Let’s travel directly to the subject star of this Introduction to the Creation of the Universe.

As New Path leading to the True knowledge of the Nature and Constitution of Heavens and Earth, I have chosen the Biblical Genesis as lift-off platform.

Speaking about the origins of our Earth, Genesis says: “Earth was confused and empty”.

(The Modern Bibles do not deal this way with the translation of the Original Text. It is understandable. The modern translators (Luther and so on) were caught in the trap of their modern way of thinking, and to avoid this biblical “confusion” they chose to adapt God’s Word to the mind of the readers. Here, with no dependency whatsoever to anything or anybody; free from the psycho prejudices of the times and its adaptations, I have preferred to support the original Text:

“In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth. The Earth was confused and empty”.

This is the Original text as found in the Ancient Greek Texts, by the “fathers” translated under the Omniscient guide of God.

Now, that the Earth has gone through a geologic period characterized by an “empty Crust”, this is to say, no oceans, no atmosphere, and so on, it is a fact so natural as clear it is that we are born “naked and crying”. I mean, I am not to waste my time or anybody else’s time in discussing this point.

Of course, I understand, from the point of view of Classic Geology nobody speaks about “Earth’s crust’s emptiness” in the style that the author of the Genesis shows here to us. But if we must abide by the criterion of the modern Geohistory it would be crazy to talk about the Earth going through a geological period when Earth’s Crust had no oceans, no atmosphere, etc. Turning the Word into an intellectual picture we read that our Earth went through a period of time when her Crust was as empty as the face of the Moon is.

The Moon for example, talking about the Moon, yes, we can say that “the Moon is empty”. For many reasons. The most natural, because there are no threes in the Moon, the Moon has no oceans, no air, no birds, Moon’s Crust is, simply, “empty”.

When the Biblical author says of the Earth that “in the Beginning Earth was empty”, the photo finish He wants to transmit us it is about a supergiant “Moon” called Earth.

Therefore, the stairway of the natural elements that the Genesis invites us to climb, it led us to face our Earth the Day before she became dressed in water, air, lands, polar caps, plants, animals, birds, fishes, and men... In a word, Earth, the Day before all these wonders came to fill her Body, in that Day ZERO she had no Biosphere.

And from this retrospective a man who lived 35 centuries ago asks:

Ladies and gentlemen of the Twenty First Century, playing with a planet as empty as the Moon: how did God create the water, the ice, the air, the lands…? This is to say: wise men of the 21st century, working with that Empty Earth can you tell me how God created oceans, continents, atmosphere, polar caps, kingdoms of plants, birds, fishes, and Man.

No, you don’t.

Everybody knows that during millennia this question has been hanging on the intelligence of our people. At this point in the distance between the divine author and the reader of the 21st century the official answer in the mouth of whether masters in divinity or simply theologians is that you aren’t got to take as true Scientific Work that what is just a poetical, religious metaphor, mostly based in some kind of weird, mystical hyperbole.

Personally, I do not know how to call a position which denies the possibility of any victory by the affirmation of there being nothing to fight for, this way hiding everybody’s failure for the sake of Religion.

Maybe one day I shall find the answer. Meanwhile, the first task of this Introduction is to demonstrate that,

1 : against the malevolence criteria of the Modern Science, God does not lie.

2 : that the geniuses of the Modern and Atomic Ages were considered a lot more intelligent that they all really were.

And here I am, taking you back to the Source:


“In the beginning God created Heavens and Earth.

The Earth was confused and empty, and the Darkness was covering the face of the Abyss,

but God’s spirit was walking on the surface of the Waters.

God said: Let there be Light; and there was Light”.


I am asking you:

How many times did you read this piece of Historical Information?

How many times has this History been commented?

How many generations tried to open this Seal and grasp God’s secret?

And how many thinkers were honest with themselves enough to accept that the intellectual coefficient of the One who created these Heavens and this Earth it is, in fact, that far off from the human intellectual coefficient as Hell from Heaven!

(Just remember: In this Introduction Time will be always understood in a geologic scale. However, I shall, always, speak about Omnipotence according to the definition of Potence to be found in the Manual of Physics. The Beginning is the problem. And the answer has always been in the election of the starting platform).

The Biblical Information leaves us on a specific geologic platform.

More in particular the Bible extends at our feet a certain Geohistorical Age.

If from his Information - the Earth was empty - we look around and erase of the surface of the Globe all the classic elements of Nature: atmosphere, continents, oceans, and polar caps: what have we got left?

An empty Earth the day before her Birth?


It is a Planet of these geologic characteristics with a primary crust lacking any natural element the image that the author of the Genesis places on our tables. And the Big Question comes: how did God manage to create the Biosphere out of an astrophysical Planet as empty as the Moon?

