We call her “Mother Earth”. With her History we are dealing.

Given the surprise on having discovered a sequence of events where the geniuses of the modern world judged that there was nothing, except the product of a feverish and fanatical imagination working under religious compulsions, sequence perfectly scientific in his exposition and development, facing the Dawn of this Second Day I consider good to summarize the general vision until already developed in the  first section:


1: Elevation of the density per astrophysical cubic unit of Earth’s gravitational field.


2: Acceleration of the revolutions of Earth’s Core around its axis. Result, the astrophysical implosion of Earth’s Astrophysical Core in the origin of the heat of the Planet.


3: Thermodynamic elevation of the Inner Geophysical Globe, which from the Mantle spread up to the surface and cause the fusion of Earth’s Primary Crust.


4: Fusion of the Primary Crust under the effects of the first series of thermonuclear waves through which the Mantle went, and production of the Proto-Atmosphere. (The chemical composition of this Proto-Atmosphere, sui generis among those of Earth’s planetary family, creates us an alternative problem, which I will not touch in this place but on which I will return in another moment).


5: While going on the transformation of her gravitational field into heat, Earth experienced the natural consequences due to the deceleration of the revolutions of work of her astrophysical Core; the fall of the speed of rotation of the Planet and the descent of her body temperature were the visible effects.


6: These last effects were cause of a new sequence of events; the main being: the cooling of the external surface of the Globe, ipso facto putting the first stone for the creation of the outer geophysical ring, the Lithosphere.


7: Birth of the Secondary Crust. The Lithosphere is the external layer of the Crust


8: The cooling down of Earth’s Mantle. The geonuclear waves, until then going on, began to vanish.


9: The cooling of Earth’s Mantle became a wall stopping the Core’s heat from reaching the Proto-Atmosphere.

10: Once thermodynamically isolated the temperature of the Proto-Atmosphere fell down at vertiginous speed till its volume froze. The result was the transformation of the Proto-Atmosphere in the Ring of Ice at the end of the evening of that First Day reigning supreme from pole north to pole south. As I said earlier, this Ring of Ice is “the Light” in Genesis’ First Day.


This is the sequence that we have covered cheerfully in the first section. I left specific facts in the air. It is time to dive a little big deeper.


God subjected Earth’s body to the law governing the behavior of the Universe: the transformation of the gravitational energy in light and heat. It is upon this Law that God has founded the Architecture of Heavens.

This above settled, the application of the Universal Law governing the Physics of Heavens to Earth’s system leads us to play with the series of reactions that different astrophysical bodies, with diverse properties, can put in motion under the same external factor, as it could be the entry into a stellar system of a certain flood of energy, type gravitational string.

Playing with the Universal Law already on the table, connecting the temperature of a stellar system with the going up and down of its gravitational fields, when its gravitational field on the edge of collapsing we can figure out the reaction of its stars under the flooding of a gravitational stream breaking through the cluster frontiers.

I speak about the natural creation of Nova and Supernova. The case I spoke before mentioning a Nebula belongs to a different scenario. The question here is this: What would happen if a binary or multiple stellar system was subjected to a sudden our-of-control raising of the density of its gravitational field?

 Its antagonistic question would be: what happen with an astrophysical system when the transformation of the gravitational field is completed?

But let’s get back to the road our Creator had extended before us.

On mind the state of the Earth at the end of the First Day, wrapped up her Geophysical Globe beneath that Ring of Ice by our Creator called “the Light”, from the seat of those sons of God who had contemplated the entire Action: the vision of our Planet was that of an immense “Ball of Ice”, floating out there in the Abyss, or like the vision of a massive “cosmic egg” born in the Darkness. The next sequence of events God had in mind it was the following:


I: Moving on the Earth from her region of origin to her final place in Heavens.

(This location of the region of origin of our Earth will be a question to solve in the chapters to come. The need to prepare the reader on the factor of incredulity that the location will wake up suggests this advance to me. However I will face the challenge elegantly).


II: Entry of the Earth in the Solar System.


