooses to die by killing. This is the history of Humanity for six thousand long years. 

Anthropologists and archaeologists swear that homo sapiens is cannibalistic by nature. When it comes to proof, anthropologists, in their wickedness - because it is wickedness to make ignorance the basis of an ideology - present only a skull with a hole in it, and some broken legs, in their fratricidal wisdom, hiding the fact that homo sapiens arose in the heart of a world of wild giants in whose territories the father of Man planted his legs and had to face these species of giants using bows and arrows. The archaeologists, in their no less malice, following the method of their brothers in Machiavellian occultism, not finding war weapons before the seventh millennium B.C., present as weapons of destruction the natural tools of the Neolithic families, and certainly even a simple ballpoint pen is a criminal weapon in the hands of a murderer, as any prisoner of this planet knows very well. Following which rule God created the asses so that man could use his jaw to kill a man to kill his other brother, an evil Calvinist theory that an acolyte of that sect elevated to the law of Nature in the form of Darwinism. In truth, any instrument has this double facet, on the one hand its social utility and on the other its criminal face. The same knife that cuts bread can be used to cut a throat. Everything will depend on who holds it in his hand; in fact the same donkey's jawbone with which Cain killed his brother served Samson to crush the head of his particular Cain; the same Alfred Nobel who invented dynamite saw this duality, and died of disgust of himself when he saw that men apply dynamite to the mass destruction of nations.

In short, the mental behavior of all murderers, of all kings, dictators, genocidaires, theocrats, emperors, czars and states has always been, and still is, to justify their foul crime of one man against another man, of one nation against another nation. The first of all murderers, Cain, whose need for vengeance for his father's blood boiled like fire in his veins, fire that he did not see in his little brother, justified his crime in the peaceful conduct of Abel; ignorant of why God loved Abel and repudiated him, Cain believed that only by killing his brother would the lost world order be restored. This method of seeking justification for what has no justification whatsoever, has been the music that kings, emperors, dictators and genocides of all times have made nations dance to since and during the last six thousand years of our Universal History. Darwin gave the British Empire a Natural Justification with whose scientific gospel he silenced in the English conscience its genocides in North America, Australia, and other dependencies of "his Satanic Majesty". The Jews justified their crime against Christ in the necessity of "dead man, saved nation".  Islam justifies its genocides and dictatorships on the Koran's blessing of crime as the gateway to Paradise. In short, the History of War is the History of Worldwide Fratricide.  Each Cain adorns his jaw with the need of gold that justifies the death of Abel.

This is the History of Humanity. It has come to us and places us in front of, and between, Cain and Abel to put an end once and for all and forever to this Millennial Tragedy that has showered the lands with blood. The other option, to abandon Abel and become one with Cain does not enter our heads.

Certainly, he who is clean of sin, let him cast the first stone; the nation that can present immaculate hands, on whose palms there is no sea of other people's blood, let him raise his arms. It is not a question of who is holier but of putting an end to this fratricidal behavior that the centuries justify each one in its own way and each nation in its own way. The facts as well as the speeches on which they are based belong to the book of Universal History; and there they must remain so that from their study future generations may feel the horror to which they will not have to return. If the Future belongs to them, being for them the glory of the conquered triumph, the Present is ours, being for us the struggle that must not only take away Cain's jaw but also prevent any man or State from ever holding it in their hands again. A utopian objective, it must be said, if we did not count on the wisdom of the one who, having had this problem, even being God, confronted it and gave it the answer that as much as eternal question must have.

Let us not forget that the Victory of Christianity opened our Intelligence to a universal reality whose principle has its origin in Eternity. The Heavens and the Earth having had a Beginning and God living from Eternity, it is understood that our Universe is part of a History of that Divine Eternity. As God tells us, his Paradise, his World, his entire Creation had been attacked by the Evil of War; his children were killing each other. And even being God and raising a Law against that FRATRICIDE behavior, the answer HE GIVED TO THE PROBLEM DID NOT SOLVE THE ISSUE. Ergo, the History of Adam, son of God, and his Fall due to the Transgression of Satan, also son of God, against that Law that pretended to give an Eternal End to the War among the sons of God.

This is the Universal History according to the Son of God, Founder of Christianity, Head of all the churches that form the tree of the Church of YAHWEH GOD, His Father, among the nations of the Earth. According to this same Jesus Christ, as we read in the Old Testament, a series of men, the so-called prophets, saw and believed that God, without abolishing the Law against War, was preparing to give Him an Ultimate Answer that would re-found His Creation on Irrevocable, incorruptible and everlasting New Principles. Hence the Son of God announced THE COMING OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD. That is to say, God dethroned all his children, took back all the Power in his hands and sat down as Eternal Universal King over all the peoples of his Creation, the existing ones as well as the ones that would come to exist in Eternity.

