And God said

“Let there be stars in the Firmament of Heavens to separate the Light from the Darkness”


Wonders are to be loved. Wonders you are going to see in this section. As I said some time ago and I shall keep saying always, we have been invited by the Son to see the Creator of the Universe in Action. This Universe is not the first He has created; it will be not the last.

Grosso modo, the Third Day brought to existence the Globe as we know it. Changes kept coming and going, shaping and reshaping Earth’s body, but those changes took place counting on the solid structure God gave to Earth. The two forces acting during the Third Day, working together, pushed up the body of the Great Mountain Ranges to the highs they have ever since; this, on one hand; and on the other the evaporation of the waters brought to the world the seas.

Under those geological conditions the Kingdom of the Plants, the First Life that ever existed on Earth came out of the Waters; and the Kingdom of the Plants began colonizing terra ferma.

Logic says that before creating Life you have to create Food.

However, there’s no point in wasting our time tracing the steps the Kingdom of the Plants wrote in the History of the Earth from life under water to life in open air.

At the same time that the Prehistoric Forests adapted to life beneath the Sun; they began the chemical transformation of the composition of the Primary Atmosphere from Carbon to Oxygen. To work out this transformation they have one Long Night, the Night of the Third Day.

We can picture the road that the Kingdom of the Plants left behind from the deep waters of the Ocean Mother to the coasts of the seas, and their struggle to colonize terra ferma. The Prehistoric Forests were true Power Plants engaged in the Transformation of that Primary Atmosphere to which Carbon was its Primary Element. From that Atmosphere to the one by Oxygen governed there was ahead a very long road. But enough with this wandering. Night is gone. The New Day is rising.

God breaks the line. Suddenly God changes the rhythm of the music.

From the line of actions already written, would you predict God's next move?

Yes, you could, if God you were.

At the Dawn of this Fourth Day of the Creation of the Universe, the sons of God were imagining the events to take place in this new Day, the Fourth.

Yes, they saw the Son of God commanding the Light to come, and saw with their eyes how at the sound of His voice Earth woke up, and She got dressed to wed the Sun.

They heard the Son of God commanding with the Voice of the True God, His Father, at the sound of which Voice galaxies move on, and rivers of stars ride on gravitational Strings between different points in the Open Cosmic Space.

The Son was playing puppets. Now He was going to play ...

But enough with words. The Son of God, Jesus by Name, speaks to the Full Body of Heavens:


“Let there be stars in the Firmament of Heavens to separate Light from Darkness”


WE know this: the Origin of the Universe lies in the Power of God to create Oceans of Space-Time Energy, gravitational Fields, which He fills with rivers of stars coming down from different points of the surrounding Galaxies.

If we compare a galaxy with a balloon of hot gas we may understand this creation of river of stars running gravitational strings as roads between their origins and their final station. To create a river of stars between two points in the open cosmic space God has only to prick the ball. The pressure inside a galactic field is equal to the pressure inside a balloon of hos gas. Pricking the ball means to open a hole through which the galaxy breaths out millions of stars.

The dimensions of a certain Universe will depend on the number of River of stars God fills with the Gravitational Ocean he already creates to be their bed. He can connect the Space-Time Gravitational Field with many galaxies through many particular gravitational strings, river beds over which the stars will run from their original mother galaxy to their final destination.

The God who uses the Cosmos as the quarry from whose Matter he creates Universes, our Milky Way one, the last in the History of the Creation, but not the first, not the final, that God I am talking to you about is Father of this Son who Now says: “Let there be stars in Heavens to separate Light from Darkness”.

Yes, there were stars in the Heavens. Heavens were created by His Father according the lines above written. His Boks speaks clearly: “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth”.

Then, why the Son of God, Jesus by Name, spoke to the stars of Heavens this way?

To answer this simple question we have to take a better look to the Creation of our Heavens.

In the lines already read we have seen the frame of the Science of Creation of the Universe. The Creation of our Heavens was made according to those principles.

1: God creates a space-time gravitational field in the open horizon,

2: then He creates river of stars by pricking he Hot Gravitational Fields commonly called galaxies,

3: these rivers of stars coming down from the surrounding Galaxies run the gravitational string beds God had traced between their origins and their final destination,

4: and finally they reached their destination, filling the Gravitational Ocean Bed with limitless number of stars.

These principles in mind, Science become Art. The Creator gives form to the New Universe according His Passion, Greatness and Genius. No man, no Creature can put border to God’s Passion for Creation.

Now, this is How our “In the Beginning Heavens was created”.

