1. To begin with, and since a man should always choose a good starting point, I will say that this study on the Memory of the Creation of the Universe (Heavens and Earth) has its origin in the need to open the Faith to the scientific principles of Nature. I do not intend to found the Faith on such principles; Faith has been and is founded on the supernatural principles of which the Gospels are its Eternal Treatise.

Being Incarnation and Resurrection the two columns of the Temple of Faith, at the time of the questions about the Origin of the Universe the only explanation that our parents could give us, and we ourselves could give so far to our children is the Creation Story of the Universe according to Genesis. That is, "God created the Heavens and the Earth"... And the rest, the “how” and the “when” are aspects of the Creative Activity that we may know or ignore, but that do not add or take anything away from the Faith.


2. The job I have set myself in this book is to overcome the first of the two unknowns: “the How”. For, although Faith is invincible, no one can deny that Faith without Intelligence is corruptible, a fact that has been demonstrated over the centuries. To ignorance we must, then, refer all the errors of Christianity.

Therefore, in this book I will go straight to the Truth; and the truth is that the Universe, this astrophysical engineering structure within whose walls our Solar System orbits, has been created by the God of Genesis. On the contrary, the alleged circumstantial fact of having been produced this final set of breathtaking beauty, that we call “the Universe”, from a chaotic series of elements, this fact did not produce to the scientific materialism conflict of any kind to the extent that Science denied the existence of a Natural Aesthetic.

This theme of the Aesthetics of the Heavens and its stimulating function of Intelligence is a matter that scientific atheism declared to be the result of a series of coincidences, all with origin in Chaos. On the rest: how is it possible for Chaos to produce Heavens of such breathtaking beauty, this is a point they refused to answer. Or they responded with the contempt that a fool’s question deserves. Not in vain the father of Etology and Nobel laureate Konrad Lorenz related Knowledge and Behavior in his classic equation: “Truth = Survival; Falsehood = Destruction”.


  3. The examples that the Konrad Lorenz put before our eyes were infinite, but in sum they come to unify in a universal conclusion; this: the Evolutionary Behavior of every living being is the fruit of its true Knowledge about Nature; information that we acquire through our senses on one side; and our phylogenetic heritage of the other; in such a way that by the Behavior of a species we can define the nature of the knowledge that serves the individual as a basis for moving in space and time.

That is to say, if we supply an individual with false information about the scenario in which he moves, the consequence will be to go around life of death according the destructive nature of that information.

Example: If we transfer false information to an individual in progress with his vehicle about his proximity to a gap in his route, to which as he approaches he must prepare to save it, telling him that the distance to the gap it is larger than it is, the validation of this falsehood will lead him to ruin.

In animals it is the senses, whatever they may be, that collect the information they need to keep on living. In the intelligent being, human case, information comes from communication, and therefore the individual is exposed to an external factual manipulation, which, directing his behavior, may or may not seek its destruction.

Now, when it is the whole species, the whole of the human race in this case, that moves on a self-destructive route by logic we must speak of an intellectual pathology that, affecting all men, must inevitably drag them all into the abyss of global extinction. And since Cosmology refers to the Structure of Nature, origin of all life on Earth, the Self-destructive Global Behavior that lives the Human Race must be sought in a Pathology of the Brain to intellectually recreate the nature of the world in which Man lives, exists and is.


4. Returning to the metaphysical theme, according to science the fact is that Ethics is not involved in Genetics either, and yet its manifestation occurs at all known historical levels. So being an innate necessity, Knowledge is part of our genetic structure. In other words, we would not react to the Aesthetics of the Universe if our genetic structure were not prepared to respond to the sparks that the Heavens raise in our brains. Thus, denying the relationship: Natural Intelligence - Universal Aesthetics, what scientific materialism did and continues to do is to steer the train of creationist cosmological research towards a dead end.

About this pathological motion it must be said that the history of civilizations, from their earliest days, keeps a record of the responses of different cultures to this natural stimulus (Natural Intelligence - Universal Aesthetics) with respect to which the Human Race, finding itself as it was in its Ontological Childhood, had no capacity for manipulation or mastery. Or what is the same, the human being reacts to the Beauty of the Universe with the naturalness of the trees at the arrival of spring, and the winds to winter.

Being “the Admiration the mother of Philosophical Thought, Philosophical Thought of Science, and Experience of Wisdom”, it is Nature itself that carries in its Universal Structure the imprint of the Intelligence of its Creator: the effect on Life can not be other than an Intelligent Creature “in the image and likeness of its Creator”.


5. As for the Creation of Intelligent Life on the face of the Earth, at the time (speaking of Homo Sapiens Adanensis) the human being in his Ontological Childhood, man’s response to the stimulus of the Universe in his Brain was the Word. That is, if in the fact of admiration Science has its Source, that same fact revolutionized much earlier the Future of Man by opening his mouth to articulate a First Word. The First Word, the quintessential admiring word, what else could be but “God!”.

