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This is the Present Will of God:

“Let’s unify all the churches into one”.




Cristo Raúl de Yavé y Sión





The reason that led God to choose for the “Day of Yahweh” his Only Begotten Son, assuming, by his Incarnation, the Sentence against the murderer of his father, Adam; the reason, opens to the Need of the Creator both to turn the page of the wars of the Past and to raise an indestructible and impenetrable wall against whose solidity the repetition of a Fall of his Creation into the abyss of War would crash.

The Love of the Creator for his Creation, the Love of God for his sons was the Achilles heel against which the Serpent of Death sank his fangs, injecting into the body of the children of God, not of our world, the poison of envy towards the King of kings and Lord of lords of the Divine Empire. In their suicidal-homicidal insanity they conceived the absolute madness of believing that they could tempt the King of kings himself with the Forbidden Fruit of the Science of Good and Evil, War.

God, in his Love for his Creation and his children, believed that the Doubt about the Divinity of his Firstborn had been buried once the Power of his Word, Natural to the Word of his Father, was discovered. All the children of God, created before the Creation of our Heavens and our Earth, were invited to enjoy the Creative Act, first as luxurious spectators, seeing with their eyes and hearing with their ears the Almighty and Omniscient Nature of the Only Begotten, at the sound of whose Voice the stars of heaven run to take their places in the Tree of Constellations. And it was to them that this Almighty Brother called God to form Man in their image and likeness.

The event of the Fall of Man reveals to us that the Evil Tempter concealed the poison of Betrayal in the sewer of his Envy towards JESUS, the Only Begotten.  Unthinkable for the Lord God YAHWEH, as Father, a rebellion against his Will: The Coronation of his son Adam, God left the Future of the History of the Kingdom of the Earth in the Man on whose head he made the Crown of Heaven descend, as it is written in the non-biblical texts, by which God meant that the Crown of Man was raised among the nations in the image and likeness of the nature of the crowns of the sons of God, who ruled the Empire of the King of kings and Lord of lords JESUS.

The due Obedience of the children towards their Divine Father during the mythological ages, leaving in the legends of the ancients the existence of the gods who came down from Heaven to introduce the first human families in the arts and natural sciences to the creation of a society of cities open to a civilization of nations; that Obedience, materialized in the foundation of the Mesopotamian Kingdom of Adam, satisfied his Father's Love, God rested. His children had understood that the Love of the Creator for his Creation is as infinite as the Hate generated in his Soul by that abominable fruit of the Seed of the Lie: War.

The Third War of Rebellion against the King's Law was unleashed. War to the Death. War of madmen. The very Idea of challenging the Lord God YAVE to a Duel is absolute madness. A creature spawned from the dust of the Cosmos challenging the Creator of the Cosmos! What name shall we give to this suicidal insanity?

Once the Event of the Fall was accomplished, there was nothing to do but to look at the horizon that this event triggered. It was at that moment that the son of Man had his Beginning. That is to say: the son of Eve who would pick up the mace with which the son of Adam would crush the head of his father's murderer.

Necessity imposed its Law. To whom but to the Elder Brother of that Adam, the youngest of God's children, did it correspond, with all the Right, to execute the Sentence signed by his Father against the Traitor and Fratricide, named Satan, the Serpent of Eden? For if God by the shed blood of a man can call any man to do justice, by the blood of a son of God any of the sons of God could be called to the execution of the sentence against the fratricide.

Having answered these questions in the Divine History of Jesus Christ, it is incumbent upon us here to understand that the Conflict unleashed in the Kingdom of Eden, capital of the First Mesopotamian Kingdom, extended its apocalyptic waves to the entire Creation. Not only our World was attacked by Death; also the Worlds created before our Heavens and our Earth. 

No, it is understood, why God, who can heal all wounds and raise the dead, Power that His Son showed us alive, so that we would keep looking beyond the letter for the Reason why He did not do it then; it is not understood, why God did not do it then. This reason, why God did not wipe the slate clean over the grave of his little son, that reason was in his own Spirit.

The feeling of Abomination towards the Science of Good and Evil that lives in the Creator of the Cosmos, and Worlds that inhabit his Paradise, is Invincible.

The Rebel, Murderer and Traitor, sought the legitimization of his conception of the Empire of God as a Supreme State ruled by the Princes, all of them gods, armored against the Law by reason of the Nature of the God of gods, Father of all.

With the Transgression of the First King of Earth, the Rebel Beast used the blood of Man as a Declaration of War against the Holy Spirit of the Lord God YAHWEH, the wall against which crashed this evil conception, which God finds abominable, of a Federal State ruled by gods living outside the Law, armored by law against responsibility for their acts, blessed to kill time by playing War.

That is what there was, a declaration of War against Creation according to its Creator, by someone who conceived an Imperial Federation as the Natural Model of coexistence between gods. From that moment on it was all or nothing! The Decision was taken by the rebellious sons of God before making of the Lie the horns with which Man would be horned and left for dead; namely, the suicidal decision contained this term: rather the Banishment than to live as simple Citizens of the Kingdom of God, subject to the Empire of the Law.

The Law did not allow them to live as true gods. A true son of God cannot be brought before any tribunal, nor forced to answer for his actions before anyone, they said.

It was not they who should accept Truth, Justice and Peace as the pillars of the Civilization of civilizations created by God, Father of all, and ruled by his Firstborn as King of kings and Lord of lords. NO, it was God who had to listen to the voice of his children, accept their status as gods, and bless the Model Empire that with them came to benefit the stability and progress of the Federation of the Peoples of Creation.

War had been declared. The Third Universal War between the Peoples of his Paradise moved from Heaven to Earth. Man was nothing, a battle-axe, just that, a bloody battle-axe with which the rebellious sons of God challenged their Creator seeking to banish from his Being his Holy Spirit, the spirit of YAHWEH.

Necessity imposed its Law. There would be NO Empire; no Federation of Princes ruling the Fullness of the nations of Creation. The End of the Rebels had been dictated. The Empire was dead, its King of kings and Lord of lords would die with it... To be reborn in the Universal King, Sacred Supreme Pontiff, divine Head of the Catholic Religion, Lord of the body of Priests, the Church, Temple of everlasting Divine truth, everlasting Father of a Generation of God's children animated by the Spirit of Truth, Almighty Judge whose Word is Law, whose Word is God.

The Necessity of the Christian Revolution brought its Law. The King of kings and Lord of lords died, the King was born. The Holy Spirit, against whom Death launched his Serpent, showed himself in flesh and blood so that the whole Creation could see his Nature, his Personality, and understand why the Lord God YAHWEH cannot admit in his Creation the existence of the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil, whose Abominable law raises some Citizens above the rest, shielding their criminal acts behind the wall of the Intellectual Disability natural to those who suffer from perennial mental illnesses.

The Necessity of founding this Revolution before the whole House of God implied the abandonment of the peoples of the Earth in the hands of Satan who appeared before the Chosen of God in the mountains of Judea: the Day of YAHWEH the day of the Vengeance of the Son of Man, had arrived. A duel to the death between two sons of God. The Son of Man carried in his fist the mace with which he would crush the head of Adam's murderer.

This, then, is the origin of the title that the Son of God assumes with his Incarnation. Christ, the son of Man, the son of Eve who, over the corpse of his father Adam, invokes God, calls Life and inherits the Mace with which he will crush the head of that Satan who offers him all the kingdoms of the world if he worships him on his knees. The son of Man collects the lost Crown of David, which he deposits as the legitimate heir of David, son of King Adam, at the feet of the Throne of God, in obedience due to the Saving Wisdom of his Father, who has established the End of the Empire and the Beginning of the Kingdom of his Son JESUS, to whom in fulfillment of his Decree: “I have begotten you today, I lay at your feet all the peoples of my Creation, over whom you are Universal Lord and Everlasting King”, sits at his Right hand as one who inherits in life the Crown of a Father who is Eternal.