III: Sublimation of the ICE RING. (By sublimation of the Ice there is understood the conversion of matter from the solid state to the gaseous without passing for the liquid state. In this case it would be the inverse process to that of the sublimation of the gases. If in the previous Day we saw how God managed to lower the temperature of the Globe down to the critical point of sublimation of her Proto-Atmosphere, on this new Day we face the opposite process).


IV: Rupture of the Ring of Ice in two blocks, and retreat of those two blocks towards the geographical poles.

(This retreat of the two ice blocks towards the polar caps is a historical age by the classic geology testified. I remember here that the Science is the ABC of the Language of the Creation. Other, to try to shape the Universe and his History according to “the omnipotence of the human Reason”, it is an exercise of vanity on which I am not going to say anything now. Science, as Theology, they have been subjected, up to this day on all the Nations imposed by the Fall of Man. It is not for us to analyze the theories and the intellectual states for which both Faith and Reason (Science and Theology) have gone through. Who, in Adam’s boots, would have skipped falling?).


V: Birth of the Mother Ocean and Formation of the Prehistoric-Atmosphere. (This Atmosphere is the Firmament in the Verb of the Second Day).

Let’s get back now to business.




For the sake of a better understanding of the narrative to follow, I guess, tough not sure myself, I should stop the course of God’s Action. Not that I liked very much; and yet it might do well for the sake of the general vision.

As we have imagined all by ourselves the Act of the Creation of a Universe have to Branches: Science and Art. Science is the basis, Art is the final manifestation. If Science is Power, Art is Passion. Put both together, and you have the picture of the One who was making our Universe out of the ashes of the Ancient Universe. But I think am getting too scrupulous about it. Let’s get back to the Text.

The Text does not lie. On the Fourth Day of the Genesis it is said that “God created the stars to separate Light from Darkness”. I quote:

 “God created the two big luminaries, the biggest to preside the day, and the minor to preside the night, and the stars; and He put the stars in the Firmament of Heavens to light Earth and to preside the day and the night, and to separate Light from Darkness”.

Who has not read this text? I repeat:

“God created the stars and it put them in the Firmament of the heavens to separate Light from Darkness”.

The Author says that God created the Light and, as soon as the Light was created, He separated it from the Darkness.

Very well, God created the Light, then it separated it from the Darkness, and created the stars to separate the Light of the Darkness. The question is: what would happen now if where the Author wrote Light we write “the Ring of Ice” which we have seen being created out of the Sublimation of the Proto-Atmosphere?

It is just a matter of Logic that if God created the Light and separated the Light from the Darkness, and then He created the stars in the middle, between the Light and the Darkness, to keep Light and Darkness separated from each other, then: Does this mean that God created the Light somewhere on the other side of the Vault of the Stars?




From a very natural point of view, seen that the Atmosphere of Mars, at a greater distance than Earth’s FROM the Sun, has kept the original gaseous state, putting two plus two on the table, we got to conclude that the Sublimation of Earth’s Proto-Atmosphere under the Solar System’s parameters it would have been an impossible fact. More; if colder is Mars’s Atmosphere than Earth’s, still much colder is Jupiter’s, and, as we see, this fall of Jupiter’s temperature did not lead its Atmosphere to the Sublimation Process through which entered the Earth’s.




Now, let’s take pencil and paper and throw lines.

The Author of the Divine Text says that God created the Light, “and God separated the Light from the Darkness, and created the stars to separate Light from Darkness”.

Accordingly we draw three areas in the paper.

In the upper part of the paper we place the Light, this is to say: The Earth.

In the bottom part of the paper we place the Darkness.

And in the middle area, separating both, Light and Darkness, we place the Vault of Heavens:  the stars.

No need to be a genius to understand what this means, all you need to know it is what “the Light was”. Having already pass the Door of Light the Divine Picture come to this: God created the Light somewhere on the other side of the Vault of Heavens. Once the “Ring of Ice” (the Light) was created, God moved the Earth from that Region to the Solar System, creating the Star as Wall of Separation between Earth and her Original lieu of Origin.


God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.  God saw that the light was good, and …

He created the stars to separate the light from the darkness.  


This is to say, GOD created the EART in the DARKNESS, and, once the ICE RING was created, He separated the EARTH from the DARKNESS and created the STARS to separate the EARTH from that DARKNESS place where she had been created.