The Revolution of the Abolition of the Empire of the children of God, taking YAHWEH GOD the Universal Crown in his Hands and seating his Only Begotten at his Right hand, placing that Universal Crown on the Head of his Son Jesus, meant a Before and an After in the History of our Universe and of the entire Creation.

YAHWEH GOD did not abolish the armies of the Kingdoms of his World. Not at all.  He gave to all the Peoples of his Creation a Unique Universal King to the Empire of whose Voice they exclusively move.

YAHWEH GOD abolished the Kingdoms of the sons of God, but not the LAW against War, fruit of the tree of the Knowledge of good and evil: LAW according to which every Citizen of the Kingdom of his Son who rises up in war against his fellow citizen will be banished from the Cosmos and cast into the bottomless Pit of the Abyss covered by Darkness.

YAHWEH GOD has given his Universal Kingdom a King in whom the LAW is GOD.

YAHWEH GOD has given this LAW a Body of flesh and blood: JESUS CHRIST, who being JESUS CHRIST Himself; and this JESUS being the Only Begotten of His FATHER, the Word flesh, the LAW is the KING : Whoever rises up in War against a people of His KINGDOM rises up in War against God. This is the LAW.

The Divine Revolution has made of all the Armies of the Kingdom of God the Peace Defense Corps of the KING. The KING is the Head of the General Staff of all the Armies of the Kingdom of God, and by this Unity of the Body with its Head, the Armies of the nations of his Kingdom are moved only by the WORD OF THE KING.

The Obedience of the Armies is not to the States, in whose territories they are located and from whose sons they are formed, but to the KING. The Spirit of the King's Peace is the spirit that lives in the Body of the Armies of the Kingdom of God. The LAW, like the KING in whose Being it lives, is Almighty and Irrevocable: Every people that rises up in War against its neighboring people, will cease to exist; its State will be erased from the face of Creation.

Hence, if God is Love, it is written: The spirit of YAHWEH is the spirit of Wisdom and intelligence, understanding and fortitude, Counsel and FEAR OF YAHWEH GOD.

YAHWEH is the Name of GOD, Father of the King, Jesus Christ. And GOD has no other Name but YAHWEH. Every other Name of GOD is false, and a door to the Abyss, a Door which Satan opened and from which he hoped to save himself first by killing Adam, and then his son, the son of Man, Christ, and from which, not being able to save himself, he vowed to drag the Human Race, Division of Christianity by means of: to the Hell of Banishment which by his Transgression and his Hatred of Peace he conquered for himself.

The Word of the Son of God is the Word of God. There is no Division between God and his Son; and "Be it done on Earth as it is in Heaven". Whence it is understood that Universal Peace among the nations of Mankind cannot be founded except in the Spirit of the King's Law: War is an Abomination; he who justifies it and uses the Armies created for Peace, and to defend national boundaries, to invade another nation, or to massacre his own people, stands as an Enemy of Mankind, and, consequently, is an enemy of the Kingdom of God.

Once War has been declared, the Law admits of no Justification.

Then, having inherited a world in perpetual war against itself, the Defense of Peace must follow the Answer given by YAHWEH GOD to the problem of War at the universal level.

 An army that obeys a State and moves at the will of that State is the first cause that has turned the Earth into a field of war, and that army, like the State whose armed wing it is, is a criminal army. Inasmuch as it has abhorred the Law of Peace and has risen up against its brother, that State has abhorred Man in his Body and has declared itself to be a Beast, and as such a Beast must be banished from the face of Mankind.

As in Heaven, so on Earth to the Spirit of the King's Peace is due the Obedience of every Military Body. Neither to State nor to National Government, the Armies of Man are a Universal Body subject exclusively to the Spirit of the King. Every dictatorship, every War: is a Crime against the Spirit of Peace; all the Armies of the Fullness of Nations will rise up as one Man to prevent such situations FROM OCCURRING AGAIN FOR EVER AND EVER AGAIN.

To create this Organization of the Fullness of Nations to whose Voice, moved by the Spirit of the King, all the Armies of the peoples will respond and move in defense of Peace: interior and Exterior, of all men, is the Work that falls to us, the children of God, of the House of Christ, in this Century.



Who can raise his head and look face to face with the God of Infinity and Eternity?! One glance of the Lord YAVE GOD is enough to make the innumerable galaxies that fill the Cosmos tremble. Are they not the trees of the forest of His Creation? Is HE not a Fire that, while maintaining their existence, can consume them in an endless fire?

Everything exists by the Will of YAHWEH GOD. Infinity and Eternity gave Him their Daughter, Wisdom, for a Wife; who will dare to open his mouth before His Presence? Who are the gods of Zion, and the sons of God before the Face of the Creator of the Forest of the Galaxies?