In fact, the biblical Account of the Creation of the Universe has its origin in the satisfaction of that stimulus that awakened in Man the search for the Knowledge of the Origin of all things. Within those responses that the different nations of Antiquity gave to the stimulus (Celestial Aesthetics-Natural Intelligence) the Biblical Response opened between Moses and his contemporaries a distance as unsalvable as it was impossible for Pharaoh to cross the Red Sea.


6. Indeed, compared to the account of the Creation of the Universe of Moses, the cosmogonic accounts of the ancient peoples bore the stamp of the historical trauma experienced by their parents somewhere on the other side of the Flood. Gods, demons, ghosts, demigods... All the paranoias of those men were mixed in a mythical chaos from whose bowels nothing good could come out except the justification of the social behavior that was their historical heritage. That is why in this book I prefer to leave for another occasion an analysis on the genesis of the responses of Antiquity to the challenge of the cosmos.

Nor I am going to get lost in the analysis and refutation of modern cosmological theories, because, although under a different clothing, the answers of the Atomic Age to the old classical questions about the Origin and Structure of the Universe were rooted in the same psychological attitude that dragged ancient man into the Age of myths and legends. In time, when the occasion arises, I will break down their skeletons until I reveal the nature of their hypotheses.

(This New Cosmology not being the development of an earlier hypothesis, and not being indebted to any of them, the historical theory that sets this book in motion does not have to follow the same method of recording and refutation of all the hypotheses that from the days of the Classical World to the Atomic Age have tried to satisfy the need for knowledge of the human being. And considering that freedom of expression joins the freedom of thought to create its own method I have preferred to follow as a line of action the platform that Moses traces in Genesis).


7. From the study of the Universal History, in general, and of Astronomy, in particular, it is seen in what way and extent Ignorance the lot left as inheritance to the Human Race by the generation of those mythical forgers of the first city states, whose golden age was reached when “the crown came down from heaven” , led everyone to Death. When the First King of the Earth, Adam-Alulim, defied God’s Law, despising Peace as a way to civilization, made of Holy War his iron fist, the true relationship between Knowledge and Behavior was fully understood. Too late, unfortunately for Mankind, to step back.

The “false” Information about the Identity and Personality of the Creator, assumed to be true, triggered the First World Civil War, staged in the Cain-versus-Abel Fratricide; information that, had it not been assumed, having man undertaken a direct path to universal civilization, would have spared Mankind so much misfortune.

But since we are not in this booklet to amend the plan to the historians of Antiquity, it is good that we park for now the subject of the Fall in the light of the historical sciences, and we will have time, when God allows it, to travel to the Seventh Millennium BC and recreate, in the light of the evidence , the World before the Fall of that first kingdom whose king received that Crown “who came down from Heaven”, Adam for us, “Alulim” for the heirs of that lost world “for an apple!”


8. Continuing with the theme, in an introductory way, and although it seems that a brief overview is not relevant, the entry of Moses into History revolutionized the structure of the Future of Humanity for many reasons. He was the first legislator to abolish human sacrifice.

Once purged by Jesus Christ of the penalties related to biblical crime, the Mosaic Code of Justice remains the basis of our Social Ethics, remaining its “Thou shall NOT kill, Thou shall NOT steal, thou shall NOT adulterate, thou shall NOT raise false testimony”... the pillars on which the Christian Palace of Justice maintains its basic structure. Obviously the world remains, as it is based on the battle to the death that the seed of Cain has been waging against Christ, at War on God’s Law.

Since the origins of the reborn Civilization from the Ashes of the ancient pre-Christian world, the objective of kingdoms and empires, tyrants and dictators was, nor is it other, than to legalize Theft, Adultery, Crime, False Testimony, Unnatural Sex, etc. The history of this struggle between the law of Nature, written by God creator in the heart of all the first families of the Earth, and the law of Death, whose goal was and is the legalization of that Transgression (in the name of the State, of Caste, of Democracy, of a national god even), had and has as its main lines to lead the nations to the Acceptance of War as way of life.


9. In many ways, then, the Revolution of Moses continues to affect us three and a half thousand years after his birth. Without in any way contradicting our Dogmatics about the Trinity, its monotheism remains the Rock on which Christ raised his Church.

(From the opposition between that Ancient force stagnant in its inertia, which refused to take the leap forward, and the New, which claimed birth, arose the great conflict that, with its explosion, returned to Sacred Scripture the revolutionary nature it had in its origins, and which it never renounced.