Ergo: The Earth wasn’t in the Solar System when the Creation of her ICE RING was taking place. We will see what this means sometime ahead. Not now. By now you have to swallow this pill.

Use the Key:  where you read “the Light” you write the “Ice Ring called the Light”.

Where we read “the Light” you write “the Earth”.

And the new reading tells so:

God created the Earth in the Darkness - wherever this Region was it is not of our concern by now-; once He created the Ice Ring, the Mantle of Ice, the Light, and God separated the Earth from the Darkness, her place of Origin. He then placed the Earth around the Sun, creating the Vault of the Stars to separate the Earth from the Darkness.

This is the New Reading of the Information passed on to us by the Divine Author.

No matter how sensational may sound in your brain this disclosing of a Secret for 3.500 years kept under an All-Powerful Seal, the succession of events determined by the Creation of Earth in an Outer Stellar Area gives credit to this New reading.

As we see all around, if the Earth had been created straight in her third orbit around the Sun the Existence of Ice on her surface would have never been possible. The absolute absence of any Ice Ring on the surface of Mars, while equal the Process of Creation for both planets, it states all by itself the Cause of the Phenomenological Phenomenon already pointed out.

If created the Earth straight in the Stellar Vault, this is to say, in between Venus and Mars, her original Atmosphere would had never gone beyond the nature of the Atmospheres classical to her entire planetary family.

On the other hand the Creation of the Ice Ring in a region subjected to the Zero Absolute not only would have been possible but accelerated the process to its utmost speed.

To this expression we call OMNIPOTENCE, where “Potence” is equal to the “potence” in the classical physics equation.

Potence is the capability of a Force to realize a work in the minimum quantity of time. According to this Law: God subjected the Proto-Atmosphere of the Earth to the conditions of Zero Absolute already spoken. Obtaining these two effects: On one hand, the reduction of the Process of Sublimation of the Proto-Atmosphere to its minimum expression of Time; and on the other hand, the quality of the Ice created by Sublimation. On this Quality the Existence of Polar Caps after so many Geological Ages speaks volumes. The fact that the Atomic Age has accelerated the natural conversion of the Ice into Water it cuts not a piece of the Main Fact, the Creation of the ICE RING under optimal physical conditions.

Of course, I am aware of it, this picture leads us to the Creation of the Earth, a topic to be touched.

I said before that I will stick to the Text as the Path to lead us toward the True Vision of the whole History of the Creation of the Universe, which is very much related to the History of Human Kind. As the Genesis’s Text take the lead from the Earth already created there is no need to look back, but to look ahead, which is what we are doing, and for the sake of our souls we will keep on doing till the moment comes.



The 3.500 years old Author inform us about the astronomical distance that God put between the Darkness and the Light, when “Light” is equal to “Earth” and “stars” to the “Vault of Heavens”.

It gives us neither numbers nor intergalactic coordinates.

He says to us that God created the Earth, and between the Earth (Light) and his Original region (the Darkness) God raised the stars of Heavens.

Wonderful and revolutionary translation that places us just where our Creator wanted to see us: In the Darkness and looking at Heavens.

We will have time to take a closer look to the Cosmological Region where the One created the Earth. By now let us summarize the acts comprised in this Second Day:


1.- God defrosts the Ice Ring by nearing the Earth to the Sun.


2.- The Sublimation of Earth’s Ice mantle by this “getting closer to the Sun”, reduced the time of defrosting from numberless millennia to the minimal expression by the physical laws allowed.


3.- Out of it: The Secondary Atmosphere is born.


4.- The Earth begins her voyage to her Third Orbit. Consequently the Sublimation Process slow down, till at last the Ice begin to melt into water. This is the Origin of the Mother Ocean, out of which womb later on will be born the seas.


5.- By nearing Earth to Sun, God had reactivated the Geophysical Core of Mather Earth.

Let’s stick to this fact.




Obviously we can’t take the Earth a little closer to the Sun, to see the reaction of her Core. And backwards.

Imagine, just imagine, that we could. Counting on His Blessing we put on God’s shoes and we move Earth at a distance from the Sun equal to the orbit of Venus. Then, we keep n playing and move her backward as far as the orbit of Mars.

