Man is the Creation of God. Given the Creative Nature of God’s Intelligence, the Intelligence of Man tends to Creativity. Because of this, the Human Brain is an ocean in which Mankind, as Individual, sails forever, and from its vastness comes out the Social Nature of Man, which engenders in everyone the need of a Creative Civilization in order to realize himself.

Man cannot reach Civilization by his own. Man needs Society. Man needs Civilization to grow in Knowledge and develop his own Creativity.

This leads us to make Pedagogy the First shores to which direct the creative, social forces of Society. There is nothing more important and transcendental to Human Society than the Formation of Man’s Personality.

Ergo, there is nothing more important and transcendental to Tyrants and Corrupt Governments than putting down the Nature of our National System of Education, whether causing the deterioration of the entire system, making of Man the closer thing to an intellectual idiot; or directing the spirit of Pedagogy to a specific specialization of the Individual, at the price of wrecking the multiform and poliphacetic activity of the creative human mind, this way making man good for one single thing, and worth nothing for the immense spheres of activities open to Civilization.

The Crisis of this beginning of the XXIST Century is a crisis of Intelligence. The Governmental Corruption under which waves the Democracies have turned their back to a Civilization grounded in the Intelligence of the Individual to look around, and to come together to share the Data on the table, this Corruption, has put Justice on her knees, and obliged her to accept a Society based not on Intelligence but on the Power that comes from the Number of Nuclear Weapons possessed by the Nations.

Because this Power, the Tyranny of Russia and the Dictatorship of China have put the League of the Nations on its knees; and because our Silence before the Global Terrorist Nuclear Speech of the Russian and Chinese Tyrants we are all to be blamed for the Genocide of the Syrian People going on, and for the many Genocides accomplished before our faces during the last decades of the XXTH Century.

A World whose Growth is under the Thread of Total Destruction is a World making its Path to its Total Extinction.

Accordingly the Christian Nations we require the Immediate Abolition of the Security Council of the United Nations.

If this happen not, we, the Christian Nations, we shall leave the United Nations, we will let free the UN Hall for the gathering of the Russian Tyrant, the Chinese Dictator and their satellites; we, the Christian Nations, we shall gather into a New League of the Fulness of the Nations, founded on the Equality of Will among the Nations, freeing the Will of the Nations from the Terror by Russia and China spread upon the World.

We will rise the New League of the Nations to the Nature of a Tribunal of Universal Appellation, before which the People living under the Terror of a Tyrant will bring their claim for Freedom and Life, and we will move, as it’s has been shown in the Liberation of Libya, with the Force of the Law, which comes from Justice, against monstrous Tyrants and bloody Dictators.

The Will of the Nations shall be Supreme, and not limits will be set upon the Power of the Nations in the Hour of making Peace to reign upon all the People of the Human Race.

We, the Human Race, are being dishonored, disgraced and stained with the blood of the Syrian People, as we were by the blood of the Rwanda Genocide, and by the blood of the Sudanese Genocide. Had the power to stop the Syrian Massacre was not in our hands, not blood would be upon our heads; but the History of Libya in our eyes, the Horror our hearts are living, by the Russian Tyranny and the Dictatorship of China forced upon us, stain us all with cowardice, and make of us all terrorist equal to the Russian and the Chinese Governments, whose Power to bless the Butcher of Damascus is based in the Threat from both Nations against the Community of the Free World. “We do as they order, or we expose ourselves to a Nuclear War”, this is their argument.

Let them hear our answer:

Man has been created to the Image of God, and as God does, we stand on our feet to live Freedom upon the basis of Justice, and we will not accept to live on our knees no matter the reason. If Nuclear War is required to defend Man’s Freedom, Nuclear War they will have.

This stated we have to come back to the basis upon whose foundations Society was born, and Civilization carves its path to the Future on the rock of the Present.

Man, having been created to the Image of His Creator, looks at himself as a soul born to enjoy the fruits of a Living Creative Intelligence, which tends by inertia to Omniscience. Once this Fact assumed, nothing and no one can turn this page and make, suddenly, of Man an animal whose power is based on Reason, and whose strength is founded on the Force of the Individual and the Nations to fool Justice and, turning Justice into a whore, make of Power the source of their social status.

