v. 1. The religious forces of the United States, by H.K. Carroll.--v. 2. A history of the Baptist churches, by A.H. Newman.--v. 3. A history of the Congregational churches, by Williston Walker.--v. 4. A history of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, by H.E. Jacobs.--v. 5. A history of the Methodists, by J.M. Buckley.--v. 6. A history of the Presbyterian churches, by R.E. Thompson.--v. 7. A history of the Protestant Episcopal Church, by C.C. Tiffany.--v. 8. History of the Reformed Church, Dutch, by E.E. Corwin. History of the Reformed Church, German, by J.H. Dubbs. A history of the Unitas fratrum, or Moravian Church, by J.T. Hamilton.--v. 9. A history of the Roman Catholic Church, by Thomas O'Gorman

Manual of universal church history (4 Volumes)

Dictionary of Christian Biography and Literature to the End of the Sixth Century


v. l. Ancient and medieval history.--v. 2. Modern history.--v. 3. American history.--v. 4. Great philosophers.--v. 5. Famous women.--v. 6. Famous warriors.--v. 7. Foreign statesmen.--v. 8. American statesmen.--v. 9. Literature of the 19th century.--v. 10. Achievements of the 19th century
I. Pre-history. America and the Pacific Ocean.--II. Eastern Asia and Oceania--The Indian Ocean.--III. West Asia and Africa.--IV. The Mediterranean countries.--V. South eastern and eastern Europe.--VI. Central and northern Europe.--VII. Western Europe. pt. 1.--VIII. Western Europe--The Atlantic Ocean [v. 1] Columbus and the New World.--[v. 2-3] History of the United States.--[v. 4] Our late wars.--[v. 5-6] Encyclopedic dictionary of American history I. China, Japan and the islands of the Pacific.-- II. India, Persia, Mesopotamia and Palestine.--III. Egypt, Africa and Arabia.--IV. Greece and Rome.--V. Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.--VI. Russia, Austria-Hungary, the Balkan states and Turkey.--VII. Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.--VIII. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Greenland and the search for the poles.--IX. England.--X. England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.--XI. Canada. South America, Central America, Mexico and West Indies.--XII-XIII. The United States.--XIV. An outline of universal history.--XV. The world war, ed, by H. W. Dresser

RIDPATH'S HISTORY OF THE WORLD; being an account of the ethnic origin, primitive estate, early migrations, social conditions and present promise of the principal families of men


Records of the past being English translations of the ancient monuments of Egypt and western Asia

Vol. 1. John Stark, by Edward Everett; Charles Brockden Brown, by William H. Prescott; Richard Montgomery, by John Armstrong; Ethan Allen, by Jared Sparks.- Vol. 2. Alexander Wilson, by William B.O. Peabody; Captain John Smith, by George S. Hillard.- Vol. 3. Life and treason of Benedict Arnold.- Vol. 4. Anthony Wayne, by John Armstrong; Sir Henry Vane, by Charles W. Upham.- Vol. 5. John Eliot, by Convers Francis.- Vol. 6. William Pinkney, by Henry Wheaton; William Ellery, by Edward T. Channing; Cotton Mather, by William B.O. Peabody.- Vol. 7. Sir William Phips, by Francis Bowen; Israel Putnam, by Oliver W.B. Peabody; Lucretia Maria Davidson, by the author of "Redwood"; David Rittenhouse, by James Renwick.- Vol. 8. Jonathan Edwards, by Samuel Miller; David Brainers, by William B.O. Peabody.- Vol. 9. Life of Baron Steuben, by Francis Bowen; Life of Sebastian Cabot, by Charles Hayward, Jr.; Life of William Eaton, by Cornelius C. Felton.- Vol. 10. Robert Fulton, by James Renwick; Joseph Warren, by A.H. Everett; Henry Hudson, by Henry R. Cleveland; Father Marquette, by Jared Sparks  
The invasion of the Crimea; its origin, and an account of its progress down to the death of Lord Raglan

History Of Freemasonry Throughout The World

The invasion of the Crimea; its origin, and an account of its progress down to the death of Lord Raglan

The founding of the German Empire by William I based chiefly upon Prussian state documents by Heinrich von Sybel

The history of modern Europe: with an account of the decline & fall of the Roman Empire; and a view of the progress of society, from the rise of the modern kingdoms to the peace of Paris in 1763; in a series of letters from a nobleman to his son

History of the Consulate and the Empire of France under Napoleon

History of the Nations

A history of England from the first invasion by the Romans (to the Revolution in 1688). - (10 Vols.)

John Lingard

Literature & Science &Arts

The sacred books and early literature of the East; with an historical survey and descriptions

A history of theatrical art in ancient and modern times - Mantzius, Karl

The art of music; a comprehensive library of information for music lovers and musicians

Universal classics library

A HISTORY OF CLASSICAL SCHOLARSHIP v.1] From the sixth century B. C. to the end of the middle ages.--v. 2. From the revival of learning to the end of the eighteenth century (in Italy, France, England, and the Netherlands)--v. 3. The eithteenth century in Germany, and the nineteenth century in Europe and the United States of America

The American natural history; a foundation of useful knowledge of the higher animals of North America