Then God said: “Let the earth sprout animate beings according to their species, cattle, reptiles, beasts of the earth according to their species”. So it was.



God deals with TIME according to His Nature. Trying to level with God’s relation with Time is suicidal. In His Book He speaks of Days to enclose a certain number of Actions inside a cause and effect Box. If He does this, He will create that. God puts a cause to run and He let the effect to do its work. We have seen along the past chapters this way of God’s dealing with Time.

The night of the Fifth Day was under the same Law. He had started a chain of reaction and all it was there to do was to let the laws of Nature do their work.

The Fifth Day brought to the world a wonderful Revolution. The Tree of the Universal Life broke through the waters and spread its Branches straight in the Air.

Air and lands lived the risen of the explosion of life in the Origin of the Human World to come.

I have defined, I think, the main lines of action followed by Nature. Dinosaurs were the Fifth Day King of the world. Their food was the Prehistoric Forest itself. The Atmosphere was changing from Carbon to Oxygen Element. This process of transformation of the Prehistoric Atmosphere into the Mammal Biosphere took all the Night of the Fifth Day. During that Night the Oxygen led the Dinosaur World to the Past.

By the Oxygen the Atmosphere woke with a blue sky. The blue Planet where the Mammal was to be the master, and one Species, the Human Kind, the King of the world, was born.

The Prehistoric Forest was Home for the fathers of the Mammals during the Fifth Day. The continuous loss of size of their home by the natural growth of the Dinosaurs families caused a retreat of the Mammals into the hearts of the P. Forest. This retreat caused the need of a system of warning among the species born in the woods. Not because they had anything to fear from the Dinosaurs, they were not carnivorous; Dinosaurs came not to the Forest in hunting mission. The trees were their daily food. But if there happened to catch you sleeping you were comprised in their menu. Their jaws were as enormous as their claws. A mammal body between branch and branch added nothing to their diet. Birds could fly and see them coming. Mammals could not.

Let’s get into business.

Evolution means Revolution. Fishes changed their fins for wings. And birds changed their wing for legs.

Mammals do not belong to the cold blood branch of the Universal Tree of Life; their fathers came out of the Water via Air, and from the Air they came down to the Ground.

Yet, while all mammals came down to the ground there was one Branch that stayed in the trees. And they grew legs and arms. And among then there was a Family that took the evolution of these arms to perfection: the Human Hands. It was this Family that developed a natural system of warning, the first line of communication ever existed: The Human Voice.

The need of Retreat and Warning pushed both particularities of the Anthropos, the Natural father of Mankind, beyond reach for the anthropoid families with which the Anthropos had been living from the very beginning of Time.

The evolution of these two particularities had their effect in the Brain of the Anthropos. The distance between the Anthropos and the Anthropoid grew to the point of make him the King of the Forest, to the sound of whose voice the mammals living in it knew that Dinosaurs were coming.

But let’s stick to the Divine Text.

As a matter of fact I am proving to you that the conception of being Genesis a nice fairy tale it is nonsense. No need of accusing nobody. God’s Design for freeing Mankind from Ignorance is beyond criticism.

We are in the Morning of the Sixth Day.

The Text opens our Mind to the New Scenario. Dinosaurs are gone. The Prehistoric Forest is no more. The Valleys are open to the mammals and all kind of species that had adapted to the New Element King, Oxygen. The open lands became home for all of them.

Reptiles and all kind of beasts made of the open lands their habitat. There is no need in discussing the number and the size of these children of those giant ancestors.

The New Scenario had its own laws.

The Kingdom of the Plants had changed the Nature of the Air, and on the way they had transformed itself to the New Atmosphere. Life had been depending on its trunks and leaves to live. Now, at the Dawn of the Sixth Day, the Kingdom of the Plants had Seed and Fruits to live upon.

We see, then, that every New Day is a New World.

Science has to change the chip.

Again, free the open lands from the Monsters of the Fifth Day, moved on by this New Revolution all living things jumped out of the forests and out of the waters of the rivers, and this New Explosion of Life filled the open lands with all kinds of creatures .

All beasts and animals left the Forest, except one Branch of the Tree of Life: The Anthropoid Branch of the Tree of Life did not.

The Anthropoid Body was adapted to tree life. The forest was its natural home. Their Leader, the Anthropos, that wonderful Family whose system of Warning became the sound of the Trumpet for  all creatures, the Anthropos  stood with the Apes, his social natural family in the Forest. He could walk on the ground, but he did not follow the great migration from the tree life to the open land. From the limits of the Forest with the open lands the Anthrpos observed that migration.