To figure out the physical nature of this Newly-born Heavens imagine a gathering of wild waters rivers’ coming down from high mountains in one Ocean Bed. You don’t want to be there. The forces in collision will sink no matter which Titanic Boat you sail. So you stay out with me and by the coast we see this wonder.

As time goes by the waters becomes an Ocean under calm winds. But still, we see just an ocean of stars without door in or door out. You don’t want to see yourself in, you would never find your way out.

This said, we understand that “in the Beginning of Heavens” the level of energy running among the stars was very very very high.

Stars were young, the gravitational field was very very powerful; stars had not yet begun to transform its waters into physical forces. The compression made matter density by cubic astrophysical unit very powerful.

As a matter of fact “in the Beginning” Heavens looked as another hot galaxy.

It was under these high energy conditions that the Son of God led the Creation of our Biosphere. From the surface of the Earth there was no Constellation to be seen in her sky.

The diameter of Heavens was the Original by His Father created.

Earth’s Atmosphere had no the Blue Color we are used to.

Volcanism had been very very very intense in the past two Days.

Under those parameters the Evolution of the Tree of the Species would take an infinite number of years to reach intelligent life.

A: The universal energy has to be lowered;

B: the distances between the stars had to grow.

C: The density of the gravitational field of Earth had to fall.

Under those conditions Mother Earth was to go through a number of Millions of years a thousand times larger the number she has gone to bring intelligent life forth.

Let’s not forget that WISDOM revolutionized the entire structure of the Relation between Space, Matter, Time and Energy by leading GOD to the Science of Creation.

In the Structure of the Old Cosmos, Life was reached under those physical conditions stablished by the Laws of Nature alone. In the Structure of the New Cosmos, Time became a tool in the Hand of God.

Yes, the Son of God spoke to the stars of Heavens, and the Expansion of its Diameter of our Star Universe began.

The diameter that the Heavens have Today under the laws of the old cosmos should had be reached after a quantity of Time beyond imagination.

Omnipotence of God is related to Force and Time.

Why waiting? He could create that Final Dimension by reducing the density of matter per cubic astrophysical unit.

What a wonder to be seen! The Son of God’s display of Infinite Power.

This was just the Morning of the Day, the Fourth. There was ahead one entire Day to go.

It was not just the Intention of God to show by this Display of Power the Nature of His Son.

The Creation of the Constellational Chart was started.

The Scientist became the Artist. The Passion for the Beauty and the Love for the Science gathered in a huge hug. How can a man figure out all by itself this scene?

We comprehend that as the Three Days before, this Fourth Day lasted a quantity of years beyond our imagination. The Work God has ahead, talking of Father and Son as the One God, was  magnificent. The Ocean of Stars of Heavens had already reached a physical equilibrium. The pressure of the Universal Gravitational Field was the link between Matter and Energy, but there was not constellational structure. To build a Constellational Vault was the Action in Mind the One God had.

The Metaphysical Reason was to create a Wall around this Stellar Vault against whose solid structure the Clouds flying the open spaces between the galaxies would break and stopped getting in.

Astrophysically speaking the function of this Outer Wall was to burn out those cosmic clouds, reducing their masses to beautiful Nebula scenes painting the skies, nowadays filling the Heavens with those gorgeous colorful pictures we are so fond of.

The final structure of our Universe, the Milky Way, is this:

mapa de los Cielos


As a matter of fact the illusion of our universe as a common galaxy is a fake image. The Data on the table and before our eyes shows no discussion this truth by the picture just above inserted. I understand that it is easier to relate life to visions stablished by dead people. But God is alive and He does not relate His Reality to no creature.

The UNIVERSAL DATA is open to everybody. The nonsense image of Heavens as a Galaxy by the dead published and adopted by universities as religion has been burnt out by the Astronomical Revolution we have been through in the last decades. I understand Ignorance, but I do not agree with slavery.

Back to the Fourth Day, the Work of Creation of the Constellational Chart was a wonder whose final result we can see with our own eyes. To understand this wonder you have to get rid of the XXTH Century Cosmology glasses. You have to fly through the DATA through the Heavens as it is and forget about it as a Galaxy.

GALAXIES are the quarries from which God takes the stellar matter to create New Universes.

Every Constellation you see in the Firmament of Heavens is a wonder of Astrophysical Engineering. The Intelligence in the root of their Creation surpasses the imagination of any creature.

POWER and INTELLIGENCE are the Two Arms of the Creator.