If YAHWEH GOD were to turn His back on all that exists, what would remain standing over the Abyss? For this I took refuge in the Arms of the King.  The King lifted my head and said in my ear: HE is my Father, my son is His son, He is Love.

What do you want, you children of the Earth, who do you think you are, how dare you rise up against the King of Heaven? HIS Father is YAHWEH GOD, the Lord of Fire from whose Arm the galaxies feed. Do you really believe that you can put laws on his Creation? 

The Gate of the Third Millennium has already been opened; the nation that refuses to cross it will not know the 22nd Century. The King is the Gate. At the end of the 21st Century the World that was born of Sin, will be Past.

My spirit is that of the goldfinch that flies with the eagles from the tree from which it was born to the House of its God. He has said to Me: You are my son: Speak.

Lord, how can a little bird speak? The King said to me: Do not be afraid, I am with you, I put my Word in your mouth.

My soul dances for joy because the Earth will no longer give birth to tyrants, dictators, and assassins. Death will no longer unleash its horses on the nations. Whoever invokes War will be locked up in a straitjacket and abandoned to the madness of his ambitions.

Whoever does not bend his knees before the King shall perish; whoever refuses to live in the light of the Law of Love shall perish.

Know this: All your prophets are false, all your saints are demons, all your sages are fools; the people who do not cast off all their relics, traditions, ideologies and religions, will be buried with them in the cemetery of the Science of Good and Evil.

You will throw down your weapons, abandon your sceptres and thrones, cleanse your hands of blood, and live.

He who remains to the Left of the King, will not remain in Life; this Century will be his grave.

Abandon your plans, renounce your ambitions for power. There is no other Plan than that of the Salvation of the Human Race, nor more Power than that of the King, my God.

Who does man think he is? How dare that which is dust to put laws on the Creation of the Lord YAHWEH GOD, Creator of the Cosmos? Have you lost your minds? The brilliance of the stones has lost you.

God brought the father of Man out of the Stone Age and you have said to yourselves: "Let us go back to the caves, let us dominate over men, let us tame the peoples, let them be herds and flocks with whose meat our tables will be filled, ea, let us feast to the health of our glory, let us be gods, let us dominate over all nations".

What is this madness, does the donkey stumble on the same stone every morning that knows dawn, how then every century that is born do the nations run to the battlefield of war?

Where is the wisdom of your wise men, the sons of that Science of sciences that rose up against God and his Son; and with shouts conjured the nations to follow them, saying: "God is dead: we will create paradise on earth".

Says the Terror : "I am all peace". But beneath his feet is a sea of blood, innocent blood, Abel's blood. A river flowing down from hell feeds that sea and the peoples who fish on its shores kneel worshipping their heroes, saints and prophets, because the Terror is their god.

The nation and the people who do not convert to the King, my God, will perish.

God has left it written in the Testament: "You shall build according to what is shown to you". He has opened my eyes, and I see.

I have seen an army of innumerable peoples, of nations without number, like rivers rising from different mountain ranges flowing to fill the same sea, they came to cover the countryside from horizon to horizon. They all live for the King, their Obedience is to the King, their Throne is their Banner, and their Banner is Universal Everlasting Peace. They have no Homeland but the King's Peace. They recognize no Power but the Power of the King. They hear no Word but the Word of the King.

Where is the dictator, where is the genocidal, where is the madman who thought himself superior to his brother, to his neighbor, to his people? To the Left of the Son of Man".

They are people who betray their word, their treaties, their thoughts, they sell their soul for a handful of stones. Gold is their god. For their god they kill, they murder, they wage war, they commit massacres and genocides, they erect thrones to be worshipped and temples to be adored. They are inventors of evils and horrors, in their mouths they have the word freedom and in their hands the chains with which they bind peoples to the walls of their ambitions. They have the word of the Serpent in their hearts. Their honey is poison; once they sink their teeth into it, the peoples fall into the abyss of ruin and misery.

You see it and do not believe it, you read and do not want to know it. The century that was born was worse than the century that died, the millennium that passed was better than the one that entered. And yet you say to yourselves, "We shall survive the disaster, we shall tread upon the Word of God. are we dust and to dust shall we return?"

You have lost your minds; does God not hear you? You say to yourselves, We will create paradise in hell; we will force God to give up the Earth and give us the Heavens for possession.

