And God said: “Let the waters boil with animals and the birds to fly in the Firmament of Heavens”. And it was so.  God created the great monsters of the waters and all the animals in it, according to their species, and the wingy birds, according to their species. And God saw to be good,

 and He blessed them, saying: “Procreate and multiply, fill up the waters of the sea, and be multiply the bird upon de earth”

And there was evening and morning, fifth day.


In this New Day we get on the Road of the Creation of the Tree of Species.

Actually, at the dawn of this Day, the Fifth, the Tree of Life had already planted its feet upon de dry lands. The kingdom of Plants has been expanding its dominium all over the valleys, hills and mountains during the Fourth Day. While God was…

But let’s for a moment consider the Fact of the Father and the Son working together as One God, who speaks and everything happens in the way He  says.

I could bring in here texts from the Bible in order to give body to my words; yet, as I know that you have in mind the Bible’s every single chapter I prefer call upon the Spirit of God.

From what we have read the conclusion is obvious:  The Father is the Intelligence and the Son is the Arm. Both, Father and Son work as One God. Their Unity in Thought and Action is Perfect.

 No matter how hard you may try to understand the Nature of this Perfection the only wise thing to do is to boil in joy and give thanks to God because He has allowed His Creatures to see God, the Creator, in Action.

This said, let’s get back to this Introduction. I shall deal with this Unity some time later.

Yes, while God was painting Constellations in the Firmament of Heavens a Revolution was taking place down on Earth.

The reduction of gravity density all over the Heavens was felt by the gravitational field of the Earth too; and its effect on the Kingdom of Plants was direct. The size of the new generations of Trees grew accordingly to the reduction of gravity on the surface of the Earth. The Prehistoric Forest began its path.

We understand that the first generation of Plants that reached the dry lands of the continents was grass. So to speak. Their origin was the Seaweed.

The density of the gravity of the Earth during the Third Da y was much more powerful than the one acting during this Fifth Day. Under that gravity the seaweed landed on the coast began to colonize mountains, hills and valleys all over the dry lands by then free from the seas. When the Fourth Day began and God reduced the density of the Gravity in Heavens this Action had its effect on the new generations of Plants, which became Trees, and fact: Monster Trees of the kind of the Red Forest of America, the last of their kind, and not at all as tall as their fathers were.

This Revolution in the Kingdom of the Plants wrote in the Book of the History of the Earth a New Chapter: On the massive chemical transformation of the Secondary Atmosphere under whose nature the Three of Animal Life settled its feet upon the dry lands.

But the reduction of gravity density was having its effect in the realm of the seas too.

Animal Life was already making its way through. We find these tracks as far as the summits of the low mountains of every country.

The Creation of Life was on in the Waters all along the Third Day. The Seaweed was the Natural Child of the First Cell ever existed on Earth.

Once the Seaweed was created the Sea Forest that it had inside claimed the entire world of the seas as its kingdom.

The Tree of Species of all kind of water life was called to fill the seas. And when the Waters began to settle and the dry lands came about, fossils, the first forms of animal life, filled up valleys and mountains.

The Tree of the Species felt the reduction of Density Gravity in the same way that the Kingdom of the Plants did.

Under these new parameters sea life was lifted from the sea beds to the high open waters by the light of the Sun. Fishes and sea animals multiply their numbers, and their sizes too.

The waters were boiling with all kinds of fishes and animals rising from the darkest deep to the sunny surface of the seas.

Revolution brought Evolution. But not as a fight or struggle for survival, Evolution came all by itself moved on by the Inner Force of Life. Food was plenty. God created the Plants, the Food, before animals and fishes were born.  

The motor of Evolution was Nature.

The level of the waters of the seas kept falling, the living species were on the rise to an unlimited number. The explosion of life from the Waters to the Air became the next logic and natural Step to follow. The Birds changed their fins into wings and began to fly in the open, sunny air of the Secondary Atmosphere.

The chemical nature of the Primary Atmosphere has been transformed to embrace this Age, the Age of the Dinosaurs. Yes, the First Great Explosion gave birth to the World of the Dinosaurs.

 Two roads open to the Tree of the Species were two: One led Life from the water to the air, and another from the waters to the dry lands.

This World of Monsters whose ancestors were the Monsters of the Seas counted its Time by the millions of years that the Morning of this Fifth Day lasted.

I won’t entertain you with details. Just let’s say that the Dinosaurs were not Carnivores. All creatures were fed by the fruit of the kingdom of the Plants. All living things whether animals or birds were Herbivores.  Seaweed was their natural food: tree seeds and plants were their food.

Dinosaurs have a mission. The Prehistoric Forest had their mission too.

The Prehistoric Forest transformed the Chemical composition of the Secondary Atmosphere, and brought forth a Third Atmosphere in which Oxygen became the element king. While working this action the Prehistoric Forest was the food of the Dinosaurs.

The biology of the seaweed in the root of the Prehistoric Forest was similar to the biology of the Sea Forest which the Animals of the Seas had been living on.

The Dinosaurs were Woodcutters; their claws were axes freeing the Valleys of the absolute dominium of the Prehistoric Forests.

God, Lord of Time, King of Creation, was driving the Evolution of the Tree of Species from Revolution to Revolution.  Perfect Timing. The transformation of the Secondary Atmosphere was completed, and with the coming of the King Element, Oxygen, the Dinosaurs  began to pass away. They could not handle breathing this new element. Finally they were gone.

Their work had been completed. Dinosaurs had freed the valleys from the reign of the prehistoric forests and now, in the Evening of this Fifth Day, the Birds came down from their homes in the trees and began to walk on the lands as the new masters of the world.

In this way the Fifth Day of the Creation of the Universe according Genesis reached the Night.