Thanks to Jesus Christ, even at the price of being considered a “traitor to his homeland” --for wanting to turn Sacred Scripture a Universal Heritage-- Classical Natural Intelligence found the door open to the study of Creation. More importantly, Jesus Christ gave the Bible a People who would protect it from the coming Fall of the Roman Empire.”


10. The Jewish people, it is true, had carried Holy Scripture against the wind of the centuries. But they had done it as one who carries a burden from which one cannot free oneself. Israel’s periods of idolatry, times of corruption, so common in his history, were nothing more than that, the manifestation of that impossibility to remove that burden from his back. Moses signed a Contract between God and the Hebrew People by which Israel would never be destroyed, but which, by compelling both parties, and the Eye of God being everywhere, was to create, and created, in the consciousness of the Jewish people the need not to feel watched in such a constant and omnipresent manner. The effect of that need for liberation was those periods of idolatry and corruption that the Bible is so far over.

(It was this relationship of a sadomasochistic nature, because God knew that it was impossible for man not to sin, and man knew that it was impossible for God to stop punishing, that led the Jewish people to the final situation that through their confrontation with the priestly powers of Jerusalem, Jesus Christ discovered to us.)

After a millennium and a half studying Sacred Scripture, living it in their flesh -- I would say -- such was the model of relationship between God, the Universe and Man that Jerusalem and his children were formed. Her liturgical rites, her legislative prescriptions, the Jewish way of life in general, exceptions there were, kept the hands of the rest of the world away from Holy Scripture, and those of the Jewish people, saving rare exceptions, away from the books of the Golden Age of Philosophy and classical sciences. This situation, this insalvable psychohistorical wall in both directions, Jesus Christ set out to tear it down. And he threw it out. Necessity was vital. Repositories of Holy Scripture the Jews could not ignore that Universal History was still evolving and around it there was another people in which God had deposited another type of “sacred scripture”. If Sacred Scripture was the fruit of God’s love of Man, the fruit of Man’s love of Wisdom would be Philosophy, mother of Science.


11. Long was the path of Science for centuries. As it could not be otherwise. For Man having been created to be a participant in the creative Omniscience, human intelligence a living reflection of Divine Intelligence, could not and cannot fail to aspire to live its growth within the omniscient dimension natural to the Source of its existence.

The direct and evil consequence that the Fall bequeathed to all the families of the world was this disconnection; so that man having “in himself the power to be God’s Intelligence Child”, after the Fall, the impossibility of going from “saying” to “fact”, what in Philosophy is called: to go from the “power” to the “action”, became  an unsalvable lake. This natural impossibility was translated into mythologies and cosmogonies, one by one, and all as a whole, promoters of crime against a nature that carrying in its bosom the Divine law was powerless to reconnect the Human Creature with its Creator.

Ignorance was the lot of the human race (on whose nature we will enter in due course, but not here, arranged as this book is to remain exclusively in the field of the knowledge of God as Creator of the Heavens and the Earth)... Ignorance against which the philosophical thought stood up, and, although human intelligence was enslaved to the law of animal reason, by the fact that the human carries in his bosom the seed of divine intelligence by Creative disposition would have to bear fruit. May God be blessed!


12. Thus, one thousand and five hundred years after the Birth of the New Mankind, the hour of freedom came for Science. The guardianship that Theology had exercised over Science came to an end. Only the situation was not the same. You can’t compare the world one thousand five hundred years after Moses, with Galileo one thousand five hundred years after Jesus Christ. But as far as the end of the tutelage of Theology over Science is concerned, the Hour had indeed arrived. Time had been walking toward that Hour. If theologians were shocked by Galileo, it was not because God had ceased to be the Spirit that inspires his creatures in the face of life. I would say it was quite the opposite; it was because Theology had tried to monopolize that Breath of life and, failing to do so, it was logical to be scandalized by God.

But these things had already been predicted. The real problem in the background of the Struggle Faith-Reason came out from the protection of a mother, exaggeratedly, as I would say,  too much a Madonna. A feeling that, fueled by the criticism of independent reason towards a church anchored in its medieval behaviors, ended up converting the Modern World to the different types of scientific materialisms. ( Given the intellectual conditioning acquired by Modern Science, it was difficult for the progress of physical knowledge of the Universe to converge towards the meeting of its Creator).


13. Although it sounds like destructive criticism -- which it is not -- it is a fact that the failure of the Modern Age is written in its legacy to the Atomic Age. Many ideas about possible cosmological models, each the piece of a puzzle that was wonderful, but none good. Einstein’s genius and his generation had to elevate the Number to the condition of the Word, and with their omnivorous unfaithful power arise as gods giving was to order the Cosmos.