By Creation, Man is revolution in eternal motion towards a better Future. Education is, by this Divine Origin of Mankind, the most important stage in the Life of the Individual, woman or man. To leave this Transcendental Stage, the Human Formation of the Body Society, in the hands of political parties coming and going, it is, as it sounds, a crime against the Future of the Human Race.

Education and Politics got to be separated. The Pedagogic Body has to get in its hands, at a national level, the Formation of the Mind and Intelligence of men and women according to the Principles of the Natural Rights by the Creator given to His Creation, and the natural growth of our Race in the dimension of the Creative Omniscience.

It is all by itself given that in a cosmic situation room wherein the Intervention of a Divine Being is not computed, a Life and Death are left alone to their devices, and Natural Right is not taken as source of Law: the law of the jungle become the open source determining the behavior of the nations and individuals; but the actual Reality is this: the Divine Right of the Creator and the Right of the Creature are part of the same Book of Justice. This being the Fact, Natural Right is the projection of the Divine Right upon the Nature of His Living Creation, by the rising of the  Soul of His Creatures to His Supernatural Existence, by and by we aspire to Omniscience through Intelligence and to Immortality through Faith.

To reach this final stage, it is absolutely necessary a Society based on Peace, Justice and Truth, the fruit of which Tree, Freedom, cannot be set aside in order to preserve structures of a Past that has already become a cancer in our very days.

Fear to Self-Freedom is pathology in itself, and the cause of the dictatorships and tyrannies are already on around us. God is Self-Freedom, we have been created to enjoy this Self-Freedom in the body of a Universal Society. Ergo, the Rising against a Tyrant it is the Right of men and Nations, a Right at this very day massacred in the fields of Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, Nicaragua, Venezuela...

What to say about that Policy by which the Tyrants are blessed by the Economic Powers through that ideology of non-Interference in the affairs of the national entities, while those same Apostles of genocide as a Right of the Ruler Class do interfere in the Rising of the people by arming the Tyrants?

We’ll see, as Time goes by, that in a Society where Pedagogy and Politics are separated, the Rising of a Tyrant is aborted before being conceived.

Politics deals with the Process of growth of the body of the nations; by and by the meaning of the political body is to bring forth answers to the natural, logical questions arising from that same process of social evolution.

Given that the Future is the Unknown, the Incognita, the Frontier challenging the World Centuries to keep growing, Pedagogy deals with the formation of Mankind in order to prepare Society for the hour when the dealing with situations not envisaged by the past generations requires Intelligence. To answer the new Challenges with answers from the Past, called them as you please: Socialism of the XXI Century, Capitalist, Communism, or whatever you may fancy, it is to chain the Civilization to the Pantheon where the ghosts of the Past sleep forever.

Thence the First Challenge from this Century to Mankind, as a whole, is to proceed to the Separation of Politics and Education, raising the Education Body to the Rank of Metaphysical Need. And through it, by implementing a World Model of Formation, bringing the New Generations to a Universal Conception of Mankind as a Body, we shall proceed to banish from the Civilization that Criminal Ideology of Nations as Prisons ruled by tyrants and dictators empowered with Freedom to commit genocide in defense of their social status quo.

New questions require new answers. Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, Hinduism, Islamism, all are answers from the Past to situation rooms without alive actuality. All those old systems tend to implement the power on the hands of the dictator of the day. But as the New Questions stare at the World as One Universal Entity, those systems are in the roots of the Problem the Nations are going through today.

Irreligion, whether in the old or in new versions, all and each lead to nowhere, they only arrive to reproduce the same immobilism that was the point of depart against which Atheism came about. The more dangerous this immobilism because the self-washing brain operation involved in the process of the conquest of the Society by the  Ideologies, secular and clericals, of today.

As much as Politics tends to be everything, so does Science. However, only Christianity has in its self the Power to get free from its own errors, and proceed to go forward.

