Eternity, Infinity and God were born together. There was no Before and After. Nor all three members of the Uncreated Trilogy were born the way we humans understand being born. Does the Infinite have a father? What mother will we give to Eternity? What date of birth will we put in God’s family book? How old will we supposed to be a God that is one thing with Space, Time and Matter? How will we speak of the age of our universe without referring to a fragment of the line of God’s existence in Infinity and Eternity? And how high will the mountain of events created by a God that has been around since the Cosmos exists?

Eternity is God’s home; Infinity is His Motherland.

An uncreated cosmos by country, indestructible by nature, intelligent by vocation, adventurer by birth, hopelessly lover of Life and its worlds, His life a perpetual odyssey through the open stellar spaces, with what words could we draw on the canvas of our understanding the image of that Divine Being in constant navigation through the ocean of galaxies?

What frontiers will we give to His universe? What properties to His space-time? How many pages would the chronicles of his adventures cover?

There He goes. The stars at His voice move away, the constellations when they see Him pass by greet Him. The lion of Mercury runs across the plain between fields of planets of all atypical colors, singular, slender, subtle, his Great Spirit shouts, “Fly with me, and follow me to the ends of the universe”. A galaxy like a lake of caramelized light, with the dawn of Jupiter at its core, encloses in its waters dolphins with infrared glasses jumping from sidereal system to sidereal system. Suddenly they see the Great Spirit, God is running the spaces where the Ortho dwells.

With what eyes will God see the colors of an energy field that with its arms spans ten thousand constellations? With what hair loosened to the wind of the galaxies will He feel the breeze that runs through the infinite spaces? With what hands and feet does His Great Spirit climb the luminous summits of the invisible, parallel, lost, setting, and fleeting universes? How will the time it takes to reach the plain on the other side of the remotest star clusters affect God? In which stellar directions will His joys extend His heart when He finds Himself on the other side of the shores of a galaxy cluster? How His heart does react when feeling the birth of life in the depths of the sea of ​​the submerged constellations?

The pearl of life in its sidereal oyster. One world, another world, a new civilization is born, with its typical singularities, and its own particularities, another challenge of the primordial mud to the destructive fire burning all things. He, God, advances through the waves of the cosmic seas searching new worlds; from star cluster to star cluster He carries to unknown shores the joy of the undying adventurer. He opens the wings of his Great Spirit and launches himself at infinite speed across the cosmic plains; He feels the pulse of the wind that runs through the subtle spaces, and now He plays with the light to be the rider of the shining steed. He turns the light into rays that He picks up from the heart of a Supernova.

God had Eternity ahead; all around Him was the Infinite. Uncreation was His world, His universe, His original paradise. It had no beginning, it would have no end. Wherever He turned His eyes the stars and its luminous seas extended its shores.

How many star systems can be traversed in an eternity? How many pages will we calculate for the book of God’s life? How many branches will we count to the tree of His experience? How many worlds, how many races, how many civilizations did God know before revolutionizing the structure of His world and made the Cosmos His own Creation? What is the volume of His memory? How many memories did His mind store before bringing about in that uncreated universe of His this final transformation of which we are the fruit?





Indeed, Uncreation was the Childhood of God. Everything that He knew and had been, it had always been there. The forms changed, but God did not remember that before there had been something else. And He did not remember it because there had not been. That is to say, before Creation it was Uncreation, but before Uncreation there was nothing else.

The Infinite, Eternity, God, were the members of the Cosmic Trilogy. Everything happened, everything flowed, the life and death of the worlds, the birth, disappearance and rebirth of galaxies. It had always been like that, the forms disappeared, but the essence remained. Death reduced everything that lived to dust, but from the cosmic dust the phoenix of life was always reborn. The leaves fell off the branches of the Tree of life when the wind of Death blew; they lied bare, fragile in their nakedness, but sometime after the fire of life was reborn in the sap of the universes, and dressed them again with more beautiful, splendid and generous fruits. How He loved his world! Infinity and Eternity had Him spellbound with their Wisdom. They were father and mother to Him; and He was the reason why everything remained in constant motion.

How to enter, then, in the memory of the One who was the reason, the cause, the meaning of the existence of all things? And if we compare each universe with the cell of a tree, how can we to calculate the number of the Tree of Life? Or how to guess the names with which the One, that remained forever when all things passed away, was known? And how to understand the divine experience of the One who walked from universe to universe communicating His love for life to all the worlds?

Where to go, where not to go? What a question! Towards where the wind blows, towards where the light of the dawn of a new universe announces its birth, towards the other side of the Ortho, where adventure rounds, where it has never been before. Because the most beautiful is always to come, because the most beautiful is always what has not yet been seen, go ahead, let the suns celebrate a party and dance the dance of magic bees!

God flies on the wings of the eagle of the stars, He approaches riding on the horse of the distant universes, at a trot He approaches, He descends on the banks of the river of Life, He gives his steed a drink, He looks at the horizon and He smiles because He has discovered the glare of a snow star on the high tops of a distant cluster. Nothing stops Him. His pulse never loses control. He doesn’t know fear. He loves the joy of adventure over all. He does not know what envy is, or evil. He had been never at war. He did not need to know the truth because He did not know what a lie is.

The truth was God; the truth was Infinity, the truth was Eternity. The truth was the colors of the rainbow gleaming in the raging summer sun. The truth was a flowery field in spring. The truth was a world rising under a sun of polished diamonds, three moons orbiting the mother planet, a swarm of ships departing for a walk through a sea of galaxies; and then the silence of the souls returning to the primordial mud of Life. How not to marvel, how not to laugh, how to pass by and reject Life’s invitation to participate in this adventure! He who was uncreated became a character, allowed Himself to be inscribed in the register of unnumbered  books of history, always feeling be amazed by the creative genius of Wisdom to maintain alive the flame of Life.

Thus God passed his Childhood. Such was the childhood of God.



But one day a desire awakened in the heart of God. That day God had a wish. And that desire carried in its core the entire imprint of the heart in whose chest it was born.

Let’s see. Wisdom was sister to God. She moved all things for Him, for the love of God She converted energy into matter and from matter came those fireworks at the origin of new galaxies. Then She sowed the seed of life in the new star fields and the universes were filled with creatures.