Wisdom predestined to the Apostles, that if the princes of Israel had known it, they would not have laid a single finger on the King. But this consummated, the Cosmological Revolution already seated on the Throne of JESUS CHRIST, certified in his Book the strength of the feeling of abomination of the Father of Life towards the presence of Death in his Paradise, it remained to establish the Future Salvation of the Fullness of the nations of our World. Hope of Universal Salvation which, having to extend its Grace to the Fullness of the nations, our World should first walk to meet that Fullness, when, just as a wound in one part of the body affects the whole body, the actions of one nation will have an effect on the others.  Long and narrow path the peoples of the Earth should make, by the way diluting in the mists of centuries the True Face of the son of Man, in which the radiance of the Face of God is shown.

Called to Life in the Image and Likeness of Him who said: “Let us make Man in our image and after our likeness”, lost in the darkness of the Millennia, we needed to see that Man whose Beginning is in the Mind of God and whose Origin is in the Mouth of His Son. What man did God beget in His Wisdom and His Son create on Earth? Was it the Roman, was it the Jew, was it the Greek, was it the Persian ... the Chinese, the Hindu, the Egyptian, the Mayan, the Aztec?

The Answer was lost in the spider’s web of ancient religions.  Unattainable the True Image of God, each people gave themselves gods in which to justify their passions and to legalize the wars of extermination of their neighbors.

Suddenly that spirit, conceived by God in the beginning, became Man.

In the son of Man, God presented to us His Son, and the Man He called to Life. That man whom men saw and touched and heard in the son of Man is the Man whom God begot in His Wisdom, and called son. That is the Man that God loves. That is the Man who lives in God and has in the King his eternal Life.

His Personality is written. A blessed bread for Good, he is a burning bush against Evil. He is Love for his fellow men, to the point of laying down his life for love. He is the Son of God: temple, castle and living palace of Peace.

Everything belongs to God and all men share what we have without keeping anything for ourselves, because we are all children of God and Citizens of His Kingdom.

Finally, the Portrait of that Man, incarnated by the Son of God, in whose Image and Likeness the New Man we came to Life, is on the lips of his Bride, Our Holy Mother the Catholic Church.

That is the Son of Man who will come to judge the living and the dead. He is a blessed bread for those who adore the Law; He is an almighty and omnipotent fire that unloads its Arm on the enemies of the Law. Each one chooses the sentence that will fall on his head.

The Love of God for men is in having given us this Son as Judge; He showed Him to us as He is, dressed as a man, to engender in us the Love for His Person, not as King nor as God, but as a Wonderful Person in whom the concept of Lies, War, Treason, Corruption, Evil in any of its forms is an abomination. 

Like father, like son; like Son, like Father.

The Unity between God and his Son, sought to banish the Holy Spirit from the Being of the Creator, not only sank into the Abyss but rose to the Throne of the King God. Father and Son, two Persons in whom lives one and only one Spirit: who revealed Himself to us in Christ, Visible incarnation of the Spirit who lives in the Father and in the Son.

The Father is the Lord God YAHWEH, the Son is the Lord King JESUS CHRIST.

The Righteousness of God is the Righteousness of the King. The Indivisible Unity between God and his Son is Invincible. Two Divine Persons, One Eternal Spirit. From where it is seen that at the same time God who offers us a Hope of Universal Salvation by giving us as Judge his Beloved Son, whose Adoration lives in our souls, reminds us that in that Son lives the incombustible Fire that burns in YAHWEH GOD against the Law of the Science of good and evil. In the Love of the Law and the Will of God we nations have the Door to the Universal Absolution of Humanity.

However, let there be no mistake. The Defense of our World, placed in our hands, has its Argument in the nature of the Events by which the Fullness of the nations, united in a Tree of Life, will live by the Law of Natural Fraternity to all the children of God.

To create this Civilization of the Fullness of the nations governed by the Spirit of the King is our Duty, the Horizon towards which we begin to walk from this Century, a road that will be traveled by the generations that will follow us until the Day when the son of Man appears on the clouds, and becomes visible to the eyes of the generation by God willing to live this event, whose Date only the Lord God YAHWEH knows.

Vain are the arguments of those who hope that the Son of God will become man again and establish his Kingdom over a portion of the faithful, only they alone will be saved from the destructive apocalypse which, according to them, will fall upon the rest of mankind.

No less vain is the argument of those who expect the Messiah to come to give the Empire to the Jerusalem of the Israelites.

It is not we men who write history and have the centuries at our disposal to impose our law on the nations. The Day of the glory of the freedom of the children of God heralds the dawn of the glorious freedom of the Son of God, who being Almighty and Omniscient King, God having ended the Decree that has kept him seated as one who must still wait for his Father to deem it good for him to arise, once standing, his legs on both sides of the oceans, extends his Crown over all nations, opening to the generations that will succeed us the door to the Creation of our World according to the Law of the King, the Jurisdiction of whose Crown over all Peoples is universal and omnipotent.

Vain are the frescoes painted on the wall of the future by the powers of this century. There will be NO World War, there will be no Global Government of some powers established beyond the laws, dictating themselves the laws behind which their members would shield the Immunity against the judicial consequences to be paid for their crimes and offenses. That caste of gods in the image and likeness of the one Satan wanted to impose on God ... will never reach the goal towards which they are running.

The Glory of the Freedom of the sons of God is poured out on all from the One who is the Firstborn of all. We are all in Him and with Him one, His Action on Earth. He who gave his Life so that we might be born: he who was, is he who is.

He who loves God above all things loves his neighbor as himself. The neighbor of men is all men. Image and likeness of the Son of Man, in whom we have found our Being, we are brothers, citizens of a Kingdom in whose King we have the Joy of those who live in Paradise, and in whose Government we have the Guarantee that the Evil Tares of division among brothers will never again find land in the World of men.

Eternity begins Today. Eternal life is lived Here. Tomorrow is only the way to meet the son of Man by the Prescience of God arranged for a future generation, the number of whose century is forbidden to every man.

Our Faith resides in believing that this generation will bend the knee before its King, in the Hope that having conquered its Heart the Argument of God, namely, that but for the Treachery of Satan, Man would never have transgressed the Law, the Value of this Argument will give life to the Word of Universal Absolution of Him who has the Power to regenerate souls without causing in Eternity a fracture, invisible but certain, that will bring back from its Banishment the Hell to which Death wanted to drag the Creation of God.




The Love of the Lord God YAHWEH for His Creation is without limits. The Spirit of the Creator who lives in Him is the source of a Passion of infinite nature for Life. The fact that He chose the Son of His own Womb to incarnate the Son of Man reveals to us how much God loves His Creation. It is written: “God so loved the world that He gave us His own Son so that those who believe in Him may live forever”. A love for Life that has in the Passion of the Creator for His Creation its Inexhaustible Source of Action.

I know, we all know, that the abomination committed by the Anglican Protestant Rebellion in affirming that “God has no passion” is also written, and although signed by a criminal and an association of criminals whose passion was to accept the temptation to inherit all the kingdoms of the world in exchange for getting on their knees and worshipping the Evil One, we all know that, created in His Image, we are all created in His Image, and we all know that, created in His Image, we are all created to worship the Evil One, we all know that, created in his Image and Likeness, the spirit of the Creator lives in us, and by this life we understand, against the IMPERIAL ANTICHRISTIAN Declaration of the Church of England, that Creation is “an act of passion”, which every creator can well affirm with his blood. “Act of passion” in which the Creator and his Creation are immortally united.