Science and Politics have shown us all that they can do. Science and Politics has accomplished a frustrated destruction of the World Ecosphere by blasting an amount of six hundred megatons against earth, water and air during the  forty last years of the past century


SEE this

 Number of Atomic Bombs blasted during the Period 1945-1998, underwater not inclusive:

                  air                      earth                 total

USA        141.0                       38.0               179.0

URSS      247.0                      38.0               285.0

UK              8.0                        0.9                    8.9

France        10.0                       4.0                  14.0

China         21.9                        1.5                  23.4

India            -                           0.014-017        0.014-017

Pakistan                                  0.014-017         0.014-017

TOTAL                427.9        82.428-.434    510.328-.334


Between September 1961 and December 1962, 244 megatons were liberated. This 244 megatons gives 16,250 atomic bombs Hiroshima-Nagasaki type. 510 megatons comes to be 33.000 atomic bombs. Plus the explosion under water, how many atomic bombs were blasted against the Ecosphere?


An Alien Civilization, wanting to exterminate the Human Race from the surface of the Earth, I ask: would had proceeded in a different way?

It is time for us, sons of God, to show what we can do.





The Origin of Society is Life. Nature itself, by its own system of Reproduction, implies Society. The Need of “You” and “I” to become “Us”: is the source of Society. Family, therefore, is the Cradle of Society.

However, a Revolution was made and consummated in the heart of the Universe when a Being, born not of Nature, but in Infinity and Eternity, decided, all by Himself, and by His Own Will, to become “He”, the Head of that Society by Nature existing in the realm of Life.

“He”, being Uncreated, therefore indestructible and invincible, with His Will of becoming the Head of a World Society, He caused in the Cosmos a Universal Revolution…. Because How could such a Being, who is Indestructible, share the existence of beings born to die? And what is more important: Why that Divine Being saw Himself sharing the Existence with worlds born to pass away?

To answer this Question we have to enter in the Heart of God.

That Will of God, by which He made His Mind to become the Head of the Universal Life, it is rooted in the Need that God Himself feels for Society. This Need of God for Society became the Source of the Revolution which, as Time went on, did transform Uncreation into Creation.

But it is obvious that to share His Existence with worlds born to die God had to raise Mortal Life to Immortality. To reach this Victory, God had to become the Source of the Creation.

And so it was done. God proceeded to create a New Universe and gave to the Three of Life a New Cosmos as its field of Manifestation.

In the Old Universe the worlds came and went, and nothing remained of them in Space and Time except Matter. In the New Universe God gives Himself the Work of a Peasant, cultivating the Tree of Life, which Fruit, the Worlds, He harvests and takes into His Own World, a World to be inhabited by numberless Nations.

By becoming the Creator of the Worlds, Life becomes Indestructible and Immortal; and by His coming to share Life with His Creation He takes the place in a Society where He is the King and Head of that Universal Civilization, in all its aspects: Religion, Defense, States, and so on and on. God becomes a Person among Persons: Someone you can see, Someone you can talk, the King.

Society then comes from Nature and aspire to eternity due to its Divine Source. It is from this Source that Life tends naturally to God. And it is because this Source Divine that Society tends to Justice as the road to Freedom.

It is because this Source that the Individual tends to Truth and Intelligence and feels the Need of Society not as a load but as the bridge to his happiness.

Concluding this first paragraph I say: We are Social Beings, firstly, by the structure of Life itself, and, secondly, by the Divine Source of our Universe, in which having breathed His own Being the Creator becomes the Ontological Force leading the Individual to His Source, in whom we Creature find out our Self-Realization.

But, obviously, Society means Freedom. A Society based on Slavery and on Tyranny of the few upon the many, is not a Society, not at all, it is a hell.

The Wonder and the Greatness of Society is based in the Sharing of Everything by Everybody. This means, of course, and God sees it so, that the Foundation of Society requires from the Creator of the Worlds the Sharing of Everything with Everybody. Assuming this Foundation as the Rock upon which to build the Society between the Creator and His Creation, God took an ultimate step, He adopted as Family the being of the Creature. The Relation Creator-Creature became the proper of “Father and son”.

In this chapter it is very much interesting to define the line between the “being” as an “Individual” and the being as a “Person”.