This way of questioning is some kind an ancient way of focusing a subject.

Let’s focus the topic from a new perspective. We take God’s shoes and ask ourselves the question.

Here I go:

What series of physical processes should we have to unleash, control and direct to create a Biosphere out of that geological platform such as the Genesis draws before our eyes?

Indeed: Seeing is Believing.

In the future we will see with the eyes of our face God in action, and we will marvel contemplating how it does Everything. But the Origin of our Own Universe cannot be seen but with the eyes of the Intelligence. With these eyes we are going to see how God created the Light.

Obviously enough, the recovery of the Memory of the Creation of the Universe as Historical Reality, to which the access has been denied for so long, it must collide with the cosmological systems that to fill the gap the Atheist Intelligence did build up.

Irrelevant the details on the origins of the cosmological systems of the Twentieth Century, to which to give them major virtual veracity the enclosed time was assigned to them in nanoseconds, the entry on stage of the real historical system in the origin of the Universe must knock down the intelligence of the reader.

As for me, feeling free and at pleasure dealing with the Memoirs of my Universe I run the danger of driving this Introduction at a higher speed than the reader could handle without feeling dizzy. I am confident of being able to overcome this problem.

Let’s start.



At the dawn of Genesis’s First Day the Earth was empty, naked, without Biosphere. No oceans, no continents, no atmosphere, no polar caps she had. None of the natural elements we love from birth were dressing the nakedness of our Mother Earth.

Seen from the distance Earth was a planet presenting a Moon-face, only much bigger. This is the stage; this is the platform from which we are going to climb the stairs of the natural elements.

We have two realities, the Earth and God. And here the questioning spins around the Question: how departing from that geologic platform God created the Biosphere?

I said that this question we might do to ourselves.

Working with the scientific knowledge we enjoy these days we may set on the table a geophysical sequence good enough to allow us to see HOW GOD taking Mother Earth by the hand led her from that original emptiness stage to her final condition.

It was not easy to do. There were whole pages of equations to take care of. God had to face those questions and give them the perfect answer.

And He did.

The results hit our eyes; no need to go on and on.

The fact is that God solved the problem of the creation of the Biosphere departing from that geologic platform: because He knew the answers. And He knew the answers because He knew all the equalities to those geophysical equations. Perfect connoisseur of these equations and his solutions God got up, rose to the stage, opened his mouth and spelled his Word:




Immediately after, without entering here on “the How”, or under what forces the Earth began to rotate around her axis at higher and higher speed after every turn, this acceleration of the rotation of her Core was the first effect by God created. It was the turning of the key to the engines.

On the long run we will see “the How He created this rotational movement”; by now let’s stick to the things that we can more easily understand: the facts.

To advance a little this journey you must understand that Earth’s Core is an Astrophysical Body; Earth’s Core is a Microstar. A Microstar going down to its collapse once its gravitational field had been transformed into stellar natural forces.

This said, let us hurry up and follow the action.


Consequently, from rotation zero Earth’s Core began to rotate around her axis at high speed. This Earth’s Core rotational movement was the first step of the geohistorical sequence in the origin of Mother Earth’s Biosphere.

Effect of the accelerating rotation of Earth’s Core was an earthquake of astronomical proportions.

The Implosion of the Core, equal to the movement right after the turning of the key to the engines of your automobile, created a wave of Heat whose massive power drove the Mantle from its solid stage to the liquid nature, a final stage the Mantle has preserved till our days.

To put into more clear words this action I say that the temperature of the Core was failing; the Earth’s Core was reaching the point of a star on its way to the grave. When a star dies the forces maintaining its body together pass away too; the star becomes a rock and if hit by a shooting object flying the free spaces its body breaks into pieces.  And as the time goes on and on the dead star turns into dust. 

Here from the “confusion” of Mother Earth. She was not just empty, “she was confused”. We will see later the origin of her Confusion.


From the point of being buried Mother Earth came to see the Light; and her Light was in the Word of God.

 Her Heart began to rise, her pulse began to rise. Her Mantle melted. Her Crust began to warm. And under a symphony of earthquakes and volcanoes her whole Body shone like a star.

The spectacular awakening of Earth’s Core, that star sleeping in the heart of her Globe, transformed the Planet’s surface into a sea of living lava, a vulcanological process of indescribable power and beauty.

As the warrior who obeys his king, seizes sword and shield and throws himself in the battlefield, roaring with the voice of a lion, and while running goes creating earthquakes under his feet, in a few geologic hours that “empty” Earth was turned into an ocean of living lava.

Tidal waves and gigantic tsunamis of lava were shaken the surface of Earth’s Crust.

A show for the sons of God to see; a History for Eternity, a Memory to write on a Book of Gold, our History, our Memory. 