At the end of time Life gave way to the waves of Death. And all the creatures disappeared from the universe like castles on a beach that erases the tide.

Yes! All without exception disappeared between the fingers of time like water, like desert dust. Such was the fate of all creatures during Uncreation. It had always been so. Life and Death were part of the uncreated cosmological system. Only by God and for God did the cosmic clay take shape; Wisdom breathed life into the mud of the worlds and became animate beings. But only for a limited time. When the hour came for, Life gave way in to Death and its waves dried that primordial mud from which all creatures had been formed. The dust returned to the dust. Ashes to ashes. Only God was indestructible. Then God said to himself:

Wouldn't it be wonderful if all the creatures of the universe were born to enjoy Immortality?

Wouldn't it be great if, returning from His travels through those remote and unknown seas, loaded with fabulous adventures, His heart would meet again, like the one who returns home, His dear friends?

Yes, Immortality for all creatures in the Universe! This was His dream. Such was His wish. A beautiful wish.

And He had it with such intensity that in His Mind God already saw His universe transformed into a paradise inhabited by worlds without number. Peoples of galaxies and distant planets sharing on the table of that Civilization of civilizations, the same bread, and the achievements and advances of their original societies. A universe full of life and color. Like swarms of little birds roaming the woods under the open sky, like crowds of creatures riding the plains. And He, God, running, flying with them, opening horizons for them, charting new routes for them through the stars.

In the dream that inspired His desire, God could already see Himself plunging into the depths of the cosmic ocean in search of new pearls. And Wisdom, His sister, leaving clues among the stars, marveling Him with every new victory over the divine capacity to be surprised. She would make His dream come true. The daughter of Infinity and Eternity would clothe all living with immortality.

This was the desire that grew in the heart of God. The question was: could that dream be realized?

Well, as for Him, God had no doubt about it. His Faith in the Power of Wisdom to overcome the challenge, creation of immortal life, his Faith did not know Doubt.

Anyway, the question was there, and its implication was no less vast and profound, for what consequences would such a transformation bring about to the Uncreated Cosmic System?

Naturally, God was beyond the implications and their consequences. His Faith in Wisdom was so absolute that it never occurred to Him to doubt her Power to effect such a revolution.

He went to business.

Now, where to start to make your dream come true?

Immortality for the world as a whole as the first step to Immortality for the people?

All right. Perfect!



What God lived from then on, what God did from that day, how can we imagine it, understand it, recreate it?

An extraordinary Living God rises in the heart of the Cosmos; His purpose is to unite all the worlds that appear and disappear in space and time and create a Civilization of civilizations that will overcome all the problems that the challenge of Immortality suggested. By uniting the worlds in a Universal Reality, that Civilization of civilizations would open to the galaxies. And God would be at the forefront of that Universal Empire. He would guide the first world to meet the last; He would unite them all to be one; He would teach them to be free, and to enjoy the wonders of the universe. And there would always be more.

God’s experience of encountering worlds of all kinds was put at the service of His dream. In love with His dream, Immortality for all, he set to work. He opened paths between the stars and gates between the constellations, discovered new worlds, and spread His scepter over their civilizations, gave to the kingdoms a Universal Constitutional Carta Magna. He directed their technological evolutions towards the encounter in the third phase, integrated all the kingdoms thus formed into a Universal Empire. He himself was integrated into that World of worlds as the King of kings and Lord of lords in whose Word all peoples had their guarantee of growth in peaceful and free coexistence. His Word was the Law, and the Word was God.



So it was. With time that Universal Empire grew and extended its frontiers to the most remote stars of the uncreated skies.

How to draw on the canvas of our imagination the properties and nature of that Civilization of civilizations that spread its glory through the sea of ​​stars? How many volumes on the Origins and History of the Empire into which God had Uncreation transformed was filled the Universal Library with? How many Particular Stories was its Universal History made up of? What was the number of sciences that the sages of that Empire mastered, recorded, cultivated?

Wisdom, invisible and beautiful, loving and happy, from Her luminous and transparent throne over all creatures extended Her protection and intelligence, and in all things Her wonderful soul manifested, moving everything with a single purpose: to discover to God the laws ruling the Creation of Universes. This, His universe, was filled with joyous and adventurous worlds with a single concern in life, enjoying the time of existence that each individual had been granted. Because, although life was beautiful, magnificent, impressive, and the desire to keep on living never died, the fact was that time was limited and ephemeral the existence. Like the spring clouds that mourn his last days at the cradle of summer, like the flow of the river that crosses the land from East to West but approaches the ocean of insatiable thirst, so was the life of all beings from that Empire that God had raised with His hands and He loved so much. The pain of the last hug, the loss of the friend who disappears while you are traveling, the tear you did not collect from that nightingale who died with the pain of not having expired in your arms, oh Lord, the tender rumor of a prince who you loved with the feeling of a brother and faded into the mists of his innocence, sending you kisses, blessings you for the days You gave him, for having given him the opportunity to meet You, for having made his life a story worth living although the breath was subject to the law of final silence. Ah, the rustle of the rose when its petals die between the fingers of the storm. The announcement of the end of the perfect happiness is written in blood, its future is without defenses against the arrow searching for its chest. It wounds its core, it tears through, and the spear reaches the heart.



One day Death awoke from his lethargy, and claimed for herself crown and scepter. I mean, if they tell you that the One who is said to be God cannot make His wish come true, what do you answer to yourself?

If you are wise or simply aspire to wisdom, you will answer yourself that that divine desire, Immortality for all creatures, this desire implied a structural revolution whose consequences would have to reach God himself. If you are one of those who always opt for easy answers and you choose the option of the ignorant, you will answer that this Being cannot be God for real, because for a True God there is nothing impossible.

And so it was. God overcame the first phase of His Desire and transformed His universe into an Empire of Worlds with origins in the most diverse stars of the most remote solar systems. He was advancing towards the last phase of his project - Immortality for the Individual - when the Doubt was made. I mean, the Worlds had reached Immortality and counted their years by the millions, but the individual was still mortal. And this is where the Doubt was born. While the individual was born to die, and Immortality did not enter the formal structure of his logic, life did not suffer Death. But when the individual knew that the possibility of Immortality existed and discovered that the origin of that possibility was in the King of kings and Lord of lords of that Empire of the stars, He, God, the idea of ​​living forever and having to die irremediably caused in the mental structure of the livings a violent shock.