There can be not Creation if there is Not INTELLIGENCE.

And there can be not Creator if there is Not POWER.

MAGIC has nothing to do with the Science of Creation. There cannot be Creation from NOTHINGNESS because this means to reduce God to NOTHING. Only in a Saint Way of Speaking and among Saints can be this speech taken as Holy.

Matter-Energy, Space-Time and God exist from Eternity. As Life and Death do. I shall touch this subject when writing on the History of God and the Creation.


At the end of this Fourth Day the Dimension of Heavens was expanded and the Constellational Chart was ended.

Yet, there is a piece of information I can leave behind. When the Son of God spoke He said “Let there be stars in THE FIRMAMENT OF HEAVENS”.

The Information is clear:

God has created other Universes before ours, and He will create an infinite numbers of it as Eternity flows, and it may happens that in one singe universe He decide to create many worlds as Earth, able to support Life. But until Today, talking about our Heavens, God has created no other world as Earth. Life exists only on Earth. This is why He said. “… IN THE FIRMAMENT OF HEAVENS”. There is only one Firmament in the Heavens; and this Firmament belongs to Earth.

I am no one to say if in the near of far future God would create Life in another star system in this Heavens. By now Earth is the only World where Life exists.

Why to create this Heavens for the sake of one single World it is a question out of place.  Only a fool would discuss to God the Reason of His action.






CGVL= Cúmulos Globulares de la Vía Láctea

S1. Los 200 CGVL según sus lugares en el Firmamento de los Cielos (GLOBULAR CLUSTER LIST ACCORDING TO THEIR CONSTELLATIONS)


3. Los 200 CGVL fotografiados por los distintos Observatorios y astrónomos amateurs de todo el mundo

This is the List of Globular Clusters. Its number rises to two hundred. In the map below we can see their place in Heavens. The mass of the Globular Clusters is concentrated in the Hemisphere opposite to the Hemisphere facing the Local Region.

You don't have to forget that the Image of Heavens as it has been handed down to you it was designed by blind people, people who never had the chance to open the window of the Firmament of Heavens and take the Hubble Look that you enjoy today.

Hubble and its brothers and sisters have open for us the Heavens in a way never imagined by those builders of a Universe that has never existed but in their minds.

The beauty of Heavens cannot make us forget the fact that their origin of ther Nebula World lies in the Clouds coming from the open cosmic space beyond. The Globular Cluster, behaving like nets catching bank of fishes, pull the cosmic clouds into their Gravitatyonal Fields, and one inside they reduce matter to particles.

If you understand that no matter how big this Heavens seems to you, once it is compared with the dimensions of the Cosmos outside our uNiverse is just an island in the inmensity of an infinite ocean of galaxies, you can understand why this Wall was created to Separate LIGHT from DARKNESS

To close your eyes to the Nature of these Two Hundred Shields protecting our Heavens from the Sotrm coming from the Intergalactic Mountains is is, n doubt, to choose to live in the Dark. I bring here the portrait of these Two Hundred Warriors fighting back the Darkness for the saj¡ke of those who have had vener the chance to rise their eyes to the Wonders of the Creation.

Before the Glory of My Creator I kneel, and with open heart I live in wonder.

This is the Map oof the Globular Clusters according to the Astronomical Data.

In the above picture we see the old image, that disk lile a flying saucer, of the Milky Way still alive. The distribution of the Open Star Clusters around the Constelational Vault shows a concentration of Mass in the Hemisphere of the Globular Clusters. Beneath the Globular Custer List I pass you on the List of the Open Star Custers in their Constelations, where you see how the Mass of the Open Star Clusers bent to the side of the Gobular Clusters.

Putting both Data together the Map created is the one shown above:


In the first list, S1, I have you the Globuar Clusters as seen through the constelations. In the second List, S2, you see their distances to the Sun.


Los 200 CGL según sus lugares en el Firmamento de los Cielos (GLOBULAR CLUSTER LIST ACCORDING TO THEIR CONSTELLATIONS)


Palomar 2

Cepheus Palomar 1    
Tucanade NGC104 NGC 362  
Sculptor NGC 288      
Horologium NGC1261 AM 1    
Columba NGC1851      