Even if the Individual is a complete existential unity with life in itself; this fact does not makes of him a Person. The Person is the Individual who reaches his perfection in the realm of Society, develops his potentialities in the heart of Civilization, this Need becoming in him a Power of Creation.

We observe that the Historical circumstances under which our World has made its way from the Neolithic to the Atomic Age, gives to the speech of those who deny the Existence of God as the Source of Life on Earth, some basis. While saying that Society means the sharing of Everything with Everybody, being God Indestructible and Immortal and All-Intelligent and All-Powerful, given the misery and tragedy of Mankind we find ourselves before this Dilemma: “Really is such a God out there?”.

We should be very stupid when not accepting the basis in the Atheist Speech, and at the same time we would be very stupid in giving some credit to a speech older that Cain. What really hurts is not the stupidity of the Atheism, but the stupidity of those who calling themselves Christians do deny the Divine Principle of Society: “Everything for Everybody”. Because at the end of the day the big question is not whether there is a God out there. The big question is whether we have His Spirit.

But to turn to the main, the relation between the Man and the Society, let's say that the Police is there to enforce the Law, but when Police is there to be the bulldog of a Political Party in Power, Police becomes a criminal organization.

Armies are there to enforce Peace, but when Armies are there to enforce the Tyranny of those in Power, Armies become criminal Organizations.

States are there to enforce Justice between the Persons, but when the States are there to enforce the Injustice of one Person against the others, States become criminal organizations.

Thus, Society is something more than a Modern Building founded on the ruins of the Medieval Structures. And while the Civilization keeps on looking away and denying itself the answer to the Dilemma between the Creator and the Creation, between the Individual and the Person, Society will keep on walking on the path of its total destruction through the Global Crisis already on.

It is more than obvious that. as the Medieval System was based on the Force of Destruction of the few upon the many, the Modern System has given way to that Old Theory of World Order through Power, on one hand, and Justice through Money, on the other.

A Society where the few give themselves the right to kill the many at will, it is not Society.

There’s not Society where the few confer to themselves the right to dispose of the wealth of the Nations at pleasure, making of Police and the Armies Forces their House Dog.

The Structure of Society has the Goal of freeing the path of communication of wealth, material and spiritual, from everybody to everybody. Power is there to stop the madness of Individuals working to raise barriers along this Path of communication.

The States are there to enforce the Freedom of Intellectual, Scientific and Spiritual Motion from the Individual to Society. Because if the realization of the Individual in the Heart of the Society is the Person, the Person is the Core of the Civilization, the Self-Free Being in which the entire Civilization is conceived and projected to the Future.

There is no Society without the Individual. And yet, the Individual without the Projection of his Singularity into the Heart of Society becomes a self-destructive alien; it is in the Social Person that the Free Individual finds his perfection and happiness.

To conclude this second paragraph, I say that the step of the Individual to rise upon Society with the intention to enslave the State and the Nation to his will, this is madness, and by it the Individual becomes a criminal entity. The function of the State is to run straight ahead and stop the Madman, but when the State itself is the body of the Madman, then the State becomes a criminal organization.

Useless to say that the United Nations’ talk with a State as the Syria of the Butcher of Damascus, which is in itself a criminal organization, it is a suicide of the United Nations, and a blessing to the Genocide of the Syrian people. Before which suicide the United Nations have only one alternative: To Abolish the Veto and the Terror Speech which the Security Council promotes, or to close the entire Organization of the United Nations.

Society, then, entering in a third paragraph, by these two foundations: Life and God, tends to promote the Perfection of the Individual by the impregnation of God’s Personality upon the entire realm of Civilization. It is from the Personality of the Creator that the Individual, whether consciously or unconsciously, acquires a Personality.

We see sanctity referred to “sharing” Everything with Everybody. And this is so because this is, as I said before, the Spirit with which God came into the Society. He came to share Everything He has with Everybody He has created.