(The madman who - according to them - was in the genius led the sages of the Atomic Age to believe that they were in a race and it had come their turn to run. With the fidelity of the sages to a lost cause, the geniuses of the early part of the twentieth century jumped onto the track that led to the hell of world wars with the joy of the psychopath who believes that everyone is crazy except him. When they realized it, when they wanted to stop the train, it was too late, and inertia did the rest.)

They jumped off the train, and, like Pilate washing their hands, they got out of the way. We, how can we not involve them in the birth of the monster they fed with the milk of the law of the strongest, and the bread of war as an instrument of progress and evolution! Fed by the doctrine of scientific materialism, the Nazi monster and the Bolshevik monster grew to become the armies of that hell that made the twentieth century the most evil period lived until then by the Human Race.

True, the Fall of the Roman Empire was no less hellish, but the fact of having counted the twentieth century with all the necessary means to prevent the apocalyptic hecatombe, and nevertheless the fact of having seen in the War the only possible means to get out of the Ideological and Economic Crisis that affected all nations equally , transformed the Fall of the Modern World into the greatest tragedy ever known, both for the number of souls trapped in the apocalyptic hecatomb and for the Hatred and Evil that were released in the World Contests of the Twentieth Century. That is, since Darwin’s gospel of the strongest the World War was legitimate. It had to start. And it started.


14. Fortunately for us everything that has a beginning has an end, and the greatest of the wars lived by Mankind also came to an end. It’s over; but seeing the defeat of their Animal Gospel the athletes of Science ran in all directions, and handed over the button of atomic energy to the two great powers victorious of the conflict. The Cold War came to light. A Cold War that had its origin in God’s decision to arm Cain and Abel with the same jaw, in order to stop fratricide by fear of the destruction of both. Wonderful policy which we all now enjoy its fruit. Not that the Atomic Age is, or has been, a paradise the thought put into the salvation of nations and the redemption of Mother Earth. Not at all! But the technological revolution had to take its course. And, by one of those Wonderful decisions of Providence, the eyes of human Intelligence were opened; they began to penetrate the astronomical distances. And, as the universal field spread before the telescopic eyes of Civilization, that Universe of the Strongest evaporated, vanishing as does the soap bubble that according to its creators was. Stunned, with the incredulous eyes of the one who watches his idols wobble on his pedestal and unable to bear the weight of the earthquake shaking the earth’s foundations, the last generations of the Cold War watched as Einstein’s religion and cosmological doctrine trembled on his altar, and there was nothing his priests could do to prevent his downfall. Once again Reality denied, denies and will continue to deny, the ideology of scientific materialism. First it denied his gospel of the strongest; then it denied his doctrine of the necessity of war as a biological instrument of civilization, and now it shakes the foundations of Cosmos according to Science.


15. But better than getting lost in a critique of scientific behavior I prefer to go straight to highlight the development of Civilization as a result of the evolution of human language, a workhorse that has led us to victory over that absence of knowledge of which the Son of God lamented, saying: “If you do not understand the things of the Earth , how are you going to understand those of Heaven”. It is not an exercise in rhetoric to say that the meaning, the objective, the end towards which these past two millennia have walked has been to overcome that intellectual defect. Let us remember that God had spoken as a prophet, God had spoken as a legislator, God had spoken as king and lord, finally God spoke as Father, but God never spoke to us as the Creative Intelligence of the One who, opening his mouth, said, “Let there Be Light”. And yet having claimed that he created the Universe within this statement was the promise to do so. Thus, in the lament of the Son of God this promise was throbbing in the form of the Future that was to come, which He would have liked to have seen by then, but which unfortunately was about to come. Much should have Man’s Intelligence to grow to be able to understand the laws of the Science of Creation. The Way of barbarism at the dawn of our time would be long and narrow; but that Day would come. History would open its horizon to it, and the Morning Star announcing the arrival of the New Day would shine its light on the Fullness of Nations.


16. Seeing its coming, from a distance in the centuries, one of Jesus’ Disciples greeted her, saying, “The anxious expectation of Creation is waiting for the manifestation of the glory of freedom of the sons of God.” Sons of God were all, the Apostles of Jesus Christ, thus when this Paul affirmed that “the whole Creation” was waiting for the “Manifestation of the glory of the freedom of the sons of God”, in his form, in the intelligent way that St. Peter recognized him, St. Paul prophesied the Birth of this Day when God would speak to us as that Creator of the Universe.

Moreover, the first two steps in this direction had already been taken. There is Revelation and Science. Although it was true that between the two there was a wall, Christianity, as it would be seen in the first half of the first millennium, threw it down, and in the light of its Magisterium Theology and Science learned to live together, to grow together. Obviously Civilization would still have to live bitter and critical hours; the Invasions, the Division of the churches, the battle between Faith and Reason, and, at the end of the two millennia, the World Wars, were looming over their path. Only in the end would the spirit of Intelligence enter the picture.