What are you? Look at yourselves in the mirror of Universal History. One breath of the Divine Breath is enough to elevate an animal to the condition of the sons of God, and another breath to reduce a son of God to the condition of beasts without intelligence. Do you believe that your nuclear jaws are an expression of Intelligence? Then is the murderer wiser than his victim? Is the tyrant wiser than his slave? What is your measure of Intelligence: the destructive power of the atomic jawbone in the hands of the new Cain? Are they not demons who created that jawbone knowing that the fratricidal arm would fall on the skull of their brother? Is not History a dynamic of continuous and constant growth on the wheels of the weapons of destruction?

If the mobile that crosses the firmament of the centuries has a millenary trajectory: under what kind of wisdom will it be possible to describe its point of fall by alienating its origin from its natural end?

The fools look at the donkey that flies and admire a castle in the air; forgetting that there are no two without three they give their trust to the one who betrayed them, and the traitor hides behind women's skirts to hide his power-hungry wolf fangs. Is the History of nations a "Nothing new under the sun"

Then, open your eyes and contemplate what is about to happen right under your noses: what is about to take place has never happened before in the History of the Earth. Emerge from the dust you tread a group of stars, each one more brilliant, all of them luminous, the darkness will fight in retreat blinded by the brightness of their intelligences, there is no power that resists their wisdom, whoever confronts them will be struck down by their works; all are of the Omniscience of God, their reflection in the mirror of the Life of Man. They will be confronted by the stars that rise from the hell of the depths of the Past; Death will declare War on them. The Strength of the children of God who will restrain it? It is the Arm of the King who sustains them and feeds their stars. For a time the nations will not believe their eyes and will believe they are still dreaming. But who can stop the day when the morning star already shines in the firmament? And when has it ever been seen that the stars shine in full daylight?

Generations will look at the History of the Past and live it as one lives a nightmare from which one woke up looking for salvation in the day.

This is the Day for the House of the son of Man prophesied : "The day of the glory of the freedom of the children of God" : freedom without borders, freedom without limits, the Divine Omniscience for future and field of growth, Peace will be the air, Justice the water, Truth the daily bread. He who seeks Power will be a curse to himself, he who seeks Wealth will sentence himself to the abyss of loneliness. Does not a most loving father share all that belongs to his children in equality with all his children for the happiness of all and his own glory? Do not the children of the same father share all that belongs to that father conscious that all is their father's and in equality and freedom enjoy their father's property for their father's glory and their own happiness? For if God is Father and the Universe is his Property, how dare a son banish his brother from his father's house, war by means of war, knowing that that father will rise up in anger to demand an account of his son's life?

Nothing new under the sun? Cain changed his name each new day. Satan put on disguises according to the centuries. The jaw was transformed every millennium. The wickedness of kings grew higher every day until they declared themselves gods among the nations.

Blood has always the same color, it is true. The cry of the victim has always the same tone, it is true. The smell of the anonymous soldier abandoned on the battlefield never varies, I will not deny it.

The new remains to be seen. Whoever wants to see it should open his eyes. I said it and I keep saying it. Here is what is coming:


Unification of all Christian churches around the Catholic Trunk;

Dissolution of the Russian Federation, and Conversion of Moscow;

Fall of Brussels and Berlin;

Extinction of religions: Islam and Hinduism;

Independence of Tibet and Dismemberment of China and India into many States with their nations;

Extinction of Scientific Atheism and Revolution of medical sciences and energy sciences;

Fall of the UN Security Corps and Creation of the Tree of the Fullness of Nations with Universal Jurisdiction against War and Dictatorships;

Abolition of all crowns, European, African and Asian;

Creation of the Community of Latin American States and Multiplication of Brazil in different States with their nations;

Creation of a World Judicial-Police Corps to fight against Crime and International Criminal Organizations;

World Agricultural Revolution: Extinction of Tobacco, Cocaine and Marijuana plants; control of Coffee, Grapevine and Poppy plants;

Reforestation of the Planet;

End of Communism, in all its forms, political and ideological;

Accession of the State of Israel to the Military Alliance of the Fullness of Christian Nations;

Accession of the United States of America to the International Criminal Court;

Abandonment of the destructive energies of the planet: Oil, Coal and Gas;

Evolution of the States towards Administrations subject to the Duty of Fulfillment of the Rights of the Family;

Evolution from Metallic and Paper Money to Digital Money and the subjection of its Movement to the Body of Justice;

Free Access of all men to University Education and the means of developing their creative capacities;

Creation of Three International African Communities: White or Southern Africa; Black or Middle Africa, and Mediterranean Africa: free from European, Asian and American Monopolies and oligarchies.


Many other things will happen, the Accession of the Fullness of Nations to the Kingdom of the Son of God, will be the crowning moment of this Century.

May your eyes live it and your children enjoy it.