Logic says that if we could, closer to the Sun will imply a rising of Earth’s Core pulse and consequently the raising of the temperature of her Geophysical body; and moving Earth as far as Mars will magnify the fall of her thermo-geological parameters.

Still further forward, moving her on to the orbit of Mercury the Earth’s Crust would explode; and backward reaching the orbit of Pluto, Earth’s Crust would collapse.

Imagine Earth’s Core stopping transforming Gravity into heat. Logic says that as the natural reaction due to the solidification of the Magmatic Ring between the Core and the Crust, the Lithosphere would collapse.

Imagine now the relation between Matter and Energy based on a process of mutual interactivity. This is to say, the existence of an astrophysical body, whether a sun, a planet, a moon, based on an interactivity relation. Stellar Matter cut off from interactivity with a universal gravity field would become a débris.

Projecting this fact to the body of the Earth we say that if…. Earth were disconnected from interactivity with the Sun she simply would be exposed to the forces coming from the outer space. Earth with a dead Core would become a wall without cement between the bricks; any force would alter its constitution, and finally the wall would be no more.

As a matter of fact this is the situation endured by the Earth, according to Genesis, after her Creation. The Divine Author says: “Earth was confused”.




Why? Let’s look at the why Mother Earth was confused.

Imagine that you have been created to perform a certain event. Better example than Moses himself cannot come to our help.

There he was the man, born to liberate his nation from the yoke of the empire. He is young, he is wild, he is strong, he can’t wait, he kills a man and he is ready to blow the horn of war of liberation. He was forty years old. Now he is eighty years old. He is a simple shepherd from the desert. Where it is then that promise of becoming the liberator of his nation? Why he killed a man? Was that his story, the life and dead of a killer? Where was now the God that inspired his youth with promises of national freedom? He was eighty years old, what was God waiting for? Was it all in all just a youth’s illusion? He was young and strong back then…; now … he is an old man, a poor shepherd from the desert of the Sinai. Where was his heart now? He has sold gold for tin? That was the end? Saved from the murder hand of a tyrant to die like a soul lost for himself and the world?

And so Moses walked, alone and confused, under the sun of the last of the kings of the Hyksos Dynasty.

What “Confusion” could the Earth had gone through in the early days of her creation?

The promise of her Creator to become the Mother of a son of God was shining like a sun in her heart. What then had occurred between the Hour of her Creation and the Day of the Creation of the Light, for the Writer to say: “Earth was empty and confused.

 Empty she was. We have seen How God created the Light, How her Creator dressed her in White, to meet her Bridegroom, the Sun. Until she was dressed with the Light, she was empty. Meaning she could not dress herself. She needed her Creator to be dressed. The Process of the Fusion of her Crust was beyond her Power. Where was her Creator? Had she killed somebody and was hiding there in the Darkness, like Moses in the desert from the Pharaoh? What was her reason to be confused?

Us, to recreate mother Earth’s confusion, we got to stock to logic.

Just as Moses in his eighty years old, Mother Earth was dying. This is to say, soon her body would fall in the state of the Wall without cement between the bricks. Coming from the outer space any shooting object falling on her body would be a cannon ball on the wall. After a number of punches she would become another débris traveling dead the immensity of the infinite spaces. This would happen to her once her Core lost the possibility of linking to any energy field. This breaking would mean her Destruction.

Her Core was living upon its own field. The constant flowing from One Universal Field to the hundreds of stellar system was missing.

Earth was confused, this is to say: “Earth was alone”.

This New Reading takes us a level higher.

God created the Earth in the Darkness, at the other side of the Vault of the Constellational World. We don’t know yet where this Region is to be localized in the Cosmos. But it is a fact that after the Creation of the Mantle of Ice He separated the Light from the Darkness, which means that the Earth was on the other side of Heavens during the entire the First Day of the Genesis. Ergo: He created the Earth beyond the Vault of the stars of our Heavens; then He created the Light, and only after the Ring of Ice was created He brought Earth into Heavens.

The conclusion cannot be most obvious:

“God left alone the Earth in Heavens’ Outer Cosmic Space during the time running between her Creation as an Astrophysical Body and the Morning of the First Day of the Genesis.