“Well, if He is True God, and a True God cannot be denied anything because for Him everything is possible, how is it that wishing us Immortality we are subject to Death?” This asked the ignorant.

This question, so elementally logical, so rationally simple, was the breeding ground where Doubt began its path. Doubt led to the Denial of the existence of God. And in the flesh of that Denial the virus of War was incubated.

Not being the King of kings and Lord of lords of the Empire of the stars God in all the theological and existential extension of the word, surely there would be some way to destroy Him. All they had to do was find the weapon that would destroy Him.



That Universal War took place before the creation of our Cosmos. That Apocalyptic War had its origin in the Doubt, and Doubt led everyone to Destruction. It was a war that divided all the worlds and led them to the field of war. The violent part, the part that denied the existence of God and considered the King of kings dead as soon as they discovered the ultimate weapon, this part chose the fate of the ignorant, loved the folly of fools and undertook an evolution on crooked lines in direction to the transformation of the livings into a kinf of infernal creature, addicted to Power, in love with War, its will by law, its law beyond good and evil.

They discovered the Science of good and evil and took it to its ultimate consequences. The part that the sages took, Faith, love of Truth, although they could not understand the cause of the love for Absolute Power, for the love of God they refused to accept the argument of materialistic atheism of the violents. They agreed that the argument of the ignorant opened a gap in the Universal Faith at the origin of the Empire of the Worlds, since it certainly could not be understood that Death did not bend its knees before God. And yet who were they?

Exactly, who were they to understand how the conflict between Life and Death that God had caused with His desire was affecting the structure of the entire cosmic Reality?

Of course, the wise, peaceful for wise, never accepted the legality of the argument on the basis of the scientific atheism of the violents. What was hidden behind that irrational denial of the Existence of God but an uncontrollable passion for Power?

Where the apostles of atheism wanted to lead them was a universal war, from which they hoped against all wisdom, as victors, to impose on everyone a demonic status quo. And there should be no more talk. This was the truth and for much science in twisting the arguments that the Parents of Doubt invented, this was the light of truth that shone at the bottom of their systems of thought. What difference was there between Doubt and Madness?

 Unable to understand the nature of the cosmic conflict that in His Innocence God had caused: the Fathers of Doubt by Method made of Science a New Materialistic Religion: Scientific Atheism, a declaration of War on Wisdom.

Wisdom, the Force ruling the Uncreated Cosmos, because She knew God, and saw in His heart He could not understand the nature of the conflict that His desire had provoked, She knew that this war would be the beginning of the end of all things. This argument from the wise, peaceful by wise, was of no avail to the logic of the warlords:

Doubt was the truth,

Doubt was in them,

They were the Truth.

With such a logical structure, corrupting Logic until it was twisted and transformed into a typical irrationality of demonic beasts, the bad responded to the good.



When He, God, discovered what was happening, His eyes froze in their sockets. And they froze in their orbits because He did not understand and could not understand what was happening.

Why that war? What was its origin and what was its goal? What were the enemies of His Empire looking for, and what mysterious force kindled the fire in their rebellious and incorrigible hearts?

Answer came on. Power, the love of Power had become a source of madness. Power drove crazy those who yielded.

Ah, the madness of Power. How was it possible that a creature born to last a spark of a campfire dared to raise its voice against God? Was this madness for Power one of the effects of the Science of good and evil?



At first it was like a fire that is born, you put it out and you think that the problem is already solved. But you turn around and see another fire growing and devouring some other part of your world. You run, you arrive, you also turn off this and you think that it will never happen again, because all can see that the end for everyone who falls into the networks of the Science of good and evil it is to return to the dust. There is no mercy, there is no destiny. No tear is enough to put out that fire.

The violence in the opposition between Good and Evil grows in the same geometric progression as the fires it creates around it. As soon as you turn off one, are born two more. You turn these toe off and the geometric progression runs its course.  New fires are born again. You run there, turn them off. One day you realize that war is all over, it has surrounded you, and you are in Hell. Its flames are devouring everything you have lifted with your hands. You oppose, you resist, and you declare the final war on your enemies, because you are the enemy, the objective that Hell seeks. The worlds are just pawns in a game that escapes you but that is as real as the massive destruction of the worlds that were once the pride of your eyes. Where are those worlds gone? Dust wandering like aimless nebulae carrying in their bowels all that was left of what you loved one day.

And so it was. That Empire of Worlds that had the God as Founder perished in the war of its own apocalypse



The speed with which I have passed through the memory of the forging and destruction of that Empire must not blind the intelligence at the time of the calculations at whose feet I have placed the limits of my thought. The Past cannot be changed, only that what will be has been placed in our hands, and if it is already difficult to direct the course of what is towards what will be, who will penetrate things that were before the birth of the first galaxy that fills our Cosmos!

The fact was that with the taste in the mouth of someone who eats a sweet and the cake burns his stomach, God found Himself alone on the ashes of that cemetery that the Science of good and evil had left behind. The Tree of the Science of Good and Evil offered God its fruit, and God did not take it. He did not extend his hand. Death tempted him and he was not fooled. For nothing in the world was He willing to become a God of gods, all outlaws, all immune to the arm of justice. Better Destruction than seeing his Empire becomes the Kingdom of Hell.








In those ashes, indeed, the Childhood of God was buried. But He who had risen by his own feet from the flames of destruction of his Empire was now a warrior who had won his First Battle and along the way He had discovered the Science of Creation. Seeking His enemies the ultimate weapon to destroy Him, God discovered the secrets of matter, space and time, and when He opened that door He met Wisdom.



He loved Her from day one. And She did not refuse Him, She did not turn her back on Him; Wisdom did not flee from her Lord. Since the Origin of Uncreation, God was the metaphysical cause of Her existence, the reason why She, the daughter of Infinity and Eternity, did everything. He was for Her, since the Origin of Uncreation, the God who demanded more and more of Her, continually challenging Her with His joy and His desire to live. He was for Her, from the Origin of Uncreation, Her source of inspiration. It was in His heart where She, the daughter of Infinity and Eternity, looked to see the thousands of reflections of the Future. His desire was Her muse, His ability to dream was Her workshop. When He broke into the structure of Reality by putting His Desire on the table, She knew that from then on nothing would be or could ever be the same.