One would like to live in a world where the clouds would be cotton candy, the rain would fall from a wine press of Malaga wine, sweet as a fig, and the mountains would touch the sky of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, where the Moon would be a paradise of thousands of colors, the ocean would be a warm mattress, men would be open hearts like flowers, and women bees sucking the nectar of wisdom and science that is cultivated in the garden of love..... And he continues dreaming of divine landscapes, universes of lights hungry for dreaming eyes, fish that fly, birds that swim,... letters that take body and bones, and number: 666....

Oh, we have returned to the hell of all days. Divine paradise for others. The fewest. The chosen ones, scoundrels, criminals, thieves, corrupt, tyrants. Blessed are they, because the Treasury of the nations belongs to them. 

This is what we see. It is what we see. It is what moves around us. Didn't you want to know the science of good and evil, Adam, what are you complaining about now? Did you intend to get up to your ass in whiskey and get up without a headache? You raise crows and they won't poke your eyes out? Who do you think you are, superman? How nice, Eva goes superwoman. And the tragic thing is that the idiot believes it. Look at the President of the European Commission, a rich girl who has never worked in her fucking life, who has never washed a panty in her miserable existence, and there she is, directing the course of the winds. Ladies and gentleman, at the helm of a ship under the storm at the end of the world is a captain who has never set foot on the ocean. Laugh your head off! And those 500 million fools who wonder how it is possible that Europe is in crisis and threatened with nuclear death by a son of Satan?

It is what it is. And what there is is what there is. Time is a Book, of which we are a part, at the same time that we read its chapters. Or should be read. Very few of us do. The fewest. The fools, the lazy, the invisible, solitary spirits sitting on top of the mountain of centuries, contemplating the decades, studying the Millennia, touching Eternity with thought, talking to God from this point in Infinity.

"If you do not read, son, how will you be wise in the Science of Good and Evil: did you not want to live it? My Word was not enough for you: If you eat, you will die.

You had to put your finger in the socket, to electrocute yourself to believe it. Well, that's it, you are already on the edge of the cemetery of dust in which the Third World War would bury you. Do you want to live it to believe it? Do you know what you will be the day after: A Lesson for other Worlds; they will open the Book of the Creation of Life in the Cosmos, and opening the Chapter of the Man of the Earth, they will see with the eyes of their intelligence the end of the road to which the Door of the Science of Good and Evil, once opened, leads.

Tell me, son, what do you want: to live that Chapter or to leave that page blank and allow your God to write to the Chronicle of your announced Death a Happy Ending?"

My God Jesus Christ, I am like the wind that moves without knowing where it is going or caring where it comes from. To live is to Be. Your Crown is Life. What has Death to do with me? Lift up your Voice, let the Fire of Hell depart from your Creation. Man is your Creation. Let not the Dragon and the Beast sink by the light of the Moon thy Kingdom on Earth. I have heard it and I have believed it, the Kingdom of God is in Me. How can you allow your Glory to be cast at the feet of your enemies in a War whose Victory is in your Word? Thou speakest and so it is done; thou sayest and heaven and earth obey thee with the joy and diligence that the stars and galaxies run at the Voice of thy God and are ordered in stellar fields of infinite beauty. Thou art my God, let not thy Creature be crushed by the enemy of thy Crown.

Let the worshippers of the Beast be frightened, and the fire of his mouth be turned against his throat; let the Dragon that gives him strength disappear from the Earth that Thou hast created, and the Moon that shelters him become red as the red of a battlefield after a bloody battle.

Trust Thy Enemies to turn the blood into wine with which they will make all their friends drunk. Their words are of Hate and Death. They threaten the Man You have begotten on Earth with Death if we do not get down on our knees at the sound of his evil voice; it is sound that emerges from Hell. The Man you have begotten has only one Word: Victory or Death, we will never bend our knees before the Beast.



No one can go against Time. He who goes against Time walks with Death. And we know that Death has an end: to destroy the Faith in Jesus Christ in the Human Race. All the Religious, Civil and World Wars we have lived through have had this end: to destroy the House of Christ on Earth.

Time is like the wind. We did not create the wind nor can we oppose its direction. The wind follows its path moved by the Force that has set it in motion. To wish to stop the Wind, to give a direction to the Force that moves it, is beyond the Power of men; though the nations put all their science at the service of this reason the impossibility resolves itself into impotence, and the wind, raising its Force, sweeps away everything in its path.

The direction of the Force that moves Time has as its biohistorical path the Encounter of that Day in which Humanity will see with its eyes the King of Heaven and Earth, according to the Word of God: "The son of Man will come on the clouds to judge the living and the dead". Then the Divine Decree will be fulfilled: "Every knee shall bow before God". For the King is the Head of the House of the sons of God, and the Head of the King is God, therefore I say that every knee shall bow before the King, for in the King live the Father and the Son.