On the other hand, we see how the more the people get apart from this Spirit of Sharing the less humans they are. These two forces, the struggle between the Nature in us, leading us to share everything with everybody, and the Individuals, who want everything for themselves at the price of everybody’s destruction, even of themselves, this is the real War going on. How to get rid of this madness in the root of the Six Thousand Year’s World Civil War we have been through, how to heal this sickness affecting the Body of Mankind without destroying the Society, this is the challenge we have in this very day.

And as I said yesterday, I will say it again; this is a crisis of Intelligence. A crisis promoted by the Powers as a mean to extend World Control, necessary to World Order according to those Few, at the price of cutting the Formation of the Intelligence of Man under the premise that an intelligent man is and uncontrollable subject, and ergo, Idiocy got to be the goal of the Public School System.

Decades working on this field have given its fruit. We see how the worst people of a nation rise to Power, how the good men are being pushing away, (let’s remember the case of the Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzón, a better man impossible to find), how the people vote again and again to those who lead them to ruin and misery.

Public Idiocy being the goal of those in Power, the harvest has been generous. Crisis is everywhere.

Which, to conclude this third paragraph, lead us to the final point, Where to buy Intelligence? Where is the shop where you can go and buy Intelligence, more and more?

Remember the Word: “Ask, and you will be given”.

Is it not Intelligence the Nature of Man?

What else will you find Intelligence at the Image of God but in God?

Peace and Health!




But what is Freedom?

The Power to destroy whether a human life or a wild species, is it comprise in the meaning of the definition of the word: Freedom?

To kill and destroy anybody who opposes me and dare to criticize me: is it a Power inherent to Freedom?

Well, if so, that man whose are hands not stained with blood he will be less free than that another man whose hands are full of blood.

If so, that China which patronized the genocide of five millions of Sudanese people, it is a Land more Free than France, or Italy. And the Russia, patronizing the Massacre of the Syrian People, is a land more free than the United States of America.

As a matter of fact, following this logic, the more people a man killed the more free he is. And so comes to happen with the nations. Ergo, following this suicidal logic: Freedom is the Power to destroy, and the Power of Total Destruction makes a man and a nation the more free. Which leads us to Perfect Freedom: Universal Self-destruction. As it’s seen, the madness in such a conclusion leads us to say that Freedom based on Power is madness.

Freedom is based on Peace.

Freedom is the daughter of Peace.

Freedom is the power to walk together towards a far horizon even when we know each other just a minute ago.

Freedom is the power to go through a dark forest with absolute trust in  each other, even when we know each other just two minutes ago. Freedom is the absolute absence of Fear of each other.

We know each other minutes ago; you are from Africa and I am from Europe: “Let’s go”. We run, we laugh, we shout, we climb, we swim, we sing, we play, we talk. And you know why? Because you and I we love one same thing, and that same thing rules yours and mine, heart and blood with the same Force : Peace.

But again, Peace is something to define according to the need of the Individual?

Or is it Peace a Word which Definition belongs to the Universal?

Is it Peace my right to drink my wine upon the graves of my enemies?

Is it Peace the Power of a State to Govern upon the Freedom of the People in the name of Order, making of the Right of the People, to criticize the Government, a crime?

Why is it Spain raising a Decree against the Right of the People to criticize the Government a Crime against Order and Law?

Peace means the Silence of the Dead?

A Peaceful man, then, is a coward?

The Silence of the Coward is the Definition of Peace?

Take a look at Germany. Libya rises, and the Minister of Defense, a young and brave man, equal to Sarkozy and Cameron, want to join the Forces of Liberation. The Angel of Deutschland gets the scissors and cut the testicles of the New German Man. Then Syria rises, and the President of the State is there to rise his voice. Again, the Angel of Berlin uses the scissors to cut the testicles of the Man.

So, is it Peace the power to turn the back on our fellow men?

“I am Peace”, says Berlin, “he is killing you, that’s your problem. Here, no one moves”.

Is it Peace the Silence of the Coward? Did not join Germany the Forces of Liberation of Libya because Deutschland is a Nation of Cowards, ruled by a Lady whose only interests are to make of Germany the Kitchen of Europe?

So, what is Peace?