Before He saw the first flame She had already seen Hell; Before He smelled the first smoke, She had already seen the graveyard on which His indestructible Lord would walk barefoot. Being Inevitable the end of His dream, She articulated the throat of Her creatures to speak to God words of Science. The day that He walked on the ashes of His dream, that Day, She would have already given to Him all the secrets of the Science of Creation. She was going to teach Him how to create a galaxy. She was going to teach Him how to create a swarm of stars, how to articulate them into molecular networks, how to cover entire regions of gravitational seas floating between galaxies, mountain ranges from whose summits rivers of stars run through the gorges of the sidereal abysses to end at the coasts of a sea of constellations. She was going to teach Him how to cultivate the tree of species. She was going to give Him her Power, She was going to give Him Her Heart.



And that was how the Warrior gave way to the Sage.

Infinity and Eternity transformed the universe into a learning laboratory for God, and gave their daughter, Wisdom, as His Teacher. She guided His thoughts through the atoms, directed His arms to the core of the stars. He taught Him how to catch a beam of cosmic rays; by Her hand, He discovered what are the laws that govern motion in an energy field.. She showed Him the series of general and particular laws that govern the relationship between matter and energy. By Her Hand, He discovered the origin of supernovae, the reasons why galaxies attract, reject, unite, divide, transform, but are never destroyed. He ran against the light and defeated the cosmic ray in full intergalactic flight. God accelerated the pulse of the stars to the limit of their revolutions to see what would happen if they doubled the density of their gravitational field. God immersed himself in the microcosm and riding a cosmic made all the way from one dimension to the other.

The more He learned about the forces that move the universe and its laws, the more God enjoyed growing in intelligence. His intelligence knew no limits, He always wanted more, and no problem escaped Him. All He had to do was focus His eyes to find the answer. Wisdom limited himself to putting the object before Him and directing His thought towards the correct solution. She stimulated His mind and introduced Him from science to science to the limit that only God could reach, the knowledge of all sciences, the Science of Creation.

Then Wisdom opened God’s Mind to the subject of the creation of life. What systematic conditions must be created to obtain this species or the other? What are the processes of natural selection that must be followed in order for the life force to direct its steps in one defined direction and not in another? By Her hands, God learned all the secrets of the creation and cultivation of the Tree of life. Under Her direction God created worlds by following the method of experimentation. And when His mastery of all the laws and forces of the universe made Him what He is, the Creator, he went to take the step towards the unconquerable frontier: the creation of life at his Image and Likeness.



But during the period of formation of His Creative Intelligence, a particular idea made its way into His mind.

While He was busy mastering the Science of Creation, it was only a sporadic thought that crossed His mind now and then, a thought that He turned away from Himself without giving it more importance. The Idea that got into His being is the following: was He the Only Member of His Family?

I mean, how could He know that somewhere on the other side of the Ortho where Infinity dwells there was not someone like Him, another Being of his Uncreated Nature that at that very moment could even be passing through what He was feeling?

This was the thought that came to Him, and time after time He turned it away from His mind.

Despite this constant turning His back to it, as the Lord was born in His Soul the question began gaining space. It was true that God had not met his Peer; He knew Himself as the Only Member of his Family. If to someone He could call Father it was the Infinite, if to someone He could would call Mother it was Eternity; and if He felt like a Husband to someone it was She, Wisdom.

Did this spare Him the truth of never having been on the other side of the Ortho of Uncreation? And if He had never been there, how could He affirm that the thought that had entered His head was not the call of that Equal?

There was only one way to find it out, jumping into the infinite spaces.

That God was in Him, because He was God, had already been made clear. But was He the only living God?



Without thinking it over, God left everything. There, at that time, He ended His learning of the mastery of the Science of Creation. And He set out on the search for the answer to the question that settled in His chest and refused to be thrown to the fire.

Was HE the only member of His family? was He the Only God that Eternity and Infinity knew?



To what extent can experience allow our intelligence to understand the story that God lived in breaking the borders of the Ortho of Uncreation? What kind of understanding must we possess to get an idea of ​​the feelings of the Living God crossing the plains of a space that was unknown to Him in search of that other Being of His own uncreated and eternal nature?

What kind of mathematics of time should we use to calculate the millions of millennia that that adventure lasted? What literary structure must be incarnated in the hands of a historian of all beautiful things, so that rivers of legends and visions of landscapes beyond fantasy flow from his fingers, and a hundred thousand universes united in the heart of a pearl may find a home in the eyes of the reader?

How shall we say God did live this or did live that? How can the imagination of a poet of happy things write an ode in honor of a conqueror of horizons not seen, to sound in the ears like arpeggios of a magic blues shaking sadness? Can we tell the dawn:  Become a woman and kiss me? Have we ever said to the morning star: Come and hug me? What emotions will live the soul that enjoys the love of the Moon and in its wings sails through dreams of liquid crystal in search of the shores of perfect happiness? How can we enter the mind of a Being who moves at the speed of his thought and whose heart is strong as a thousand suns?





Fearless, indestructible by nature, self-knowledge forged in a battle that wounded His soul with deep wounds, the Warrior awoke from His rest in the tent of Wisdom, bid farewell with a kiss of brilliant joy, and received from Her this goodbye:  “You-God, the one you seek, my beloved, is in you”.

Again strong, stronger than ever, healed from His wounds with a balm made out of pure love, the Warrior in God needed to discover the answer for Himself, and there He went to ascend the Mountains of Eternity; from the frontiers of the Uncreated Cosmos He finally saw the lands where the Infinite dwells. Smiling, with the wind of Eternity in His hair, His firm muscles, His legs as strong as columns, His eyes bright with emotion and again amazed by the beauty that opened at His feet, the One who was God, indestructible, in love with existence, the protégé of Eternity and Infinity, was ready to ride the wings of the cosmic planes, and conquer the virgin horizons.