There, exposed to a Zero Absolute Thermic Zone, her survival as astrophysical body depended exclusively on her Gravitational Field.

Exposure to a Zero Absolute Thermic Zone, and disconnected from any Source of Energy from the Cosmos Around makes of any astrophysical object a body sentenced to destruction.

In such situation room a gravitational Field becomes a black hole, so to speak, attracting toward its material body surface masses of cosmological débris floating along. Under this condition the power of an Astrophysical Core creates the cement needed by the bricks to keep the wall intact. However, depending on her system alone, the transformation of her gravitational field into Natural Forces means a constant disintegration of its volume. And such a situation cannot be kept going on forever and ever. Soon or later the “gravitational tank” touches the FLAT LINE and its “Astrophysical Transformer” begins to sink. From this moment the production of forces to maintain the parts of its Body together come to an end, and the shooting forces coming from the outer space would do their work.

Left alone to live this scenario Earth had “reasons” to be “confused”.

1 : At the time when her Creator came back to her, her Core was dying.


2 : Until then Earth’s Electromagnetic Shield was absorbing the impacts from the outer space matter by absorbing their mass in her body. The danger of implosion by accumulation of mass on her Crust was also on the air.


3 : Once the deactivation of the Core done, a single giant mass coming from anywhere could hit her body and demolish its configuration in a second.

And where was God, her Creator?

To answer with wisdom let’s say that God was on His way.

 My friends, the Creation of a Universe is a symphony by many great musicians played. You got to gather and keep them together. The same God who created Moses and made him waiting, and without Him he could do nothing, that same God made the Pharaoh on which ruin His Name was to be exported to the entire World, Christ in between.

So, when we read “the Earth was empty”, in this emptiness we got to read also “Earth was alone”. As the loneliness of Moses was the root of his confusion, so the Earth was confused because she was left alone “in the Darkness”.

Now, to picture out the entire scene from the creation of the Earth to her entrance in the Kingdom of the Sun, the Dawn of the Second Day breaking, we say this :

God created the Solar System at the other side of the Vault of Heavens. Once created the entire Solar Family, God took the family of the Sun into the Heavens, but He left behind, alone, “in the Darkness of the Abyss”, the Earth.

This Motion, forward and backward, was perfectly timed by God. The nature of Earth’s Biosphere as well as the physical conditions under which the Ice Ring has been created has allowed her Geophysical Body to make its Path through the Ages under a thermal stability. The temperature under which a certain mass of Ice is produced puts on the table the amount of time it will maintain its solid nature. Created under Zero Absolute Temperature, the Ice Ring, Source of the Polar Caps, has maintained the Temperature of the Ecosphere according to the changes of the Ages.

True it is that the Atomic Age has caused instability contrary to Nature. Yet, no one has to forget that the Atomic Age is just a hill among the Mountain Ranges by the Geological Eras written in the Book of the History of the Earth.

This said let’s set our eyes in the Second Day. We read: And God said :“Let there be a Firmament between the waters, to separate water from water”.




Imagine Sun as a wall, and Earth as a ball of ice. You shoot the ice ball against the wall, the ball of ice breaks. A plastic ball will hit the wall and will come back to your hand; a ball of ice will not come back to your hand.

Following this dealing we ask ourselves:

How long would take to the Sun to melt Earth’s Ice Shield if Earth was shot against Sun’s surface just as we throw a ball against a wall?

This is what God did.

Logic says that having being already placed the Planets in their orbits the only way God had to place Earth into her Third Orbit was by making Earth to draw a parable in the Sun’s sky.

Doing this He had in mind two events:


1 : Reactivation of Earth’s Core,

2 : Defrosting of Earth’s Ice Shield at the maximum speed limit, equal to the Point of Sublimation.

Ergo God was not interested in showing His tittle of champion of the world. Life was the Horizon. The Tree of Life was the Target. The rest you can picture out yourself.

Earth “hitting the wall” means here time for orbiting around Sun’s North Polar Magnetic Field. During this circling around the North Polar Magnetic Field, Earth’s Mantle of Ice reached the Sublimation Point. This on one hand.