This fusion of the Earth’s Crust came to happen during the Morning of the First Day of the Creation of our Universe.

How long took the Fusion of Earth’s Crust?

Who’s the man wise enough to say: “I know the Mathematics of the Science of Creation”, “this is the rotation speed given for God to the Core in order to heat the body of the Mantle”, “this is the time the Core took to melt the Crust”, “this is the exact numerical difference between the Earth’s field density the Day before and the Hour when the Crust began to melt down”. So on so forth…

You see, my friend, you may be the most powerful man on Earth, but the lack of intelligence makes of you just another brute on his way to the dust.

Morning was gone; Midday came.


First Day: MIDDAY


The creation of the Atmosphere was resolved as told:

God multiplied the density of the gravitational field of the Earth; the Core of the Earth jumped from a stage close to collapse to the point of astrophysical implosion in the origin of the stars.

Once the rising of the density per astrophysical unit of the gravitational field of the Earth caused the geophysical implosion of the Core the temperature of Earth’s Body was raised from a point remarkably close to destruction to the stage of physical existence natural to it from that Day on.

The first effect, globally talking, to notice was a massive earthquake shaking Mantle and Crust. This global earthquake was the answer of the physical structure of the Primary Earth to the acceleration of the rotation of the Core caused by God.

The second effect to notice was the creation of “a Geophysical Chromosphere” between the Core and the Mantle. This Geological Chromosphere existed from the day of the Creation of Earth as a Planet. Every Planet’s Core is an Astrophysical Body. Every Astrophysical Body reacts to the same level of Gravity around in different manner, here from the differences among the planets of the Solar System and even between Planets and Moons.

Same thing we must say taking about the nature of the matter floating and moving through the stellar systems. Density is a spectrum no limits. The dark nebulas we observe in the skies say volumes on it. There are clouds of matter whose density are beyond the star power of molecular disintegration. When those massive clouds of interstellar matter coming from the open spaces cosmic fields reach a star, and gather around a certain stellar field, their density is high enough to create a wall around the star. They shut off the star light in. Ergo, the temperature of the star system rises, and keep on rising till the heat accumulated does accelerate the pulse of its body. The star system heat reaches a point of Implosion by which it breaks that wall, this way creating a Nova, or a Supernova.

But it can happen also that the density of the intergalactic matter cloud is beyond the star power of disintegration its mass, and the cloud settle around its Surface. This is the way planets are born in the Universe. Between the Core and the Matter, later to be its Mantles and Crust, a Chromosphere is created, which will encircle the Planet’s Core forever.

Observing the final shape of the geophysical body of the Earth we notice the deformity of her Sphere caused by the rotation of the Core, which following the swinging of the Sun provokes the kicking of Earth’s Core against the Mantle; by the “Geophysical Chromosphere” this kicking impact is reduced and gives to the Globe its classical shape, the larger radium we see natural to the Equator. The geophysical chromosphere acts as a pillow between the Mantle and the Core. However, this particularity is a singularity. We shall overcome this effect later.

Now. The third effect to notice –getting back to the Creation of the Light– is the liquation of the region of the Mantle around the chromospherical Core. The beginning of the classical chain of thermonuclear explosions in the origin of the Volcanism had place during this MIDDAY.

The intensity of this first chain of thermonuclear waves caused the Crust to become an ocean of living lava.

 We can see the intensity of this geophysical implosion of the Planetary Cores in the rings of the outer planets. While the Implosion of the Astrophysical Core of a Planet is not subjected to a mathematical control, as did happen with the implosion of the outer planet’s Cores, the first chains of thermonuclear waves in the origin of their final constitutions shot masses of lava straight up to the other side of their atmospheres, the pieces of lava cooled and became their Rings.

In the case of our Earth, GOD subjected the Implosion of her Core to mathematical control, and this control had the Melting of the Crust as goal.


You may use your imagination and figure out all by yourselves this transformation of the Crust of the Earth into a global ocean of living lava, by simply projecting this Revolutionary Geological Age to the surface of the Moon.

How did God multiply the density of the gravitational field of the Earth? it is not mine or your problem.

I will not enter in the discussion.

The Intelligence of God as Creator of the New Cosmos and the Universe it is beyond imagination.


By the perfect Mathematical Control, He exercised on the Geophysical Implosion in the Origin of the Biosphere, I can infer that His Wisdom makes of all the geniuses century after century denying Heavens and Earth as Creations of God, a bunch of fools. However, it would an evil action to blame my fellow men for being men. You must read the DIVINE HISTORY OF JESUS to understand WHY He sealed the Door to the Knowledge of His Creation.

But let us keep keeping on.


Everybody knows that out of the melting of any solid matter we can produce: “gas and vapor”.