Messier 79



Carina NGC2808      
Vela NGC3201  
Musca Australis

NGC 4833

NGC 4372    

NGC 5694

Messier 68

Coma Berenice

NGC 5053


NGC 5286


Canis Venatici

Messier 3







NGC 5927

NGC 5986




Messier 5

Palomar 5

Palomar 7

NGC 6539

NGC 6535


NGC 6101

IC 4499


NGC 6352

NGC 6362

NGC 6397

ESO 280-SC6
Hercules Messier 13

NGC 6229

Messier 92


NGC 5946

Lynga 7




Messier 80

Messier 4/NGC 6121

NGC 6144

NGC 6388

NGC 6139 NGC6441 NGC 6256 NGC 6380
NGC6453 Terzan 1 Terzan 2 Terzan 3
Pismis 26 Terzan 4 Terzan 6

NGC 6496

Grindlay 1 Djorg 1

Liller 1




Messier 107

Messier 12

Messier 10

Messier 62


Messier 19

NGC 6356





Messier 9

Messier 14

Palomar 15


NGC 6342

NGC 6401

NGC 6235


IC 1257

Palomar 6

NGC 6426

NGC 6293


NGC 6440

NGC 6522

NGC 6528


NGC 6553


Terzan 5

AL 3


Messier 28

NGC 6638

Messier 69

Messier 54


NGC 6723

Messier 55

Terzan 9


Messier 75

Terzan 12

Djorg 2

Terzan 10


Palomar 8

Terzan 7

Palomar 10

Terzan 8

Messier 70 NGC6569 NGC6558

Terzan 11


Messier 22

NGC 6624


Messier 30

Palomar 12

Corona Australis


NGC 6541    

NGC 6584


NGC 6712





GLIMPSAY1 NGC 6749 Palomar11

Messier 56


Messier 71


NGC 6934

NGC 7006


Messier 72

Messier 2

NGC 7492


Messier 15


Capricornius Messier 30 Palomar12    





GC/CG NGC     Dist. Const.
GCL 41 NGC6121 Bennett 75  Messier 4 MWSC2396 7.200 Escorpio
GCL 74 NGC6397 Bennett 98 Caldwell 86 MWSC 2662 7.500 Ara
GCL 87 NGC 6544 Cr 366 Melotte 192 OCL 17 8.800 Sagittarius
GCL 99 NGC 6656 Bennett 114  Messier 22 10.400 Sagittarius
GCL 66 NGC 6362 Bennett 95      11.700 Ophiuchus
GCL 65 NGC 6366       12.000 Ophiuchus
GCL 108 NGC 6752 Bennett 121   13.000 Pavo
GCL 115 NGC 6838 Messier 71 13.000 Sagitta
    ESO 37-1 E3     14.000 Camaleón
GCL 49 NGC 6254 Bennett83 Messier 10 14.400 Ophiuchus
GCL 1 NGC 104 Bennett 2 Caldwell106 14.700 Tucana
GCL 46 NGC 6218 Messier 12 16.000 Ophiuchus
GCL90    ESO 522-1 Terzan 12 MWSC2838 16.000 Sagittarius
GCL 15 NGC 3201 Bennett 44 Caldwell 7 MWSC1788 16.300 Vela
GCL 107 NGC6749 Berkeley42 MWSC3046 16.300 Aquila
GCL 113 NGC6809 Bennet122 Messier 55 MWSC3150 16.600 Sagittarius
GCL 24 NGC5139 Bennett 61 Caldwell 80 MWSC2120 17.300 Centaurus
GCL 90   Palomar 7  IC 1276 MWSC 2835 17.600 Serpens
GCL94 NGC6626 Bennett110 Messier 28   18.300 Sagittarius
GCL64 NGC6352 Bennett 94 Caldwell81 MWSC2592 18.600 Ara
GCL19 NGC4372 Bennett50 Caldwell 108   18.900 Musca
    Terzan10     19.000 Sagittarius
GCL111   Palomar 10     19.200 Sagittae
GCL88 NGC6553  Bennett105     19.600 Sagittarius
GCL56 NGC6304 Bennett 90      19.600 Ophiuchus
    Terzan 1     20.000  
GCL44 NGC6171 Bennett79 Messier 107 MWSC2422 20.900 Ophiuchus
GCL21 NGC 4833  Bennett 56 Caldwell 106 21.200 Musca
GCL45 NGC6205
Messier 13
MWSC2445 22.000 Hercules
    Djorg 2     22.000 Djorg 2
GCL83 NGC6535       22.200 Serpens
GCL51 NGC6266 Bennett85 Messier 62 22.500 Ophiuchus
GCL103 NGC6712 Melotte215  22.500 Scutum
GCL86 NGC6541     22.800 CoronaAustralis
    Terzan 3   24.000 Scorpius
GCL75   Palomar 6     19.000  Ophiuchus
GCL89 NGC6558 Melotte194 24.100 Sagittarius
GCL105 NGC6717 Palomar 9 Collinder395 24.100 Sagittarius
GCL109 NGC6760 Melotte219 24.100 Aquila
GCL34 NGC5904 Messier 5 24.500 Serpens
GCL35 NGC5927 Bennett 69     24.800 Lupus
    ESO452SC11   25.000 Scorpius
    Terzan 5 Terzan 11   25.000 Sagittarius
    Terzan 9     25.000 Sagittarius
GCL82 NGC6522  Bennett101     25.400 Sagittarius
GCL84 NGC6528  Bennett102     25.800 Sagittarius
GCL93 NGC6624  Bennett109     25.800 Sagittarius
GCL60 NGC6333 Bennett 92 Messier 9 25.800 Ophiuchus
    Ton 2   Pismis 26    26.000 Pismis 26 
GCL58 NGC6325       26.100 Ophiuchus
GCL122 NGC7099 Bennett 128 Messier 30 26.100 Capricornus
GCL59 NGC6341 Messier 92 26.700 Hercules