How long did that adventure last? Is an eternity a mathematical measure that fits in our physics? Will we dare to draw on the canvas of our most futuristic visions the humblest adventure lived by this indestructible God?

At last, after an eternity of eternities, God discovered that the world on the other side of the Ortho where the Infinite dwells was resolved in a line in the form of a great mountain, from whose summit he could contemplate with his almighty eyes the truth he was looking for: He was the only God that Eternity and Infinity had known and had as Lord from the rootless beginning of Uncreation.

But in this truth that may sound familiar to you, in this formal statement there was regret.

As the immensity of His world was revealed to Him more and more, as the Nature of his Being and those of Infinity and Eternity were fused into one thing, becoming an indivisible, inseparable reality, indestructible, as his Nature was; as He discovered in all its immensity, uncreated and eternal, the nature of His desire to know if there existed on the other side of the unknown horizon His Equal, His Brother, His Friend; as the knowledge of His own uncreated and eternal Nature grew, in that same measure grew in His chest that little light that at first shone in His mind with the pulse of a very small star.

And so, by the time the One Living God reached the summit of the Mountain of Infinity and Eternity, that desire for meeting His Equal was transformed into an ever stronger desire to meet him and embrace him, look at him in the face and tell him: “Finally, how long have I been looking for you, my Equal, my Brother, my Friend”.



The one who was standing on the top of the Mount of Infinity and Eternity, He met there Wisdom. She had been with Him all the way. Her Divine Lord, the Only Member of his House and Family, What would He not have given at that moment for being with that person to talk to from God to God!

God was alone. He was the only member of his Family. He would never meet that someone to say to, “Brother, let’s run”. He would never enjoy the pleasure of being treated from Me to You. But enough. Was He not God? Why then was He choking his heart? He would give life to that Brother, to that Friend born to look at Him face to face, to laugh with Him as brothers do laugh and to speak to each other as friends speak, with freedom, with affection, regardless of criteria. Was He not the Lord? Had He forgotten how to create a universe, how to cultivate the Tree of life? Was not Wisdom at His side whispering in his ear?:

“You-God is in you. My beloved, who you are looking for is in you”.



The Divine Warrior smiled again. He put on the Cloak of the Wise and believing He knew what the words of the Daughter of Infinity and Eternity meant, He said to himself: “Then let’s get down to work”.

Immediately God transformed the Mountain of Infinity and Eternity into a Mount of magical land growing at the speed of his Creator’s gaze towards the borders that are never reached. As if it were a continent growing from its center, and that center a Mount that grows in height at the speed that its surface on the plain does, marveling those who see it because no matter where you are you can see its Summit from all the corners of the Land, God called that Mountain born to be the center of His Creation: “Zion”. And to that Land endowed with its supernatural nature, created to be the Heart of the New Cosmos He called “Heaven, Home”. He gave Wisdom this land to build together their kingdom, and from its entrails came to Life the Brother, that Friend for who his Heart yearned.







This is the origin of the gods of Heaven. They were born at the feet of the Mountain of God. He gave them names, and He made His name known to them. His name is Yahweh, He is God and they were his Brothers. They were the Brothers of Yahweh, the Firstborn of the gods, born Immortal and Indestructible.

 God lived with his Brothers a wonderful time. His heart was filled with the company of his Peers. His soul enjoyed his victory with the intensity of the warrior who dances the dance of the heroes after the defeat of the enemy. His enemy was His Solitude; they were His living victory over hell.

God danced with his brothers around the fire of joy like David through the streets of Jerusalem the day after Goliath’s defeat.

For his Brothers God built a city on the top of His Mountain. He surrounded her with walls, each one an entire block, each block of a color, each color the color of a precious stone. As if they had a life of their own or a star in their interiors, the City of God shot their lights towards the borders that never end of His Home. Within these divine walls a City was built for Himself and His Brothers; He called it Jerusalem. They, the Brothers of Yahweh God, they were the gods of Zion, those who live in the City of Yahweh, the Eternal Jerusalem between whose indestructible walls Yahweh God, the Firstborn of the gods, has his House.



From its walls the Brothers of God lived an explosion of life dressing the Paradise of God with enchanted forests, high mountain ranges like Himalayas curdled with giant eagles with metallic ice bones, weightless as feathers of doves.

The overflowing divine fantasy that had slept for so long in the heart of the Creator awoke sublime, and calling on Wisdom He went with Her to paint on the cosmic canvas landscapes beyond the fantasy of our most distinguished geniuses. The inspiration of the Creator on the rise by the pressure of happiness that He was experiencing, God conceived in His mind a New Creation. He took the gods and guided them to the other side of Heaven, beyond the ever expanding borders of Paradise. As one who invites to take a seat to contemplate a wonderful spectacle, God opened the Creation of the New Cosmos.



Here is the Beginning of the Creation of the Field of galaxies that surround the Universe of the Heavens, the Local Region, whose Heart is Heaven, World born to house in its land the Tree of Life, and around whose World the Heavens of the Local Region extend the ocean of its stellar continents.

Proceeding to the Creation of the New Cosmos, from the Divine Arm rivers of energy were born, which, spreading through the outer spaces of the Local Region, transformed the surrounding galaxies into a Big Bang Fireworks wherefrom each explosion marked the end of a galaxy and the birth of many.

Such is the Origin of the New Cosmos. God transformed all the uncreated matter that surrounded his World into energy; immediately transformed all this energy into New Matter. Such is the origin of the Galaxies that currently exist and surround the Local Region.

God created the Cosmos to continue growing eternally. This growth is comparable to a wave that, expanding through Eternity, without losing the original energy, doubles its radius by the square of the speed of light radiated towards Infinity.

This river of cosmic energy enters into the space-time field that surrounds the entire Creation; a creative field in which the entering energy produced by the galactic field begins its journey to the stars. Such is the origin of the stars.

Because the birth of stars occurs in swarms there is talk of a Big Bang; but it would be more correct to speak of turning a light bulb on and off, there is no destruction but creation.




But at the end of this Beginning something happened that threatened this motion with Final Destruction. When God the Creator, Lord of Matter, Space and Time, finished setting in motion this process of the creation of galaxies, happy with the joy of the artist  aware of having amazed his audience, and crazy with joy for telling them to his Brothers: “Come om, we are going to track a ray of light to the borders of our universe; accompany me, we are going to track the eagle of Andromeda through the mountains of Orion”, when his heart was already pulsing perfect happiness, the Day of the Origin of all things took a turn and became the hardest day of His existence .