Talking about an entire planet’s crust, facts oblige and put us in front of the birth of Earth’s Atmosphere.

In this case “a rarefied atmosphere”, outer planets type, and non-apt for the support of living things. However, without enter in this moment in the subject, an Atmosphere that we can call “Primary Atmosphere”.

This Primary Atmosphere was the final effect of the Melting of Earth’s Crust.

The numbers and the chemical composition attached to its volume are points to leave behind now; I will be back to them when the time comes to enter in “the Confusion Room”.




The Picture of that Morning could it be more exciting? Those who were so lucky to see God in Action they were mouth and eyes wide open. That the Power and the Intelligence of the Creator know no limits, they could now “by experience” see. No creature had seen before God in Action. Our Earth and Heavens was the First Act of this Show by God open to all publics. And to which we have been invited by His Son, as we all remember and read in His Gospel.


So, as the volume of Earth’s gravitational field, by God raised, it was related to the Melting of the Crust, once transformed Gravity into Heat, the Core began cooling.  When this process came to an end, the Primary Atmosphere felt this falling of the Mantle Temperature and began to fall too.

Yet, this time the Core would not fall down to the state of collapse wherein God rescue it out from.

However, once transformation of gravity into heat was begun, Earth’s Core cooling down was in the air.


God had mathematized from the very Dawn of the First Day the Time and the Forces needed to produce the Primary Atmosphere. As a matter of fact, this is why the Author speaks of Days: to giving us idea of the Control by God held during and through every process in the Making of the Biosphere. As the Day is ruled by the Hour, so God ruled the making of the Biosphere by the Minute, leaving at the Hazard not a single molecule, so to speak.

That the Core, once the fusion of the Crust came to an end, had to sink into a low rotation stage equal to the density of the gravitational field once was the Making of the Primary Atmosphere done, this we can deduce it all by ourselves.

In a poetic way we can compare this new stage of equilibrium between Earth’s Core and Earth’s gravitational field to the polar bear who fall asleep to let the winter season goes.


There are here lot of things to say, but a will stick to the facts.

The first effect, after the creation of the Primary Atmosphere, was the solidification of the Crust, that we will call from now on “the Secondary Crust”.

The cooling down of Earth’s Core brought upon the scene the contrary chain of facts already noticed. The first part of the geophysical body to feel the cooling down of the Core was the Crust.

Then the Mantle.

Finally, Earth’ Core…

During the first hours of this Midday of Genesis’ First Day the Primary Atmosphere became some kind of planetary nebula. Subjected to high stormy conditions electrical thunders, caused by a thousand of volcanoes, the electrical energy was chemically transforming its chemical composition.

This Midday was a show of sound and colors not to forget. In the Hours after came the quietness, the stillness, and the Sublimation of the Primary Atmosphere began.

Sublimation of gas is the physical process by which a gas turns into solid matter. The creation of the Light, as you may be imagining at this very moment, came to happen.


The existence of all astrophysical bodies in the universe depends on the running time they had to transform their fields of gravity into natural forces, be electromagnetic fields, photonic matter, or heat.

Nothing lasts forever.  Energy and Matter are ruled by Law. Universes come and go due to this Law of transformation of Gravity into Natural Astrophysical Forces. Once the tank is empty the engines die. Stars die, the Universe collapses.

This Law is Universal. This Law rules everything in the Cosmos. Nothing lasts forever. Galaxies come and go. Stellar systems have their existence ruled by this Law. Gravity is the fuel; stars are the engines. Transformation of Universal Energy into Physical Forces by Astrophysical Matter is on the run.

Nothing escapes to this Law.

Only God has the Power to intervene in this Dimension and  do as He pleases.


In the case we are dealing with, the production of Heat by Earth’s Core, having in Mind a certain Primary Atmosphere, once He got it, God left the process follow its path.

The process of transformation of gravity into Heat, once it was finished, it gave way to the cooling down of Earth’s Core.

The Core’s cooling down decreased the power of the chains of thermonuclear reactions in the root of the Melting of the Mantle.

Mantle’s solidification became hour after hour a fact. And with it, between the Core and the Crust the Mantle became a Wall shutting the flow of Heat from the Core to the Crust.

The Solidification of Earth’s Crust was on the run. Once done, the source of Heat from the Core to the Primary Atmosphere was put off. This done, the Sublimation of the Primary Atmosphere became a fact.

As the level of Earth’s Energy was shorter and shorter with the Hour the fall of the Temperature of the Her Outer body touched Absolute Zero. And because it, the Sublimation of the entire Primary Atmosphere became real.  The entire Atmosphere turned into a RING OF ICE encircling in its body the body of the Earth.

This RING OF ICE was the LIGHT.


 Another day I will touch some points left beside for the sake of the better understanding of the Action by GOD put in motion.