    UKS 1     27.000 Sagittarius
GCL77 NGC6440 Bennett 98A      27.400 Sagittarius
GCL97 NGC6642 Cr 381 OCL29 Melotte203 27.400 Sagittarius
GCL85 NGC6539       27.400 Serpens
GCL42 NGC6144 Bennett77  Messier 4   27.700 Scorpius
GCL3 NGC362 Bennett 7 Caldwell104 Dunlop 62 27.700 Tucana
GCL52 NGC6273 Bennett 86 Messier 19 28.000 Ophiuchus
GCL61 NGC6342       28.000 Ophiuchus
    Terzan 2 HP 3   28.000 Scorpius
GCL106 NGC6723 Bennet119 Dunlop 573   28.400 Sagittarius
GCL2 NGC288   Bennett5  Melotte 3   28.700 Sculptor
GCL55 NGC6293 Bennett 89     28.700 Ophiuchus
GCL101 NGC6681 Bennett115 Messier 70 29.400 Sagittarius
GCL96 NGC6637 Bennett112 Messier 69 29.700 Sagittarius
  NGC6256 vdB-Ha 208   30.000 Scorpius
    Terzan 4 HP 4   30.000 Scorpius
GCL54 NGC6287 Bennett88     30.300 Ophiuchus
GCL72 NGC6402 Bennett 97 Messier 14 30.300 Ophiuchus
GCL63 NGC6355       31.000 Ophiuchus
    Terzan 6 HP 5   31.000 Scorpius
GCL95 NGC6638 Bennett111     31.200 Sagittarius
GCL79 NGC6453       31.300 Scorpius
GCL13 NGC2808       31.200 Carina
GCL39 NGC6093 Bennett 73 Messier 80 32.600 Scorpius
GCL70 NGC6388 Bennett96     32.600 Scorpius
GCL43 NGC6139 Bennett78   Dunlop536 32.900 Scorpius
GCL98 NGC6652 Bennett113      32.900 Sagittarius
GCL110 NGC6779 Messier 56 32.900 Lyra
GCL20 NGC4590 Bennett51 Messier 68 33.300 Hydra
GCL120 NGC7078
Messier 15 33.600 Pegasus
GCL25 NGC5272   Messier 3 33.900 CanesVenatici
GCL37 NGC5986 Bennett70   Dunlop552  33.900 Lupus
    Liller 1      34.000  Scorpius
GCL73 NGC6401       34.200 Ophiuchus
GCL36 NGC5946     IC 4550 34.600 Norma
GCL11 NGC2298 Bennett37     34.900 Puppis
GCL68 NGC6380     Ton 1 34.900 Scorpius
GCL91 NGC6569 Bennett106     34.900 Sagittarius
GCL81 NGC6517       35.200 Ophiuchus
GCL57 NGC6316 Bennett 91      35.900 Ophiuchus
    Palomar1     ±37.000 Cepheus
GCL26 NGC5286 Dunlop388     35.900 Centaurus
GCL48 NGC6235       37.200 Ophiuchus
GCL80 NGC6496       37.500 Scorpius
GCL121 NGC7089   Messier 2 37.500
GCL78 NGC6441       38.100 Scorpius
GCL9 NGC1851 Dunlop508     39.500 Columba
GCL33 NGC5897       40.400 Libra
    Palomar 8     42.000 Sagittarius  
GCL114   Palomar 11     42.400 Aquila
GCL10 NGC1904   Messier 79 42.100 Lepus
GCL92 NGC6584 Dunlop 376     43.700 Telescopium
    BH 176     47.000
GCL62 NGC6356 Bennett 93     49.600 Ophiuchus
GCL40 NGC6101       49.900 Apus
GCL53 NGC6284 Bennett 87     49.900 Ophiuchus
GCL117 NGC6934   51.200 Delphinus
NGC5466       51.800 Bootes
GCL23 NGC5053       53.500 ComaBerenices
GCL5 NGC1261       53.500 Horologium
GCL8 NGC1841         Mensa
GCL118 NGC6981   Messier 72   55.400
GCL22 NGC5024   Messier 53 58.000 ComaBerenices
GCL30       IC 4499 61.600 Apus
GCL123   Palomar 12     62.000 Capricorn
NGC4147       62.900 Coma Berenices
GCL116 NGC6864 Messier 75 67.500 Sagittarius
GCL76 NGC6426 Cr346      67.500 Ophiuchus
    Ruprecht106   69.100 Centaurus
    Palomar 5     76.000   Serpens 
    Terzan 7     76.000 Sagittarius
      IC 1257 82.000 Ophiuchus
GCL28 NGC5634 Bennett66     82.200 Virgo
GCL125 NGC7492 Melotte242 84.100 Aquarius
    Terzan 8     85.000 Sagittarius
    Palomar 13     88.000 Pegasus
GCL104 NGC6715 Messier 54 88.700 Sagittarius
    Palomar2     90.000 Auriga
    Arp 2     93.000 Sagittarius
    AM 4     98.000 Hydra
GCL47 NGC6229       99.100 Hercules
GCL31 NGC5824 Bennett67     104.400 Lupus
GCL29 NGC5694   Caldwell66   113.200 Hydra
    Pyxis     129.400 Pyxis
GCL119 NGC7006 Caldwell42   135.400 Delphinus
    Palomar 15   145.500 Ophiuchus
No pertenecen a la Vía Láctea
    Palomar 14   241.000 Hercules
GCL12 NGC2419       274.600 Lynx
    Eridanus     294.200 Eridanus
    Palomar3 Sextans C   302.300 Sextans
    Palomar4 UrsaMajor   356.200 Ursa Major
    AM 1, E 1     397.600 Horologium