The fact that YAHWEH God chose the Son of his uncreated womb to be offered as Lamb, by whose Blood the Redemption would come to all nations, a choice signed on Mount Moriah by Abraham, this Fact reveals to us the nature of the Love of the Creator for his Creation.

Indeed, having discovered to Abraham the existence of his Only Begotten Son, having opened his Heart to Redemption, God’s question to his Friend was clear: What do you offer me for this Election, guarantee of the Victory of the Son of Man over the enemy of your House and of your World, what are you willing to offer me for the Incarnation of my Only Begotten Son?

Abraham’s answer was firm: The life of my Unigenitus.

The Event is written.

The Lord God YAHWEH asked him to do it.

Without hesitation, Abraham raised his arm against the neck of his only begotten Isaac.

Moved by the love of his Creation for his Creator, the Lord God YAWEH stopped the sacrifice and swore to him by his Name that in his offspring all the families of the Earth would be blessed.

Upon Abraham’s Faith in the Goodness and Justice of his Friend, the Lord God YAHWEH, the Event of the Incarnation and Resurrection of the son of Man was established.

We all understand that once the Sacrifice of the Lamb of God had been fulfilled, all generations were deprived of this Grace, which by the Crime of one man were condemned to be cast into the fires of hell that Death ignited on Earth. And yet nothing made the future generations worthy that the Redemption by which eternal life is inherited in Faith in Jesus Christ should rain down its Grace upon them.

No man of Christ’s own time was better than those men before his Birth. God prophesied it: “There is no good man, there is none that doeth good.... “ 

And how could there have been after thousands of years with his neck under the boots of him who stole the crown from Man, and, rising as the god of the ages, led all the peoples of the Earth to that point where God's word was fulfilled, “There is no man that doeth good, all have in evil their glory... !”

So, how could God declare Himself Just when to some, not being better, He opened the Door of Life, and to others, not being worse, He closed the access to the Grace engendered in Faith!

The Resurrection raised a Before and an After: the world of Before remained without the Right to Grace, the world After receives the fullness of the Joy of the one who is not called to Judgment but who by Faith in the Name of Jesus Christ passes from the Earth to the Paradise of God!

Was the Son of the Creator insensitive to this Before and After, the One who with His Almighty Word said: Let there be Light and there was Light?

It was this Almighty and Omniscient Son who, calling all the sons of God, said: Let us make man in our image and after our likeness.

Indeed, the question begs the word: that fratricidal man who found in War a boundless passion for Power, was that the man who in the Beginning was born in the Spirit of the Creator?

How can God be called Just if He deprives some of Grace and opens His eternal arms to others, without having done anything that the first ones had not done!

How can we believe that the Son of God did not live this misunderstanding! How could the Son of Man judge a World in the light of a Justice that abandons the Past to its Condemnation, and opens to the Future the Door of his Kingdom without any other condition than the Love of his Name!

The Holy Spirit says that God perfected His Son by making Him the son of Man. And so it was. To contemplate a world enveloped in inextinguishable flames of apocalyptic destruction, but whose fires do not touch you, is not the same as being in the center of those infernal flames that devour everything, reducing to ashes empire after empire, kingdom after kingdom, people after people, generations of which the future is forgotten, of which we have no more memory than legends about ruins that ceased to exist.

How to understand the springs of that man walking through smoke and blood when the smoke does not touch you, nor your slippers are not stained with blood!

Who will move the Heart of God and give birth in his breast to a Justice to which all generations can be welcomed?

You weep on the summit, you shed tears that do not run out, your voice crosses the firmament, travels the heavens, penetrates the City of God, moves the Heart of your Father.

You, Living Son of the Most High God, are that Judge. Your Father has glorified you again.

He glorified you by seating you at his right hand as Lord and King of his entire Creation. He has placed at your feet all Power, all Glory, your Word is God, your Crown rules the Worlds created by your Father.

And He has glorified you again by seating you on the Throne of the Universal Judge. YOU are True God of True God, as you inherited in life the Kingdom of your Father, you also inherit the Glory of the Universal Judge.

In Thy Mouth is the Life and Death of the Fullness of the nations of Mankind. You are the Hope of the World to which you were sent to buy its Salvation at the price of your Blood and the Blood of your brothers, generation consecrated to your Heart and from your Heart begging your Soul to have Mercy on the World to which you called to eternal life.

Your Glory has no limits, your FATHER loves you so much that He has left on your lips the Judgment on the fullness of the nations of the Human Race. In Thy Heart He has raised a Hope of Universal Salvation for the Man You created; one Word from You and the Regeneration of Man will be a Fact.

Thy Power of Absolution is Almighty because Thy FATHER knows Thy Heart. He sent you to the Earth you created and the Man you called to eternal life. Abandoned in darkness, besieged by a Universal Homicide, how can we expect that, reduced to the condition of wild beasts, this Man can conceive of any good deed!

If even while living in your Faith, your servants are corrupted, how can you ask an account from those who did not have the Grace to live your Faith!

Is there no Grace for those who were cast into the abyss of Ignorance and Lies?

Behold, that is why your FATHER sent you to Earth, so that being a Man, your Judgment may be made from those who know the effect of “having been abandoned by God, their Creator”.

Did you not yourself feel abandoned when the iron was fattened in your flesh? And yet You are Almighty. One Word would have been enough for those who came to look for You to have vanished in the dust, right there in front of Your disciples.

 You were man to the last consequences, to the point of living your humanity abandoned under the iron and fire of Evil, even your heart burst!

By the Crime of a single man a whole world was condemned; by the Mercy of a single man the whole world was called to Grace. How can we forget that world before your Redemption? How many tears did you not shed living the pain of a world called to Judgment without having known the Grace that comes from Faith in your Name?

Not only did you buy with your Blood a Future for the Fullness of the nations, but with your Tears you moved the Heart of your God until you became the Hope of Salvation of our World: Past and Future. For Love of You the Lord God YAHWEH placed on your Lips the Power of Universal Absolution of the Human Race.

Lord, Supreme Universal Pontiff, King Everlasting Father, Almighty Judge, Thy Word is God. Thine is the Power, Thine is the Glory, Thou art JESUS CHRIST, our God and King, our Creator and Father in Heaven. On your lips rests the Life of a World abandoned in darkness for a Crime committed in Ignorance.

For Millennia generations suffered in their flesh the whip of the Fratricidal War, how to believe and hope that on the Day of your Coming their children would believe in the Son of the God whom they no longer loved! On your lips Your Father placed our Hope of Universal Salvation. By your Blood all the sins of the world were redeemed and a New Man came to birth; by your Obedience you conquered for us this Hope of Universal Salvation, Inheritance of your Descendants, called to conquer the Heart of men, for the Heart of God was won by You for all of us.

Glory in Heaven, Joy on Earth. Thus did the Lord God YAHWEH, Creator of the Cosmos and the Universe, Your Beloved Father, set before You a Testament, which You signed with Your Blood, by which in Unity with their Father Your Descendants will shine in the midst of darkness, opening the way for the nations out of the field of War and into Your Kingdom.

 Dictators and tyrants will disappear from the Earth, all the diseases that Death sowed in the body of Mankind will be conquered, an Invincible Body will be built for Peace against which the waves of War will crash.

Thy Justice shall extend its Grace from one corner of the World to the other, there shall be none who can make Lies his horse to Power, for Truth shall be the Root of Man’s Thought. The peoples shall adore thy Crown and have their life on thy Throne. There shall be none among men who shall conceive Evil and seek Power over the ruin of his people.

The hungry shall be satisfied with Justice, and the thirsty for life with Peace. Humanity will run to meet You to live in the Paradise of your FATHER in Fraternity with all the Peoples of Your Creation.