What was found in response to His invitation on the lips of the gods, His Brothers?

The truth they had just discovered hung heavy like a flagstone on the lips of the gods:

“He is the One and Only True Living God”.

They were his Brothers because in his need for that Equal He had given himself in such a way. To overcome that Solitude that one day surrounded Him with its Hell, when he overcame the last frontier, the creation of life  at His image and likeness, he believed with all His heart and Mind to have conquered Victory.



He treated them as true Brothers and true gods from the cradle; He adopted them for Brothers with the sincerity and dedication of the one who gives everything and forgets all the bad moments and immerses himself in the good ones to come without fear of being struck again by the storms that unleashed rays and thunder on Him. But now that they had discovered in Yahweh the Only True Living God: how could they deceive themselves believing what they had never been?

They were His creation. They were Creatures. Just that, Creatures.

They were Creatures like those galaxies that He was creating; like Heaven itself, like the Universe that had just been born. How could they look at Him again with the eyes of the one who believes himself another member of His Family? How do you keep your knees from buckling and worshiping your Lord and Creator?

Did they not know that when He turned His eyes on them, His soul would break seeing in their eyes the failure of the God who sought in them the Brother that he never had and would never have?

How could they follow the One True Living God through the cosmic spaces whose immensity they did not understand and whose forces could only be enjoyed by the One who had been born among them?

The Origin of the gods, their origin, the origin of the Brothers of Yahweh, was this, and now they knew it. Its origin was the need that He, the Uncreated God, had to overcome the Loneliness that had seized the Wise Almighty that they had just seen in action. They had been His victory; and now they were His failure. How to raise their heads and dare to open their mouths? What were they going to say to Him: “We are sorry, our Lord and Creator; we understand you?”



And so it was. When Yahweh, the Firstborn of the gods, closed the Big Bang and turned his face towards His Brothers, when He went to open His mouth to invite them to navigate the Cosmos, He found His Brothers on their knees, not daring to look at His eyes and already suffering what they knew it was going to happen. And they knew it because they knew Him so well, they loved Him so much that they knew that He would react as He was going to react, as He was reacting. “Yahweh God, Lord and Only True God!” was the statement that came from their lips. In these four words was contained the entire mystery of His past, of His life, of His present, of His future: The One and Only Lord, the True Living God.



Yahweh God looked inside His Brothers and saw in their minds like you and I see through the glass. He said nothing. He did not reveal any emotion. The broken illusion of the genius, who finishes his work and awaits the joyous acclaim of his unconditional and dedicated audience, became the sadness of those who discover absolute silence in the room.

Without knowing how to react, He turned around and disappeared from the stage without leaving a trace. He flew away and sailed to the other side of the newly created Cosmos.

And that eternal and infinite Solitude of His, against which He had raised all this marvelous spectacle, the more He withdraw from the stage of His Creation, the more began to grow in His soul. He was facing Hell. The more the fire of His Eternal Solitude burned him, the faster He moved away from everything he loved. The faster He ran away from his tragedy, the more the Hell took over His Soul. The more His failure burned, the more His rage, anger, helplessness, frustration seized Him. The more these uncontrollable emotions grew, the more His Great Spirit accelerated his career beyond the infinite spaces home to the Uncreation.



And as He sailed, uncontrollably fleeing His own tragedy, the storm unleashed in His heart all kinds of questions.

Eternity, Infinity, Wisdom, why did they let Him fall in this situation?

Why the day He had His dream was it not wiped out from His head?

What sin had He committed in order to have been expelled from His uncreated paradise? Who or what had sentenced Him to life sentence? What or who had signed sentence to eternal loneliness? What was His crime? The day He dreamed with immortality for all, why didn’t they rip that thought from His mind? What was His crime to have been expelled from His Uncreated Home? What was the use of having discovered the Creator in His Soul?

Had all His victory been reduced to an illusion? What was the use of being what He was if He had no one to enjoy God’s life, and never would? Who would He laugh with? Who would He navigate the galaxies with? Who would He speak to God to God?

Anguish so devastating and deadly gripped His Being, that Yahweh believed he was going mad with pain.



Desperate, mad with pain, He unleashed His tragedy, and from His almighty and omnipotent Arm waves of antimatter energy spread across the spaces, reducing to rubble all matter in their way.

“Prison? No, cemetery”, Yahweh God shouted to Eternity and Infinity when the explosion of His pain became irrepressible.

“Do you want my death? I will dig my grave for you”.

 Mad with pain, feeling defeated and unable to triumph over His Solitude, from that same Arm that not long ago had emerged a New Heavens full of colors and sounds, from that same Omnipotent Arm came out oceans of destructive antimatter energy rode the cosmos at infinite speed reducing to dust and dead rocks the entire Uncreated Cosmos of His Childhood and Youth. The Warrior and the Wise, as possessed by the insufferable pain of defeat, were devoted in that Hour to destroy the indestructible God, and in their destruction to bury with Him the Infinite and Eternity, a graveyard worthy of a God.



How to understand that hour of liberating catharsis that God lived through?

How dare we imagine the nature of the antimatter energy fields that God extended in His pain through the uncreated cosmic spaces?

How can we describe the fact that in His unimaginable pain the memory of the great love that His Brothers had inspired in Him triumphed over His torture, and the rays of His despair did not reach the World that He built for them?

With what numbers and with what kind of measures will we calculate the time and intensity of that Hour of liberating catharsis? How many megatons of destructive energy could God generate before falling exhausted, as dead at the feet of the Daughter of Infinity and Eternity?

Like dead, without desire to breathe, without forces to open the eyes, without desire to wake up again, God fell off on the surface of the Cemetery of the Uncreated Cosmos. The Song of the Eternal Silence was His pillow. Life and Death were gone. All was Dark. Darkness was the color of the Abyss. Light was gone. Everything was over. God had no more Strength to keep on breathing. He left Himself go.