Los CGVL fotografiados por los distintos Observatorios y astrónomos amateurs de todo el mundo

Palomar 2 (Auriga)

NGC 1851 (Columba)

E 3 (Camelopardis)

Palomar 1 (Cepheus)

NGC288/Melotte3 (Sculptor)

M79 (Lepus)

NGC 1261 (Horologium)

AM 1 (Horologium)

NGC 2298 (Puppis)


NGC 2808 (Carina)

NGC 3201 (Vela)

Messier 3 (Canis Venatici)

NGC5466 (Bootes)

NGC5897 (Libra)

NGC5634 (Virgo)



NGC 104+Ngc362+SMCloud

NGC 362

Musca Australis

NGC 4372

NGC 4372&"Dark Doodad"Nebula






Coma Berenice

(Astromuseo) M53+ NGC 5053




NGC5139 Omega Centauri

NGC 5286

Ruprecht 106


NGC 5824


NGC5986 (Astromuseo)


Messier 5

M5 (WH)




Palomar7 (Astromuseo)




Lynga 7


Messier 80

Messier 4






Pismis 26

NGC6139+Nebula Field


Terzan 1

Terzan 2

Terzan 3

Terzan 4

Terzan 6

Liller 1

Liller 1


NGC6453 (field)


NGC 6380



Djorg 1



IC 4499

M 56










M 107


M 10



M30 NGC7099 GCL122 MWSC3543






Messier 19









NGC6235 GCl 48 MWSC 2479

NGC6342/MWSC 2580 / GCL 61



NGC 6401

GCL50 /Palomar 15/ MWSC 2509

NGC6325/GCl 58/MWSC 2560

IC 1257/MWSC 2599

Palomar 6/ GCl 75/MWSC 2669









Terzan 5

Terzan 9


M 75

Terzan 11 Terzan 12


M 28


M 69

M 54

NGC 6717

NGC 6723

M 55

M 70

M 22

Terzan 10

Terzan 7

Djorg 2

Palomar 8

Terzan 8



NGC 6558

NGC 6496 GCl 80 MWSC 2764

NGC6541 MWSC 2813 GCl 86

NGC 6584 GCl 92 MWSC 2885