1.-Under the pressure of Earth-Sun System’s Forces the waters of the Ocean Mother descended

2.- Pushed up by the Seismological Power of Earth’s core the Feet of Continental Shield were raised.

3.-The Ocean Mother gave birth to the seas.

4.-The angle of Earth’s Rotational Axis became fixed by the penta-continental structure of the Planet

5.-The Kingdom of the Plants began to colonize the lands beneath the Sun and gave origin to the Prehistoric Forest.

6.-By the photosynthesis, the kingdom of Plants began to change the chemical composition of the Prehistoric Atmosphere.


These things took place during the Third Day of the Creation of our Universe.





Laws are to be followed. Creation is not magic. Intelligence is the root of Creation. Science is the book of laws ruling the relation between energy and matter. No matter who you are or the level of your Intelligence, facts are facts.

God is not a magician. God is intelligence. He knows by heart every single line of every single chapter of the Books of the Sciences ruling the relation between energy and matter. The numberless particular sciences filling with their numberless chapters the Book of the Universal Science, God has fixed them all together into a single Volume: The Science of Creation.

The reason why He has preserved the Bible from being opened and read by anyone through all these three millennia and a half from Moses to this day going on is written in the Divine History of Jesus Christ. This is no place for wasting our time in explanations already on the table. The rhythm of these lines asks us to keep on looking ahead. And I shall.


There was Night.

The NIGHT is the time when the inner laws set to harmonize the different parts of the body and without any external government maintain alive the structure created.

Every time God finished His daily work, He left the inner laws set on motion to do their work. Let us walk on this stage.


The Physical Equilibrium of the Ecosphere of a Planet born to be Mother of Life got to be built on the top of one mountain of Mathematical equations before proceeding to its Creation. The Creation of the Three of Life takes time. Life is not an experiment. God plays not dice. We speak of Geological Ages. And Time needs equilibrium.

At the end of this Third Day, Looking at Earth from the distance, a phenomenon struck the eyes. The continents were occupying one alone of the two hemispheres of the Planet. The other hemisphere was entirely under the Waters of the Ocean Mother. The reason why, comes next.

For a certain body set on rotation around its own axis, the angle of rotation will depend on the distribution of matter over its surface.

Talking about a Planet this angle of rotation shall be given by the amount of mass concentrated over one of its two hemispheres. This is a quite common law of Natural Physics.

If you want to make bigger the angulation of the Axis of the Earth, you only must add mass over the hemisphere already loaded.

And vice versa if you want to lighten the Angle of Rotation you reduce that mass.

The question comes: Why did the Earth’s Axis need a certain angle of rotation?

Let us focus on facts.


Look at the Globe of the Earth. Set your eyes on its two hemispheres. You see this: One hemisphere of the Earth belongs to the water of the Ocean Mother; the other hemisphere is home to the five continents.

As you know the density of the water is lower than the density of dry land. If we level both by conversion of the water in dry land the shape of the Earth would show a quite different face. If we could, we should see how the distribution of dry land over the surface of the Penta continental hemisphere causes the angular rotation of the Earth to be the one it is.

Next question comes: Has it been always, from the very beginning, like this?

Let us put it this way. A Biosphere based on an Autonomous Mechanism of Refrigeration, and this Autonomous Mechanism of Refrigeration based on a Bipolar Mass of Ices, if left alone over a Lithospheric Ring moving chaotically above a Mantle subjected to a geophysical Core whose astrophysical Pulse is related to the Pulse of the Sun, this simple and natural physical fact would mean an out-of-control defrozement of those two Thermodynamic Generators on which Geological Equilibrium the temperature of the Biosphere is based.


The Creation of the Tree of Life is based on a System in Equilibrium whose Equation integrates Time as Internal Factor. Evolution is written in Time from Beginning to End.

Earth moves in a Space, the Solar System, which is moving inside a Stars System related to universal forces continually moving on from a level of energy to another. The triumph of creation of life to God’s Image is not a small matter; it implies the mastery of sciences touching all kind of scientific levels, from Geology to Astrophysics, from Biology to Sociology, from the Atom to the Stars. The voyage from the elemental living animal cell to the complex spiritual life of the Mind at the Image of God is the Revolution by God Himself set in the heart of the Cosmos.

God means not failure.

He goes for Victory.

And this cannot be reached but by integrating, from the very Beginning, Time in the Equation.

From the very Beginning of its Creation, born to be Home to Man, Earth’s Biosphere needed to be protected with one all-powerful shield from those up and downs of the Space in which the Sun is moving. God had to create to Earth, and He did, a Lithospheric Ring turning around the Mantle as a Solid Shield always presenting a same face to Heavens. He created this Shield giving to the “dry land” Hemisphere the Penta continental Shape it has from the Beginning of this Third Day.

God forged this Structure during the Solidification of the Crust, in the Evening of the First Day.

We can see the effects of this displacement of mass straight over the surface of the beds of the seas between the continents. This Formation had place during the solidification of the Crust.

At the end of the First Day the falling of the Temperature of the Mantle reached its minimum level.

While this Temperature Fall was on the run, profiting by the state of mid-liquation that the Crust had, God carved the Penta continental Shield by displaying those forces whose tracks can be seen in the bed of the seas between the continents.

As the temperature of the Earth’s Core kept falling, by the isolation from any external source of energy this falling dragged the Mantle down with it.

Isolated from the Core’s heat and from the Outer Space’s, the Crust of the Earth became a Ring moving like a Solid Wall.

The Sublimation of the Primary Atmosphere had its effect on the lithospheric Ring too.

The temperature at which the Penta continental Shield closed its structure was equal to Zero Absolute. Hence, the nature of the Ices of the Polar Caps, on one hand; and on the other, the Indestructibility of the Lithospheric Ring.


We understand that God did not only displayed Time in the heart of the Equation of the Creation of Earth’s Axis Angle of Rotation; but that He also counted on the Nature of the Forces existing in the Space where Earth was to be placed after.

I Know, you have been instructed and manipulated to believe that Hazard is the Mother of Creation. According to this wrong ideology, in whose universe you are nothing but pawns in somebody’s else game, the Five Continents have been reshaping their faces all along the Ages of Earth. Think! This reshaping along the Ages would imply a continual destruction of all forms of life under the changes of the levels of solar energy entering the Biosphere, in one hand; and on the other, the changes of the chemical composition of the atmosphere out of the uncontrollable mechanism of disruption of the tectonic bodies. In that case the Ring of Fire should have been in an out-of-control journey through the Earth.

No matter how you think of it, only an ignorant watching the universe from a single point of view, this is to say, from a particular scientific discipline, can come with this picture.

The Victory of Life on Earth from animal to Spiritual Mind implies working with many scientific disciplines to recreate the frame to the picture by God painted for us in Genesis.





I had introduced you to these first Days of Genesis following the Path by God left to me to walk on. Mine is a general picture. God will call to stage those who will enter in the picture and taking a part of the whole will develop from inside the laws and forces related to this general picture.  In the meantime, I will keep leading the march through the Days of the Creation. In the next Volume of this Book devoted to the Memoirs of the Creation of our universe new wonders await to be come to light. Until then, enjoy this Volume.