Yours is the Power of Regeneration of the beings who were thrown into darkness, wild animals, fratricidal beasts, condemned to fight, survive or die. Man shall not again raise his hand against his brother, nor deprive his fellow men of bread, clothing and shelter. The Man whom Thou didst discover for us shall live forever in Thy Descendants.

You saw this New Man and offered your Head to the Sword asking your God to give Birth to your Offspring. Glory to YOUR Eternal Father, the Lord God YAHWEH, his Word returns to his Arms for the Joy of those who condemned to be destroyed rise as a phoenix from the ashes to which they were thrown, to call all nations to the Kingdom of His Beloved Son. For Love of our People we will fight, and to the King we will dedicate our Victory.

Who can come out alive against Death if You do not put Your arm around him? Who is afraid of the enemy, having the Arm of God as his shield?

How can he love God, who does not see, who hates his fellow man, who sees!

The Love of God and of the King for Man is attested by those who put their Blood as a witness; for love of the Universal Salvation of the Human Race, the Master and his Disciples freely and voluntarily placed their heads on the stone on which Abraham placed that of his only begotten son. Isaac did not know where he was going, nor why. The Disciples knew everything. They were not cowed or daunted by a sword that would not be stopped by any angel's arm. How could they not feel glorified in your Creation!

The Creature corresponded to his Creator with boundless Love for his Creation. The Blood of the Saints filled the Heart of God, his cry for Mercy for the Human Race ascended to the Throne of Glory. Some time yet and God would raise to the Bride of the King that Descent for which He signed with His blood the New Testament, and it was written: “The whole creation awaits with a heavy heart the birth of the day of the glory of the freedom of the children of God”.

Joy in Heaven, Glory on Earth, because the Lord God of Infinity and Eternity, Creator of the Cosmos and the Universe, YAVE, Father of Jesus Christ, does not forget, nor turns his back on his Creation. Necessity imposed its law. But once the Day of Freedom has arrived, it is the Omniscient and Almighty Father of Heaven who opens His so that all the peoples of the Earth may live the glory of the freedom of His children.

But how can the Judge absolve the one who does not want the Regeneration of his Soul and rejects the spirit of God? This is why the Holy Spirit wrote: “Hope that is seen is not Hope”.

Indeed, Victory is won in the field of History.

The Son of God believed with all his being that Man, once free from the Lie, would accept the Law of his Kingdom with the strength of one who has conquered Hell, and his Regeneration would be the Defense of that World without Christ that did not have the opportunity to receive the Baptism of Grace.

In this Faith the Almighty Son of God surrendered Himself to the Cross; moved by this Hope His Disciples and their generation of immaculate lambs went to the altar of Sacrifice. They conquered the Heart of God in the Faith of the Victory of this Hope of Universal Salvation, Inheritance of the Offspring about whom God said: “Your Offspring will seize the gates of their enemies”.

Born to be Invincible we fight for those who cannot fight for themselves, whose condemnation or acquittal on the Day of Judgment depends upon the Defense established upon the Event of the Regeneration of the fullness of the nations.

So much the more powerful our Hope inasmuch as He who has the Judgment is the same King who for this Salvation offered His Life and that of His Disciples, immaculate lambs, glory of His House, conquerors, in His image and likeness, of the Heart of the Creator of Heaven and Earth, whose Spirit of Wisdom and Intelligence He bequeathed to the Offspring of His Son for the Good of all nations and the Universal Salvation of the Human Race.

Who then will resist this Spirit, who will stand before the King and his God?

He who does not love his fellow man who sees, how will he love God, who does not see! Or what will man give in exchange for his soul! And what good will it do to save the whole world if he loses his soul?

The Nature of the End requires its nature in the Means. Fire is not quenched with fire. Nor is hunger satisfied by the death of the hungry. The holiness of the End invokes the holiness of the Way. It is not with gold nor with iron, but with the spirit of YAHWEH that the feet approach Victory.

It is the Son of God who lives in his Wife, the Holy Mother Catholic Church, who engenders in us the Man in his image and likeness. And this Man and only this Man can advance towards the Victory of the Hope of Universal Salvation for which that Divine Generation spontaneously offered itself and followed its Shepherd to the Altar of the Lambs. He himself the Lamb of God, the infinite value of his Being conquered for all the Grace of Faith.

Our enemy is the father of the Lie, that Serpent who injected his homicidal venom into the First Man. Such is the abomination that our Creator felt towards that son of God, Satan by name, that not wanting to even remember his abominable name, he made it known to us in the image of a serpent, the Serpent that he carried within his chest. The raison d'être of that Serpent was and is the destruction of all life on Earth.

How will he do it if he does not first destroy the Name of God in man!

How will men fight for their world if by abolishing the Law of God they banish from their souls the Innate Force of Love for their fellow men!

Thou shalt love God above all things and thy neighbor as thyself.


Simple: The existence of God is made an Abomination for Scientific atheism, .....

.... the power of the formation of the world's intelligence is given to the religion of scientific atheism ...

.... and man's love for his fellow man will be blown to bits. 

Nations dragged into the abyss by Power and Riches: pulling Scientific Atheism from the cart of History: oxen, cart and nations, victory, crashed into the abyss of apocalyptic destruction.

No two without three!

Being in the Law of “thou shalt love God above all things and thy neighbor as thyself” the Life, when the existence of God is denied, love for one's fellow men is banished from all hearts, and men will run to the field of world wars.

First ... Second ... and ... T...a?

Inevitable law.

The madman believes that his madness is wisdom reserved for his very high intelligence; the madmen are the others, intellectually handicapped, incapable of seeing even the summit on whose mountain their thoughts, feelings and reasons move. Enemy of the Existence of God, he creates for himself a Godless universe tailored to his straitjacket. World War I, World War II ....

No Two without Three! What the Serpent could not do, Science will do....

Satan’s speech to his rebellious brothers.

And therein lies Science.

The Serpent has found in Stockholm his Rome, from where his wise-priests impose their religion on all the universities, institutes, schools and kindergartens of the planet. Denied the first part of the Law, “Thou shalt worship God with all thy being”, follows the annulment of its Logic: “... and thy neighbor as thyself".

Our enemy hides in books.









Blessed be God, for love did not stop Him and He placed Justice above Love, thus founding, in the eyes of all His Creation, His Kingdom on a Universal Justice whose principles are no respecter of persons and whose Law knows no exception.

Let us begin then at the beginning.

Let us go back to the days before the Creation of our Earth.

It is true that in their institutionalized insanity the fathers of Scientific Atheism abolished the Principle with which God opens His Book and gives Origin to the History of our World. Nothing exceptional. It is natural for the Beast to devastate absolutely everything until he is left alone to finally eat himself, starting with his tail. Is there a more spectacular, suicidal and criminal insanity than that of the Beast who refuses to recognize his banishment from wisdom, and makes the Science of the Extermination of his World the glory of his Pride?

The Creation of the History of Mankind had a Beginning, but before this Beginning there was Eternity, and after the End of the History of Man on Earth there will be Eternity. Not wanting to see that History is a Path in the time of Eternity is the origin of all the evils of this World. This is a Path along which other Worlds were walking, created by God Himself before the Beginning of our History. Universal History open to Eternity, but which by surprising causes led those Worlds to a state of disturbing War whose engine developed an irrational dialectic.

The Powers of the Peoples and those Worlds created before the Beginning of ours confronted each other in an all-out War. Twice. The reason: a part of those Powers took a step forward claiming from God an exceptional status quo that would place them beyond the Law, at the same time that would invest them with the power to administer their Worlds according to laws created by themselves. They claimed to be true gods in the midst of their peoples; it was NOT enough for them to be children of God, and according to that divinity to be the protagonists of the History of Eternity! NO! They wanted to reduce the Presence of God in his Creation to that of a mere Idol, a body without body, without parts or passions, empty of emotions, feelings and power of judgment for the acts and actions of his children.