This is the Direction that the King gave to the History of our Universe when, placing his Crown at the feet of his Father, he died on the Cross to rise again in Jesus Christ as the Universal Lord in whose hands God has placed all his Creation. For this reason the whole House of God says: "Thine is the Power, Thine is the Glory". And for this every knee shall bow before His Glory and His Power: asking for Mercy for the Human Race.

For our World was caught in a War that was already celebrating its battles, before the Creation of our Heavens and our Earth, between the Princes of the House of the children of God. War to which God wanted to put an end by raising a Law of Eternal Banishment of His Creation against whoever dares to set foot on that field again.

We know, because God has left it written, that those same children of God against whom that Law of Eternal Banishment was written, preferring to live in the Hell of War to continue existing in the Paradise of Universal Peace, used the Innocence of Man to drag him to that field, and, using his Ignorance as an axe of War, with his blood they wrote their Declaration of Total War, under the Law of Death, to the Universal Peace established by the Law of Life, and life in the image and likeness of the Divine, eternal life.

Betrayed by a part of the House of the children of God, our World was thrown into a War that we never wanted nor knew its true cause. That cause, against which they rose up, is the Law upon which God has established His Kingdom, the Law of the Spirit of Truth, which says that the Creator of the New Cosmos wants the whole world to live forever in the image and likeness of His Son.

Since then, dragged Man into the War of the House of the sons of Death, this House, represented by Satan, its visible head, has sought the Destruction of Mankind, generating through all possible means: religious, racist, nationalistic, ideological, scientific, economic wars... the division between brothers, peoples and nations.

The end sought by the House of Satan, once the Kingdom of the Son of God is founded among us, is to destroy the Faith, to kill Christ in us.

The whole movement of Universal History from the Resurrection to our Day, we can see it in motion in current events. From the Birth to us these two forces, Death and Life, have been waging their Final War on Earth.

The Kingdom of the Son of God has been attacked, time after time, during these past Two Millenniums. From Jerusalem and Rome, Medina and Berlin, Tehran and Moscow, Death has relentlessly sought the destruction of the Christian Faith in the world. Sowing religious and fratricidal wars, Death has been cultivating the Evil Tares of Hatred among brotherly peoples with only one goal on the horizon: to arrive at World Wars. For if Christ were to cease to live in Man, God would abandon the Earth to Death, and all Life would return to the dust, from which man, and all that the Earth contains, was taken.

This is the Direction we are living in our Day, when enemy forces have allied to establish survival, without God, against Death itself, which, as the wind of Hell blows into the Abyss, drags into that Abyss those very forces that believe they can control an Uncreated Force that from Eternity maintains an all-out War against God, and whose Final Battle has come to be held, against the Will of God, in the body of Mankind.

That the Force that God opposes to Death is Invincible is seen in the existence of Christianity, since its Origin attacked by Death with all the human forces at its service. Neither Jews, nor Romans, nor Barbarians, nor Muslims, nor Atheists, nor Socialists, nor Communists, nor Nazis, nothing and no one has been able to cut the way to the Force that moves and directs the Wind of the Spirit to us, and from us follows its Way to the Encounter with God for that Generation that will see with its eyes the Son of God descending from Heaven, entering the Earth on the clouds, and bending its knees before God will ask Him for mercy for the fullness of the nations of our world. The Son of God is the King, and the Head of the King is God, therefore the Scripture says that every knee shall bow before God.

And the King is the Head of the House of the sons of God, of Heaven and Earth.

Thus those who wait for the coming of Christ sitting in their houses, are enemies of Truth, and if they are enemies of Truth they are enemies of God, and being enemies of God they are enemies of that Christ whom they wait for. For it is we who walk to the Gathering of that Day, by reason of which we seek that Faith shall not only persist on Earth when HE comes, but that all nations shall bow their knees before their King and Lord Jesus Christ.

Evidently what the House of Death, represented by the sons of Satan, whose head is in Moscow, seeks is the opposite: to extinguish the Fire of the Divine Bush, to tear Christ from our Being, to banish from the Earth the Faith in the Son of God, who by the Grace of Obedience to the Almighty and Omniscient Wisdom of His Father we have all been made sons of God.

This Alliance of interests between the powers of the world was seen coming from the beginning of this Millennium. Satan having failed, unable to destroy the Kingdom of God among us, having had a Millennium to do so, it was seen that this Final Battle between those powers, established by Death since the First Millennium, was to take place, a Final Battle already announced by the Son of God by Revelation of his Father to us.

Death is an Uncreated Force that seeks what is natural to it: to return the Worlds to the dust from which they emerged. Against this Cosmic Movement, natural to the Uncreated Cosmos, God rose up creating a Cosmos in which Life has HIM as its Source and Origin, so that by Nature Life tends to Immortality and Eternal Life.