Indeed, God, that wonderful Firstborn of the gods, that warrior and king of an empire that once integrated worlds without number, that wise God who enjoyed discovering all the secrets of the Science of Creation, that adventurer navigating the lands on the other side of the Infinite, the God of the paradise of Uncreation, that God was laying as dead at the feet of his Beloved, Wisdom, his Wife.

She would be the first Light He would see.



How long did He laid on the surface of the Abyss? How shall we say: He lay dead this long? God did not have the strength to continue living, nor did he want to get up! What was awaited him, eternal solitude?

But at last he opened his eyes. His gaze floated over the horizon, his thoughts wandered aimlessly. Then He found Her there.

God opened His eyes and found Her there, the Daughter of Infinity and Eternity, at His side, whispering in His ear these words of love: “You are, My Beloved, True God. ‘YOU GOD, our Son, is in You, His FATHER”.

Then from the divine lips came these words of life: “True God of true God, JESUS, UNCREATED, not created, of the same nature of the Father, the Son, MY SON”






Have you never seen the white butterfly jumping happily from flower to flower, singing jokingly every second of its twenty-four hours of existence? Have you never loved the song of the songbird between the bars of its cage, wondering what you would do instead? Have you ever stopped to count the stars that fit in a corner of the port, when the sun sprays golden arrows over the midday waters, capable of falling in love with the hard stone that some of us have for our hearts?

How beautiful it is to see again happy the one who found himself lost in the deserts of his unbearable solitude! Why does a man have to measure the immensity of the heavens with the meter he heights his body? How many years from galaxy to galaxy without fear of eternity and infinity can a soul surrounded by songbirds and butterflies can a happy soul keep on flying?

It is He, He returns, the stars rise on his columns, the galaxies clap their hands, and the gods of Zion sing the victory around the bonfire where the Phoenix Bird was reborn from its ashes never to be pasture of its flames.

God only said to his Brothers these words: “This is Jesus, my Beloved Son”.

In these five words was contained the entire mystery of the Future of the entire Creation. The gods knelt and a moved by Love and Wisdom, they utter the Words ever since Eternity and Infinity claims to be theirs: “God from God, Uncreated not Created, Our Lord and God”.

The gods lived the happiness of Yahweh God, the Father, with the same intensity that they lived the tragedy of the Brother who left. It was enough for them to see His Happiness to know that He had found His Equal, YOUR-GOD, the Companion that He had been looking for and could not find.



Then after this time of happiness, from the heart of the Victory of God the Father, the Spirit of the Creator awakened in Him. God the Father took his Son, JESUS, left his World in the hands of his Brothers the gods, and transforming the Cosmos into a field of raw material created a new Ocean of stars. In this Ocean of stars He planted the seed of the Tree of Life. And somewhere in that Universe a world was born, with its Kingdom, a kingdom to be the first of the Peoples that were to dwell forever in the Paradise of God.

God cultivated the civilization of the world from that First Day of the First Week of Creation, gave him a monarchical constitution as a social system, and engendered in his king a brother for his Son. He then took the Kingdom of the First Day of the First Week of Creation and led him to his Home in the World of the God of gods.

When this First Kingdom arrived in Paradise, its People found that Heaven is a mirror that reflects all the stages of the evolution of life, from the first stages of Prehistory to the dawn of History.

The Land of Wonders was then by the gods called.

And so it was, up to five times this Event occurred. Five times the Creator sowed the seed of Life in the Universe of Heavens. Five worlds were born among the stars of the Universe, each world with its Civilization, each People with its personal ontological characteristics, each one a kingdom with its own social constitution, with its king at the head.

By the end of the Fifth Day of the First Week of Creation the Paradise of God had been transformed into an Empire. God sat in the Throne of the Supreme Universal Judge, and at his right hand the King of kings and Lord of lords of his Empire, his Firstborn Son, Jesus, THE SON.

During those Five Days of the First Week of Creation the government of his Empire was left in the hands of his Brothers and Sons of God. The History of this Empire is written in the Book that deals with the Origins and History of Heaven. The day will come for our world to be taken to the World from which Jesus Christ came down; in that Day we will have the opportunity to know all about the creation of the Five Worlds that formed the Empire of the Son of God before the Creation of our World, the Sixth, was created.

Names, evolutionary lines, astronomical constitution, social constitution, etc. All of these things are written in the books dealing with the Chronicles of the Empire of God.



It happened that on the Fourth Day of the First Week of Creation one of those Princes of the Empire of God discovered a seed. It was the seed of the tree of the Science of good and evil. His first manifestation was Doubt. Its final consequence, its fruit, War, fruit that very soon all the kingdoms of the Empire would have time to taste.

That Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of lords, was God the Only Begotten Son, this all the citizens of the Empire of God knew. Believing it or not believing it was another matter. But question or not the Doubt was something that never occurred to any son of God to even ask.

The fact was that God and His Son came and went from the Empire to the New Cosmos and from the Universe back Home, Heaven. And millions of years passed between going and coming. On the Fourth Day of the First Week of Creation one of the Princes saw in the Doubt about the veracity of the Uncreated Nature of Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of lords, the door to reconfigure the structure of the Empire of Heaven according to his thoughts. Why couldn0t he, Satan, son of God, receive the regency of the Empire during the Creational Periods?

This was a thought that had never even occurred to anyone to think about. And that curiously found ears to grow. And it grew. So, surprised by the Rebellion of that son of God and his allies, Paradise became a hell.

The Rebels formed what was called the Dragon Axis; and the Dragon armies set out to conquer the Throne of the King of kings and Lord of lords.

It was the first World War of Heaven.

Satan was at the head of the Dragon Axis; his armies razed the borders of the neighboring kingdoms and advanced towards Zion to conquer the Throne of the King of kings. Stunned, amazed by what they were seeing, without the ability to react, surprised by this dramatic turn of events, God’s Brothers and the sons of God who refused to accept even the possibility of such a reconfiguration, from the walls of the City of God watched the advance of the Dragon forces and the stampede of the Peoples of the Empire in the direction of the Mountain of God.

As a matter of fact, nothing that the Brothers and the children of God told them to lower their arms entered Satan in the head. So overcoming the first surprise, the counterattack prevailed.