The response of God the Father to the complaint of his children was to raise the Law to HIS own Divine Nature, so that whoever would rise again against the Law would declare war on God the Creator of the Cosmos, of everything visible and invisible. Hence, in the presence of all his children, for he called them all to form man in his image and likeness, and Adam being a son of God, YAHWEH GOD, saying: “EAT NOT, for in the day that thou eatest thou shalt die”, lifted up the Law from Earth to Heaven.

The Word of God, Almighty and Omnipotent, essence and visible substance of the Creator's own Nature, was heard and understood in all its dimension by all the children of God, protagonists of the History of our World.

God and his Word are a single indivisible, incorruptible, omniscient, all-powerful, omnipotent Reality. The Word of God is God. The whole Uncreated Being of the Lord of Infinity and Eternity, Creator of the New Cosmos, YAHWEH GOD, FATHER OF JESUS CHRIST, lives in his Word. His Word is Sempiternal Universal Law, the Living Source from which the entire Creation is nourished. To confront the Word of YAVE GOD THE FATHER is to declare war on the Creator of the Cosmos and Lord of Infinity and Eternity.

No greater folly can be conceived: a creature by DIVINE HANDS created from stardust challenging its Creator to Total War, declaring War on HIS VERB.



The Law is God


As it could not be believed that it would happen otherwise, and to believe that it would happen otherwise would have been something of irrational beasts, of suicidal and criminal brains that prefer to extirpate from their heads the intelligence to live before a Universal Justice, all-powerful, holy, immaculate, incorruptible, unfading to the particular interests, visible and living expression of the Spirit of the Creator of the Universe: The Immunity for their acts that a part of the children of God came from a time before, before the creation of Man, asking the Lord of Eternity and Infinity, a claim that became public when with one voice they used Eve as a Judas kiss and Adam as a spear against the chest of God; with clean voices claiming to the Lord of the Cosmos and the infinite spaces that the House of Yahweh and Zion, -gods and sons of God, princes of the Empire of the Paradise of God-, should become the exception to the Law, a compulsory exception before which the Divine Justice would bend and grant eternal and almighty freedom to act at will without answering before any Justice for their thoughts, words and deeds; That infernal, demonic and evil Immunity that intended to make of the Nations of the Universe armies of tin soldiers for the amusement of gods, and because God loves Justice above all things, God, over the corpse of His little son, our Adam, denied it once and forever for eternity of eternities, swearing by His Omniscient and Almighty Head that all the enemies of His Law would be banished from His Kingdom and Creation forever.

Indeed, portrayed His pain in the Passion of Christ, enormous and deep was the pain of that Father to whom, while he was enjoying his Rest, they killed his little son without giving him the opportunity to defend him. And terrible was the cry of pain that was heard throughout the length and breadth of the Heavens against the rebellious house.

Madness had become flesh. Creatures of animal origin, raised to the most beautiful heights ever dreamed of by any living species of the Cosmos: to be children of God, to participate for Eternity in the Life of the Creator, had little of this Glory, and incredible but true: they claimed from the Lord of Wisdom, GOD UNCREATED, to live as equals.

The Possibility of Rebellion existed, but how could it be conceived that a mere speck of stardust would dare to believe itself capable of sitting on the throne of the Creator of the stars that fill the Cosmos! The LAW was elevated to the Nature of GOD in order that what could not be obtained by LOVE might be obtained by FEAR.




YAHWEH GOD THE FATHER believed that before the Elevation of the Law, by FEAR OF GOD his children would abandon that insane Claim.

God is Uncreated, God cannot be created. To want to be God is madness, denial of Cosmological Reality. The Link between the Creator and his Creation is LOVE. In the LOVE of the Creator for his Creation, his creatures have everything: Eternal Life, open the door to the treasure of his Omniscience, the Creative Wisdom as Master: God is True Father!



The Holy Spirit is God


The Betrayal was consummated. The rebellious sons did not cease to reclaim that status quo for which they rose up in war during the days before the Creation of the Beginning of our Heavens and our Earth. FEAR did not stop them. They believed they could defeat God, bring the Creator of the Cosmos to His knees: force Him to abolish the Law, extirpate from His Being the Holy Spirit of Justice.

They did NOT stop at the Crime against Adam, the younger of God’s sons.

Immolated homicidal Beast devised to make of Man the battle axe with which the Satanic Dragon would write his last word: Rather Hell than live in a World governed by the Holy Spirit of the Law: Incorruptible, unfading, all-knowing, all-powerful, Peace for Soul, Love of Life for Heart, visible expression of the Divine Being: YOU, YAHWEH GOD, FATHER OF JESUS CHRIST.

May your Judgment fall upon the enemies of your Kingdom, and may your People know the Freedom of one who has nothing to fear for eternity: for your Holy Spirit is God.



The Judgment of God


But even when His chest was pierced by the lance of Treason, the Almighty and Omniscient Creator of the Cosmos had His hands and feet nailed to the Cross of His Justice; because if He came down from that Cross it would be the Holy Spirit of Justice who would descend to Hell, and not having room in His Head for such a Future for His Kingdom, God the Father abandoned to Death His little son, and with him the Fullness of the nations of the Human Genus.

Terrible would be the accusation of those who would raise against His Justice the argument of having predestined to Hell an entire world for the sin of a single man. But His Goodness is infinite because He placed Justice above Love in order that Truth might reign forever and ever.

Blessed be Almighty God, because being able to resurrect His son Adam, at the price of exposing the whole creation to the corruption born of Absolute Immunity in favor of those who govern it, He cast away from Himself a passing happiness and chose a present pain, cradle of future glory, casting into Hell, far from Himself that Evil Reclamation to hell which behind forgiveness hid its fire. 



The Law: Universal and Eternal


The case was simple. On one side was God, Creator of all life, that which has flourished on Earth as it flourished before in other parts of His Creation, and will flourish by His Will during Eternity throughout the universe.

With a view to the peaceful existence of all the Peoples of His Kingdom, God established an Eternal Law, which reigns over the particular laws and is the nucleus from which these particular laws arise like branches from the same trunk. This Law has no exception, it does not grant immunity to any creature.

Brother, Son, or Servant of God, every living creature, from the one who sits at the Right Hand of the Throne of God to the humblest being in Paradise, we are all subject to this Law by which each one is responsible for his acts before a Universal Justice that makes no exception for Brother, Son or Servant, and before its Tribunal all creatures present themselves naked to be judged according to their thoughts, words and deeds. There is no place for invocation to the Divine Paternity. And the root of this Justice is Truth; its fruit, Peace. For this reason God wrote, lest any man should think himself shielded from the Law by reason of his position in His Kingdom: God created man naked.

On the other side we have a part of the sons of God, who not being able to accept this nakedness, claimed that natural immunity to some of gods born of an Almighty and Eternal God whom no one can judge. And as sons of that God they claimed the Almighty power that was natural to the God of gods, by this power giving birth to the exception, which the Law does not grant.

The question that was at the Origin of the Betrayal of those wicked sons of God, betrayal consummated with the Homicide of Adam, was how to wrest that Immunity from God. For God not only was not, nor is, nor will be for Eternity willing to give the green light to the transformation of his House in an Olympus of gods beyond the Law, but, to settle the matter, publicly and before all his House, personified in his youngest son Adam, he made known his last Word: "Whoever eats of that fruit, shall die, without exception". And He did not want to hear about it again, ever!

The Law is Universal and will remain so for Eternity.



The Cunning of the Serpent


The thought of those who could not conceive of eternal life in the bosom of a Universal Peace founded on a Divine Justice before whose Tribunal all creatures, regardless of their social position, are equal before the Law; the thought of such, I say, and even having given His Last Word, and precisely because He had given it, not only did He not submit to Necessity, not to speak of the Infinite Goodness which the Word poured out upon the Future of Creation, but He allowed Himself to be dragged into open Rebellion on the basis of this manifested Final Decision: “In the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.”