Once said that Freedom is the daughter of Peace, and given that, politically speaking, Peace is defined not according a Universal Value but according to the Need of the Moment, we can’t really break into Freedom’s realm while Peace is in the blue.

We know something and this for sure: Peace has nothing to do with the Silence of the Coward. Curiously enough, the attitude of the Nations towards the Massacre of the Syrian People is positively related to the Silence of the Coward.

To enter in the Hall of Peace, then, we got to break, first, into the House of Justice.

It is God who said: “Truth is the Father of Justice, and Justice is the Mother of Peace”. I'm not quoting Plato or Kant, but Someone who knows a lot more about Justice.

Why Truth is Father to Justice?

Let’s be real.

We have King Solomon in his throne, and two women fighting for the same child. Both women are asking for Justice. The scene is clear.

We have a powerful man in whose hands are the Word: Life or death. Solomon could speak according to his Power or according to Justice. According to Power, as we see in the Trial of Christ, Truth is Nothing. “And what is Truth?” said Pilate to Jesus Christ.

But King Solomon did not speak Justice according to Power. He judged the case according to Justice as Universal Value, a value by which every man is subjected to its Nature and rules the behavior of us all.

Let’s see it this way. If King Solomon was a Judge of our days, he would have not considered Nature … but Money.

The natural mother has the right of Procreation by which the Child belongs to her. But she has no means to feed the child; or, at least, not the economic means that the woman claiming the child as hers.

King Solomon got to make Justice. He gives the child to her natural mother; and this even when the child will not enjoy all the commodities that the adopting mother could profligate to him.

If Justice got nothing to do with Truth, King Solomon, rising Economic upon Nature, having the Power to crush the Universal Reality and to configure a Pocket Reality, in the name of which to deprive the Child of his Natural Mother for the sake of his Security, and to pass on the kid to an adopted mother who, by her wealth, can provide for him the commodities her real mother cannot offered him, he should have done so.

But King Solomon did not crush Nature; King Solomon did not spit in the Face of the truth; King Solomon did not rape the Universal Value of Justice. The question is obvious, WHY?

He was the King, he was the Power, he was the Law, he was Justice.

However, what has to do Nature with Justice?

Look at the dogs. Will you get close to that sweet friend of yours, unable to bite the hand that feed it, in its days of puppy breeding? You can’t get close to its little dogs while they are been milking. Mama dog gets wild. The call of Nature rings the bell of the beast. The Law of the Universe is Supreme.

Or see the elephant when the hunter gets close to its kid. Daddy elephant gets wild, he sounds the trumpet of war, he beats the drum of battle. It is the Call of Nature.

A man may not be able to give his son a castle and a kingdom, but he gets wild when the danger crawls around his house. A father may be the more peaceful human on Earth, but when the time comes to defend his child, watch out, because the wild beast is rising. This is the Law of Nature; this is the Call of the Universe. This is a Universal Value.

And this is why King Solomon gave not the child to the mother who had Economic on her side, and took back the child to her natural mother, because there’s something that only a natural father and mother can give, offer and surrender for the love of his blood and flesh: Life.

A man will fight to death for his child. No man will do that for the child of someone else. It can happen, but it’snt rule.

The Universal Rule is that Parenthood does relate Man to the Wild when the time comes for Protection of his Child.

An adopted child can get from his forefather lots of commodities, but it will never get that Real Love which can lead Parents to surrender their own life in the fight for their son.

This is Reality. This is the Universal Law. This is the Truth.

The Law of Adoption fighting its way in our days by which Children can be adopted by Gay Couples is a crime against the Right of the Children. Not because the privation of one of the parts implied in Parenthood, but because a Parenthood not founded in Nature cannot proceed to rise the Wild when the Bells of the Universal Law calls for protection of the Child at the cost of the Lives of the Parents. This answer is Natural only to the Parenthood based on the Law of Nature, and in its defect on the Law of Adoption by a Couple ruled by the Call of Nature. Children are not dolls. A child is not a play-thing. A mother and a father, whether poor or rich, is by Nature and Universal Law: the river from whose source comes out the most precious treasure in the World a child can receive : TRUE LOVE.

I hope to give you something to think on.