On the other, the conclusion of this Melting or defrosting of the Ice Ring would be the creation of the two Geophysical Polar Caps. Let’s deal with it.




As I said the placing of Earth into the Solar System was equal to the throwing of a ball against a wall, but the effect wasn’t exactly the one expected from the meeting among wall and ball. Considerations of Physics come to the stage.

God's idea at hand was the acceleration of the Sublimation of the Ice Ring to the maximum speed allowed by the laws, without causing a break-up of the Geophysical Rings composing the Body of the Earth.

The rotation at great speed of the Earth around the polar arm of the Sun’s magnetosphere caused the looked-for sublimation by God intended, on one hand, and, on the other hand, it caused the reactivation of the Core of the Earth, with the natural expansion of the geophysical body understood.

If we compare the Ice Ring to a big block of ice we can translate the effect of this reactivation of the Earth’s Core on the mass of the Ice Ring as the fall of a hammer on it, but in this case from the inside of the Ring. The reactivation of the Core implied the production of heat ah a high level by the increasing of the transformation of gravity into electromagnetic matter. 

As the local physics puts it, the heating of any solid matter carries on an expansion of its radium. This way, using this sudden reactivation of Earth’s Core, equal in many was to an astrophysical implosion, God brought to His Hand the Hammer with which the ice man breaks up the ice block.

From these two effects, the exposure of the Ice Ring to a Distance from the Sun equal to the High Sublimation Point required for transforming millennia into days, and the breaking up in pieces of the Ice Ring by the sudden rising of the Crust upon a Mantle subjected to a high intensity of geonuclear explosions, the final results were “the Atmosphere between the waters above the Firmament”, and the birth of the Ocean Mother “beneath the firmament between the waters”.

When the Second Day came to an end the natural vision of the Earth was the picture of a Planet with its own rarified, or Primary Atmosphere, and under this “Firmament” the Ocean between the Two Blocks of Ice, both in continual process of defrosting.  

The question that now follows spins around why the Sun did not swallow the Earth. The effect of the ball against the wall was produced, why instead of swallowing it, the ball the wall rejected?

The Earth could not be placed in her historical orbit following a bowling trajectory because the Planets were already in their orbits. From the outer Solar System to her place the parable was the only way left to her. As I said God could have placed the earth straight on her orbit avoiding a face to face Earth-Sun. The reason why He didn’t do it’s been already stated. Omnipotence equal to the Power of reducing the result of the equation Force-Space to its minimal expression of Time, and understood that a confrontation Earth-Face no subjected to Science would lead the reactivation of the Core to an Implosion type Nova, God had to project the Earth as a kind of shooting star to be trapped by the Solar Electromagnetic Field, and rejected back in response to the equality of the Electrical Forces. We may follow the process.

The way for a shooting star not being swallowed by a sun rests in its speed. Two forces of equal electric sign causes an acceleration of the speed of the minor mass before being rejected.

This being the case: As Earth began to link to Sun’s Gravitational Field her Core began to increase its activity, and by this increasing her magnetic field got stronger. These two effects, the electrical abjection and the magnetic absorption, made the Earth, on one hand, to spin around the solar field, and, on the other hand, to be pushed away from the Sun and straight toward her Third Orbit.

To frame the picture the Second Day ended when the Earth took her place in her forever third orbit and her solid was dressed with two Polar Caps, and in between both the Ocean Mother. Ever since the Two Original Blocks of Ice have been moving on from the Tropics to the actual Polar Stations

Back to the Lecture from God to His sons, we understand that the entire Edifice of the Universe is based on the electrical natures of the Astrophysical Cores. The reaction of the Earth to her approaching to the Sun settled this Nature on the table.

So, if on the First Day God settled on the common table of study the relation between the Astrophysical Matter and the Universal Gravitational Field, in this second day God defined with this example the Forces between the Astrophysical bodies themselves. 

Given that the source of all the stars and bodies of the universe is the Microcosms and in here the electrical nature of the bodies define the existence of the matter, this Cosmic Nature is preserved during the jump from the Microcosm to the Macrocosm, to keep ruling the existence of the macro-systems by the same Forces.