Since the human being exists, this natural tendency was the force that gave the religions, born after the Fall, their logic. But the Fall, as we all know, perverted the natural elements of this logic, created religions contrary to their origin and source, based on War, whose pandemic export to all peoples plunged all men into Racial Hatred and an Animal Intelligence whose principle of Power became Fratricide as the growth of that Power, from which empires arose. It is this same animal logic that has created the Alliance of Civilizations behind Agenda 2030, producer of the COVID Pandemic and of the Ukrainian War as a door to a Christless Survival of Man in the Universe.

This Alliance of Civilizations has already deployed its Agenda and we have its results in action. Having overcome the Resistance that opposed them against this destruction of Man in the image and likeness of the Son of God, they believe that they can control Death, the Uncreated Force, whose movement has been discovered to us by God.

Witness, God, of the Disappearance in the Cosmos of innumerable worlds trapped in the nets of the Science of Good and Evil, saying: "Dust thou art and unto dust thou shalt return", God did not tell Man what HE was going to do, but what Death was going to do with his world. HE, God, is the only Power that can overcome this movement, free Man from these nets, and banish this Force from his Creation.

But Ignorance becomes Insanity when, like Satan, it chooses to live under the Law of Death rather than live in the light of the King's Universal Peace. The Law of Death we have defined in the Fratricide of Cain against his brother Abel, which is the same Law we see operating in the Moscow War against Kiev. Cain wanted to take the crown of the world that his father Adam lost, and in the face of the opposition of his brother Abel he decided for his death. Moscow wanted and wants to regain its Soviet Empire lost by Moscow, and, in the face of Kiev's opposition to such insanity, Moscow is determined to destroy all life in Ukraine on its way to regaining its lost world hegemony.

There is no turning back now. We are not talking about half measures here. Moscow has chosen Satan's path: Hell rather than living in the light of Universal Peace; an Evil choice blessed by the Patriarch of Moscow, heir of the Evil Patriarchate that dragged Byzantium to its Destruction, the House of the Tsar to its death, and now leads Russia to its disappearance from the map of the History of the 21st Century.

The King's Answer to this choice of Moscow, and to the Alliance of Civilizations which wrote in its Agenda the announced Chronicle of this Fratricidal War, is the Uprising of all Christian Forces in Europe and America, against whose Uprising Brussels has gone to war declaring Christ a Fascist, and Washington has wanted to bury by coup d'état. An American coup d'état given by the great families that dominate their war industry and, overthrowing, together with the Mass Media, the legitimate winner of the elections, has placed at the head of the USA a traitor to the Word of the Treaty of Budapest; a simple servant of that Master of puppets who in his day raised Barack Obama to the Presidency and today his Shadow, Joe Biden. Knowing the response of that American Anti-Stablismment Force to the Invasion of Ukraine that Donald Trump represented, Washington, following the Agenda 2030, in its Need to create and spread Chaos as a bridge towards the conversion of the European democracies into open dictatorships obedient to the Empire of its will, threw down that possibility of a response that could distort the game of the Agenda and put the Third World War on the table. The Necessity of Ukraine's Death is vital to the interest of that Alliance of Civilizations in which Islam, Socialism and Anti-Christian Capitalism have united to end Democracy and banish Christ from Man.

Therefore the King's Answer is to raise all Christian nations, deploy all his Military, Nuclear and Conventional Force around the Borders of the Russian Federation, and immediately order the Withdrawal of all the armies of the Russian Federation from the Territory by the Treaty of Budapest comprised as Ukraine.

All Embassies and diplomatic corps of the Federation shall be expelled from the territory of the Kingdom of God on Earth, and all diplomatic corps shall be recalled to their patriotic homes of origin.

All borders with the Federation will be closed. Every plane, submarine and ship found outside the borders of the Federation will be destroyed, and will only be allowed the life of freely surrendering in rebellion against the House of Satan in Russia.

Only by this ultimatum will the Russian people rise en masse against the House of Satan, overthrow it, withdrawing all armies from Ukraine, returning to Kiev its nation and its peace.  As a sign of Universal Peace the Russian people will destroy the Red Square to its foundations, Kremlin and churches; its ruins will serve as a memory for centuries to come.

Death has little time to overcome Moscow's resistance to the use of tactical atomic weapons against Kiev.

 London, threatened by Moscow with nuclear destruction if it opposes the Genocide of Ukraine, will rise against the British Crown for High Treason against England, and the People will return to the Obedience of the Founder of their Civilization and Legitimate Divine King, Jesus Christ.