In his evil cunning the ringleader and prince of the Rebels placed on the table of the Conjured, under the Sign of the Serpent, the answer to their problem. It is evident that the Law is all-powerful while it has in the Being of God its Force, but what if God were enslaved to His own Word and for love of His Freedom He Himself should break it? In this hypothetical case, would it not be questionable that the Word is God? Let me explain:

The Law is Almighty and makes no exception. Adam eats, Adam dies. For the sin of only one man, Head of his World, for “God created man in his own image and likeness”, the whole World dies. Now, the Law binds God to the Word, to his Word, enslaving him to consummate his Project of Formation of the Human Genus. So, the Word being the Word of God, the Law binds God to the World until his Word is fulfilled. But if this Word were never to be fulfilled and therefore the Human Race were never to reach the condition of the children of God, God would be obliged to renounce his Law, so that in order to be free of his Word, his Divinity would have to be abolished by Himself. Or, ... compelled by his Word..., God would have to try again and again until his Will was fulfilled.... but what if it could not be fulfilled... because there was no... matter?

Then all that had to be done was to use Adam as a spear against the Word, to drive the spear into God’s chest, and from there on, to give himself to the Destruction of the Human Genus, so that God, not existing matter, would be forced to recognize that he had been defeated, and consequently he would have to impose to his Justice such Exceptionality. That is to say, the Mount of God, Zion, would have to evolve and transform itself into an Olympus of gods. The entire Creation would have to adjust to this new Law... and all the Peoples of the Universe... would be at the mercy... of the New Gods.





God, Adam’s Father, felt wounded to the depths of his heart. As a father returning from a trip and finding the corpse of his son in the garden of his house, God became infinitely angry when he discovered that the murderer of his son had been the same one to whom he had entrusted his custody while he was on a trip.

God, as an incorruptible Judge, passed sentence against all parties with the severity that Justice demanded, imposing punishment without regard to the origin and social condition of the offenders.

God, as Creator, was astonished at the infinite madness that was in His eyes the declaration of war thrown in His face by a creature that He Himself had taken from the dust, whose existence He could erase from the face of Time and Space with a simple breath.

God, as God, could not fail to see behind the movement on the Board of Eternity of these pawns the face of his True Enemy: Death.

For many eternities, since the very Day He set out to conquer eternal life for all beings, Death had been following in God’s footsteps in order to force Him to accept the everlasting Coexistence, as it had been from the beginningless beginning of the Uncreation, of Life and Death in the bosom of Creation.

God had limited Himself to ignore the existence of Death as an Uncreated Entity, He had considered it a phenomenon inherent to Life.

The Joy of the Transfiguration of God into the Father and the Son, the Joy of the Creation of the Universe and its first Worlds, the Joy of the growth of His Paradise into a Wonderful Empire full of vitality, were joys that had been marred by the Wars of Heaven; Nevertheless, and since He had already known the Science of Good and Evil, He set about to extirpate from His Creation this accursed Tree by means of the Law, so that War, its Fruit, might not spread its fire over the Universe and Hell carry away His Work into the darkness of oblivion.

Suddenly, with the Spirit in suspense and although God knew that “that bull had already gored before”, and therefore He put the Law as a yoke on all His children, without exception, in order to subject them all to Obedience, “that bull”, which had already gored before, let loose and launched itself against an Adam without any knowledge of the nature of the fruit of the science of good and evil, hence the Ignorance as the Foundation of Redemption; an Adam without any knowledge, he said, of the murderous instinct of the Beast, whom the Beast adorns until he kills him.

God says to himself: “Impossible”; he looks up and sees his true enemy, Death. And in his Sorrow he plants his face, accepts the declaration of war and launches himself into the Final Battle.



Foundations of the Final Battle


There was Redemption because there was Ignorance; so that if through Ignorance came the curse: through that same Ignorance, because there was, and if there had not been, Redemption would not have been possible by Law, Redemption took place, as contained in the law of the Atonement Sacrifice for sins.

Now then, the Law of Moses looked to the individual, and in its most open facet to the sacrifice for the sins of the Hebrew and Jewish people. But the whole world having sinned and living in sin because of the Ignorance of Adam, whose sin is suffered in our flesh by the Fullness of the Nations of the Human Genus, this Law was a symbol and announcement of the Atoning Sacrifice for all the sins of the World that God was preparing. The answer to the question: what Lamb could be worth in the eyes of God so much as to wash away in His Blood the sins of an entire World, and derived questions, are part of the Doctrine of the Holy Mother Catholic Church since the days of the Apostles.

What is important for us is that God assumed our Cause as His own and took responsibility for the Fall inasmuch as “knowing that the bull was horned” He exposed our Future and that of the whole Creation to Freedom, making use of which the Enemies of the Holy Spirit made Adam's Ignorance the Achilles' heel against which to hurl the lance of Treason.

Assumed our Cause, the Dilemma in which the disciples of the Evil One wanted to trap God and between the knots of whose impossible Gordian labyrinth they wanted to strip Him of His Holy Spirit, reducing Divinity to Power, by virtue of whose new Reality Truth, Justice and Peace would be marginalized from the structure of the Cosmos, that Dilemma passed through the How to separate the Holy Spirit from God.

It was only natural! It was this Property of Being that opposed a leap of such a nature that, leaving Truth as the root of Justice behind, would place the Future on a Field of Perpetual War, whose final conclusion would be the Absolute Destruction of Creation itself. And hence God flatly refused to agree to the transformation of his kingdom into an Olympus of gods all beyond the Law.

But from the point of view of the evil school that defended this new status and denied the Wisdom of God by asserting that the Dilemma could be resolved by God renouncing his Truth, the strategy was clear. In the Event of the Creation of Man God manifested his will to make known to his Son the existence of Good and Evil as Science, but not as experience. And hence He symbolized this Knowledge in the form of a Tree. It is by Pure Intelligence that God wanted to make known to his Son the existence of Good and Evil.

The strategy of Death and his Prince then centered his cunning on giving the Son of God a taste of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, that is to say, War. The Cunning of the Evil One would reach its climax by seducing the Only One who could get God to open in the body of the Law an exception, encompassing in his Olympus the gods, that is, the whole House of God.

What would happen if the Son of God found satisfaction in War? How could God know if his Only Begotten Son liked or disliked the Science of Good and Evil if he had not yet tasted its fruit?

In the face of a supposed terminal choice of the Son of God in favor of the Devil’s school... would not the Holy Spirit lose the Battle?

This was the madman’s scheme that the Evil One held up as wisdom by which to separate God and Holy Spirit.

When God discovered its effect and stood before the fait accompli, he saw for the first time the face of his True Enemy.

It was clear that an uncreated Force had been at work there; God could no longer excuse the behavior of his children in this and that, nor could he continue to blame himself for having undervalued the value of his own Victory against Death, namely, the creation of life in his image and likeness.

Death, that reality which he once defined by the absence of eternal life, was revealed to him in all its uncreated Reality in the Madness of the school of the Serpent, whose head, Satan, sought to destroy the Holy Spirit by using the Son against the Father.

The Battle became Cosmic. It was the entire Creation that was threatened by that Uncreated Force against which God rose up with a Universe in which Life inherits the Immortality of its Creator and becomes a Tree whose branches cover Eternity and the Infinity of Worlds.

It was this New Universe that Death had to tear down.

Only God in person could rise against that Force and banish it from his Creation. It was the Hour of the Final Battle of that War declared by God to Death when by his Almighty Power and Omniscience Life became Immortal! If until then God had not seen face to face the true enemy of his Creation, once the madness unfolded in Eden was consummated, God opened his eyes and saw the Face of his Enemy.