The Planets cannot, never ever, touch the Sun due to the equality of their Electrical Fields. The law determining the positions of the masses into a gravitational field activated by a central transformer is a response to be calculated between their respective Electromagnetic Field Nature. Once the equations have been resolved the Electromagnetic Fields act as Nets with mechanical arms grasping the masses one to another. If this Nature were not active after the jumping from the Microcosm to the Macrocosm no system could ever be reached or keep stability. This is to say, the equation of Newton, on which is based the Relativity World, is no good.

The Nature of the Universal Gravity Field is nothing to do with a black hole science-fiction movie turned into numbers. The Gravitational Field is the platform upon which is build the systems of the universe. The Link between the Macrocosms and the Gravity once operated it enforces the astrophysical bodies to get together or to get apart according to the nature of their electrical forces, and this is why the Cosmos is not falling into one single final mass, as the relativity predicted, because as a matter of fact, its foundation, the Newtonian frame of the universe, is not real.

But there is a second lesson God gave His sons when Earth and Moon came together. If the relation of all the bodies of the cosmos with the Universal Field of Gravity is based on the Transformation of Gravity into Electromagnetics Forces, this relation, while being universal, brings forth different equations. This is to say, matter has not a universal density, but it varies from body to body. We mean with this that when you put a piece of wood and a piece of metal into the fire, when this fire is equal to itself, the reaction of the two pieces are absolutely different.

We see how different moons and planets respond to the density of the Sun’s Gravitational Field. That the density per astrophysical unit is the same all over the Sun’s Field we deduce it from the maintenance of a Ring of Solid Matter on its borders.

The local reaction of every single astrophysical body to an Outer Gravity Field will depend, then, on the density of the Core of the Planet, Moon or Star.

From the level of response of the different bodies of the Solar System to the Common Gravitational Field we can say that the Moon is one of the densest Astrophysical Core in the System, while some moons of the outer planets are of very low density, and according to their response they are, though far away from the Sun, in a continuous state of magmatic activity.

This confrontation settled in the table, the lecture from God to His sons cannot be more direct and perfect. If the Cores of the astrophysical bodies were all of the same nature the existence of moons in the far away horizon in constant state of volcanism would be impossible.

The Sun, being another astrophysical body, though by its mass occupying the central position, the Sun is linked to the Heavens Universal Gravitational Field, just in the same way that the Planets and the Moon are Planets and Moons linked to the Sun’s. And all of them depend on the transformation of Gravity into electromagnetic energy and matter to exist and keep their existence.

The Gravity Field is the Ocean of Energy from whose Volume the Members of the Solar System drink the energy tanks need to keep them alive. And while some bodies respond in a very active way to the Density of this Field, others respond in a very low level, because the density of their Cores is higher. This is the case of the Moon. The deadly face of the Moon comes not from a dead Core, but from a Core of high density which requires a Field of a higher density to be activated.

Anyway, we will touch this subject during the Fourth Day of the Genesis; it will be better to stick to the road by our Creator and God traced before us. We run the risk to lose the thread and find ourselves at the Minotaur’s mercy. And we don’t want this.

The picture for us is clear and firm: God is not a wizard, the Creation is a Science. Omnipotence is not a kind of magic but the mastery of the Laws ruling the relations between Matter, Space, Time and Energy. Our Earth comes not from the belly of a sacred cow but from the cradle of a complex number of equations.

Until now we have been dealing with processes as a whole, without entering in their details. The Word of God is a Door to a book of Sciences beyond our imagination but open to an intelligence equal to the sum of all the intelligences of all men, to form One Intelligence at the Image of God’s, our Creator.

Getting back to our path, we see that as with “the Light” so with “The Firmament”.

We found the Light to be the Ice Ring created from the Fusion of the Crust and the Sublimation of the Proto-Atmosphere that came out. There is no point in remembering HOW GOD cause that Fusion. Or maybe there is a point. You can always pull back yourself to the former sections.

From the beginning God knew what He was looking for. It was a struggle with matter, space, time and energy. Knowledge was His ace. He Had the Four Aces in His hand. A fool could have thought that “He wouldn’t make it”.