The Gods of Zion opened the Seal of their origins and the Princes were sustained by their forces. Princes Gabriel, Michael and Raphael clothed themselves with the invincibility of the gods, razed the enemy, rejected him to their kingdoms, besieged them in their fortresses, captured them and locked them in their palaces until the Judge of Creation returned and dictated Sentence.

It happened then, that when the Father and the Son returned from the Heavens of Creation bringing by the hand a new Kingdom to Paradise, the sons of God met them, but Satan was not among them.

One glance was enough for God to discover why. But wanting to leave everything in the lesson learned and not wanting his Son to discover the existence of the Science of good and evil, he ordered that all his sons to come before Him for the celebration of the Welcome Party of the Kingdom of the Fourth Day of the First Week of Creation.

As it was natural, the Empire dressed up for the Welcome Party. The Fourth Day Kingdom of the First Week of Creation occupied its Home in the Empire of the Son of God; their King was presented before the Family of the gods.

Joy was the word. The memory of the Dragon War became the memory of a nightmare that would never return.

Joy and forgiveness.

And the Fifth Day of the First Week of Creation came. Once again God and his Son left the Regency of his Empire in the hands of the Gods of Zion.

After many thousands of years the incredible happened again.

Like a mule that never learns its lesson, Satan moved again in the shadows. He found allies and conspired to awaken the Dragon. The decision made, the plan to conquer the Empire on the table, the new war, the Second World War from Heaven, was declared.

Again the gods and the princes of Heaven were taken by surprise. Good God, how to explain this new rebellion exploding in their faces! Even if they won, and they had no doubts about the victory, the inability of the House of God to keep the peace would be demonstrated.

Reflection prevailed. What was happening? How was it possible that simple clay creatures dared to question the Truthfulness of the Divine Nature of JESUS, the King of kings and Lord of lords of God’s Empire?

How could someone dare to dream of forcing God to do his will? God will give never green light to the transformation of the Empire into an Olympus of gods living according to their own laws?



And so it was, World War II from Heaven ended the same way. The Dragon was neutralized, chained, and guarded until the return of the Judge of the Empire.

But that was a bitter victory. A victory that did not taste like triumph to the victors. They had failed a second time to who He handed over the universal regency. What would happen on His return? How to explain what they themselves could not understand?

At last God and his Son returned from the Ocean of the stars. By the hand they brought with them a new Kingdom. With that joy of the Father who has just given birth to a new son, of the Son who greets the birth of a little brother, the Father and the Son returned Home. Here the same thing happened again. For a moment the Son discovered in the tone of his Father giving the order to come all his sons before Him something ... something mysterious. But it passed away as it came.

And again God again forgave the Rebels.

However, He knew that there was an urgent need for revolutionary measures. He could not allow a Third World War to break out during his absence from Heaven. Either he reconfigured the structure of his Empire or sooner or later his Creation would become an Olympus of gods playing war with the responsibility of the one who has total and absolute immunity against the laws. He couldn’t allow that to happen. He had to revolutionize the Structure of His Kingdom before the Fire that burned to the ground His Uncreated Empire did the same with the Empire of His Son.

And so it was done. God found the answer. Events required him to open his Creation to all his sons. Next time the Spirit of the Creator spread his wings over the Universe all his sons would accompany him. From the Sixth Day onwards Creation would be transformed into a Show open to all worlds. And more, all his sons would participate in the process of forming of New Worlds.

God understood that His Kingdom needed a People born to gather all the people into a Philosophy of Life by which principles all of them saw themselves as branches of the same Tree of Life. Created not for Power but to be the body of the Soul of Wisdom in its Creation, the New People would carry out the Fusion without which the Doubt, mother of War, had been possible.

Regarding the Doubt about whether the King of kings and Lord of lords of the Empire of Heaven is God from God, they were going to see it with their eyes.

And so when the Sixth Day of the First Creation Week was born, God took all his sons and led them to the place of Origin. God created the Heavens and created the Earth. It created Earth beyond the borders of galaxies. And He created it there for His sons could see what lies beyond the Cosmos; the Abyss covered by the Darkness, the grave of the Uncreated Cosmos.

At the same time that it cleared up the question of what lies behind the borders of the galaxy field, with this gesture God told His children what would happen to anyone who dared to dig up the hatchet again. The penalty against any Rebellion would be exile to the Darkness, from where Rebels would never return.

To proceed with the Creation of the New World, God created the Solar System in the Abyss covered by the Darkness. In order to open the Book of the Science of Creation for them He was going to create a micro big bang shooting a beam of cosmic energy inside a space-time field. Leading the beam from the microcosmos to the macrocosmos, out of the Astrophysical Implosion came one Sun and nine Planets, with their Moons. This done, God led his sons back into the Shores of Creation; He gave them a free ride through the Land of the Galaxies of the New Cosmos.  But He left behind, in the Abyss covered by the Darkness, one of those Nine Planets.

The Journey ended in the deep stellar waters of our Heavens. God gave the Solar System a place in Heavens. This done, the Son took the wheel and led them all in a new journey through the Land of the galaxies and back into the Darkness. How could He find that Planet left behind by His Father in that Darkness, far away on the other side of the Walls of Creation, as much as how could He ride through the Magic Forest of the Cosmos, these two points were a direct Speech from the FATHER, the Omnipotent God of Eternity and Infinity on the Nature of His SON. He would not hear any other word about the Doubt already signed by Satan. Whoever dared to put that Doubt in his mouth would be expelled from His Creation for the eternity.

This is no place to explain why I speak of the Land of the Galaxies as a Magic Forest. There is a time for every thing.

Yes, the Earth was empty, and the Earth was confused. She had been left alone in the Darkness, her Heart was sinking. Where was Her Master? Where were her sisters and brothers the planets? Where was the Sun, her beloved Husband? She could not stand alone for a very long time more. Son or later her Core would stop pumping energy. Her gravitational field would disintegrate soon, the rocks and the dust floating in the Abys would hit her crust, destroy, one day or the other a rock bigger than her body would hit her so hard that she ….

Then, Her Master came. His Word resounds in her ears. Her shield rose to the utmost power and her heart began jumping in her chest. This was the Word that made her live:





Digitalized by Raul Palma Gallardo for

El Vencedor Ediciones