From that moment on, all questions remained in suspense.



The expectation of the whole creation.


It is evident that He who once opened in Infinity the Fountain from which flows all the creative energy of the Cosmos, This same God could destroy everything created, open a black hole in Infinity and throw his Enemy into it, sealing that pit for Eternity. But this is supposed in a God who is alone and acts in accordance with his solitude.

But God is not alone. How to explain to his Son the massive destruction of an entire Cosmos without basing his Power on the whim of a God who can allow himself to do and undo as he pleases!

Death had attacked where he thought his arrow would bring God to his knees.

You don’t create a Cosmos and decide overnight to wipe it off the map. That is done by mathematicians and madmen. No one works from sun up to sun down for a whole summer to let the fruit fall to the ground once it ripens.

The first thing the Son of God would do is ask himself why. Couldn't God just grab his Enemy by the throat and throw him into Hell?

More importantly, how could He know the Answer of His Only Begotten Son to the question at the origin of Adam's Fall and the Rebellion against the Holy Spirit if He was not exposed to temptation Himself?

The entire Creation remained in suspense from Adam to Christ. For it became evident to all the children of God that Immortality and the Science of Good and Evil are incompatible, that if taken to the extreme of choosing between His Son and the Universe, God would destroy the whole Work of His hands, reduce the Cosmos to dust, and, as He did before, start all over again, taking care this next time not to leave any door open to the Seed of Death.

The Future of the entire Creation, as it exists, was therefore in the hands of the Son of God. And there was only one way to close the Doubt: for the Son of God to speak for Himself.

For God the question was beyond doubt, but since the Doubt had found its way and demanded to hear from the Son of God himself his Final Word on the matter: YES to the exception to the Law for the children of God, or NO to it, so it would be.

The entire Old Testament is nothing more than the Preparation of the Stage from which the Son of God would make known his answer “to the whole creation”, his Position regarding the Science of Good and Evil: Exception to the Law for the sons of God, or the Kingdom of Justice over all beings without respect of person?

The sons of God who became the body of the Ancient Serpent, making Satan their head, made their decision known by dancing on the tomb of Adam, demonstrating that for nothing in the world were they willing to live under the Empire of a Law that does not differentiate between Ruler and Ruled, between King and People.

Once the Declaration of War against the Holy Spirit was signed on the blood of Adam, the whole creation, scandalized by the End that was drawn on its horizon, remained with its chest heaving, its heart shrinking, waiting for the Decision of the Only One who could obtain from God such a transformation of his Empire into an Olympus of gods, all beyond Good and Evil.



Empire or Cross


There are two things that are not to be trifled with: blood and fire. But when blood and fire become one?

His name was JESUS. Such was the Name of the Son of God on whose lips depended the Future of the whole Creation. For love of His Son God would not have hesitated to erase the galaxies from the map of the cosmos, to erase the cosmos itself and to begin a New Creation. The Decision was His.

He became man so that the whole of creation might hear in words the Answer of the Son of God to the question in dispute: Yes or No to the Holy Spirit of a Law that admits no exception and is set forth as the Rock on which the Building of Justice stands indestructible against the passage of Time.

His was the Last Word.

If his answer was a No to the Equality of all people before the Law, Jesus only had to write his No, embodying the vision of the Messiah that Judaism had formed in its ignorance of the inspiring Spirit of the Scriptures.

He was the Son of God, his was the Power. Once the final decision was made, if according to Judaism, nothing and no one could cut off the son of David to the Universal Empire of Jerusalem; .... Rome succeeded Athens, Athens to Susa, Susa to Babylon, Babylon to Nineveh, Nineveh to ... the journey of the “witness of the empire” would end in Jerusalem ... if the final decision of the Son of David was a No to the Law of the Holy Spirit.

If Jesus’ Answer was a Yes to the LAW OF YAHWEH he was only to bend his knees and go up to the Cross, thus signing his Final Declaration with the blood of Christ.

Two doors. One led to the ephemeral glory of empire; the other... to the everlasting Glory of the Kingdom of God. The Decision was His. The Future of the whole Creation was in his hands. If the Son wanted to see with his own eyes in what experience the Law of the Father against the Science of Good and Evil originated, this experience would lead the whole creation to its total destruction. We would have joy for Today and Sorrow of death for Tomorrow... even if this Tomorrow dawned an eternity on the other side of the Night of the Ages. 



The doctrine of the Devil


The Son is God, he could afford the luxury of living a cosmic Apocalypse on the other side of the book of History. So what? Is not every living creature clay on which God breathes his breath of life and if he withdraws it, he expires and returns to dust? Why not live the experience? After all, a creature cannot endure eternal existence. Sooner or later it needs Death, it asks for it, it begs for it, it is the dream of eternal rest, the dream of final peace, dust to dust, ashes to ashes. Why not make that time between Today and Tomorrow a walk in the fields of a War of Gods?

God has nothing to lose, for He is indestructible, and being the Son of the same Nature as the Father, where is the fear? Is not Creation a Spectacle? Sometimes a tragedy, sometimes a comedy, now a circus, then a wedding, a funeral, a tear, a laugh? where is the harm in having fun?

What good is there in a Law that admits no exceptions and resembles a machine following the guidelines of a virtual program?

After all, it is enough for God to want to turn stones into bread, to open his mouth to extinguish a fire and to resurrect fallen armies during a War of Worlds. What is wrong with the glory of a god who walks his Power through the stars mobilizing worlds like flocks running to the slaughterhouse to feed the bellies of the gods?

Freedom, Peace, what is all that if there is no Power to free slaves and end wars?



The doctrine of the kingdom of heaven


His name was Jesus, and he was the Christ: "Depart from me, Satan". That was the moment when the heart of the whole creation was released, the chest that was shrinking was widened, and in the joy of so many children tears sprang from God's eyes. And a cry was heard in the Infinite: Victory!

The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, one God, one Eternal Spiritual Reality.

Now to sign the Answer by drowning the pen in the blood of the Lamb of God. Now to be the First to certify the No to the Exception to the Law.

By Law, Christ Jesus had to die, because being a Jew by birth, he stood against the Law of exclusion of all nations from the kingdom of God. He was the Son of David, it was in his hand to invoke the Exception or bend his knees before the Law.

If Christ Jesus followed the doctrine of the Devil, he would invoke the Exception; if that of the Kingdom of God, even being God the only begotten Son, he had to become equal to men, so that in his Yes the whole creation would find its Life.

The Decision of the Son of God is written. In his Yes to the Law of the Holy Spirit, Creation found its Savior.

God, exalted before his entire House by the Obedience of his Beloved Son, abolished the Empire of the sons of God and raised the Crown of his Only Begotten to the Universal Kingdom. There are no kings, only princes, all subject to the Universal and everlasting Crown of the Son of God. One King, one Lord and Savior.



The Hope of Universal Salvation


But God did more. He placed everything at the feet of his Son, both the Throne of the Kingdom before which every Power answers, and the Throne of Universal Judgment, before whose Tribunal every creature answers. And placing in his hands the Final Judgment, God invested his Son with the Glory that God had reserved for himself: the Glory of the one who has the Power to sign Universal Acquittal or Condemnatory Sentence ad eternum, being his Sentence Unappealable and Final.

Gathering, then, the Justice by which the ignorance of our parents made us worthy of Redemption, God wanted to give us as Judge the same one who in the Beginning said: Let there be Light, so that we would find in the Judge our own Creator, He who suffered Death in His being, and knowing His Power, He would judge us according to our nature and not in relation to His.