France will rise against Paris and will judge for High Treason against the Word of the State the Friend of the son of Satan, will declare the End of the Republic and its Adherence to the Kingdom of the Son of God, Founder of its Nation and civilization, Jesus Christ.

The Armies and People of the United States of America will invoke their Right of Rebellion against the Tyranny of the Washington Agenda, will stand at the head of the armies of the King of Heaven and Earth, will deploy all their Nuclear Power in the Baltic and the Mediterranean, will put on the table the Destruction of Moscow and the great cities of Russia if they do not withdraw from Ukraine their forces, liberate Crimea and the invaded Ukrainian regions.

Liberated the North Atlantic Alliance of the Crowns and the anti-Christian Islamic socialist alliance the armies of the World Christian Alliance will encircle the borders from Romania to Finland, deploying all their nuclear and conventional war potential in the Baltic and the Mediterranean. From the moment a single conventional atomic attack is deployed from Moscow against Ukraine the European and American armies will enter Russia on the hunt for the son of Satan.

If Moscow plans to destroy London, Paris and New York, let the entire Russian Federation know that the answer to the attack on Christian cities will be a nuclear deluge on Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novgorod and the big cities of the Russian Federation. He who threatens Hell must be aware of what he is facing.

Peace achieved, the King's Nations will sign a Universal Peace Alliance in which the nations born of the death of Imperial Russia will participate, and NATO will be dissolved.

The Security Council of the United Nations will be dissolved, and the King will create a World Court of Appeal before which the nations threatened by invasion or dictatorship will ask for help and will be answered with the full Force of the King's Peace in the service of the Liberty and Happiness of his Kingdom. What has happened in Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Guatemala, Nigeria, Darfur, Rwanda, Yemen .... will never happen again.

Peace is a Universal Right, and it is the King's Duty to defend and establish it over the House of the children of God, whose Head is God, for God lives in the King.

It is to the Gathering of the Future toward which we walk; it is in this Direction that the Wind of Universal History has been walking, against whose Horizon the centuries have been opposing in their Ignorance of the things of Heaven, speaking of which the King said, "If in speaking to you of earthly things you do not understand, how would you understand if I spoke to you of heavenly things!" That lack of Intelligence, determined by the Divine Silence by reason of the Necessity of the Death of Christ, having reached its end, opens its Door to the limitless Intelligence that lives in the King, for as the Son has all in the Father, so we have all in the Son; He is our head, and His being that of God, He is the Door to the Omniscience of the Father. This is why He said: "I am the Door". In Him we have free and unrestricted access to the Tree of the sciences of Life.

Since by Sin we were deprived of this fruit, and were given to eat exclusively the fruit of the Sciences of Death, progressing in which we are presently under the Threat of Destruction, God in His Wisdom, looking to the Salvation of the fullness of the nations, has given to our History this Way.

 The Final Battle of a War that began in Eternity between God and Death, Heaven having first been liberated, brings Freedom for Earth. Victory is the King's; each will decide on which side he stands.

He who is of the King, will adhere to the Alliance of the Fullness of nations, placing all his armies at the service of Peace.

He who is of the side of Death : his nation will be erased from the Book of Life, and erased from the Book of Life his existence will be found in the books of Universal History, cemetery of empires, kingdoms and nations.

This then is the description of the picture of forces that at this moment moves on the face of the Earth and hides its movements behind the screen of the Mass Media, always at the service of the Masters of an Anti-Christian Agenda whose Global Dictatorship they believe necessary to get out of the World Crisis that they themselves have generated as a bridge to the Control of all the means of production; first opening the doors to the COVID, and then, in order to mount their Discourse as the logic born of Pandemic and War, to allow the Death of Ukraine.

When it comes down to it, each side of this Agenda seeks its own interest. China to take advantage of the weakness of all to maintain its downfall, European Socialism to rise above the misery of the nations, American Anti-Christian Capitalism to impose its tyranny, the Islamic world organization to destroy Christianity in Europe and fulfill its dream of conquest never achieved by force of arms. In the end the insanity of all these parties is reflected in having forgotten that this War between Death and Life comes from Eternity, and there is only one Winner: God, Father of Jesus Christ, who having given us the children of His House Invincibility as an Inheritance gives this Final Battle over before it has even entered its chronicle.

Break the Anti-Christian Agenda, return all to YAVE God, bend your knees to the King, JESUS CHRIST Lord, or you will all die. This is the Final Battle for Mankind, the nation that is found next to the House of Satan on Earth will be blotted out of the Book of Life; the nation that adheres to the Kingdom of the Son of God will live forever.

This is the Divine Will and so shall it be realized in our days. Time and God are one; it is YAVE God who gives it Direction and Force, and nothing and no one can stop this Force and cut off Time from this Direction.




: Introduction to the Divine History of Jesus








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