Once the Mammals and reptiles filled the open lands and the World was plenty with all hind of new species, God opened His Mouth and called the sons of God to action, saying:


"Let us make man in our image and likeness, so that he may dominate over the fishes of the sea, over the birds of the sky, over the cattle and over the beasts of the earth, and over how many animals move over it."


Ome more time, here comes Revolution. Again.

The Creation of our Earth had the sons of God as witnesses. This Fact is due to reasons written in The Divine History of Jesus.

Briefly, before Man came around, and even before Earth was created, the Doubt on the subject of the True Uncreated Nature of the Son of God, Jesus by Name, had been on the table. As you may well understand this Doubt means call God a liar. He was, is God Himself who says and said that this Jesus is His True Son: Uncreated God from the Uncreated God.

No need to open a theological discussion. God say so, conversation is over.

Before the Beginning of our Universe, God had many sons. These other sons of God put to the test God’s Words. In the name of Love, God took the Decision to open His Creation to His sons, and on the way show them the Uncreated Divine Nature of His First Born and Unigenitus, by the Name of Jesus Christ. 

This is Why in His Opening Book, Genesis, He speaks of His Son as God.

He was this Son who said the lines written above: “Let us make man in our image and likeness”.

This is to say: Let us make man a son of God.

When speaking about the Genealogy of Jesus Christ the Apostle goes back to the Garden of Eden and says of Adam that he was a son of God. Not that Jesus was son of God because Adam was a son of God, but because Jesus, Son of God, said “Let Man be a son of God like us” Adam became a son of God.

As you are seeing the way of God has it is not the way man has of reasoning.

Anyway, we are beyond the Devil’s Doubt, Doubt that was spread by Arius in the Days of Constantine the Great and had been embraced by religions and nations and even churches as time went by. And being beyond the Devil’s Doubt we don’t need to fight back with theological speeches the subject that the Roman Catholic Church did closed in the Name of God, Her Father.

Let’s get back to the Sixth Day’s History.

The sons of God, peoples from other worlds, adopted by God as sons, and living in His World to be Forever Citizens of His Kingdom, those peoples had been always around the Earth.

However, their action had been limited to see and wonder; after all, the chains of explosions of Life taking place in the Earth was the same chain that their own worlds went through in their beginnings. Grosso modo speaking.

Today, Day Sixth, they were called to participate in the Formation of the Civilization of the Human World. Let us turn our attention to the Anthropos, King of the Prehistoric Forest, that natural leader of the Apes watching the migration of all the Mammals from the Forest to the open lands.

The Ape Branch of the Tree of Life among which the Anthropoid Family came to the World stood alone in the Forest. The Anthropos, Man’s Natural Father, came to the frontiers separating open lands and forest to watch the great migration taking place. And as the time went by he observed a phenomenon non natural: Animals walking on two legs. Those Animals walked among the beasts of the Day as the king does among his people.

Moved on by this Image the Anthropos began to walk on the ground, and as the time went by he began to walk on two legs. Man was born.

Man became a phenomenon among the beasts and all kind of animals. This was the first step. Imitation became the door to Civilization.

It was the time to bring Man to Civilization.

I am speaking, again and again, about a metaphysical line by God’s Mind produced, involving Geological Time road for Evolution.

I sustain from the start that Evolution means Revolution, and this is that what experienced Man the Day that his Natural Father, the Anthropos, rose on two legs and became god to the beasts and animals of the Earth.

As the sons of God were gods to him so Man came to be a god for all the creatures of the Earth.

Then and there was begun the relation of Man with the gods. This Revolution woke up in the different families of Man the creative soul that we see in their works. Between the Anthropos and the First Man a long road had been made. From the Anthropoid Life in the Forest to the Life in Eden Garden a whole Geological Era, comprising Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages, had left its mark in the History of the Earth.

So, we have to remake the scenario by the children of the Doubt painted in the eyes of the nations. The Denial of the Son of God’s Uncreated Nature brought to the world a fake conception of the Universe, its Structure and Origin, which implying the false vision of the Scientific Atheism, talking on the origin of Mankind, and the Nature of the Forces moving Life from the Clay to the Human Brain, gives way to Human Genocide as natural force under whose pulse War got to be embraced by the States and Religions in the name of survival.

That is Devil’s talk.

Science has to leave behind this way of talking, and come to God through His Son, the Word of His Father, who by the Love of His Creation came down to Earth to show us the Image to which we were called. Not angels, not demons, we have been created to be sons of God at the likeness and image that we have seen in Him, Christ Jesus. He is the Man God have in Mind from the very beginning; and out of this Living Image there is no man, but beasts.

Enough with this beast to whom War is its natural element, Genocide its bread, and human blood its wine.   

And there was Morning and evening. Sixth Day.