From our most tender Adolescence we were delivered to the Empire of Death, an almighty monster that prepared a banquet table for its princes, serving our flesh as a delicacy for kings and our blood as ambrosia for gods, we human nations had hatred and vengeance for tutors and teachers, cruelty and terror were our school and academy, we made our way through the millennia like beasts that crawl on all fours through inhospitable deserts where the law is to devour or be devoured. The Science of good and evil was our lot! Who will take pity on crimes committed in the darkness of a battle in which truce and quarter were for the dead?

How could the God of Love deliver us naked, our original soul forged in clouds of weightless cotton wool like happy dreams, to a Tribunal alien to Mercy?

Was the God of all peoples going to allow a Judge who never knew the fragility of this flesh of ours chained to the wall of the cruel hells of hunger and thirst for justice to raise his fist against us?

How can mud be judged for not resisting the impetus of the current that comes down from the mountains dragging stones and logs?

By what law can be judged the bite that the puppy abandoned in the jungle gives against the leg of the one who sleeps in his tent?

What Law must be abandoned to judge us for our acts without taking into account the almighty force that from incognito nuclei throws its thunderbolts against minds surprised in full celebration?

Was not he who dreamed of our liberation in space to take with him our liberation in time?

God, most loving of His entire creation, wanted to open horizons to the Power of His Son and show Him how with a single Word He can make a whole World be born again and its Soul not to remember the pain and sorrow, but as one who has a bad dream, to rise up and forget forever the nightmare in which he was trapped by an abominable Betrayal.

Behold the Glory of our Judge, it is not in our Condemnation, but in our Absolution.

And as in the spirit of prophecy is Absolution to him that is converted, it was in this Spirit that the Doctrine of the kingdom of heaven came to us, that by our Conversion we might obtain Grace for all nations of our Kind, so that if by one man we were all made sinners, and by another only many were made righteous, by those whom we believe may be justified those who neither knew nor saw the Son of God. For the argument that the sin of the nations proceeded from their ignorance of the knowledge of good and evil, the door through which the Devil entered our world, having been justified by the wisdom of our works, by our works, raised as an argument in defense of the works committed in ignorance, let the Universal Judge see that once installed in his Wisdom, Sin can no longer have Power over Man, from Today and for Eternity.




Jesus of Nazareth was the first Christian. He was led by Christ to the Cross of the Lamb of God. His Disciples were called Christians because they followed his example and went up to the cross predestined for them. Jesus was the Christ of God. We are Christians because we are Disciples of Christ in the image and likeness of Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of Man. The Law by which the Christ lived is the Law of the Spirit that lives in every child of God. We did not know what was that Image in whose Likeness we were created.

God is not man. The Answer to this Question was given by begetting Christ: Behold the Man. Whoever does not live this Image of the Son of God is neither a Christian nor a Man. Man is that Being in whom Christ lives, from whose Spirit we inherit the being of the children of God and the Citizenship of his Kingdom. The Birth of Christ is the Creator's Discourse on the Nature of Man whom He called to eternal Life. Abandoned in the darkness that Man died in men, was buried in the abysses of hatred and the wars of the millennia. The Son of God came to resurrect him. In His Resurrection that Man, who was thrown into the pit, rose again.

Christ was Jesus because Christ was in the Son of God. By His Incarnation JESUS raised CHRIST from the dead, to be by Christ led to the Cross, where dying the King of kings came to be born by the Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST, the King!

The Christian is first of all a Citizen of the Kingdom of JESUS CHRIST, worshipper of the Law of his Spirit, by which he inherits the Divine Right of all the children of God to Truth, Justice, Peace, Liberty, to Intelligence in the image and likeness of that of his Creator, and above all things his most inalienable treasure: The Love of his Creator, our Father who is in Heaven.

But the Love of God, our Father, is manifested in Obedience to His Word, so that he who does not obey His Will and remains alien to the Nature of His Word has no justification for his conduct. Faith, in truth, is the Key that opens the Door of Paradise: no one should forget that Faith is not simply the knowledge of JESUS CHRIST being the Son of God according to the Eternal Universal Declaration of Our Mother the Holy Catholic Church. If this Knowledge coming from Reason were reduced to Faith, the greatest of all Christians would be that Satan who rose up to put Christ to death. Was not Satan among those called to form Man in the image and likeness of the children of God? Therefore, it is seen that Knowledge without the glory that comes from the Works made in the image and likeness of Christ Jesus is dead faith. By their works, not by their knowledge, have been sentenced to Eternal Banishment those who believed that they could banish the Holy Spirit from God.

He who separates the Works of Faith from the image and likeness of Christ commits the same crime as he who separates Jesus from the Son of the Lord God YAHWEH. By their works you know who is who.

Human laws when they proceed to an Open War of Civil Law against Natural Law commits a Crime against God and Humanity. Man and Woman have not created themselves. To break and anathematize the laws that gave rise to the Creation of Man and Woman is to want to create an abomination in the eyes of the Creator of Life on Earth.

To separate from the Law of the Spirit of Christ is to abolish the Natural Law written in stone at Sinai, written later by JESUS CHRIST in the Christian Soul with the fire that is born of the Spirit.

The Law of the Creator is Firm: Created free and endowed with Intelligence in his image and likeness, all the Citizens of the Universe are naked before the eyes of his Justice.

There is no Power that can buy the Judgment of a Judge whose Justice has in the Arm of the Creator of the Universe its Glory.

The Law has not been given to us to enslave the Peoples to the interests of a group of families, clans or tribes. The Law is the Guarantee of Peace among all the nations of Creation. In Peace we all find Freedom, Joy and the Horizon open to a Life whose days never end.

The Creation of a World open to Peoples with origins in different Spaces and Times can only have a Guarantee of Eternal Life in the Adhesion of all to a Universal Citizenship that makes of all Branches of the same Divine Tree: The Tree of Eternal Life.

Eternity does not begin tomorrow. We live in Eternity. We go to bed with it and wake up to it every day. Whoever here does not live in the light of the Law of Eternity, how can he be admitted into a World the Law of whose Kingdom he despised in his world of origin!

JESUS was the First Christian, the son of Man who taught us the Nature of the Law by which remaining naked in Nakedness before Justice finds, Freedom and Peace his arms and his legs. Those who clothe themselves with Immunities and armor themselves with Impunities, buying and selling sentence, and making laws against the Nature of the Universe, are men and women who have renounced the image and likeness of Man according to the Son of God, and have surrendered their souls to Satan in exchange for Power over the nations of the Earth.

The Last Judgment will be made according to the spirit of the Prophecy of the son of Man ... or, as in Nineveh, Mercy, set forth in the Defense of Man signed by God on the Cross, will respond to the Faith of the coming centuries with a Universal Absolution for a World, in the early days of its Historical Adolescence, thrown into the abyss of a fratricidal world war whose horizon was opening to a total self-destructive apocalypse.

It is up to us today to raise the Building of the Fullness of the Nations of the Earth, Citizens of the Kingdom of the Son of God, and it will be up to the generations of Tomorrow to maintain, expand and develop it, always having in the Law of the KING the Rock and Foundation of Truth, Justice and Peace among all nations and peoples of the Human Genus.

Give life to the Argument of Christ: Man, if he had not been deceived by a son of God, not of our World, would never have eaten of the fruit of the Tree of the Science of good and evil; the life of this argument is not in the speeches of theologians and dictators of the word, that life is in the works of all made in the image and likeness of the works of Christ: You shall love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself, its summary. Do not lie, do not steal, do not bear false witness, do not envy, do not condemn, forgive and you will be forgiven, honor your parents, love your brothers and sisters....


Salvation is not in the letter, it is in the Spirit, and the Spirit is in the Words and in the Works, so that he who speaks and does not work is a dead man, a tomb in which DEATH awakens a son to his hell, in the image and likeness of Satan, his firstborn.



23/11/ 2023. Coín, Málaga



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