We see that the God’s lessons are a treasure of Intelligence, which as much as takes us back to the Origins of our Universe, it does confront us with the fact of His choosing a man from 3.500 years ago to frame the Door for us to cross.

Wisdom comes hand by hand with Intelligence to cause our admiration. But how could be other way? How could anybody have conceived the idea of turning the page and leave God behind as a myth for fools?

But enough of my admiration, let’s follow the action step by step, for every day brings its own wonder.

Intelligence tell us that having been all the members of the planetary family of Earth gone through a same birth, the correspondent atmospheres produced from the fusion of their respective crusts and mantles would had have the same chemical nature. When the fusion was finished, the process of cooling down should had bring on scene a common Atmosphere, with some variants in their chemical compositions, but not so much as to have every planet an atmosphere of its own.

Let’s say that if we all cross the same river we all be wet by the same water. Probably an Atheist will tell us that this is impossible because the same water don’t run twice the same spot, and so on. No wonder Philosophy was doomed to failure; from the moment the rich class courted her, she was dead.

Anyway, every single step God takes is the fruit of Reason. Of course, as in God’s Memoirs I said, the fact of His creating the Solar System beyond the Vault of Heavens is connected with events long before the Creation of Man blowing in the air. We will come back to this subject sometime after.

The case is the following : The exposure of the Earth to a longer period of time in that region of the Space where Hydrogen is abundant would enrich her proto-Atmosphere with the element primordial and necessary to the Sublimation of its volume into Solid Water.

The immediate transportation of the Solar System from its region of Creation into the Vaults of our Heavens meant the production of a Common Planetary Atmosphere, more or less chemically invariable from one planet to the other. Earth no exposure to that short period came to be the Cause of the Phenomenological Phenomenon that the Atmosphere of the Earth represents in the heart of her family. Had Earth been moved on at the same time than her planetary family her proto-Atmosphere would have never been capable of Evolution.

Not in vain calls God the Biological Atmosphere in progress: “The Firmament of Heavens”. This is equal to say that Life in our Universe-Galaxy exists only on Earth because God had created but one Earth.

If God have created before of after another World in the realm of this Universe we don’t know. All that we can say it is that when Earth was created she was the first Planet-World to have a Biological Atmosphere, and accordingly God speaks about it as “the Firmament of Heavens”.


Let there be Stars in the Firmament of Heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years, and let them be lights in the Firmament of Heavens to give light on the earth.” And it was so. God made two great lights—the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars. God set them in the the Firmament of Heavens to give light on the earth, to govern the day and the night, and to separate light from darkness. And God saw that it was good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the fourth day.


Naturally I import the Divine Text just to accommodate Truth to Reality. Modern translations of the Mother Text translated to fit the brain of all kind of men, themselves the translators incapable to cross the Door of Genesis but motivated by the same Pride of the Modern Mind, they thought profitable to debase the Word of the Author than to raising the intelligence of the readers. Even so, the Text doesn’t lie. There is only one Firmament of heavens, this is, the Bio-Atmosphere of the Earth.


A: Fusion of the Earth’s Crust

B: Solidification of the Primary Crust

C: Sublimation of the proto-Atmosphere.

D: The Ring of Ice, “the Light”, was created at temperature Zero Absolute.

D: God moves on the Earth from the Abyss covered by the Darkness to this Ocean of Stars called “the Heavens” and into the Solar System.

E: Exposure of the Earth to the Sun’s Polar Magnetosphere.

F: Sublimation of the Ice

G: Reactivation of the Core of the Earth.

 H: The Tring of Ice is hammered by the Intense Volcanism

I: Earth reached her Third Orbit.

J: Creation of the Two Blocks of Ice

K: In between both Blocks the Ocean Mother.

L: The Primary Atmosphere was created.

M: This Atmosphere is the FIRMAMENT between the waters beneath the Firmament of Heavens and the Waters above the Firmament of Heavens.


And in here we close this Second Day of the Genesis. Moses saw the Picture without understanding the Science; we understand the Science and describe the Picture.

One millennium here and another there, what means for God?

You write it, you read it, who’s the Author?

Wonder follows wonder and I say God is Wonderful.

By now, I guess, you can perfectly describe the series of events that took place in the Day coming, right?